The Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting of the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.,

Rohnert Park, California, April 10, 1998.

President Clyde Dunphy called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM. Recording Secretary, Lori Littleford, declared a quorum. Clyde welcomed all of the NCA members and guests in attendance and introduced the International and Life Members who were present.

Report of the President: President Clyde Dunphy reported that it has been a great year for the NCA. Our club is on solid ground financially and has a lot to be proud of. This fall NCA members Cherrie Brown, Becky Stanevich and Clyde Dunphy attended the AKC’s conference on Canine Genetics. Many speakers at this conference believe that a complete map of the canine genome is likely within the next three to five years. The Newfoundland Club of America is one of the first breed clubs to do a breed health survey, strongly supports rescue and working events and has been very successful in raising funds via the Newfoundland Health Challenge. The recently-funded Ohio State study designed to identify the genetic marker for SAS is the first study to benefit from this fund raising effort. (See Newf Tide for more detailed information.). Clyde also announced some recent reorganization in NCA committees. Our new Working Dog Committee Chairperson is Sandee Lovett. The interclub communications role previously filled by CORC will be the responsibility of the Regional Club Liaison, Beverly Eichel. The temporary NCA Website is currently available and the domain name of "" is being applied for. A Membership page is being added and the plan is to include all official NCA publications. He updated the membership on the status of the Charitable Trust application that is still under review by IRS but should be approved by mid-summer.

First Vice President – Vice President Beverly Eichel had no additional report.

Second Vice President – Frank Winnert, Finance Committee chair reviewed the NCA’s financial progress since 1993 when the Club had difficulty funding our activities with our treasury at $50,000. The Finance Committee and the Board established a plan to improve our cash position with the help and support of our members. 1994 saw our treasury improve to $93,000.00. In our 1997-1998 fiscal year, we now have a Reserve Fund of $52,000; Health Challenge Fund of $63,000; $24,000.00 in Newf Rescue and an Operating Fund of $118,000 for a total of $257,000.00. This was accomplished by installing financial controls, adopting tight budgets, the thousands of hours volunteered by our members and the dedicated working committees. The results are a financially sound NCA and more members are involved in more activities. Our working events are at an all time high in entries. Newf Tide continues to grown in size and quality. We have added events at our National Specialties. A new website will provide more information to our members more quickly. We have embarked on a long-range plan to support health research for our breed. This is a very costly and long-term commitment. The Finance Committee and the Board are dedicated to continuing these policies as we go forward in our 1998-99 fiscal year.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary: Sandee Lovett reported as follows: During the past year, I have answered 122 requests for information which came from 32 states and 8 foreign countries (Romania, Germany, Estonia, Argentina, Peru, Yugoslavia, Japan and Mexico). Most of these were requests for information about the breed, about the Newfoundland Club of America, or requests for a Breeder Lists. I have also received regular communications from AKC and other requests that were forwarded to the appropriate committees. For the first time this year, I began receiving quite a few requests via the internet in addition to regular mail, and I expect this will increase in the future. It’s been a busy year in the mail department, and I appreciate the opportunity to serve the club in this capacity.

Recording Secretary – Recording Secretary Lori Littleford reported that since the last annual meeting, the Board has completed ten mail meetings, seven teleconference meetings, and one Face-to-Face meeting. The use of teleconferencing is new this year and seems to be working very well. Lori thanked the membership for the opportunity to serve the Club in this capacity.

Treasurer’s report – Treasurer Mary L. Price reported, as of 4/3/98, $159,521.26 in the operating fund, $64,290.33 in the Newfoundland Health Challenge Fund (including $10,000 deposited with the Canine Health Foundation), $1,575.00 in the "Distinguished Member" Restoration Fund, $611.93 in the Uniform Trophy Fund and $23,777.82 in the Rescue Fund for a total balance in all accounts of $249,776.34. As always, she welcomes any questions from the membership.

AKC Delegate Report - Mary W Price reported that Kenneth Marden, Dr. Robert Smith, Dr. Asa Mays were recently elected to the AKC Board of Directors. AKC’s Officers continued in the same capacities. She acknowledged that the NCA now has eight members who serve as AKC delegates for their All-Breed or Obedience Clubs.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Lori Littleford, Ken Price) to approve the minutes of the last Annual Meeting as published in Newf Tide.

Committee Reports:

Ron Pemberton (Michigan) addressed the membership regarding the restoration of the "A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society" painting by Sir Edwin Landseer. This painting is currently owned by the Tate Museum in England. If sufficient funds can be raised for the restoration, the painting would be loaned to The AKC Museum of the Dog for three years to allow viewing in this country. Members interested in donating to this project should watch for more information in Newf Tide and contact Ron with any questions.

Newfoundland Health Challenge co-chairs Jan Boggio (Michigan) and Mary Jane Spackman (Pennsylvania) thanked the membership for their generous support of the Newfoundland Health Challenge. Jan detailed a recent contact with the Morris Animal foundation regarding possible upcoming studies dealing with epilepsy and hip dysplasia.

President Clyde Dunphy presented the Top Junior Handler in both Conformation and working events to Kodi Offerson and the 1997 Scholarship award to Michael Marino

John Adams (Massachusetts), Awards Committee Chairperson, presented the 1997 NCA awards as follows:

Top Obedience Award: OTCH Castaway’s Magic Bulldozer UDX, WRD, TDD owned by David and Dawn Parson

Top Winning Dog: Ch. Pouch Cove’s Britannia Rico owned by Reegan and Steven Keeler Top Winning Bitch: Ch. Pouch Cove Calls the Question owned by Peggy Helming

Top Producing Sire: Ch. Topy’s Sans Sebastian, ROM owned by Lisa Allen and David Van Covering

Top Producing Dam: (tie) Ch. The Noel Ursula, ROM owned by Joe and Carol Ovalle, Lou Lomax and Kathy Griffin and Am/Can Ch. Amity’s Taylor of Pouch Cove, CD. ROM owned by Debra Wigal, DVM.

The five dogs and twelve bitches that were admitted to the Newfoundland Club of America Registry of Merit in 1997 are as follows:

Am., Can., Mex., FCI. UCI. Intl. Ch. Brunhaus Bobby of Topmast, ROM owned by Marsha & Evan Aldrich

Ch. Darbydale’s Just Charles, ROM owned by Carol A. Bernard-Bergmann

VN. Ch. Kilyka’s Amen Amen, CD, WRD, DD, ROM owned by Betty McDonnell

Ch. Pouch Cove’s Midnite Bay, ROM owned by Reginia and Michael Schneider

Ch. Topsy’s San Sebastian, ROM owned by Lisa Allen and David Van Couvering

Can Ch. Topmast Cheers, ROM owned by Margaret Willmott

Can Ch. Topmast’s Abigail Adams, ROM owned by Lori Ann Miller

Am. & Can. Ch. Abbyacres Rita of Nikoma, ROM owned by Buddie and Karen West

Ch. Kaylar’s Calypso Bear, ROM owned by Kathleen S. Reed

VN. Ch. Tabu’s Pooh Berry Blossom, CD, WRD, DD, CGC, ROM owned by Pamela S. Rubio

Ch. Susanna Springs Sheer Madness, ROM owned by Cindi and Tim Kirkhuff

Ch. Paddlewheel’s Bessie Gibbs, ROM owned by Mary W. Price

Ch. Courtesy of Skimeister, ROM owned by Joe Ovalle, Marty Griffith & Dwight Summers

Ch. Mooncusser Widow’s Walk, ROM owned by Suzanne S. Jones

Ch. The Noel Ursula, ROM owned by Joe & Carol Ovalle, L. Lomax and Kathy Griffin

Am.& Can. Ch. Amity’s Taylor of Pouch Cove, CD, ROM owned by Debra Wigal, DVM

Ch. Nakiska’s Parting Gift, WRD, DD, ROM owned by Ingrid and Chris Lyden


Claire Carr presented Versatile Newfoundland Certificates to the following new VNs:

VN Ch. Allison Acres Marinor Figment, CD, WRD, DD owned by Sue Marino

VN Ch. Bacchanal’s Captain Nemo, CD, WRD, DD owned by Robert Meadow and Alex Rose

VN Ch. Ebunyzar’s Rock Star, CD, WRD, DD owned by Hannah Hayman

VN Ch. Good Shepherd’s Angela Lynn, CD, WRD, DD owned by Terry Newhouse and Cindy White

VN Ch. Jolly Roger’s Diamond Lil, CD, WRD, DD owned by Barbara and Roger Frey

VN Ch. Jolly Roger’s Diamond Reo, CD, WRD, DD owned by Barbara and Roger Frey

VN Ch. Kilyka’s Lagniappe Keeper, CD, WRD, DD owned by Dr. Andre C. Lapeyre and Ann M. Lapeyre

VN Ch. Kilyka’s-Mis-Rocky Mtn. Jubliee, CD, WRD, DD owned by Juanita and William Bartlett

VN Ch. Legacy’s Gabriel, CD, WRD, DD owned by Clyde R. Burnett and Elizabeth Burnett

VN Ch. Old Bailey’s Barcardi of Top Shelf, CD, WRD, DD owned by Debra Wigal

VN Ch. Royal Flush’s Gambler’s Dream, CD, WRD, DD owned by Dale and Edie Koster

VN Ch. Seawolf’s Midnight Taiga, CD, WRD, DD owned by Melanie Reynolds

VN Ch. Shadrack’s Keona Marie, CD, WRD, DD owned by Samuel and Sharon Butler

VN Ch. Shanadithi’s Scotian Mayflower, CD, WRD, DD owned by Suzanne Bidwell

VN Ch. Socorro’s Snuffleupagus, CD, WRD, DD owned by Jennifer Lott

VN Ch. Whisperbay’s Star Witness, CD, WRD, DD owned by Judi and Robert Hollies and Lisa Allen

VN Ch. Zambuca’s Daddy’s Little Girl, CD, WRD, DD owned by Jonathan Clark, Ellen McSorley and Linda Becker

John Adams presented this year’s Ken-L Ration Award for Good Sportsmanship to Sam Butler and his late wife, Sharon Butler.

New Business:

Input from member Mary Killian (California) was received regarding NCA recognition for Therapy Dogs as well as the possibility of the NCA continuing the Oldest Living Newfoundland Award. President Clyde Dunphy will refer these items to the appropriate committees.

Bob Rogers (Maryland) discussed the upcoming 1999 NCA National Specialty to be hosted by the Colonial Newfoundland Club at the Holiday Inn Select in Solomons Island, Maryland, March 23rd through the 27th.

The Oldest Living Newfoundland Award for 1997, offered by Claire Carr and JoAnne Wucherer, was awarded to Ebb Tide’s Astra v. Rivendell owned by Joan and Roger Greenwald who was 14 years, 7, month, and 26 days on December 31, 1997.

It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously (Frank Winnert, Ken Price) to adjourn at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,


Lori Littleford,
Recording Secretary