Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors Meeting

November 22nd, Atlanta, Georgia

President Clyde Dunphy called the meeting to order at 8:30 am. All members, including AKC delegate Mary W. Price, were present except Sandee Lovett who was delayed due to travel difficulties.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Lynne Anderson) to approve the minutes of the August 27th mail meeting. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Tom Broderick, Dave Helming) to approve the minutes of the October 24th mail meeting.

President’s Report: President Clyde Dunphy reported that he and Cherrie Brown represented the NCA at the annual national Canine Health Foundation AKC Canine Health meeting in St. Louis. NCA members Becky Stanevich and Pat Beck also attended representing their all-breed clubs. The meeting included presentations on the canine genome mapping project. This map is approximately 85% complete with completion expected in 1998. The map can be used to identify markers for various diseases. A new test, which identifies carriers of Von Willebrand’s disease in Dobermans, is currently available. Identified carriers need not be eliminated from the breeding pool but can be selectively bred to non-carriers without fear of producing this defect. Testing of offspring can identify clear puppies at a very early age. A full report will be published in Newf Tide. Clyde reported that the NCA was one of the first national breed clubs to complete a health survey and that the NCA was very highly regarded by the other club representatives for the variety of initiatives we pursue including rescue, health and longevity and our newly created charitable trust.

First Vice President’s Report: First Vice President, Beverly Eichel, reported that she has responded to a recent AKC request for historical information indicating that the NCA will participate in this project.

Second Vice President Report: Second Vice President, Frank Winnert, reported that a letter was sent to each committee chair informing them of the December 15th deadline for annual report submission. He also included a request from the Newfoundland Club of Northern California to advise Walt Parsons of the day and time of any meetings committee chairs have scheduled at the 1998 National Specialty.

Corresponding Secretary: Sandee Lovett reported, after her arrival at 1:00 P.M., that all mail had been answered or referred to the appropriate committee and there was no outstanding mail at this time.

Recording Secretary: Recording Secretary, Lori Littleford, reported that a response has been received from the respondent in the disciplinary matter currently pending before the Board.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Mary L. Price, reported cash balances of $179,458.32 in the general fund, $57,578.31 in the NCA Health Challenge and CHF Funds, $6,751.08 in the uniform trophy Fund and $22,011.40 in the NCA Rescue Fund for a total of $265,799.11 as of 11/21/97. She also reported that we have not yet received reporting from the AKC/CHF parent fund. She noted that this information was to be supplied quarterly but the AKC/CHF seems to be administratively behind schedule. Mary will request an update from Debra Lynch.

The report from the 1997 National Specialty, hosted by Heart of America Newfoundland Club, was circulated for review.

The review of the 501c3 trust documents and application are complete and are ready for signature and submission to the IRS. The trust must also be registered in Connecticut and Frank Winnert has identified an attorney, Scott Franklin, to provide this service. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Dave Helming, Frank Winnert) to approve the expenditure of up to $600.00 to register the trust with the state of Connecticut. Frank Winnert will monitor expense on this project.

Liability insurance coverage was reviewed and the policy was renewed.

Mary also reported to the Board, on behalf of Newf Rescue, regarding a recent kennel dispersal sale. Following NCA Rescue policies, six bitches and two dogs were obtained two weeks ago and are in the process of being evaluated and placed. A full report is pending.

Report of the AKC Delegate: AKC Delegate, Mary W. Price reported that AKC’s move to Raleigh is continuing with only about 75 employees left in New York. The property purchased in Raleigh with the intent of creating an event center has recently been sold and the AKC is operating out of rental space in Raleigh. The AKC is randomly testing a new 81/2 x 11 registration form. The AKC is considering allowing only single owner registration. As of January 1, 1998 AKC will list OFA numbers on pedigrees only for those dogs that are microchipped. The Delegate’s Parent Club Committee is considering holding a workshop on rescue. A survey of the Delegates regarding meeting outside New York City was favorable although no action has been forthcoming. Mary asked the Board to revisit the concept of inclusion in the ethics guide minimum and maximum ages for breeding and maximum number of litters per bitch. AKC had proposed general guidelines in the past, which NCA supported. Mary noted that NCA could change our ethics guide without AKC approval unlike changes to our Constitution and By-Laws, which would require review by the AKC. Mary was generally in favor of a proposal aimed at broadening the range of geographic representation on the AKC’s nominating committee.

Committee Reports:

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Aura Dean) to go into executive session at 10:30 AM.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously to come out of executive session at 11:15 am.

The Board appointed Gail Wettstein to the position of AKC Legislative Liaison. Gail is directed to prepare a condensed job description from materials supplied by AKC and to familiarize herself with the lobbying restrictions under our 501c3 not for profit status. She is further directed to provide a budget proposal for this position by February 1, 1998.

The Board appointed Donna Carelli to the vacant position of Junior Committee Chairman.

The Board appointed Diana Thompson as interim database coordinator and requested that she work with resigning coordinator, Flip Young, to develop a plan for the orderly transition to a new coordinator.

The Board appointed Clyde Dunphy, a former member of this committee, as an interim member of the Newf Tide Policy Committee until the Board appoints two new members. This committee currently has two openings due to recent resignations. One member resigned as she has become involved in publishing an on-line magazine and the other resigned due to other obligations.

Newf Tide Policy Committee: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Beverly Eichel) to award the contract for editor of Newf Tide to Jan Boggio. This is a three-year contract with costs to be open to renegotiations annually. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Beverly Eichel, Frank Winnert) to award the contract for printing Newf Tide to the Printing Center. The Printing center will continue to use 80 lbs. paper and metal plates for photographs.

Annual of Titlists: The Board discussed the Annual of Titlist and the inclusion and verification of health screenings information. Vice President, Beverly Eichel, was directed to develop a mission statement describing the purpose of the Annual of Titlist. While the Board was generally in favor of inclusion of health screening information, space limitations and verification of the accuracy of the information provided are concerns of the Newf Tide Policy Committee. The Newf Tide policy committee was directed to explore the possibility of retaining three generation pedigrees and including health certifications and to report back to the Board with its recommendations.

The meeting adjourned for lunch at 12:15 PM.

The meeting reconvened at 12:55 PM.

The Board would like to thank the Southeastern Newfoundland Club for its hospitality, providing transportation to and from the airport and supplying the delightful lunch!

Sandee Lovett arrived at 1:00 PM.

Newf Tide Policy – Chairman Aura Dean requested clarification on verification of health clearance information on submitted ads. Beverly Eichel will draft a declaimer to appear in Newf Tide which will note the information in submitted ads are not independently verified but members are obliged to provide accurate information under our Code of Ethics. Aura also requested clarification on rejecting ads or pictures, which will reproduced poorly. Current policy grants this prerogative to the editor. The Board felt this is appropriate to maintain the overall quality of the publication and that no change in policy is required.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Tom Broderick) to increase airmail postage rates on international subscriptions to $35.00 annually effective immediately.

The Board wishes to commend the policy committee and Newf Tide editor, Jan Boggio, for continuing to produce an excellent magazine. Clyde Dunphy will send a letter of thanks on the Board’s behalf.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Dave Helming) to go into executive session at 1:45 PM.

It was moved seconded and carried unanimously to come out of executive session at 2:20 PM.

The Board appointed the following NCA members to serve on the 1998 Nominating Committee:

Johanna Davis, Mary Ellen Thien, Steve Barkas, Cindi White, and chairman Ken Price. Alternates: Mary Lou Cuddy and Jerry Zarger.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Tom Broderick) to approve the position statement regarding health testing, as modified, for inclusion on the Breeders list. The statement is as follows:

The Newfoundland Club of America recommends specific types of health testing for all Newfoundlands who are breeding prospects. All breeders are encouraged to share the results of their health testing program with any prospective puppy buyer or with owners of bitches or stud dogs used in their breeding program.

Testing includes, but is not limited to, Hip Dysplasia (OFA, OVC,PennHip,GDC); Elbow Dysplasia (OFA,OVC,GDC); various eye disorders (CERF); heart function (Board Certified Cardiologist, OFA); Thyroid Function (Michigan, OFA); and Von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD) (New York, other Accredited Lab); Patella (OFA, GDC). Documentation should be available of clearance, test results or open registry participation for the sire and dam of the puppies. Neither participation in a registry, nor certification of results is an NCA requirement for inclusion on this Stud Dog and Breeders List, however, all prospective buyers are encouraged to utilize this information in their inquires.

The NCA endorses the use of the open registry provided by the Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals: PO Box 222, Davis, CA 95617. Telephone/Fax: 530-756-6773, and this open registry should be considered as an inquiry information source referenced above.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Lori Littleford, Lynne Anderson) that this position statement, appropriately modified, may be included in other NCA publications as they are revised.

The current policy regarding the nominating committee deadlines was discussed. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Lori Littleford) to revise the deadline for receipt of the slate by the Recording Secretary to August 1st to allow for slate mailing with 3rd quarter Newf Tide.

Newfoundland Health Challenge: Dave Helming presented the revised 97-98 budget, revisions to donor recognition level practices, fundraising activities planned for the 1998 National, and discussed the ratio of expense to funds raised by the NHC Committee. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Sandee Lovett) to approve the revised budget, 1998 Donor Recognition Program and 1998 National Specialty fundraising activities as submitted.

The committee reported on other potential fundraising activities including promotion of the NCA’s tax exempt status, establishing an mechanism by which Regional Clubs could directly obtain NHC items for re-sale from manufacturers and revisiting the feasibility of directly selling NHC items outside of the National Specialty.

The committee also recommended that an international fund raising appeal be made by the NCA International Liaison. D, Helming reported he had discussed this concept with May Bernhard (International Liaison) who fully supports this proposal. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Lynne Anderson) to include NHC info in the next International Liaison mailing to International Clubs.

The Finance Committee and Dave Helming were directed to review long-term strategy for funding the NHC including grants, etc. and report back to the Board by the 1998 Fall Face to Face meeting.

The Newfoundland Health Challenge is a tremendous success and the Board wishes to acknowledge and congratulate Co-chairs Mary Jane Spackman and Jan Boggio for their vision and commitment on behalf of the Newfoundland Breed.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Beverly Eichel, Lori Littleford) to approve the Newfoundland Health Challenge organizational document as revised. Revision included combining the former financial secretary’s position into the co-Chairs responsibility, requiring the AKC/CHF liaison to be an NCA member and provide quarterly reports for Newf Tide, and allowing more flexibility in meeting certain communications schedules.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Roger Frey) to transfer $5000.00 from the Newfoundland Health Challenge to the Canine Health Foundation Parent Club fund. This will qualify the NCA as a founding member of the Canine Health Foundation and the funds can be used to fund future projects.

Frank Winnert and Mary Price will investigate the feasibility of transferring some of the NHC funds into higher interest bearing investments based on expected cash flow needs and report back to the Board.

Committee Guidelines: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Aura Dean) to approve the Committee Guidelines as modified. Modifications included more specific direction as to deadlines and items requiring Board approval.

The Board reviewed a letter from Ron Pemberton regarding the "Distinguished Member of the Humane Society" painting restoration. A motion (Roger Frey, Sandee Lovett) to accept the recommendations in Ron’s letter was defeated (3 For Roger Frey, Sandee Lovett, Lynne Anderson, 9 Against). It was moved seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Tom Broderick) to conditionally approve Ron Pemberton’s recommendations pending the receipt of documentation from the Tate confirming the loan terms, from the Dog Museum accepting the loan and providing insurance coverage, and a fundraising plan and administrative costs budget from Ron. This information is to be supplied no later than March 1, 1998. NCA will provide $1000.00 in seed money for this project.

The meeting recessed at 5:30 PM.

The meeting reconvened on Sunday, November 23, 1997 at 8:15 am.

It was moved seconded and carried unanimously (Beverly Eichel, Tom Broderick) to go into executive session at 8:15 am.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously to come out of executive session (Frank Winnert, Roger Frey) at 8:30 am.

The membership list dated November 17th was approved as amended. One application was not approved and the Recording Secretary will send appropriate notification to the applicants and their sponsors.

General Education Committee: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Lynne Anderson, Roger Frey) to transfer the duties of the delegate to the American Dog Owners Association (ADOA), currently handled by the General Education Committee, to the NCA’s newly-appointed AKC legislative liaison since the ADOA also deals with many legislative issues.

The Board reviewed the modified text of The Newfoundland and You. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Roger Frey, Tom Broderick) to approve the text of The Newfoundland and You as revised. Committee chair, Lynne Anderson, was directed to incorporate these changes into the "Introducing the Newfoundland" brochure and resubmit this document by January 2, 1998 for inclusion in the next mail meeting. Board members are directed to send comments on the AKC insert to the Recording Secretary by January 2 and on the "Commonly asked Questions" brochure by February 1.

The tentative schedule for Board meetings at the National Specialty in 1998 was discussed. The current plan is to meet Tuesday, no later than noon, Thursday evening and Friday after annual meeting.

Judges’ Education Committee: The reprinting of the Illustrated Guide to the Standard was discussed. The Saint Bernard Club of America has submitted the head study that they would like to have used in any reprinting of the Guide. The Great Pyrenes Club has also submitted a head study. Judges' Education Chairperson, Betty McDonnell provided a progress report on additional revisions currently under consideration by the committee. Due to the importance of this document, the Board felt it would be appropriate for the committee to advise the membership in its annual report that it is considering revisions and solicit additional input from the membership. The committee will submit a formal report, including voting records, for final approval by the Board prior to reprinting.

Clyde Dunphy reported that a draft of the translation of the Illustrated Guide into German has been received for review. Several NCA members are reviewing the draft prior to its being finally approved by the NCA for printing by the German club.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Aura Dean) to increase the budget for the Judges' Education Committee by $1,000.00 to allow for the purchase of a more professional looking folder for the seminar materials.

It was moved seconded and carried unanimously (Lori Littleford, Sandee Lovett) to go into Executive Session at 12:15 p.m.
It was moved seconded and carried unanimously (Tom Broderick, Frank Winnert) to come out of Executive Session at 1:35 PM.

The Board reviewed various letters received regarding the quality of Judges’ Education seminars. Based on completed evaluations submitted by judges attending the seminars and other letters received, the response to our program has been very positive. Several comments offered constructive criticism and in an effort to continue to improve this quality product, Second Vice President, Frank Winnert was directed to compile a list of these suggestions to be referred back to the committee for its review and possible implementation. These suggestions included inviting the regional or national judge to participate in the seminar when class winners are used, presenting the hands-on portion in as positive a manner as possible, restricting ringside mentors to non-exhibitors and consideration of exhibitor concerns on how the dogs are managed, i.e., class winners too tired, etc.

The Board thanks the committee for all its hard work and commends the committee on the quality program it has produced.
Further, the committee was asked to review and report back with its recommendations on the current policy on supplying materials to local judges study groups. Our current policy allows for distribution of
materials to any study group, but AKC's policy only acknowledges those study groups approved by the Breed Club Judges’ Education Committee.

Newf Tide Policy: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Lori Littleford, Lynne Anderson) to
adopt the following policy with regard to the publication in Newf Tide of information about affected and carrier dogs:

Be it resolved that the Newfoundland Club of America urges ALL Newfoundland owners to openly and honestly share and provide any and all health-related information on dogs they breed or own that will assist the current or future health of all Newfoundlands.

Be it resolved that the advice of the Health and Longevity Committee, developed in its ongoing studies to determine the health problems most pressing to the Newfoundland, will be considered a primary reference. New diseases and disorders are constantly being discovered which expand the need for more information, e.g. the encouragement to share information on hip dysplasia is not precluded by the addition of other diseases/disorders as they are determined to be relevant to our breed. (However, inclusion following discovery of problems should not automatically be assumed. This is due to factors regarding testing, validity of testing, etc.)

Be it resolved that the NCA's Newf Tide Policy has been revised to specifically state that personal letters, articles, etc. cannot be published either singly or wholly containing names and/or lists of affected (or non-affected) carrier dogs, pedigrees, etc. It is NCA's intention that this information be shared for a scientific purpose and not merely publicity. (This policy does not affect the policy regarding the publication of OFA lists.)

Be it resolved that the NCA does desire that health information, including affecteds and carriers of known diseases and disorders be shared, but cannot scientifically or legally be the source or communications media for this information. Based on the information available to the NCA, a more appropriate vehicle for all Newfoundland owners would be the Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals (GDCA): PO Box 222, Davis, CA 95617. Telephone/Fax: 530-756-6773, email This is an Open Registry. Open to any and all Newfoundland owners to share and to obtain information. The more people who make use of it, the wider the base of information that will be available to all. This Open Registry is a major source for researchers seeking information. By participating in this Open Registry, Newfoundland owners can actively participate in research designed to help our breed. The information provided is linked with pedigree relatives, providing a basis for analysis.

The GDCA is a well-respected service of long-standing. By encouraging the use of only one such databank, a single source of information on the Newfoundland genetic makeup will be provided. There are already existing registries and databases through GDCA which we can benefit and which will benefit the Newfoundland.

Be it resolved that the NCA encourages participation in the GDCA by the publication in the First Quarter 1998 issue of Newf Tide of an article entitled "Genetic Disease Control: the Open Registry is Here, the Time is Now," and an ongoing ad similar to that which is used to sell sample contracts via the Breeders List. As an educational ad, this ad will be printed in all future issues of Newf Tide at no cost.

And, be it FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board approves the following sentence to be added to the general statement on testing to appear on the Breeder/Stud Dog List:

"The NCA endorses the use of the open registry provided by the Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals: PO Box 222, Davis, CA 95617. Telephone/Fax: 916-756-6773, and this open registry should be considered as an inquiry information source referenced above."

Ad Hoc Committee on Minimum and Maximum Breeding age: Mary W Price will research the details of past AKC proposals and report back to the Board with her recommendations prior to appointment of an Ad Hoc committee.

National Specialty Committee: Dave Helming presented a letter from 2001 National Specialty Chairman, Ron Pemberton, proposing the Sugar Loaf resort as the site of this show. It was moved, seconded and carried
unanimously (Frank Winnert, Lynne Anderson) to approve the Sugar Loaf Resort as the site for the National Specialty in 2001which will be hosted by the Great Lakes Newfoundland Club.

Dave Helming provided an update on the progress of the 1999 National Specialty hosted by Colonial Newfoundland Club. The preparation of the rings and field areas are proceeding, individual vendors areas will be used rather than the "consignment shop" approach. The host club is supportive of the Newfoundland Health Challenge fundraising activities and overflow hotels are available within driving distance. Aura Dean reported that she had visited the site in September. The Colonial Newfoundland Club has begun its fundraising efforts with a direct mailing. The National Specialty Committee Chair, Peggy Helming, was directed to review current policy regarding fundraising for a National prior to completion of the previous year’s show and report back to the Board with any recommended changes to the Specialty Guide. Current policy restricts Newf Tide advertising only and prior practice has been to delay fundraising activities until after completion of the previous year's event, as a courtesy to the host club.

Recording Secretary, Lori Littleford, had very recently received a response from a defendant in the disciplinary matter before the Board. Due to communication difficulties, the Board directed Lori to continue a
dialog with the respondent and continued the disciplinary phase of the hearing until the next face-to-face meeting.

Members Ken Price and Lori Littleford presented information on an incident, which occurred at the Del Valle Kennel Club fall show, involving temperament. While the Board felt this incident was very serious, the matter would be most appropriately addressed through the local AKC representative. The Board will be kept advised of progress on this matter.

It was moved, seconded and carried, unanimously (Dave Helming, Lori Littleford) to advise the AKC that NCA would like to be included as soon as possible in their DNA collection study and to forward our schedule of upcoming National Specialty dates. AKC has received more than fifty responses for the twenty-five 1998 study openings. Clyde Dunphy will respond to AKC’s invitation.

Frank Winnert informed the Board that he and Treasurer Mary L. Price approved a small budget overage of less than $100.00 for the mailing expenses of the new Versatile Newfoundland pins.

A letter from Michael Boyko requesting a change in policy to allow co-owners to purchase additional original Versatile Newfoundland Certificates was discussed. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Beverly Eichel, Dave Helming) to allow co-owners, breeders, and co-breeders who are NCA members to purchase title and award certificates, patches and pins. The cost will be $5.00 per certificate (ROM), $5.00 for certificate and patch (WD, WRD, DD, and TDD), $5.00 for pins (CH, CD, CDX, UD, NA, and OA) and $10.00 for certificate, patch and
pin (VN). All title and award recipients are encouraged to request additional certificates, when desired, upon completion of a title.

Working Dog Committee: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Tom Broderick) to approve the following addition to the Draft Test Regulations:
Under provisional judges: add "are NCA members, AND who have earned at least one CD" and under automatic approval and judge pairing add: "A proposed judging panel comprised of any other judging combination will
require NCA WDC approval. The WDC will not approve a judging panel consisting of two first time provisional judges. Approval will be based on careful consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of the judging

The Board noted that the intent of the wording was to allow the WDC to approve other pairings, using judges who have met the minimum criteria for provisional judges and not to allow the WDC to approve judges who have
not met these minimum requirements.

It was moved, seconded and carried (Frank Winnert, Ken Price) to approve the following revision to Section 2: Failed Exercises and Rejudging: Only gentle guidance by the dog's collar is permitted. If a dog fails, at
the judge’s discretion, that dog will be place on lead for the balance of the exercise or remainder of the test. (7 For, 5 Against – Tom Broderick - I object to the word "only"; Lynne Anderson, Beverly Eichel, Roger Frey and Lori Littleford)
Working Dog Committee Chairperson, Barbara Jenness, provided a tentative timeline for completion of the proposed revisions to the Water Test Regulations by March 1. The WDC plans to hold two teleconferences -
Jan 5th and Feb 10th. Lori Littleford will forward teleconferencing information to Barbara Jenness. Frank Winnert will check on pending draft test applications and draft and water title certificates.

The Board was reminded to send nominations for the Isabel Kurth Award, which honors service to the NCA, to Lori by January 2nd for inclusion in the January mail meeting.

Frank Winnert, Roger Frey, and Lynne Anderson left at 3:15 p.m. due to travel arrangements.

Newf Tide Policy Committee - It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Tom Broderick, Beverly Eichel) not to open the annual Newf Tide photo contest to nonmember subscribers.

The revisions to the roster have been received favorably. The Board would like to thank the committee (Joanne Riley, Jack Dean, Mary L. Price and Mary W. Price) for their efforts. Items still under consideration are investigation of mailing list programs and inclusion of email listings.

A letter from the Club Italiano de Terranova in Italy regarding a conference, which appears to be in the early planning stages, was reviewed. The Board referred this to International Liaison, May Bernhard, for further clarification.

Memorial Trophies: Second Vice President, Frank Winnert will check with Mary Dewey and Roger Frey regarding the status of commissioning new artwork and additional replicas.

Top 20 - It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Beverly Eichel, Tom Broderick) to include a reference to the top twenty in the Specialty Show guide noting that it is not an "official" NCA event and that selection criteria are the discretion of the host club.

Internet Committee: Aura Dean reported that most of the web site is complete and that we are now waiting for releases from the breeders list participants and Board members. The current plan is not to use the "free"
space offered by AKC to host the site because it will not meet our requirements. Jack Dean will supply the Board with a list of NCA approved documents to be included in the site.

Upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori Littleford
Recording Secretary