Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors Meeting

Teleconference of February 24, 1998

President Clyde Dunphy called the meeting to order at 7:19 PM. All members participated except AKC delegate Mary W. Price who was unable to attend due to travel plans.

1999 National Specialty Chairman Kathy Paxton requested NCA approval to hold an Agility Trial at the 1999 NCA National Specialty hosted by the Colonial Newfoundland Club. The Colonial Newfoundland Club is willing to host the AKC required Agility match as well as the trial at the National. Colonial has several members who are active in and knowledgeable about Agility Trials. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously, (Frank Winnert, Lynne Anderson) to approve Colonial Newfoundland Club to host both an Agility match prior to the 1999 National Specialty and an Agility Trial at the 1999 National Specialty. Lori Littleford, National Specialty Committee Working Dog Chair, Tom Broderick, Regional Specialty Show Coordinator, Cheryl Dondino, Obedience Chair and Maureen Ohs, National Specialty Committee Uniform Trophies, will investigate the impact of allowing Agility Trials to be held, at the discretion of the host regional club, at any Regional or National Specialty and report back to the Board with their recommendations.

The first round comments on the Annual of Titlists Descriptive Statement were discussed. The Annual of Titlists is published with the third quarter Newf Tide. Aura Dean and Beverly Eichel will collaborate on a second draft and report back to the Board by May 1st, 1998.

The letter from Candace McMahon, Breeders’ List Chairman, was discussed. Regarding the timing of the Breeders’ List application, for 1998, the application will be included in the second quarter Newf Tide and the Breeders’ List included with the fourth quarter Newf Tide. For 1999 and beyond, the application will be included I the first quarter Newf Tide and the Breeders’ List included in the third quarter Newf Tide (or fourth quarter if all applications cannot be verified in time).

Regarding inclusion of health testing information on the Breeders’ List, President Clyde Dunphy will review, with both the Health and Longevity Committee and the Breeders’ List committee, NCA’s recently adopted policy regarding open registry participation and the statement included on the Breeders’ List regarding health information.

Regarding inclusion of a list of questions for prospective buyers to ask on the Breeders’ List, Lynne Anderson, General Education Chairman, noted that AKC already has a number of excellent materials. It was the consensus of the Board to review the materials available from AKC prior to deciding on this matter. Lynne Anderson will obtain copies of the materials available from AKC for inclusion in a mail meeting.

A letter from Jacqueline Brellochs regarding more timely notification of the database committee of qualifiers at working events was discussed. President Clyde Dunphy reported that all water and draft certificates from 1997 are now complete and that a survey of the current Working Dog Committee members is now in progress. Frank Winnert will forward the surveys received by 3/15/99 to each Board member for discussion at the face-to-face meeting at the National.

First Vice President, Beverly Eichel’s plan for review of historical materials was discussed. All Board members were directed to send their suggestion for a list of qualified volunteers to Beverly. The list will be reviewed and finalized at the face-to-face meeting at the National. A budget for this project was discussed. A $500.00 increase in the First Vice President’s budget for the next fiscal year should be adequate to complete this project.

AKC Insert – It was moved and seconded (Frank Winnert, Lori Littleford) to approve the revised pamphlet, "Congratulations on your new Newfoundland". The motion failed. (5 For: 5 Against, 2 abstain). Aura Dean, Lori Littleford, Mary Price, and Lynne Anderson will review the pamphlet for inclusion in the next mail meeting. Other Board members should forward their comments to Lori Littleford by February 27th.

GDC Informational Ad – The Board was in favor of changing the wording to "obtain health screening" and felt the ad should be modified to encourage putting information into this registry. Beverly Eichel will provide additional text for inclusion in the next mail meeting.

Lori Littleford reported that a full report on the 1998 Election would be included in the next mail meeting.

Frank Winnert reported that Terry Aten and Sue Marino have agreed to assist on scholarships and awards for the Juniors Committee. A replacement Chairman for this committee is still needed. Frank also reported that John Adams would be resigning as Awards Committee Chairman after this National Specialty.


Dave Helming requested approval to split the NCA manual into two volumes, one containing just the policies, which would be updated and printed annually, and one containing the supporting forms and regulations, which would be reprinted only as needed. The Board was in favor of this approach.

Lynne Anderson and Ken Price reported that they had received inquiries regarding the "Top Twenty". The "Top Twenty" is not an NCA event and selection procedure is at the discretion of the hosting regional club.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Ken Price, Frank Winnert) to adjourn at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Lori Littleford,
Recording Secretary