Newfoundland Club of America, Inc., Board of Director Meeting

Teleconference of August 25 1998, as approved November 1,1998

President, Clyde Dunphy called the meeting to order at 7:05 CT. All board members were in attendance except for Tom Broderick who called in at 7:25 pm.

European Continental Type Landseer update: Beverly Eichel reported that the NCA received a letter from the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada (NDCC) president, Angie DeBruyn, stating that the NDCC is behind the NCA 100% on this issue. She also reported that the NDCC has contacted the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) regarding a moratorium on the registration of the

European Continental Type Landseer in Canada. The NDCC has also written a letter to the AKC supporting the NCA stance on this issue.

Regional Club Liaison, Beverly Eichel, reported that 21 of the 26 recognized NCA regional clubs have responded with the information necessary to meet the minimum requirements to remain a recognized regional club. Beverly will prepare a packet with this information for the NCA Board of Directors’ face-to-face meeting in Oct/Nov.

Frank Winnert moved and Sandee Lovett seconded to accept the report of the Nominating Committee. The motion passed unanimously.

Frank Winnert moved and Aura Dean seconded to approve the minutes of the June 29,1998 mail meeting, as corrected. The motion passed unanimously

Frank Winnert moved and Tom Broderick seconded to go into executive session at 7:50 pm.

The motion passed unanimously.

Frank Winnert moved and Tom Broderick seconded to come out of executive session at 8:55 pm. Motion passed. As a result of extensive discussion, which took place in executive session, two NCA members shall be excluded from the Breeders List as they do not currently meet the minimum requirements to be included; specifically "Attests to always using a written agreement/contract for all Newfoundland transactions."

Frank Winnert moved and Steve McAdams seconded to accept the recommendation of the Research Advisory Committee to provide partial funding ($1,200) for the research project "Mediodistal to Lateroproximal Radiographic View for Early Diagnosis of Fragmentation of the Medial Coronoid Process in Dogs." The balance of the $13,310 budget for the study to be conducted at North Carolina State University by principal investigator Denis Marcellin-Little will be provided by the AKC Canine Health Foundation and several other parent clubs. The motion was carried unanimously.

The Awards Committee reported that Ken-L-Ration is no longer sponsoring the Good
Sportsmanship Award. In view of this, Roger Frey moved and Aura Dean seconded that the NCA continue this tradition and provide this award to our deserving members. The motion passed unanimously.

David Helming reported that NCA member Barbara Jenness had submitted a proposal from Michigan State University (MSU) to the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for the NCA to participate in a study on front limb anomaly. This disease occurs in Newfoundlands and the initial impression of breeders is that the defect may be a form of dwarfism or achondroplasia. Cherrie Brown indicated that she had returned initial comments on the proposal and it is being re-worked by MSU.

Board discussion was held on a unique case of two Newfoundlands which were donated to the NCA which could potentially be used as breeding animals to aid in this study because they are affected with this anomaly. The dogs are being obtained by NCA Rescue via established procedures. Once the standard NCA transfer agreements are executed, the dogs will be considered as NCA rescue dogs pending details of their management and care being worked out for participation in this potential study. If for some reason the project does not become an official NCA supported study, the dogs which have been placed in homes, would be spayed of neutered

. Dave Helming indicated that it is the goal of the NHC to have the MSU proposal presented (pending RAC’s review/approval) and also to work with the NCA Rescue in submitting a plan to the Board for approval at the upcoming face-to-face meeting for the management of the two Newfoundlands and their potential offspring.

Frank Winnert moved and Sandee Lovett seconded to approve the Research Advisory Committee’s job description as presented, 5 for; (Frank Winnert, Sandee Lovett, Roger Frey, Tom Broderick, Clyde Dunphy) 7 against; (Beverly Eichel, Mary L. Price, Cherrie Brown, Lynne Anderson, Aura Dean, David Helming, Steve McAdams). The motion failed. The Research Advisory Committee will be instructed to review and resubmit their job description. Cherrie Brown indicated that the proposed job description for the Research Advisory Committee had been modified somewhat from the original description which had not received Board approval. David Helming indicated that he felt it captured much of the committee’s major responsibilities but suggested discussion was needed by the Board before approval as it relates to the work of the committee as previously approved by the Board in the Newfoundland Health Challenge (NHC) organizational document, especially in the laision work with the various health organizations with which the NCA interfaces.

Lynne Anderson resigned her chairmanship of the General Education Committee due to the increased work load of her job.

Frank Winnert moved and Lynne Anderson seconded to adjourn at 10:15 pm. The motion was carried unanimously.

The next meeting will be a teleconference to be held at 7:00 pm CT., on Tuesday, September 29,1998.

Respectfully Submitted,


Roger S. Frey, 
Recording Secretary