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Join the Newfoundland Ambassador Program

Become a Newfoundland Ambassador.

Download the application form and send it today (either print it and mail, or complete it electronically) to Joan Locker-Thuring.

Download Application Form

Minimum requirements to be a Newfoundland Ambassador:

• Have been Newfoundland Club of America member in good standing for the three most consecutive years prior to the date of application.

• Have owned two or more Newfoundlands over a period of five or more years.

• Own (or have access to) at least one Newfoundland that can be introduced to the public. This Newfoundland must have an exemplary temperament and be clean and reasonably well groomed.

• Preferably belong to a Regional Club.

• Can converse intelligently about several aspects of the Newfoundland breed, and respond to common questions about Newfoundlands.

A Newfoundland Ambassador must agree to:

  • Respond to inquiries quickly – ideally within two days of being made aware of an individual to contact, which will almost always come through email.
  • Agree to review and make available to the public the information suggested by the Newfoundland Ambassador Committee.
  • Agree to recommend the nearest Regional Club as a source of information and activity and work with that Regional Club to follow up with the individual.
  • Agree to abide by the current and future guidelines established by the Newfoundland Ambassador Committee (e.g., don’t ever give medical advice).
  • Complete a very short online status report after each contact with the public.



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