Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors Meeting

Teleconference Minutes, February 7, 2002 (Minutes Approved March 7, 2002)

President Beverly Eichel called the teleconference meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. Central Time on Thursday, February 7, 2002. The following directors were present: Tom Broderick (TB), Mary Lou Cuddy (MLC), Aura Dean (AD), Beverly Eichel (BE), Roger Frey (RF), Joan Gunn (JG), Sandee Lovett (SL), Steve McAdams (SM), Roger Powell (RP), Mary L. Price (MLP) and, Robin Seaman (RS). Clyde Dunphy (CD) and Mary W. Price (MWP), AKC Delegate, were excused.
Board members-elect, Debra Wigal and Jack Dean were also present.

After reviewing the minutes of the January 10, 2002 teleconference, Aura Dean moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded to approve the January 10, 2002 minutes as amended. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: CD)

President’s Report: Beverly Eichel

Beverly reported the following:

  She had contacted past recording secretary, Lori Littleford and was trying to contact Lynne Anderson, to inquire if they knew where the permanent records of the recording secretary are located. The records have not been located at this time.
· The letter was written and sent to the AKC regarding its relationship with commercial kennels and dog auctions. It was signed by Beverly Eichel, Mary L. Price, and Mary W. Price.
· She had sent a letter to Emmy Bruno who had invited the NCA to participate in the formation of the Newfoundland International Union (N.I.U.). The letter to the Italian Newfoundland Club stated our position and requested clarification on the Breed Standard issue.
· She had sent a letter to the New Pen Del Newfoundland Club advising it that the NCA Board had approved its suggestion and had waived the $35 fee for water and draft tests for all regional clubs effective January 1, 2002.
· She had sent a letter to the Newfoundland Club of Hawaii stating that it was reinstated as an approved NCA regional club.
· She will send the Judges’ Education Committee’s article for publication in the AKC Judges Newsletter.
· She sent a correction to an article in the AKC Gazette that Winnie Strickland’s Newf had not won BOB at an NCA National.
· She had received documents from Mary Dewey that were from Kitty Drury’s (her mother) estate to be stored permanently with the AKC in its archive department designated for the Newfoundland Breed.
· She received communications concerning the evaluation of the judges’ seminar, and that information will be forwarded to the Board.· The Purina ad issue was sent to Dave Helming and the Health Challenge Committee for its input.

Discussion ensued regarding the letter sent to the AKC concerning the AKC’s relationship with commercial kennels and dog auctions. It was suggested that the Board should send that letter to all Parent Clubs and that it should be published in Newf Tide. There were concerns from some Board members that the letter should not be sent to the Parent Clubs because the letter’s content was not approved by the Board, and some Board members did not approve of the original concept of the letter. Roger Frey moved and Joan Gunn seconded to send the letter concerning the AKC’s relationship with commercial kennels and dog auctions to all Parent Clubs and to Newf Tide for publication. The motion passed 7 for, 4 no (TB, AD, SM, RS).

Robin Seaman, Corresponding Secretary, was directed to distribute the letter. (Absent: CD)

There was a discussion regarding preferential treatment for room reservations at NCA National Specialties. Roger Frey moved and Aura Dean seconded that handicapped persons should receive preferential treatment for room reservations at NCA National Specialties. The motion passed 10 for, 1 abstain (RS). (Absent: Clyde Dunphy)

Joan Gunn was directed to include the above policy in the NCA Specialty Show Guide.

1st Vice-President’s Report:

No report. Clyde Dunphy was absent.

2nd Vice-President’s Report: Sandee Lovett

Sandee updated the Board on the work of the following committees:
· Juniors Committee: Juniors Committee Chair Stacy Roderick has sent letters to the junior members to inform them of the NCA Scholarship and the award opportunities available. Stacy is coordinating the presentation of the awards at the National with Marget Johnson.
· Internet Committee: She has received a job description for the Internet Committee from Jack Dean, chair.
· Ad hoc Memorial Trophy Committee: Ron Pemberton, chair of the committee, had sent a message stating he had made an error in the amount of the funds he had previously requested for the reproduction of the Memorial Trophies. He was asking the Board to approve an additional $1,125 to get the trophies reproduced. Roger Frey moved and Sandee Lovett seconded to approve the additional $1,125. The motion carried unanimously. (Absent: CD)
· Working Dog Committee (WDC): To fulfill a request from the Board, the WDC submitted a "Code of Ethics" for NCA judges, with suggested disciplines for violations, to supplement the Grievance Procedure document. In addition, the WDC has submitted an amendment to Section 5 of the working test regulations regarding "Dogs That May Not Compete." The WDC wanted to add a phrase that you cannot judge a dog that is owned by your "significant other." Evidently this happened in one test and the WDC wants to write a rule for that one incident. It was mentioned that is very hard to define "significant other" and the rule might well be so ambiguous as to be unenforceable and why do we need a rule for something that only happened once in the last several years. The working dog committee had wrestled with the definitional problem for many hours and could not define it any better.

Since a thorough discussion of the proposed "Code of Ethics" and Section 5 amendment requires more time than a teleconference can offer, it was suggested that these topics be addressed at the April face-to-face meeting. Roger Powell moved and Steve McAdams seconded to table the discussion on the proposals from the WDC until the April face-to-face meeting. Motion carried unanimously. (Absent: CD)

Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Robin Seaman

Robin reported that she had received the following correspondence:

· An e-mail from Patti McDowell concerning the publication of health clearances.
· A letter from AKC concerning the Parent Club Conference to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 25-27, 2002.
Treasurer’s Report: Mary L. Price

Cash Balances as of February 7, 2002

NCA Operations:
Checking Account         $    1,649.59
Savings Account            $       540.87
CDs                              $225,000.00
Total                                                    $227,190.46

"Distinguished Member" Restoration
Money Market Account $1,633.08
CD                                 $1,517.45
Total                                                       $3,150.53

Uniform Trophy Fund
Money Market Account $103.00

Grand Total                                          $230,443.99

Mary L. Price, Treasurer, together with Bob Rogers, Membership Chair, had prepared a plan to accept credit card payments over the NCA website. There was a technical question raised as to the best credit card service to use. The credit card company on the internet had some unfavorable reports about the service suggested. Part of the problem was that this information was given to the Board two days before the meeting. The Finance Committee had not reviewed the proposal prior to it being submitted to the Board. It was suggested that the NCA Board ask the Finance Committee to explore the possibility of accepting credit card payments over the NCA website. Steve McAdams moved and Aura Dean seconded to authorize the funds for the Finance Committee to conduct a teleconference to discuss this issue. Bob Rogers (Membership Chair) and Jack Dean (Internet Chair) will be included in this teleconference. The Finance Committee should have a recommendation by the face-to-face meeting in April. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: CD)

Steve McAdams was excused at 8:03 p.m. due to work related issues.

Mary L. Price asked direction from the Board on the use of the Number 1 Limited Edition Plate (2001 Second Edition) at the National Specialty. Aura Dean moved and Roger Frey seconded to direct the Uniform Trophy Chair to submit the Number 1 Limited Edition Plate (2001 Second Edition) to the Fine Arts Auction, with the proceeds to go to the Uniform Trophy Fund. The motion passed. 9 for, 1 abstain (RP) (Absent: SM,CD)

Recording Secretary’s Report: Tom Broderick

Tom reported that he had done the following:

· Written the minutes from the January 10, 2002 teleconference and distributed them to the Board.
· Completed the work of the election. He had collected all ballots from the post office box on February 1, 2002 and closed the election. The ballot counters had come over to his home on Saturday, February 2, 2002. It took 6.5 hours to count over 1,100 ballots. Tom thanked Diane Broderick for preparing a wonderful lunch for the group. He sent thank you letters to the ballot counters, Peggy Helming, Pat Blewitt and Mary Lou Roberts, and to the alternates, Barbara Finch, Sue and Bill Reiher. Tom sent official election result letters to all the nominees and NCA Board members.
· Sent Jan Boggio, Newf Tide Editor, the Notice of the Annual Meeting and Election Results to be enclosed in the 1st Quarter 2002 issue.
It was decided that the Board will meet at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 23, 2002, for its spring face-to-face meeting. At the March teleconference, the Board may decide to schedule an additional meeting day and time during the National Specialty, so that more interested club members may attend.

New Business

The Great Lakes Newfoundland Club requested permission of the NCA Board to use the NCA Education Committee’s "Cute Puppy ad" in the following ways:
· To place the ad in the Detroit Kennel Club show catalog (March 16-17).
· To enlarge the ad to poster size to place on a display easel by the benching area for Newfoundlands at the Detroit Kennel Club Shows (March 16 –17).
· To distribute the ad as a flyer at the shows, as was done at the AKC Classic in Florida.
The proposed catalogue ad, poster, and flyers would be financed by the Great Lakes Newfoundland Club.
The ad was not supposed to be published before the picture was changed. Great Lakes will contact the General Education Committee for the current photograph for the poster. Roger Frey moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded to approve the Great Lakes Newfoundland Club’s proposal. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: SM,CD)

Parent Club Conference

There was discussion about what two people the Board will send to the AKC’s Parent Club Conference. The Board decided to have a vote by mail with each person casting two votes and the top voters getters will go. It was decided that Board members should send the Recording Secretary their recommendations for two qualified persons to attend the event.

Newf Tide

Aura Dean, Newf Tide policy chair, out of courtesy to the Board, said that she would like to give a certificate at the Annual Meeting to the hard-working volunteers who assist with the production of Newf Tide.

There was discussion that NCA has many volunteers, and unless we recognize all of them, we should be careful not to start a precedent. The Newf Tide volunteers work extremely hard putting in countless hours getting this first-class publication out every quarter and are certainly deserving of our thanks and recognition.

Volunteer Report

The Board will direct the Recognition Committee Chair, Kathy Hamilton, to look into the idea of recognizing all NCA volunteers. Board members were also instructed to come up with ideas. Sandee Lovett will send the letter.

Board Member Elect's Website

There was discussion about an NCA Board Member-elect personal website. He wants more improved communication with the membership. However, the Board is concerned that there may be changes to the agenda and that executive session items may be placed on the website. There are also items written that could be taken out of context.

For example, the AKC letter has no background posted as to why the Board approved that letter to be sent. There is a concern that draft copies of the minutes should not be put on his personal website before the Board has a chance to approve them.

The NCA Board Member-elect stated that he will report what happened at the meeting in his own words on his personal website. He pays for it and maintains it. He also has posted on his website a disclaimer that the views and items are not in any way connected to the NCA. He has agreed not to post draft copies of the minutes on his website and has not and will not place items of executive session on his personal website.

Executive Session

Robin Seaman moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded to go into executive session at 9:01 p.m. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: SM,CD)

Steve McAdams returned to the meeting at 9:12 p.m.

Aura Dean moved and Roger Powell seconded to come out of executive session at 9:30 p.m. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: CD)

In executive session the Board approved the NCA new member applicant lists dated January 29, 2002 and February 2, 2002.
The Board tabled discussion, until the March teleconference, concerning three applicants being held in abeyance.
The Board appointed Barbara Hearn as the Obedience Chair upon the resignation of the former chair, Lanelle Warrick.The user of the NCA Roster mailing list for business purposes was contacted, but has not yet responded.

The next teleconference is scheduled for Thursday, March 7, 2002.

All agenda items for the face-to-face meeting should be sent to the Recording Secretary by April 2, 2002, and the agenda items packet will be sent to the Board by April 10, 2002.

Roger Powell moved and Joan Gunn seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:42 p.m. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: CD)

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Broderick,
Recording Secretary