Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors Minutes

Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes • November 30, 2001 - December 2, 2001 (approved January 10, 2002)

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President Beverly Eichel called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday, November 30, 2001 at the Radisson Hotel, Buffalo, New York. The following directors were present: Beverly Eichel (BE), Sandee Lovett (SL), Clyde Dunphy (CD), Tom Broderick (TB), Robin Seaman (RS), Mary L. Price (MLP), Roger Frey (RF), Joan Gunn (JG), Aura Dean (AD), Mary Lou Cuddy (MLC), and Mary W. Price (MWP), AKC delegate.

Roger Powell (RP) and Steve McAdams (SM) were absent due to work commitments.
NCA members Henry Jurczyk and Ron Sell were in attendance.

Beverly Eichel welcomed all NCA Board members and guests. She asked for a formal motion to conduct the meeting according to Roberts Rules of Order. Aura Dean so moved, Clyde Dunphy seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. (Absent: SM, RP)

Beverly requested that the Board formally appoint Clyde Dunphy as the Parliamentarian for this meeting. Sandee Lovett so moved, Joan Gunn seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. (Absent: SM, RP)

REPORTS of the Officers:

Beverly Eichel deferred her report.

1st Vice President
Clyde Dunphy said he would not be making a formal report at this time because his topics were included elsewhere on the agenda.

2nd Vice President
Sandee Lovett reported the following: she had contacted all committee chairs to remind them that their annual reports are due December 15th. A copy of the report should be sent to her and an additional copy of the report to Aura Dean for inclusion in the 1st Quarter issue of Newf Tide.

All other committee items requiring Board consideration have been included elsewhere on the meeting agenda.

Recording Secretary
Tom Broderick reported the following: He had prepared and mailed the agenda for the face-to-face meeting.

He had received seven write-in candidates for the Board elections. He completed preparation of the paper work for the election process and had sent it to the printers. It should be mailed to all NCA members on or about December 10, 2001.

Corresponding Secretary
Robin Seaman reported the following:

All correspondence was sent out to the proper committee chairs.

She had written to AKC about the NCA's $1,000 donation to the AKC/CAR Pet Disaster Relief Fund.

Mary L. Price's Treasurer's report was distributed, reflecting all balances as of November 29, 2001.

Balances as of November 29, 2001:
NCA Operations Checking Account 1,508.48 Savings Account 24,760.15 CDs 225,000.00 Total 251,268.63

"Distinguished Member" Restoration Money Market Account 1,628.79 CD 1,510.06Total 3,138.85

Uniform Trophy Fund Money Market Account 1,301.87

Total in all of NCA Accounts:  255,709.35

The NCA, Inc. tax return was filed for the calendar year ending December 31, 2000. The return was prepared by the NCA Tax Attorney Edmund Sledzik. Due to his travel schedule, an extension was approved by the IRS to file the return after the May 15th due date. Attorney Sledzik filed the paper work requesting a change for the NCA, Inc., from a 501c4 to 501c7 organization. The IRS advised NCA that processing the application will be completed in approximately four months.

President Beverly Eichel acknowledged that the Tom Russell Charitable Foundation, Inc. made a $5,000 donation to the NCA Charitable Trust. These funds can only be used for scholarship or rescue. A report will be sent to the Foundation in March 2002 on how the funds were used. This is the second year that a donation has been received.

The NCA has donated $1,000 to the AKC/CAR fund that was set up since the September 11th attack. The donation monies are being applied directly to the benefit of the Search & Rescue dogs that labored so valiantly in the aftermath of the monumental disasters of September 11th. In addition, these funds are helping to provide relief to the pets of disaster victims.

The Board observed a moment of silence for the victims and their families of the September 11th tragedy and also observed a moment of silence in memory of honorary member Helena Linn of Edenglen Kennels who died on September 7, 2001.

Beverly Eichel read an email from Fedorka Orebic and Valeriano Malfatti, Italian members of the NCA, expressing their great sadness and grief over the September 11th tragedy.

Beverly also pointed out that since Steve McAdams and Roger Powell would not be participating until the evening, there would be several agenda items that would be held until they were present.

AKC Delegate

Mary W. Price distributed copies of a letter recently received from Jim Crowley, AKC secretary, noting that the AKC board of directors is currently considering some major changes to the registration procedures.

Mary reported that she expects to attend the next delegates meeting being held in Orlando, Florida, on December 11th, one day prior to the AKC Eukanuba Classic Dog Show. A special tribute is planned for the rescue dogs involved in the September 11th tragedy. Eight handler/dog teams have been invited to participate in the event. She will be unable to attend the Parent Club Committee meeting on December 10th but will try to get an update on the Parent Club Conference being planned for the fall of 2002. The delegates meeting will feature agenda items held over from the abbreviated September meeting. A primary issue will be discussion and voting on a proposed By-laws amendment, submitted by the Battle Creek Kennel Club, which would transfer the power to set directors' fees from the board to the delegates. Currently, directors are paid a $1,000 stipend, plus expenses, for each meeting attended. Mary W. Price asked the NCA board for direction on how she should vote on this issue.

Aura Dean moved and Mary L. Price seconded a motion that Mary W. Price support the amendment to move responsibility for determining the amount of the stipend from the board to the delegate body. The vote was unanimous. (Absent SM, RP)

Additionally, Mary reported that a By-laws change is being prepared to allow Delegate Standing Committees to propose By-laws amendments without first being approved for presentation by the AKC board.

Discussion on the Recording of the NCA Board of Directors' Meetings Minutes

Board discussion on the minutes focused on the following ideas: minutes should reflect the pros and cons of the discussion, a summary of the discussion should precede any vote, and the vote should state how each board member voted. The minutes must be a clear and accurate summary of the business conducted. Tape recording the Board meeting was discussed again and it was agreed that the 1990 policy prohibiting the use of tape recording will continue. As a result of the discussion, the board will use executive session judiciously.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Tom Broderick seconded that, in response to the request by the membership at the 2001 annual meeting, the minutes of NCA Board meetings contain a summary of the discussion prior to the vote on any motion, excluding names. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

Roger Frey moved and Joan Gunn seconded that the final approval of all minutes is to be done only at face-to-face meetings or at a teleconference. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

Use of the NCA Roster (Membership Directory)

Robin asked for clarification on the use of the roster for commercial mailing. Using the mailing list without the Board's permission is not allowed. The disclaimer should be clarified because it is too ambiguous. An NCA member who has a business may have used the directory for commercial purposes because of the ambiguity of the disclaimer.

Some suggestions that were made included the following: enlarge the print for better visibility, have two different prices for its use (one for members and one for non-members), and reword the disclaimer to make it clearer. It was suggested the word, "commercial" be inserted two places in the disclaimer so that it would read as follows:

" This membership list is the property of the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc….Commercial use without the prior written approval by the Board of Directors of The Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. is strictly prohibited. Interested persons seeking commercial use approval should contact the membership chairman."

If there is evidence that someone is using the list for commercial use without the written permission of the Board, a letter will be written by the Corresponding Secretary explaining that the fee for the use of the list is $250.

Mary L. Price moved and Sandee Lovett seconded that the disclaimer in the Membership Directory be amended by adding the word commercial in two places. The vote was unanimous. Absent: (RP, SM)

Aura Dean moved and Joan Gunn seconded a motion that the Corresponding Secretary contact the vendor/member by letter to determine if he is aware of the fee and the unauthorized use. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

Health and Longevity Committee

Clyde Dunphy presented requests from Rebecca Stanevich, chair of the H&L Committee. The last chapter of the Health Notebook is ready for copying and distribution. The committee requires $700 to complete this project.

Aura Dean moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded a motion to approve the $700 expense for copying and postage in order to complete the final chapter of the Health Notebook. The motion carried unanimously. (Absent: SM, RP).

H&L Survey: The committee wishes to send a second mailing to those who have not responded to the survey in order to obtain better statistics and needs approval for $800.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Roger Frey seconded that the H&L Committee be given an additional $800 to do a second mailing of the survey to increase the number of responses for better statistics. The motion carried unanimously.

The H&L Chair requested $500 to input information from the survey to the database.

Joan Gunn moved and Roger Frey seconded a motion that the Board approve up to $500 for the H&L committee to input information from the survey into a database. The motion was unanimous (Absent: SM, RP).

Canine Health Information Center

Clyde Dunphy, Rebecca Stanevich, and Cherrie Brown represented the NCA at the AKC Canine Health Foundation conference in St Louis.

Clyde reported that the Canine Health Foundation has announced the inclusion of all AKC breeds into the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) Database. In 1999 Newfoundlands had been accepted as a pilot breed for this program, but the NCA has not moved forward with this program. Newfoundlands may be entered into the database once they have been tested and test results submitted to OFA for hips and elbows, Cardiac and DNA testing for Cystinuria. Only four Newfoundlands to date have been entered into the database. This is a semi-open registry with authorization by the owner for release of abnormal test results. The cost for registration in the Cardiac registry is $15 and cost for registering the DNA test results for Cystinuria is $15. There is no charge to enter abnormal results. Once the test results have been received by OFA, the results will be transferred to the CHIC database, and the dog will be issued a CHIC number indicating that all of the health testing requirements have been fulfilled. The CHIC number only implies that all the health tests have been performed, not that the dog is clear of disease. An informational letter from Eddie Dziuk from OFA was distributed to the Board.

Cost: The current cost as set-up for CHIC is a $25 registration fee. Clyde suggested that the NCA give a rebate or pick up the OFA registration fees for the cardiac and cystinuria test results. Clyde will contact OFA to see if the fee could be reduced if the NCA is picking up the fees. We may add clearances for other diseases in the future and as needed.

The completion of this topic was postponed until Clyde could contact OFA by phone for clarification on several items (see CHIC report continued).

Approval of the Mail Meeting Minutes of September 25, 2001 and October 3, 2001

Aura Dean moved and Robin Seaman seconded that the mail meeting minutes of September 25, 2001 and October 3, 2001 be amended to state the Grant Number 2054 and to reflect the discussion on the hiring of a secretary. The motion carried unanimously. (Absent: SM, RP; Excused: CD)

Restoration of Sir Edwin Landseer's "A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society"

Roger Frey reported for Ron Pemberton that there are two museums tentatively interested in exhibiting the painting: the Philadelphia Museum and the Yale Center for British Art. Insurance, transportation and security for the exhibit have been estimated to be approximately $10,000. There is approximately $3,000 left in the Restoration Fund. Ron Pemberton expects communication from the Tate Gallery in London and will keep the Board apprised.

Ad Hoc Database Maintenance Committee Update

Clyde Dunphy reported that this project is ongoing as the database program is incomplete. Bob Rogers now has the information from Dawn Fretts' program, but it is not compatible with Bob's program. An update will be presented at the April 2002 Board meeting. It was noted that Newf Tide Policy Committee was unable to print the ROM booklet for circulation with the 4th Quarter issue of Newf Tide because of the inability to access the data. The committee will attempt to print the ROM booklet in early 2002.

Uniform Trophy

The Board responded to a letter received from the Great Lakes Newfoundland Club (GLNC), which concerned the extra unforeseen charges it had incurred for the Uniform Trophies at the 2001 National and a request for clarification of the Board's policy. The total cost of the trophies that were selected by the Uniform Trophy Committee was $8,892.02, $1892.02 over the NCA subsidized amount of $7,000, and the GLNC had been billed for the extra amount. Mary L. Price clarified that the revenue that GLNC had received in trophy donations ($864.60) should be deducted from the amount it paid, bringing the cost for the trophies to $1,027.42. Since the cost for Uniform Trophies will likely change every year due to increases in shipping, merchandise, and production costs, the NCA's responsibility for the cost of the trophies needs clarification.

A motion was made by Joan Gunn and seconded by Clyde Dunphy that the Uniform Trophy Fund will provide and pay for the trophies in accordance with the new approved trophy list. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

A motion was made by Joan Gunn and seconded by Robin Seaman to reimburse GLNC $1,027.42 for the 2001 Uniform Trophies. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

Discussion followed regarding the funding for the Uniform Trophy Fund. The artist who designed this year's popular plate has been commissioned to produce designs for four more plates. Selling 500 plates at $40 each would produce gross revenue of $20,000 for 2002. In addition, approximately 60 2nd editions of the 2001 plate could be produced to sell for $45 each.

Mary L. Price moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded a motion to approve payment for approved NCA National Specialty Uniform Trophies from the NCA Uniform Trophy Fund, and to direct the national specialty host clubs to forward Uniform Trophy donations to the NCA Uniform Trophy Fund. Motion carried unanimously. (Absent: RP, SM)

A motion was made by Mary L. Price and seconded by Clyde Dunphy to approve the production of 500 plates to be sold for $40 each. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

A motion was made by Mary L. Price and seconded by Clyde Dunphy to use the remaining decals to produce a 2nd edition of the 2001 plate, to be sold for $45 each. The motion was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

Lunch Recess 12:00 p.m.

The meeting reconvened at 12:50 p.m.


In response to concerns of new Membership Chair Bob Rogers, the following is noted.

There are four deadline dates for Newf Tide: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. The Recording Secretary will notify the Membership Chair of any scheduled board meeting. The Membership Chair is responsible for assembling the membership application list and sending it to the Recording Secretary. The Recording Secretary will provide the list to the Board so the new members can be voted on and submitted to Newf Tide in accordance with the deadlines.

Joan Gunn moved and Roger Frey seconded that the Membership Chair will assemble a list of applicants for submission to the Recording Secretary and will proofread the applications before printing in Newf Tide. The Recording Secretary will notify the membership chair of the upcoming meetings.

The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM).

There was discussion about publishing address changes in Newf Tide.

The Corresponding Secretary will respond to Betty McDonnell's request at the 2001 Annual Membership Meeting, that, at present, the software to economically provide changes in addresses and phone numbers of the membership for printing in Newf Tide is not available.

The Membership Chair had submitted a proposed Membership Application. After review and some minor changes, Aura Dean moved and Joan Gunn seconded that the Membership Application be approved with the minor modifications made by the Board. The vote was unanimous (Absent: SM, RP). Sandee Lovett will notify the Membership Chair of the changes to the membership application form.

The Board of Directors wishes to commend and thank Bob and Susan Rogers and Mary W. Price for their hard work resulting in the smooth transition of the duties of the Membership Chair.

The Board discussed the question of what to do when an NCA member/applicant is suspended from an international kennel club where AKC has no reciprocity.

The question arose: How should the membership of an NCA member/applicant who is suspended from an International Kennel Club where AKC has no reciprocity be managed?

After discussion, it was agreed this information should be forwarded to the Board for disposition.

Roger Frey moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded that when the Membership Chair learns that an NCA member has been suspended from an international club, the information should be brought to the NCA Board's attention.

Joan Gunn moved to call the question, Mary L. Price seconded, and the vote was unanimous. The vote on the main motion was then held and it was passed unanimously. (Absent: SM, RP).

At 2:00 p.m. Roger Frey moved, seconded by Tom Broderick, to go into executive session. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP; SM)

The Board came out of executive session at 2:24 p.m. on motion of Tom Broderick, seconded by Aura Dean, with a unanimous vote.

During executive session, the Board approved the new member application lists dated October 31, 2001 and November 26, 2001.

The Board also discussed a new applicant who was published in Newf Tide. The Membership Chair received a letter from an NCA member concerning this new applicant. The application will be held in abeyance.

As a result of discussion in executive session, and in order to document past practice, the Board wrote the following policy to establish the procedure to handle challenged applications:

When the Membership Chairperson receives a letter to challenge a new applicant's membership, the letter will be forwarded to the Recording Secretary who will do the following:

Send a copy of the letter to the Board and send a letter to the applicant and sponsors stating that the application has been challenged and is being held for review.

The Recording Secretary shall also send a letter to the complainant asking for more specific information regarding the complaint and asking for permission to send the letter of complaint to the applicant and the sponsors.

The applicant and complainant have 30 days from receipt of said letter to respond to the Recording Secretary, who will then provide all information received to the Board for its action. The Membership Chair will be advised of the Board's decision.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Roger Frey seconded that the procedure outlined above be approved as policy. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

CHIC Report (continued)

Clyde continued his report from the morning after contacting OFA. Clyde contacted OFA to ask whether a reduced fee could be arranged if NCA agrees to pay the registration cost of test results for Cardiac and Cystinuria testing.

It was the consensus of the Board that this recommendation be made to the NCA Charitable Trust. The question was raised about offspring of parents that tested negative for Cystinuria. As this is a direct DNA test, the offspring would be considered clear and that result will be placed on their CHIC registry. Also, other test results can be included in the CHIC registry such as thyroid and patellas, and the NCA can add additional tests in the future.

The Board was very supportive of the CHIC registry and requested that Clyde Dunphy and Becky Stanevich prepare an article for inclusion in the next Newf Tide that will fully explain the benefits and requirements of CHIC. The CHIC registry will not interfere with those individuals using GDC, but will be an additional health registry and will make health information available easily for breeders, potential pet owners, and researchers.

Beverly brought to the attention of the Board a letter of complaint that she received from a non-NCA member about an NCA member who is on the Breeders List. The NCA member is alleged to have falsified an OFA document. The Board referred this matter to the Arbitration Committee since there may be a written lease or contract involved. If there is no lease or contract, the president and the recording secretary will co-write a letter to each person asking for more information.

Board Use of Email

The Board held a discussion on the productive use of email. When sending an email as an NCA Official letter or document, it must be marked "NCA Official" in the subject line. The sender of the email should send it to the Recording Secretary for distribution to the entire NCA Board.

If the Recording Secretary does not get a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours, the Recording Secretary will call anyone not responding. All responses are to be sent back to the Recording Secretary as per instructions.

If the email is not marked in this manner, it is deemed as personal or FYI. Please be aware of any personal attachments on e-mails and use discretion.

The NCA Board will hold monthly teleconferences to increase communications.

The Breeders List

According to the Policy Manual, the original fees charged for listings on the NCA Breeders List were intended to defray the cost of classified ads placed by the NCA in various dog magazines in order to provide a means by which the general public could request a copy of the Breeders List and the Newf and You.

The minutes of the April 2001 Board meeting do not reflect exactly what was subsequently printed on the 2001-2002 Breeders List Application. Some breeders elected not to appear on the Breeders List because they did not approve of the wording of requirement #5 dealing with the stud dog owners being responsible for puppies that they did not sell.

After considering the suggestions from Breeders List Committee Chair Candace McMahon, Clyde Dunphy moved and Joan Gunn seconded that an ad hoc committee be formed to review the criteria and purpose of the NCA Breeders List. The vote was unanimous. (Absent: RP, SM)

Discussion centered around those members who have the expertise to serve on this committee. The Board will ask the committee to review the concept of publishing a Breeders List, as well as a Breeder Education Committee and report back with all suggestions at the April 2002 Board meeting.

The Board appointed the following members to serve on the Ad Hoc Breeders List committee: Roger Frey, Ann Thibault, Candace McMahon, Michael Marcus, Peggy Helming, Cathy Sands and Sue Jones.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Tom Broderick seconded that Sue Jones be appointed as the chair of the Ad Hoc Breeders List Committee with the above listed persons approved as committee members. The vote was unanimous. Absent (RP, SM)

Obedience Committee

The Board received an email from NCA member Joan Locker-Thuring. She earned an AKC CD in January. She never received any information regarding submitting her dog's picture for the Annual of Titlists or a letter of congratulations from the NCA. The Board asked Sandee Lovett to contact Lanelle Warrick, NCA Obedience Chair.

Juniors Committee

Due to lack of communication with the Juniors Committee, concern was expressed that NCA has not awarded a Junior Scholarship for the last two years. The Juniors awards process needs to be clarified and documented.

The Board asked Sandee Lovett to contact Stacy Roderick, Juniors Committee Chair, to inquire about these matters and to determine if any solicitation has been made to the Juniors about the scholarship and what has been done to clarify policies about the Juniors Awards.

The meeting recessed at 5:15 p.m.

The meeting resumed at 8:30 p.m. Board Members Steve McAdams and Roger Powell were in attendance.

The Internet Committee

The Board discussed the fact that there was no job description from this committee and concluded that many of the job descriptions for other committees are lacking in specifics. They should be written with as much depth as possible so that none of the chair's responsibilities get lost in the transition from one chair to another as NCA is a large organization with approximately 35 committees. The Board must assume some responsibility for this situation.

The website is great for the public and for our NCA members. The Internet Committee should work with the General Education Committee to educate the public. The chairman has made requests of other NCA committee chairs asking them to contact him about ideas for the website. The website is for official NCA documents and Newf Tide is an official document. As a result of discussion, the Board concluded the following:

1. A detailed job description for the Internet Committee needs to written.

2. The Internet Committee should be working with the General Education Committee.

3. The Internet Committee should be made a Board-appointed committee.

4. The Internet Chairman should remove the sponsors from the search engine as soon as possible.

The Board requested Jack Dean to provide his input on the Internet Committee job description and committee member recommendations to the 2nd Vice President by February 1st.

Tom Broderick, Robin Seaman and Roger Powell volunteered to work with Jack Dean to write a job description for the Internet Committee.

Steve McAdams moved and Roger Powell seconded that the Internet Committee will be changed from an open committee to a Board-appointed committee. This status will be changed at the next face-to-face meeting

The vote was 11 for; 1 no (AD).

Tom Broderick moved and Robin Seaman seconded that the Board will direct Jack Dean to remove the sponsors from the search engine and links to advertising from the NCA website at an annual cost of approximately $60. The vote was unanimous.

Internet Budget

Each committee has a budget that is approved by the Board. The Printing Center was requested to place old Newf Tides on CD-Roms so they could be placed on the website. It required more disks than expected. This was the reason for the budget being $44.37 over the total budget of $1,270.00. The invoice was submitted in June with no communication to the vendor or to the chair until November. There was a discrepancy between the Committee Chair and the Treasurer as to whether the expenditure was included in the budget.

Steve McAdams moved and Roger Frey seconded that the Board approve payment for the Internet Committee's June 2001 outstanding bill with the Printing Center for $765 for the preparation of the CD-ROMs. The vote was unanimous.

Tate Museum

Steve McAdams updated the Board on his trip to London and his tour of the Tate Museum to view the restored "Distinguished Member" painting.

The meeting was recessed at 9:40 p.m.

The meeting reconvened at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 1, 2001.

The beginning portion was devoted to teambuilding exercises with each Board member offering ideas on how we could operate more effectively and efficiently. Each Board member spent a few minutes giving some personal biographical background as a "getting to know you" exercise.

In addition to all Board members, NCA members Ron Sell, Henry Juryczk and Joe Piczko were present.

Steering Committee

Roger Powell, chair, presented a synthesis of his committee's ideas and goals. This committee is committed to thinking "outside of the box." Its main concern is setting long-term goals and seeking ways to assess and evaluate how well the NCA is doing in striving to attain these goals. At least once a year, recommendations should be reviewed with the Board. We have succeeded in reaching one of our goals: the retention rate of members is near 100%.

Some points that were made during the discussion are as follows:

The NCA provides services to the membership they could not provide for themselves. Ways are needed to get members more involved.

We need to be saying, "Welcome, come on in." Perhaps another membership survey in Newf Tide is needed. There should be consideration of waiving the NCA membership application fee for a regional member to get more regional club members to apply for NCA membership. NCA should encourage breeders to give new puppy buyers information about the club. There needs to be concern about educating all breeders of Newfoundlands.

Further discussion was then held on whether it would be feasible to waive the $25 application fee for new NCA applicants who are currently members of a regional club. $25 is the charge for the mailing of the initial packet sent out by the Membership Chair to each applicant. The Board must look into this idea in greater detail before a decision can be made. The Membership Committee, together with the Regional Club Liaison, should investigate this idea and report back to the Board.

After discussion, the Board directed the Steering Committee to complete its job description, to reassess the NCA Committee policies, and to bring any recommendations to the Board at the April, 2002 meeting.

Ad Hoc Committees: Health Class and Health ROM Awards

There was discussion regarding the appointment of an ad hoc committee to look at the feasibility of holding a Health Class at the National Specialty and at regional specialties. The National Specialty Committee would need to work with the H&L and Database Committees. It was suggested that Lori Littleford be named chair of the ad hoc committee. She is already on the National Specialty Committee.

A motion was then made by Roger Frey and seconded by Roger Powell to establish an ad hoc committee to look at the feasibility of holding a Health Class at our National Specialty or at regional specialties. The vote was unanimous.

Roger Frey moved and Roger Powell seconded to appoint Lori Littleford as chair of the ad hoc committee to look into the feasibility of holding a Health Class at our National Specialty or at regional specialty shows. The vote was unanimous.

The point was made that fertility in the Newfoundland has not been properly addressed by NCA. The Steering Committee and perhaps the new Breeders List/Breeders Education ad hoc committee, along with the H&L Committee, could make this a goal. Perhaps if what we consider reputable breeders did not have possible fertility problems and were able to produce more (healthy) puppies, we could counteract what appears to be constant availability by "dog farmers."

There was discussion on the possibility of having a Health ROM Award and that the H&L committee should look into this idea.

Roger Frey moved and Aura Dean seconded to appoint Tamzin Rosenwasser as chair of an ad hoc committee to investigate the feasibility of a Health ROM or other health awards. The vote was unanimous.

At 11:50 a.m. Tom Broderick moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to go into executive session for the purpose of electing ballot inspectors for the 2002 election, electing NCA honorary members, and appointing the 2002-2003 Nominating Committee. The vote was unanimous.

The Board came out of executive session at 12:50 p.m.

As a result of executive session, the Board named the ballot inspectors for the 2002 election. They are Pat Blewitt, Peggy Helming, and Mary Lou Roberts. Alternates are Barbara Finch, and Bill and Sue Reiher.

The Board named the Nominating Committee for the 2003 election: Steve McAdams (chair), Jean Quandt, Dwight Summers, Susan Wagner, Tracy Warncke, and Johanna Davis (alternate).

The Board elected John and Sally Adams to Honorary Life membership.

Newf Tide International Postage Rates

Because international postage rates have been increasing, a discussion ensued about whether the postage levies for the Canadian, Mexican and other international members should be increased. After a comparative analysis was given for the year, it was decided that the mailing levy would not be increased at this time, but that the Board would review these costs again next year. The possibility of using a re-mailing service will be investigated. This may benefit international members, especially Canadian members, some of whom are paying additional charges due to Canadian customs regulations.

NCA Official Documents

A discussion was held about the availability of official NCA documents and who is authorized to review them. The President had requested to see copies of this year's candidate petitions. Since there was no procedure in place, the Recording Secretary preferred to get direction from the NCA Board first.

Following discussion, the Board consensus is that nominating petitions are NCA official and public documents. All NCA official and public documents are available upon request and may require a reasonable copying charge.

Steve McAdams moved and Roger Powell seconded that any official document of the NCA that is considered a public record may be requested by any NCA member for copying charges up to $.50 per page plus postage. The vote was unanimous.

Newf Tide Policy:

Letters to Editor in Newf Tide

There was discussion about a letter to the editor in 3rd quarter issue of Newf Tide that was placed in a box in the middle of a page at the back of the magazine. The positioning and timing of the letter, as well as the border around the letter, were questioned. No other member of the NCA would have had the opportunity to put a response to the Finance Committee's article in that issue. Aura clarified that the letter was not a response to the article; it was merely a letter to the editor.

Jan Boggio, Newf Tide editor, is responsible for the lay out of the magazine. Aura Dean, Newf Tide Policy Chair, read a memo from Jan detailing the process she used for the layout of the 3rd quarter issue. The editor felt her method was appropriate and consistent with the manner in which she lays out the magazine. It was pointed out that the editor is doing a good job and she should be allowed to do it. A concern was voiced that all submissions be treated consistently from issue to issue.

Newf Tide Author Biographies

The Board had requested that NTPC consider the use of author biographies in the magazine and recommend a policy for their use.

Roger Powell moved and Tom Broderick seconded to accept the recommendation of the NTPC as amended by the Board as follows:

Author biographies will be used for feature and technical articles, but not for committee reports, regional club working dog event articles, regional specialty reports, and regional club columns. The purpose of the author's biography is to establish the author's credentials to write on the topic. The write –up should be between 50-75 words. The editor may edit for space and relevance. The vote was unanimous.

Versatile Newfoundland Coverage

Traditionally, the coverage for the new Versatile Newfoundlands has been in the 3rd Quarter issue of Newf Tide. NTPC feels it would be more beneficial to print VN write-ups in the 2nd Quarter issue (which carries the stories and pictures of the top–winning Newfoundlands and new ROMs), Jacqueline Brellochs, VN chair, is in accord. NTPC also recommends eliminating the three-generation pedigree to provide more space for a slightly longer write-up and larger picture. All new VNs will be identified by registered name, date of birth, sire x dam, owner, and breeder. Most of the new VNs are in the Annual of Titlists if someone wants a pedigree. Newf Tide would like to emphasize the relationship between the dog and the handler. The editor may edit the write-ups for space and relevance.

ROM Coverage in 2nd Quarter Issue

The 2nd Quarter issue contains all of the new ROMS for the past year. NTPC feels it is appropriate to include a three-generation pedigree in these presentations. At present, there is no pedigree, just a listing of the titled get.

Best of Breed, Best of Opposite and High In Trial write-ups for 3rd Quarter Issue

The 3rd Quarter is the National Specialty issue. NTPC would like to have the Awards Chair help in assuring fair and consistent coverage for BOB, BOS and HIT winners. The Awards Chair would cooperate in notifying the owners of the BOB, BOS and HIT to request the pictures for the front (BOB) and back covers (BOS) and another informal photo and a write-up of no more than 275 words (BOB, BOS, HIT) for the interior of the magazine. These items should be mailed to the Newf Tide editor by June 1 of each year.

Meeting recessed at 2:20 p.m.

The Board traveled to the 2003 National Specialty Show site, an hour's drive south of Buffalo at Ellicottville, New York. Show Chair Henry Jurczyk gave a tour of the show grounds and enjoyed dinner with us at the lodge. Niagara Frontier Newfoundland Club members Lonnie Specht and Manette Jurczyk accompanied him. The Board wishes to thank them for taking the time to conduct the tour.

Meeting reconvened at 8:45 p.m.

Based upon the discussion earlier in the afternoon concerning the recommendations of the Newf Tide Policy Committee, Joan Gunn moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded that the Board approve the changes to Newf Tide policy as amended. These changes involved the write-ups for the Versatile Newfoundlands, ROMs in the 2nd Quarter issue and the write-ups for Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, and High in Trial for the 3rd quarter issue. The vote was unanimous.

There was a short discussion on the Annual of Titlists publication. Due to the inclusion of health clearances, many of the pedigrees are becoming very crowded and hard to fit into the allotted space. For the time being, the Board expressed its desire to keep the three generation pedigrees in the Annual. The committee will present further considerations regarding this publication at the face-to-face in April.

The NCA Board recessed at 9:00 p.m. for a meeting of the Charitable Trust.

The NCA Board Meeting reconvened at 10:33 p.m.

General Education Committee
Request for New Ad and Brochure

Ann Thibault, chair of the General Education Committee, had prepared a memo to the Board regarding the committee's newest project. Mary Lou Cuddy, committee member, answered questions about the new project. It is an advertising campaign designed to reach and educate potential Newf owners, to discourage unscrupulous breeders, and to reduce the number of future potential rescues. The desired effect is to make puppy buyers ask questions before they buy and give a wake up call to breeders who do not have the best interest of the Newfoundland in mind when breeding and raising a litter. A one page flyer that will be used as an ad, "Looking for a Puppy? Look Past the Pretty Picture" and a four page brochure, "Adorable, huh?" were presented for Board consideration.

After discussion, Joan Gunn moved and Sandee Lovett seconded to approve the brochure with revisions and the ad as it was presented, with the proviso that a better picture be used. The vote was unanimous. Mary Lou abstained; she is on the committee.

The Board wishes to thank and commend the General Education Committee for their excellent work.

Steve McAdams moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded that the Board approve the printing of 2000 copies of the "Adorable" brochure at a cost of $650 and approve the printing of 2,000 copies of the "Looking for a Puppy" flyer at a cost of $520. The vote was unanimous.

With regard to the committee's request to advertise in Dog World, Dog Fancy and Puppies USA, the Board felt that the timing and placement of the ads should be left up to the chairperson to work within the $6,500 remaining in the committee's budget.

Roger Powell moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded that the $1,170 approved for the printing of the flyer and the brochure shall be added as a line item to the General Education Committee's budget. The vote was unanimous.

At the request of the committee, their coloring book project was tabled.

The Board recessed at 11:30 p.m.

The meeting reconvened on Sunday, December 2, 2001 at 8:00 a.m.

Judges' Education Committee

The Judges Education Committee (JEC) had submitted a thumbnail sketch of the Newfoundland that was prepared as an educational tool for AKC judges. The JEC requested approval to add it to the Judges Education seminar packet.

Discussion included the following points:

AKC judges should know the entire Standard and all of its details. The thumbnail sketch is similar to Cliff Notes—it captures the highlights. All judges should be fully familiar with our breed Standard and not a shortcut version of it.

On the other hand, the thumbnail sketch is just one more educational tool. A lot of other breeds use thumbnail sketches. The JEC feels this is very important as an overview of our Standard. The purpose of the thumbnail sketch is to present the Standard in an abbreviated form.

Roger Frey moved and Joan Gunn seconded that we not approve the concept of a thumbnail sketch.

7 for–5 no, (TB, AD, SM, MLP, RS). Motion carried.

The NCA Board had previously directed the JEC to write an article on grooming for submission to the AKC Judges Newsletter. (See minutes of the June 19, 2001 teleconference in Newf Tide, 4th Quarter, 2001, page 50). The Board discussed the proposed article submitted by the committee.

Points of discussion:

The coat on a Newfoundland should have been addressed in more detail. The article did not sufficiently address the problem of over trimming. The Newfoundland is a working dog with a double coat. The coat "Tends to fall back in place," should be in bold. It is up to the judge's discretion if grooming is excessive or not. The article has accomplished what it has set out to do, it was very well written and the article far exceeded what we would have expected. All the grooming and skillful handling cannot change a mediocre dog into a top one.

Robin Seaman moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded that the article be submitted for publication in the AKC Judges Newsletter.

A motion was made by Tom Broderick and seconded by Roger Frey to call the question. Motion carried.

The vote on the main motion was 9 for – 3 no (RF, MLC, JG).

Rescue Prevention Committee and Rescue Committee

Discussion was held regarding AKC's letter to Parent Clubs concerning its new policy requesting that no dogs be purchased at auctions.

The Heart of America Newfoundland Club has declined to help with any rescues that involve the purchase of Newfoundlands because they as a club feel very strongly against purchase of dogs as a means of rescue. The Heart of America Newfoundland Club has done many rescues where the purchase of the rescued dogs was not an issue and they continue to be ready and willing to do so in the future.

The position of chair for the Rescue Prevention Committee is empty at this time. The Board would like the Rescue and Rescue Prevention Committees to work together.

Rescue should work together with the General Education Committee on preventing Newfoundlands from being sold at the auctions. The Board suggests that the Rescue Prevention Committee think "out of the box," maybe 5-10 years down the line, like the Steering Committee.

At the April 2002 meeting, the ad hoc Rescue Prevention Committee will be changed to a standing committee.

A motion was made by Aura Dean and seconded by Mary Lou Cuddy to appoint Roger Frey as the interim chair of the Rescue Prevention Committee. Passed unanimously.


Points of Discussion:

The Board made changes to the rescue policy about two years ago in St. Louis. The policy states, "Purchase is approved as a discretionary option of last resort (see case histories) where the governing concept is to provide for the individual Newfoundland and alleviate its suffering and hardships."

NCA Rescue purchased Newfoundlands at auction from Wild Bill's Exotic Animal Ranch, well known to produce many Newfoundland puppies including white and blacks and unacceptable colors. The buyers at the auction were not able to learn who the consignors were until after the dogs were purchased. The auctioneer was not the usual one with whom we have worked previously.

Sometimes there is no way to find out ahead of time who the consignors of the Newfoundlands are. Some Board members felt the NCA Board should look at changing the Rescue policy to state that if the Board does not know the consignor, then we do not buy. It was pointed out that we would not have struggled as long as we did about purchasing dogs at auction, at the Board meeting in St. Louis, unless we thought the policy was going to be followed. Many of us sit in the middle, but is the NCA Board unknowingly encouraging the "Wild Bills" of the world to get rid of their unwanted breeding stock?

The Board directed the President, Rescue Chair and AKC Delegate to prepare letters to AKC regarding AKC's relationship with puppymills, the Hunte Corporation, AKC revenue reduction, possible solutions and request additional information accumulated in AKC's databases relating to Newfoundlands.

A letter was read from Ray Donner that commends Mary L. Price, NCA Rescue Committee Chair, for all the hard work she is doing for the breed. He supports the Rescue policy to purchase dogs at auction. He stated that there are fewer dogs being bred and less Newfoundlands at auction now than in the past.

The motion below recommends that the Board change the existing policy reference in the Policies and Procedures manual on page 172. The policy states:

"Purchase is approved only as a discretionary option of last resort (see case histories) where the governing concept is to provide for the individual Newfoundland and alleviate its suffering and hardship. Purchases may be considered by the NCA Board of Directors as an option only after all other rescue operations have been exhausted. Purchase from wholesalers or retailers are to be handled on a case-by-case basis directly with the NCA Rescue Chair. An attempt should be made to obtain a legal agreement from the wholesaler or retailer not to deal in Newfoundlands in the future."

A motion was made by Steve McAdams and seconded by Robin Seaman to leave the first sentence of the above Rescue policy in place, to eliminate the last three sentences and to add the following: "The NCA Board of Directors will consider purchasing Newfoundland dogs at auction only when it has verifiable information of who the consignors of the dogs are. Furthermore, it will not purchase dogs that are offered at auction by retailers or wholesalers unless a legal agreement is obtained in advance from them stating that they will not deal with Newfoundlands in the future."

Points of discussion:

A Board member commented an inquiry to Wild Bill's Ranch showed that they had Newfoundland puppies, white/blacks, blacks and browns, and different colored Newfoundlands available for sale right after the NCA auction purchase. It was recommended that the Board review our policy regarding purchases. It seems that we are eliminating a couple of dogs suffering at the expense of a larger number of dogs being used for breeding. We need to find out ahead of time who is the seller of the Newfoundlands at the auction. The NCA Board acts as the steward of the breed and we should not continue to support the puppy mill people. We really need more data as to whether it is better to buy or not. We have money, but that doesn't mean we have to use it to buy dogs at auction. We could use the money other ways, such as on a major campaign not to buy dogs at auction.

We should not be the first to bid. Like the folks with Siberian Rescue, we should see how the bids progress, strive to get a lower bid, or obtain the dog at cost. We know that Newfoundlands are suffering and we need to put those unfortunate dogs first.

We should back the motion and are not following the original rescue policy which states: "An attempt should be made to obtain a legal agreement from the wholesaler or retailer not to deal in Newfoundlands in the future."

We all have good intentions, but we need to work on how to solve this problem.

When we identify a consignor, we could develop a letter asking them not to sell Newfoundlands again. We could advise them that we will report any infractions of the regulations to AKC, i.e., not tattooing or microchipping, etc.

The Board wants to be more informed on all rescues, maybe having a teleconference before a purchase. This was deemed as unfeasible because additional information is not available, and Mary provides the Board with all that she has prior to an auction.

Several Board members commented to change the rescue policy may in effect prevent rescuing Newfoundlands at dog auctions. It would be too difficult for rescue volunteers to discriminate against Newfoundlands based on their consignor.

The motion failed: 3-for 9-no (BE, CD, SL, MLP, MLC, AD, RP, RF, JG)

Clyde Dunphy and Steve McAdams left the meeting due to travel commitments.

It was moved by Joan Gunn and seconded by Roger Frey that the NCA send a letter to the AKC requesting that it not register any dogs that are sold at auction and expressing disapproval of AKC's support of the Hunte Corporation. The letter should also state NCA's dissatisfaction with the AKC position that breed clubs should not purchase dogs at auction. Furthermore, it could express the NCA's willingness to spearhead a campaign involving other breed clubs to subsidize the revenue that AKC would lose if it did not register dogs that were sold at auction. The NCA would also support a requirement that the signatures of all owners of both the sire and the dam should be required on AKC litter registration forms.

Motion passed 8-for, 2 no (TB, RS) Absent (CD, SM)

Beverly Eichel, Mary W. Price and Mary L. Price will write the letters.

It was suggested that, to achieve greater impact, copies of the letter expressing these views be sent to the AKC Chair and President, and Vice President Robert Slay, and the chair of the Parent Club Committee, and the chair of the Committee on High Volume Kennels. A copy of these letters will be published in Newf Tide.

Distinguished Member

Roger Frey reported for Ron Pemberton that he received an e-mail from the Tate Museum. The Tate Board met and accepted the agreement with the Philadelphia Museum for the exhibition of the "Distinguished Member" painting that was restored through donations collected by NCA. Additional information is needed before the Board can approve a grant from NCA for transportation, insurance, etc. to bring the painting to the U.S., estimate is approximately $7,000.

Joan Gunn left at 11:40 a.m. due to travel arrangements.

New Business

These minutes should be published in the 1st Quarter 2002 issue of Newf Tide; otherwise, they will not get into Newf Tide until the 2nd issue and that will be in June.

A motion was made by Roger Frey and seconded by Aura Dean to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted.

Tom Broderick
NCA Recording Secretary