Annual Meeting of the NCA Membership, May 4, 2000

President Aura Dean called the meeting to order a 8:15 p.m. She welcomed the international members and guests. The Board was introduced, as well as Mr. Steve Boudreau, a parliamentarian, who had been retained to assist in procedural matters. Then the Honorary members were acknowledged.

John Adams moved and Patti McDowell seconded that the minutes of the last Annual Meeting be approved. The motion was carried unanimously.

Report of the Officers

President Aura Dean's report was published in the 1st Quarter 2000 Newf Tide. She thanked outgoing Board member Cherrie Brown for her contributions to the NCA and welcomed new Board member elect Roger Powell.

Corresponding Secretary Steve McAdams reported that he had received 260 pieces of correspondence this past year of which 30 percent or more were via E_mail.

Recording Secretary Roger Frey reported that since the last Annual Meeting at National Specialty in Maryland, the Board held 11 teleconference meetings, one mail meeting, and two face to face meetings. The minutes of all the meetings have been published in Newf Tide, except for the last three, which will be in the next issue. On a very positive note, there were 13 candidates running for office in the 2000 Board of Directors elections, with a record 1052 ballots being received. This interest and willingness to serve speaks well for the future of the NCA. He thanked the membership for the opportunity to serve them this past year. Roger reminded everyone to please sign the attendance sheets.

Treasurer Mary L. Price reported the following NCA operations cash balances as of May 2, 2000: Checking Account, $8,093.62; Savings Account, $57,578.95; and CDs, $152,423.08, for a total of $218,095.65. "Distinguished Member" Restoration Fund, $17,071.89; Uniform Trophy Fund, $1,893.93, for a grand total of $237,061.47. She has copies of this report available at the meeting for anyone who would like to have a copy. Mary further reminded everyone that their committee budgets were due by May 15th and include any inventories that need to be refilled by June 30, 2001. Mary also reminded everyone that the NCA's financial records are open and available upon request to every NCA member and to please contact her with any questions. Suggestions are always welcome and can be sent to her, Frank Winnert, Finance Committee chair, or any Board member.

AKC Delegate Mary W. Price reported election results from the March 14, 2000 delegate's meeting as follows: incumbent Walter Goodman, Tom Davies, and Ron Menaker, who had previously served a portion of an unexpired term a few years ago, were elected to the AKC Board. Mary also reported that in 1999, Newfoundlands ranked 53rd among 147 breeds, the same as 1998. Individual registrations for 1999 were 2,580, which is 245 fewer than in 1998. The Newfoundland ranked 60th in number of litters (791), 60 fewer than in 1998. Overall registrations are down. She stated that breeders should become familiar with the new Frequently Used Stud Program, which requires DNA certification for every sire producing seven or more litters in a lifetime or producing three litters in a calendar year, effective July 1, 2000. This has alarmed puppy mill breeders in numerous states, where they threaten to boycott AKC registry in favor of some other registering body. Mary announced that she has flyers outlining this program for anyone interested. There are on_going revisions of the AKC Constitution and By_Laws being done piece meal. The next delegates meeting will be held in San Diego, California

Committee Reports

Rescue Committee Chair Mary L. Price reported that on May 6, 2000, through an agreement reached by the Boone County, Missouri humane officer, a Columbia, Missouri backyard breeder will be surrendering 45 Newfoundlands to our Rescue service. The River King, Heart of America, North Central, and South Central Newfoundland Clubs and NCA member volunteers will be working on this large rescue effort. The estimated veterinary costs will be $8,000.00. A report will appear in the Third Quarter Newf Tide. Anyone with questions should contact her.

Finance Committee Chair Frank Winnert reported that at the last three Annual Meetings he had reported on the overall financial state of the NCA. After the financial problems in the early 90s, the Finance Committee recommended to the Board to put funds into a reserve account each year to insure the long_term financial stability of the NCA. Other dog clubs have this policy. We now have $72,500 in this reserve. Our yearly expenses are approximately $100,000.00. Our goal was to have a reserve to cover 75_100 % of yearly expenses. The Finance Committee each year looks at how we could invest our operating funds. It was decided by the committee and approved by the Board to be conservative, and not to risk any of our principal. Thus we have invested 70 % of these funds in CDs. Last year, the NCA Board discussed the Trust funds and again decided not to risk principal, and to start putting some of the Health Challenge funds in CDs. We didn't have enough history of possible health projects we might fund to tie up a large part of the funds at this time.

Frank said he had heard some questions on the NCA's financial policies. 1. Should we have put more funds into long term certificates at a higher interest rate? We revisit this every year, and make adjustments based on our operating funds. Second guessing is everyone's right. 2. Should we put more financial information on the website? Any member can request more specific information from our treasurer. Presently, we don't see the need or the interest from our members for more detailed information than is presented in Newf Tide and at our Annual Meeting. Your club is financially very strong, coming from a disaster just eight years ago. We have established a reserve to insure we don't go through another financial crisis. We have over $100,000.00 in our Charitable Trust.

Your Board and Finance Committee welcomes your input and will continue to conservatively administer the funds of the NCA and the Trust. The members of the Finance Committee are Bill Matlock, Helen Mancuso, Ken Price, Scott Westphal, Mark Aliff, and ex_officio Mary L. Price. Our Finance Committee is open to all members. It will be held Friday May 5, 2000 at 4:00 p.m. in the Barrington Room.

All other Committee reports were published in the First Quarter 2000 Newf Tide


Star Willetts presented the award for the Top Junior Handler and the NCA Junior Scholarship to Jennifer Boyko.

Awards Committee Chair Ingrid Lyden presented the following awards:

Top Obedience Dog: VN OTCH Ch. Jazmo's Shipyard Bub, UDX, owned by David and Dawn Parison

Top Winning Dog: Am. & Can. Ch. Pouch Cove's Toad Hall Joe, owned by Randy Van Syoc and Allen Ransome

Top Winning Bitch: Am. & Can. Ch. Topmast's Prairie Snow, owned by Ron Pemberton

Top Producing Sire: Ch. Pouch Cove's Matter of Fact, ROM, owned by Christine LaMuraglia

Top Producing Dam: Ch. Tyche's Echo, CD, DD, CGC, ROM, owned by Maureen Cavanaugh and Chris Plum

Oldest Living Newfoundland: Far Hill's Prince Charming, owned by Ruth and John White, Jr.

New ROMs:

Ch. Bonnie Bay's Nicholas Jasam, ROM, owned by Karen Canevari

Cayuga Topmast Deere John, ROM, owned by Margaret Willmott

VN Ch. Cypress Bay Pouch Cove Chest'r, CD, WRD, DD, ROM, owned by Barbara Jenness and Peggy Helming

VN Ch. Shiprocklegacy Wheelerdealer CD, WRD, TDD, CGC, ROM, owned by Linda Morley and Vicki Wakefield

Am. & Can. Ch. Topmast's Checkers, ROM, owned by Margaret Willmott

Ch. Kilyka's I Aim To Please, ROM, owned by Juanita Bartlett and Betty McDonnell

VN Ch. Nakiska's Touch of Magic CD, WRD, DD, ROM, owned by Eric Nussle and Ingrid Lyden

Ch. Pouch Cove's Antares Fanfare, ROM, owned by Liz Gober and Peggy Helming

Ch. Tabu's Bellefleur Seabrook, ROM, owned by Kathy Griffin and Lucille Lomax

VN Ch. Whisperbay's Star Witness, CD, WRD, DD, CGC, ROM, owned by Robert and Judi Hollies and Lisa Allen

New Versatile Newfoundlands

Sandee Lovett, in place of Versatile Newfoundland Committee Chair Jacqueline Brellochs, presented the certificates for the following new VNs:

VN Ch. Allison Acres Sea Chest, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Jeanne L. Dills

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Amity's Much Ado About Nautica, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Nan Edwards, Dawn Fretts, and Diane Broderick

VN Ch. Apogee's Emma Of Hillview, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Mary E. Davis, Linda and Ralph Robinson

VN Ch. Aukai Mauli Of Antares, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Cherrie Ann Brown

VN Ch. Bear N Mind's Always Ready, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Christine and Dwight Gorsuch

VN Blueheaven's Cathrine The Great, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Rhoda and Robert Lerman

VN Ch. Castanewf's Front Paige News, CD, WRD, Can. WRDX, DD, owned by Denise L. Castonguay

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Castanewf's Miss Chatelaine, Am. & Can. CD, WRD, Can. WRD, DD, owned by Denise and Marc Castonguay

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Castanewf's Mister November, Am. & Can. CD, WRD, Can. WRDX, DD, owned by Christopher and Nicola Firstner

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Casatnewf's So To Speak, Am. & Can. CD, WRD, Can. WRD, DD, owned by Denise and Marc Castonguay

VN Ch. Cypress Bay's Field Of Dreams, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Andrea and Gary Ottey and Debra Thornton

VN Ch. Dryad's Blackwatch Commander, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Joan Gunn and Dryad Kennels

VN Ch. Emmabay Mancini In Concert, CDX, WRD, TDD, owned by Barbara Hearn

VN Ch. Emmabay Sophie Lorraine, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Sid and Maredith Reggie

VN Ch. Hillview's Seabit Halyard, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Mary E. Davis

VN Ch. Jolly Roger's Broadway Marquee, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Roger and Barbara Frey

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Jolly Roger Mike L. Jackson, CD, WRD, DD, Can. DD, owned by Denise Koch and Roger Frey

VN Ch. Karableu's Good Buddy Boomer, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Anna Jatczak

VN Ch. Karableu's Pride And Joy, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Anna Jatczak

VN Ch. Kilyka's Celtic Raasay, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Betty McDonnell

VN Ch. Kilyka's Mercy Me, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Betty McDonnell

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Kloofbear's Mystic Seaport, Am. & Can. CD, WRD, DD, owned by Anna Maria Ayala

VN Ch. Milli_Barn's Alex ofBrenrich, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Brenda Matheny and Joan Matyas

VN Ch. Nakiska's Magical Jubilee, CD, WRD, Can. WRDX, DD, owned by Julie Saunders

VN Ch. Peppertree Abbyacr Im Emabay, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Sid and Maredith Reggie

VN Ch. Pouch Cove's By Any Other Name, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Mary Jane Spackman and Peggy Helming

VN Ch. Pouch Cove's Supreme Justice, CD, TD, WRD, Can. WRD, DD, Can. DD, owned by Janet Elliott

VN Ch. Ranchero Montana's Big Sky, CDX, WRD, DD, owned by Carol and Franklin Winnert

VN Ch. Ranchero's This Buds For You, CDX, WRD, DD, owned by Carol and Franklin Winnert

VN Ch. Soccorro's Black As Ink Antares, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Jenni Lott and Pam Rubio

VN Ch. Talloaks Ms Bailey of Bear N Mind, CD, WRD, TDD, owned by Christine Gorsuch

VN Ch. Top Shelf's Black Russian, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Debra Wigal

VN Ch. Waidin's Makepeace Addie, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Chris Ellen Rakyta

VN Ch. Whisperbay's Harrison Ford, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Leonard and Annalyn Paz and Lisa Allen

VN Ch. Wind'N Tide Have Mercy, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Martin Vroegryk and Gabrielle Cohen

VN Ch. Wind'N Tide's BeaconofTruth, CD, WRD, DD, owned by Lori Littleford

Health Updates

David Helming, Jan Boggio, and Mary Jane Spackman presented a general review and update of the Newfoundland Health Challenge activities and NCA health project initiatives.

Rebecca Stanevich, Health and Longevity Committee chair, updated the membership regarding an upcoming Newfoundland health survey. She also discussed the availability of new chapters for the "Health Notebook."

Jack Dean addressed the membership regarding meeting the challenge of the NCA's Financial Success, pointing out that the NCA has current assets of about $250,000 and the Charitable Trust has another $150,000. That is about half a million dollars a year total. That situation creates unique opportunities and problems where NCA members can help the NCA properly meet the challenge.

JEC Motions

Lynne Anderson moved and Louise Esiason seconded that the NCA membership recommend to the Board that all approved breed mentors be assigned to a geographic region near their home and that they be contacted to participate in any JEC presentations in their region on an equal, rotating basis. The motion continued to say that the NCA membership recommends that the NCA Board direct the JEC to modify the list of approved breed mentors, which already exists, to include geographic regions and whether the mentor has participated in any JEC presentations, including those at National or Regional Specialties, and to continuously maintain this information. The motion was defeated with 49 in favor and 132 opposed.

Lynne Anderson moved and Mary Lou Roberts seconded that the NCA membership recommend to the Board that the policy for appointment to the JEC be for a limited term with a minimum two_year break before reappointment, if qualified members are willing to replace those committee members whose terms have expired. The motion failed with 29 in favor and 148 opposed.

Lynne Anderson moved and Kathy Reed seconded that the NCA membership recommend to the Board that the new members to be appointed to the JEC as determined at the face_to_face meeting held October 29_31, 1999, all be selected from the following list: Margaret Willmott, May Bernhard, Mary Dewey, Louise Esiason, Ron Pemberton, Joyce Woody Ryan, Constance Holt_Greiner, and Gerlinde Hockla. The motion was defeated with 19 in favor and 102 opposed.

New Business

Joan Greenwald moved and Penny Wyndell seconded the adoption of the following resolution:

It is resolved that the decision made by the NCA Board on October 31,1999, to advise the American Kennel Club to revoke the registration on four imported Landseer European Continental Type Newfoundlands is rescinded and it is resolved that the registrations should be reinstated by the American Kennel Club and the AKC is requested to do so as soon as possible. The motion was defeated with 18 in favor and 102 opposed.

At 11:13 p.m. Darlene Stever moved and Connie Allison seconded to adjourn. The motion was carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Roger S. Frey, Recording Secretary