Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors Meeting

Teleconference Minutes, March 7, 2002 (Minutes Approved March 28, 2002)

President Beverly Eichel called the teleconference meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. Central Time on Thursday, March 7, 2002. The following directors were present: Tom Broderick (TB), Mary Lou Cuddy (MLC), Aura Dean (AD), Clyde Dunphy (CD), Beverly Eichel (BE), Roger Frey (RF), Joan Gunn (JG), Sandee Lovett (SL), Steve McAdams (SM), Mary L. Price (MLP), Robin Seaman (RS) and Mary W. Price (MWP), AKC Delegate. Roger Powell (RP), was absent and excused because of work.

Board members-elect, Debra Wigal and Jack Dean, were also present.

President’s Report: Beverly Eichel

Beverly received several calls in support of the letter written to the AKC regarding its relationship with commercial kennels and dog auctions.

1st Vice-President’s Report: Clyde Dunphy

No report.

2nd Vice-President’s Report: Sandee Lovett

There was a complaint filed by an entrant concerning the NCA National Draft Test. The Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club is hosting the draft test at the National. The test committee established a limit of 12 dogs each day with a total of 24 dogs for the two-day draft test event. The entries sent to the test secretary were to be postmarked no earlier than February 1, 2002. There were more than the 24 entries so it was decided that there would be a lottery drawing.

The complainant mailed the NCA Recording Secretary and the Board all necessary documentation such as the UPS receipt that showed the date the entry was sent to the test secretary and the date of delivery. There is documentation that follow up telephone calls were placed to the PONC test secretary regarding whether the entry was received.

The lottery took place without the NCA member’s entry. The complainant wrote to the Working Dog Committee requesting a decision. Since there are no guidelines for this procedure, the WDC referred the complainant to the NCA Board for a ruling.

Tom Broderick moved and Steve McAdams seconded to accept all alternate entries postmarked February 1, 2002 in the Penn-Ohio Draft Test at the NCA National Specialty. The motion failed 3 yes, 7 no (MLP, BE, MLC, RF, CD, SL, JG) 1 abstain (AD) Absent (RP)

The majority of the Board was concerned about setting a precedent. The premium list only allowed for 12 entries per day and that adding three or four more dogs per day would add up to three hours. The Board also wanted to get more information from the test committee as to what happened to the entry in question. The additional information will be sent to the NCA Recording Secretary from the PONC Test Committee and the NCA Working Dog Committee.

Robin Seaman moved and Aura Dean seconded to schedule a teleconference before April 1, 2002, which is the closing date for the draft test, to make a decision on this topic and to work on other NCA agenda items. The motion passed 10 yes 1 no (BE). Absent (RP).

The teleconference will be held on March 28, 2002.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Robin Seaman

At the direction from the Board of Directors the letter written to the AKC regarding its relationship with commercial kennels and dog auctions was sent out to some Parent Clubs and it will be sent to all Parent Clubs in the near future.

Treasurer’s Report: Mary L. Price

Cash Balances as of March 7, 2002

NCA Operations:
Checking Account $3,518.50
Savings Account $35,540.35
CDs $185,000.00
Total  $224,058.85

"Distinguished Member" Restoration
Money Market Account $1,633.08
CD $1,517.45
Total  $3,150.53

Uniform Trophy Fund
Money Market Account $103.00

Grand Total  $227,312.38

Mary said that NCA Tax Attorney Edmund Sledzik reported that the IRS has approved the NCA’s request to change the NCA, Inc. from a 501c7 to a 501c4 organization retroactive to 1987. The NCA is now in compliance with the IRS ruling for AKC Dog Clubs.

Recording Secretary’s Report: Tom Broderick

Tom reported that he had written the minutes from the February 7, 2002 teleconference and distributed them to the Board and prepared the agenda for the March 7, 2002 teleconference.

Finance Committee Report

The Finance Committee had a teleconference on March 4, 2002. All Finance Committee members were present and participated. NCA Treasurer Mary L. Price and NCA Membership Chair Bob Rogers were also present. The Committee discussed offering the payment by credit card option to NCA members for dues renewals and other payments such as Newf Tide subscriptions and ads, etc. The committee reviewed processing options and costs quoted by banks that provide credit card processing services.

The Finance Committee recommended to the Board to approve the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard credit cards as a method of payment for all transactions, including dues renewals, Newf Tide subscriptions and ads, etc. effective July 1, 2002. M & I Bank will process the charges at the current quoted rates of 2.07% discount fee plus .10 per transaction fee plus $11.95 per active month. The NCA Treasurer will submit the transactions through PC software provided by M & I Bank at the current quoted one-time price of $349.00. The Board will assess the credit card program in March 2003.

Tom Broderick moved and Sandee Lovett seconded to accept the recommendation of the Finance Committee.

There was discussion and concern that the committee did not investigate all options such as banks that offer lower processing fees for non-profit organizations. Also, that the committee did not follow the direction of the Board to include the Internet Chair. At the February 7, 2002 teleconference, the Board directed the Finance Committee to explore the possibility of accepting credit card payments over the NCA website. Steve McAdams moved and Aura Dean seconded to authorize the funds for the Finance Committee to conduct a teleconference to discuss this issue. Bob Rogers (Membership Chair) and Jack Dean (Internet Chair) will be included in this teleconference. The motion passed unanimously. Some research was done before the teleconference that it would be best to accept credit cards using software and not to use the internet. The Finance Committee agreed that they did not need the input of the Internet Chair at this time.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Steve McAdams seconded to call the question. The motion passed. 10 yes, 1 no (RF) Absent (RP).

The motion to accept the recommendation of the Finance Committee passed. 9 yes 1 no (SM) 1 Abstain (RS) Absent (RP)

Approval of Minutes

After reviewing the minutes of the February 7, 2002 teleconference, Joan Gunn moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded to approve the February 7, 2002 minutes as amended. The motion passed 10 yes, 1 no (AD) Absent (RP)

Membership Procedures

There was discussion on the procedures on how to handle an applicant that is challenged by an NCA member after being printed in Newf Tide. The Board reviewed letters written by past NCA recording secretaries to challenged applicants. The Board determined that the Recording Secretary would use the format of the last letter written in 1998 to an applicant that was challenged.

There was a suggestion that the Board assign an Ad-Hoc Committee to develop a procedure based on the past. At the face-to-face meeting in April, the Board will review the new policy that was passed at the face-to-face meeting in November/December 2001 concerning this matter.

Beverly Eichel entertained a motion to go into executive session.

Aura Dean moved and Robin Seaman seconded to go into executive session at 8:59 p.m.

Aura Dean moved and Roger Frey seconded to come out of executive session at 9:19 p.m.

In executive session, the Board approved the NCA new member applicant lists dated February 21, 2002 and February 23, 2002.

It was reported that an applicant who presented an NSF check replaced it with a money order and fee according to the NSF Policy. The applicant will now be published in Newf Tide. Mary L. Price will inform Bob Rogers, Membership Chair, and Jan Boggio, Newf Tide Editor.


The Board selected a recipient for the NCA Good-sportsmanship Award and a Newfoundland dog to receive the Heroic Newfoundland Award to be presented at the Annual Meeting in April.

Purina Pro Club

NCA Health Liaison Chair Dave Helming reported by letter to the president that the Health Challenge Committee recommended that the NCA go forward with this program because it affords an opportunity for any NCA member who wishes to participate in the program to do so. Members interested in purchasing Purina products can earn dollars for the NCA and the Canine Health Foundation to be used for canine health studies, rescue and/or educational efforts. Purina submitted advertising and promotional materials to the NCA to be used to promote the program as the NCA felt appropriate.

There were concerns about endorsing Purina and that Purina is using this as an advertising campaign.

The Health Challenge Committee would appreciate the money earned.

Robin Seaman moved and Steve McAdams seconded for the NCA to enroll in the Purina Pro Club Program. The motion passed. 10 yes, 1 no (JG), Absent (RP).

AKC Parent Club Conference

The Board selected, by majority vote, Roger Frey and Mary L. Price to attend the AKC Parent Club Conference that will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 25-27, 2002. The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for our Parent Clubs to share their knowledge and experience. The learning process will be facilitated through workshops led by club members. Workshop topics are Rescue, Running the Parent Club, Club Media, Executive Items, The National Specialty, Education (judges and breeders).

Newf Tide Policy

Aura Dean, Newf Tide Policy Chair, requested approval of $204.90 as a line item expenditure for the purchase of a Zip 250 MB SCI external drive to replace the unreliable seven-year-old SyQuest drive used by the volunteer advertising coordinator and editor of the Annual of Titlists. This new drive would ensure reliable, efficient and economic transfer of pictures and text to the printer. Steve McAdams moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded to approve the expenditure of $204.90 for the purchase of the Zip 250 MB SCI External Drive. The motion passed unanimously.

The contact person listed in the Roster for the Newfoundland Club of New England (NCNE) is no longer a member of NCNE. The correct contact person for NCNE has been on the NCA website since January 2001. The NCNE is asking the Board to place a correction notice or place an insert into Newf Tide. Robin Seaman moved and Roger Frey seconded for the Newf Tide editor to place a correction notice pertaining to the correct regional club contact person for the Newfoundland Club of New England in the next issue of Newf Tide. The motion passed unanimously.

Aura Dean will correspond with Linda Roderick, Secretary of the NCNE, with the Board’s decision.

Aura Dean, Newf Tide policy chair, announced that the next Newf Tide deadline is April 1, 2002.

Distinguished Member

There is no update at this time.

Judges’ Education Committee

The JEC is currently circulating three CD-ROMs from other breed clubs to the Board. The CD-ROMs are interactive and were developed to help educate judges and members. The suggestion was made for the JEC to consider having computers available at the National Specialty in April so that the membership would be able to view them. Since the JEC did not have enough time to respond to this suggestion, the discussion was tabled to the next teleconference scheduled for March 28, 2002.

AKC Delegate: Mary W. Price

The AKC annual meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2002 in New York City. There will be an election of three Delegates to serve a four-year term on the AKC’s Board of Directors. The NCA Board read the biographical information of each of the nine candidates. Mary W. Price welcomed comments and recommendations for casting votes on behalf of the NCA. The Board recommended that Mary W. Price vote for Francis W. Harra and Dr. Willian R. Newman.

There will be a vote on the proposed change to the Rules Applying to Dog Shows, Chapter 3, Section 10 which lists those persons eligible to handle an entry in the Bred By Exhibitor Class. The change would eliminate the option of having a family member handle an entry in this class and require that the handler be the actual breeder/owner. The NCA Board directed the delegate to vote in favor of this change.

There will be an expected vote on a By-laws amendment that would permit Delegate Standing Committees to propose amendments to the By-laws and/or Dog Show Rules. Currently, all proposed changes must be proposed by the AKC Board of Directors or by a member club’s delegate. This proposal stipulates that any suggested changes must be within the committee’s charge. The NCA Board supports this proposed By-laws amendment change.

National Specialty Committee

It was suggested that an ad-hoc committee be established to study the issue of handicap priority treatment for room reservations and the procedure for accepting room reservations for the general membership for the NCA National Specialty.

The Board did not feel that an ad-hoc committee was necessary, but the Board will direct the National Specialty Committee to consult with at least the last three national specialty chairs to review the room reservation problem.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Roger Frey seconded to direct the National Specialty Committee to review the current policy from the last three National Specialties and to send their recommendation to the Board by July 1, 2002. The motion passed 10 yes 1 no (RS) Absent (RP).

Membership List for Commercial Purposes

Mary L. Price reported that she has the check from the person who used the NCA’s roster for a business mailing. Robin Seaman will write to thank him again for the payment and to let him know that he will only be allowed to use the roster for one year.

New Business

It was suggested that we have another "Team Building Session" at the spring face-to-face meeting. We need to communicate better. It was decided that there would not be enough time since the Board will only meet one day.

The next teleconference is scheduled for Thursday, March 28, 2002.

· Agenda items for the spring face-to-face meeting should be sent to the Recording Secretary by April 2, 2002 and the agenda packet will be mailed to the Board by April 10, 2002.

· Honorary member, Evelyn Wilson, passed away on February 15th. The NCA Board expressed great sorrow to hear this news. Robin Seaman will write her family a letter of condolence.

Robin Seaman moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:25 p.m. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RP)

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Broderick,
Recording Secretary