Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors Meeting

Face to Face Meeting April 9, 1998 in Rohnert Park California.

The meeting reconvened at 8:05 PM Thursday night, April 9. All members including member-elect Steve McAdams participated.

Ron Pemberton (Michigan) reported on the "Distinguished Member" Project. He has contacted all regional clubs. He proposed a fund raising project selling note cards which are English reproductions of the "Distinguished Member" painting. The cards will be sold in packages of six for $10.00. $9 from each set will go to the restoration project, $1 for handling charges.. Sue Miller (Tennessee) will handle the distribution through her website. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Beverly Eichel) to subsidize the purchase of 3,000 cards for $814.00. All proceeds of the sales, after recovery of the initial purchase, will go to the "Distinguished Member" restoration fund. Expected proceeds are $3,686.00. If for some reason this project is not initiated, funds generated by sale of the note cards would go to the NCA’s general treasury.

Mary L. Price and Mark Aliff (Florida) reported on the status of the NCA Charitable Trust. The documents have received a first round review by the IRS and have been reviewed by a Connecticut attorney. Mary and Mark have responded to the questions raised by the IRS and are awaiting further review. The Commonwealth of Connecticut does not require the trust to be registered but does require a single page form to be filed. Both Connecticut law and the IRS require an amendment to the original document to clarify some of the language. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Beverly Eichel) to approve the First Amendment to the NCA Charitable Trust as recommended.

The NCA Board meeting recessed 8:35 p.m. for a meeting of the Trustees of the NCA Charitable Trust.. See separate minutes. The meeting of the NCA Board of Directors reconvened at 8:51 p.m.

Bob Rogers (Maryland) answered questions on revisions to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Colonial Newfoundland Club. The Board expressed its appreciation for the extremely clear manner in which this material was presented. Some of the proposed changes are required to conform to current state laws and some update procedures to deal with the increased size of the club. Regional Club Liaison, Marget Johnson, has reviewed the proposed changes and recommends approval. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Tom Broderick) to approve this document as presented.

It was the consensus of the Board that the NCA Web page should contain membership information including the recommended steps of contacting and joining a regional club and subscribing to Newf Tide. Mary L. Price, Mary W. Price and Clyde Dunphy will prepare text and transmit to Jack Dean.

NCA Logo Decal inventory – This item should be added to fiscal 1998 budget. The last order was for 1000 arranged by Elizabeth Williams through a supplier in California. Mary L. Price and Mary W. Price will locate a new vendor.

The current practice of including a dues reminder in Newf Tide was discussed. It was moved, seconded and carried (Frank Winnert, Sandee Lovett) on a 10 For 2 Against vote to send the dues renewal notice by first class mail. (Against: Dave Helming , I believe economics favor continuing to use Newf Tide for distribution of dues reminders. The list of applicants dated April 1, 1998 was unanimously approved for publication. Beverly Eichel.)

A motion (Beverly Eichel, Tom Broderick) not to renew Michael Eden’s complimentary subscription to Newf Tide which expires June 1st, 1998 failed by a five to seven vote ( Lori Littleford, Tom Broderick , Ken Price, Lynne Anderson, Beverly Eichel, "Other handicapped children could exist in NCA households or (financially impaired) handicapped that we are unaware of. They might be more deserving of such an ‘allowance’. I oppose awarding this to a non-NCA household that appears to have expended significant monies towards this effort [thus making them appear non-financially impaired]!"Corresponding Secretary Sandee Lovett will write to the Edens informing them of the one year renewal and requesting conformation of Michael’s continuing interest in Newfoundlands.

Newfoundland Health Challenge – Jan Boggio (Michigan) provided copies of an information packet from the Morris Animal Foundation. The Morris Animal Foundation is a source of additional research projects affecting Newfoundlands. Both Jan Boggio and Mary Jane Spackman (Pennsylvania) expressed the need to communicate any progress on funded studies to the membership. The Ohio State SAS study was funded in November and is still in the initial startup phase. Additionally, initial startup at the Canine Health Foundation has been slow. Cherrie Brown will try to contact the researchers directly and will update the membership quarterly in Newf Tide. The information on several current studies through the Morris Animal Foundation will be reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee. The Canine Health Foundation was misinformed regarding NCA’s desire to fund a study on atopy and Clyde will respond to their inquiry.

The Board expressed its sincere thanks for all of Mary Jane and Jan’s great work on behalf of the Newfoundland Health Challenge.

The Board received a request from Andrew Yoelin to purchase the NCA’s mailing list. Although current policy allows for sale of the membership list, such sales are considered on a case by case basis and require Board approval. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Ken Price) not to approve this request. Mr. Yeolin will be contacted regarding alternative marketing suggestions.

It was moved seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Dave Helming) to go into Executive Session 10:10 p.m.

It was moved seconded and carried unanimously (Dave Helming, Frank Winnert) to come out of Executive Session at 11:30 p.m.

The Audio Visual Committee was disbanded as recommended by chair Russ Paceley, due to lack of interest by the membership. The duty of obtaining a copy of the video from each year’s National Specialty will be added to the Historian’s job description.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Aura Dean) to approve one more teleconference for the Working Dog Committee in the 1997-1998 fiscal year.

Mary L. Price reported on the NCA coordinated purchase of eight Newfoundlands in a kennel dispersal sale. Mary presented a draft of a letter to AKC requesting investigation of the seller. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Lori Littleford, Frank Winnert) to approve the draft letter as revised. Mary was directed to obtain written statements from the volunteers involved to complete the historical record.

Beverly Eichel introduced a new issue. She provided some background on the European Continental Type Landseer (ECTL). The ETCL is considered a separate breed in Europe but can be imported and registered as Landseer Newfoundlands by the AKC. She will obtain a copy of the Standard for the ECTL for circulation to the Board and this issue will be added to the next mail meeting.

It was the consensus of the Board that all official documents of the Newfoundland Club of America be identified as such to prevent confusion by novices to the Breed.

A letter from Vivian Mazur to Betty Krause, who judged Newfoundlands at the Fall Del Valle Kennel Club show, was discussed. It was the consensus of the Board that a supporting letter from NCA President, Clyde Dunphy, should be sent stressing the importance of correct temperament. Lori Littleford will respond to Ms. Mazur.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Aura Dean, Lori Littleford) to adjourn at 11:42 pm.

Respectfully Submitted


Lori Littleford, 
Recording Secretary