Newfoundland Club of America, Board of Directors Meeting

Face-to-Face Meeting April 7, 1998 in Rohnert Park California.

President Clyde Dunphy called the meeting to order at 10:15 AM. All board members, Mary W. Price, AKC Delegate and member-elect Steve McAdams, were present. Roger Frey was delayed due to travel.

This Board will meet again after the Welcome Reception and on Thursday at 8:00 PM. The 1998-1999 Board will meet after the fine arts auction on Friday, April 10.

Terry Aten (MN) on behalf of the Juniors Committee presented one applicant for the 1997 Junior Scholarship with a recommendation that the Board approve this applicant. Applicant Michael Marino is planning to attend either Tufts or WPI. It was moved, seconded and carried (Frank Winnert, Sandee Lovett) to award the 1997 Junior Scholarship to Michael Marino. Terry Aten will make the presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Report of the President – President Clyde Dunphy stated than he had input on specific agenda items but no additional general information.

First Vice President – First Vice President Beverly Eichel stated that she had input on specific agenda items but nothing additional at this time.

Second Vice President – Second Vice President Frank Winnert reminded the Board of the five open chairmanships to be filled and of the recent survey completed by the members of the Working Dog Committee.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary – Corresponding Secretary Sandee Lovett reported as follows: During the past year, I have answered 122 requests for information, which came from 32 states and 8 foreign countries (Romania, Germany, Estonia, Argentina, Peru, Yugoslavia, Japan and Mexico). Most of these were requests for information about the Breed, about the Newfoundland Club of America, or requests for Breeder’s List. I have also received regular communications from AKC and other requests that were forwarded to the appropriate committees. For the first time this year, I began receiving quite a few requests via the internet in addition to regular mail, and I expect this will increase in the future. It’s been a busy year in the mail department, and I appreciate the opportunity to serve the club in this capacity.

Report of the Recording Secretary – Recording Secretary Lori Littleford had nothing additional to report.

Report of the Treasurer - Treasurer Mary L. Price reported, as of 4/3/98, $159,521.26 in the operating fund, $64,290.33 in the Newfoundland Health Challenge Fund (including $10,000 deposited with the AKC’s Canine Health Foundation), $1,575.00 in the "Distinguished Member" Restoration Fund, $611.93 in the Uniform Trophy Fund and $23,777.82 in the Rescue Fund for a total balance in all accounts of $249,776.34. Mary noted that we still do not have an interest report from the Canine Health Foundation. She reported that the Finance Committee will address the question of purchasing CD’s to obtain a higher interest rate with some of the Health Challenge Funds. She reminded the Board that input on the 1998-99 Budget should be to her by June 1st. The Charitable Trust application is under review by the IRS.

The Annual of Titlists was discussed. Mary will prepare a review for the November meeting. Issues of timing, inclusion of non-NCA members, gathering title information and including all Titlists were discussed. Mary noted that the Club has met its cash reserve goal while providing startup funding for the Newfoundland Health Challenge. It was the consensus of the Board that the President and Finance Committee chair should note this progress in their reports to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

The application process for the Annual of Titlists was discussed and deferred until the May teleconference.

Report of the AKC Delegate – Mary W Price reported that Kenneth Marden, Dr. Robert Smith and Dr. Asa Mays were recently elected to the AKC Board of Directors. AKC’s Officers continued in the same capacities. She acknowledged that the NCA now has eight members who serve as AKC delegates for their All Breed or Obedience Clubs. The 19th Version of AKC’s Complete dog book contained many errors and the current plan is to reprint it using the 18th edition version. At its March meeting, the AKC Board of Directors approved and implemented additional regulations regarding disabled persons exhibiting dogs in obedience. Mary reported that the regulations regarding registration are being revised to require the signatures of all co-owners of the dam on their litter registration, beginning in January. She noted she is still investigating prior proposals regarding limitations on number of litters and ages of breeding stock.Open committee items:

Historical Information Project – Beverly Eichel noted she still needs a list of names of qualified volunteers to assist in this project. The goal is to complete this project by the 1999 National Specialty.

It was moved, seconded and carried, unanimously (Frank Winnert, Aura Dean) to go into Executive Session at 11:35 am


It was moved, seconded and carried, unanimously (Frank Winnert, Aura Dean) to come out of Executive Session at 4:15 pm.

As a result of the Executive Session the following committee appointments were made: (committee list here)

It was noted that a new job description is needed from the Newfoundland Research Advisory Committee. Frank Winnert will request an update from Chair, Cherrie Brown.

The Board accepted the recommendation of out-going CORC Chair Gail Paceley to discontinue this committee and assigned the task of communication with the regional clubs to the Regional Club Liaison. Since much of the information supplied by CORC will now be available on NCA’s website, the Board felt continuation of this committee would be a duplication of effort.

The Board appointed an Ad hoc committee of Lori Littleford, chair, Lynne Anderson, and Jack Dean to investigate the currently available database information and to report on possible future solutions to maintaining this data.

It was noted that Adrian Van Ziel, who generously supplied the club with memorial trophies, has passed away. Ron Pemberton has been in contact with his family. Frank Winnert will check with National Specialty Committee Properties Chair, Ingrid Lyden for current stock on the trophy replicas.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Aura Dean) to recess at 5:00 pm.

The meeting reconvened at 9:05 PM. Roger Frey and board-member elect Cherrie Brown joined the meeting. Mary W Price and Ken Price did not participate.

AKC Legislative Liaison job description: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously, (Frank Winnert, Beverly Eichel) to approve the job description for the newly-created position of AKC Legislative Liaison as submitted by Gail Wettstein, new legislative liaison.

General Education: The Board reviewed the AKC education materials provided by Lynne Anderson. These materials included information on choosing the right breeder, selecting the right puppy, and general consideration regarding dog ownership. It was the consensus of the Board that these materials were suitable for use by NCA’s General Education Committee. The committee was directed to concentrate its efforts on the Newfoundland specific brochures (Frequently Asked Questions and NCA - who we are and what we do). These brochures will be reviewed by Lynne Andersen, Beverly Eichel, Mary L. Price and Lori Littleford and submitted back to the Board by June 1st. Lori Littleford will attempt to locate an electronic copy of the "Working Newfoundland" brochure, which is also pending.

Internet: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Lynne Andersen) to apply for the domain name of "". A discussion on what to include on membership information was deferred until Mary W. Price could be present. Jack Dean requested direction on what descriptive information to use on conformation showing as there is currently very little in NCA’s official publications. He was directed to use description from AKC supplied materials or link to that portion of the AKC’s website. The Board also moved and carried unanimously to make the Internet Committee a standing committee. (David Helming, Aura Dean)

Judges’ Education: The Board had previously asked for and received input from this committee regarding modifications in the criteria for committee membership and inclusion on the Breed Expert List. Lori Littleford will include any previously received Board comments on the JEC proposal in the next mailing and agendize this issue for the next teleconference.

National Specialty: The Agility Trial to be held at the 1999 National Specialty and the required Agility Match have been approved by AKC. The committee was directed at the March teleconference to review existing policy, including uniform trophies, and recommend changes if needed.

Newfoundland Health Challenge – The concept of creation of an endowment was discussed. Some of the donated funds could be used to create this endowment and the interest generated would be used to fund ongoing projects. Dave Helming and Frank Winnert are preparing a report for the November Face-to-Face meeting.

Newf Tide Policy – The open item on the descriptive statement for the Annual of Titlists was deferred until the next teleconference. Beverly Eichel and Aura Dean will develop a revised draft.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Beverly Eichel, Frank Winnert) to approve the Nominating Committee Guidelines as revised. Revisions included a more specific timeline to ensure inclusion of the proposed slate in third quarter Newf Tide.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Beverly Eichel, Aura Dean) to approve the general Committee Guidelines as revised. Revision included procedures for replacement of non-participating members on Board-appointed committees.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Aura Dean) to recess at 11:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,


Lori Littleford,
 Recording Secretary