Newfoundland Club of America Board ofDirectors Meeting

Face to Face Meeting on November 1, 2002

FACE-TO-FACE MEETING MINUTES, November 1-3, 2002 (Minutes approved January 9, 2003)

President Tom Broderick called the face-to-face meeting to order at 9:10 am Eastern time on Friday, November 1, 2002. The following directors were present: Tom Broderick (TB), Mary Lou Cuddy (MLC), Aura Dean (AD), Jack Dean (JD), Clyde Dunphy (CD), Roger Frey (RF) (arrived at 9:25 am), Joan Gunn (JG), Sandee Lovett (SL), Roger Powell (RP), Mary L. Price (MLP), Robin Seaman (RS), Deb Wigal (DW), Beverly Eichel (BE) (ex-officio)(arrived at 2:20 pm) and Mary W. Price (MWP), AKC Delegate (ex-officio). Member guests were Barbara Finch, Helen Munday, Mary Lou Roberts, Bob Rogers and Ron Sell.

President Tom Broderick asked for a moment of silence to remember our Newfoundland friends who are sick and our Newfoundland friends who have passed away.

He welcomed NCA member guests and asked them to sign in.

The Board has been busy this past summer with eight teleconference meetings, double the norm. Tom thanked Mary Lou Cuddy, NCA Recording Secretary for a great job taking the minutes.

Tom thanked the Board for getting the Rescue ballot packet to the membership in record time. The topic was emotional and it was imperative that we were kind to one another through our words.

We must remember to respect one another and place our egos aside to focus on the betterment of our breed and our club.

Roberts’ Rules of Order

President Tom Broderick called for a motion that the meeting be conducted according to Roberts’ Rules of Order.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Aura Dean seconded that the meeting be conducted according to Roberts’ Rules of Order.

There was some discussion of using common parliamentary procedure versus Roberts’ Rules of Order. No parliamentarian would be present at this meeting.

The motion passed. 10 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD, JG, SL, RP, MLP, RS, DW); 1 No (JD – I think Steve Britton should be here as our parliamentarian and I don’t know how well it will work unless we have someone advising us.); (Absent: RF)

Approval of Minutes

The Board reviewed the minutes from the April 26, 2002 Annual Meeting of the Board.

Robin Seaman moved and Aura Dean seconded to accept the minutes as written.

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RF)

The Board reviewed the minutes from the August 27, 2002 – September 3, 2002 teleconference meeting.

Roger Frey arrived at 9:25 am.

There was discussion on the inclusion of more statements related to the Rescue Prevention Committee (RPC) and the rescue packet. Statements will be added and the Board will re-visit these minutes later in the meeting.

Discussion of the bulletin board on the NCA website ensued. The tape-recording of teleconferences and the transcribing of the minutes was brought up and then tabled until later in the meeting.

The Board reviewed the minutes from the September 12, 2002 Special Teleconference Meeting. There was a great deal of discussion concerning the wording and use of the terms “excused” and “absent” in regard to a Board member’s attendance at meetings.

There was a discussion on voting on each correction. It was decided to continue the past practice of approving the minutes at the conclusion of reviewing them.

The September 12, 2002 minutes were tabled until later in the meeting.

The Board reviewed the minutes from the September 19, 2002 teleconference meeting. There was discussion on the inclusion of more statements related to the rescue packet. Statements will be added and the Board will re-visit these minutes later in the meeting.

Report of the Treasurer

Mary L. Price, Treasurer presented the following report.


NCA Operations










     Checking Account





     Savings Account




















"Distinguished Member" Restoration




     Money Market Account















Uniform Trophy Fund





     Money Market Account


























There was a question concerning the number of long term CDs and whether there was a written document containing a monthly or quarterly cash flow analysis created by the Treasurer or the Finance Committee to determine if we might have to cash in prematurely part of a CD. Mary L. Price responded that the money is invested in CDs according to the advice from the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee has discussed projected cash flow, but not on a monthly or quarterly basis. Mary reported that when Kevin Gallagher was appointed as the new chairman of the Finance Committee he requested copies of all of the CDs to review the interest penalty clauses.In the event of early withdrawal from a CD or part of a CD, they have reviewed the CDs to determine which CD or a part of a CD would lose the interest only for the quarter on the amount taken out. Mary L. Price feels the cash flow is sufficient and that no CDs will have to be cashed out early. She is to investigate and report back to the Board if there is any penalty when you withdraw funds early, namely before the CD matures.

Mary L. Price usually presents the National Specialty report and its comparison to past Nationals at this meeting. New-Pen-Del’s report is not yet complete and has not been approved by its Board. She will prepare and distribute the reports to the NCA Board when the information is available.

Report of the Recording Secretary

Mary Lou Cuddy, Recording Secretary, reported that she had prepared the agenda for the November 1 - 3, 2002 face-to-face meeting and the minutes of the August 27, 2002 - September 3, 2002 teleconference, the September 12, 2002 Special teleconference meeting, and the September 19, 2002 teleconference. She contacted potential election ballot counters to determine their willingness to serve. She will check petition signatures, biographies and statements and will compile them into the election document.

There was a discussion concerning the election document as this year there will be additional statements included. Two formats were discussed. One was to list alphabetically each candidate with their biography, “purchasing at auction” statement and the “two issues facing the NCA” statement, in that order. The second format was to group the statements by subject (i.e. all “purchasing at auction” statements) and then by alphabetical order of the candidates.

Deb Wigal moved and Robin Seaman seconded that all the candidates’ materials be put together by alphabetical order of the candidates (the first format) as opposed to grouping the information together by issues (second format).

The motion passed. 10 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD, RF, JG, SL, MLP, RS, DW); 1 No (JD); 1 Abstention (RP)

The Board continued the discussion on the election document by considering the letter from Suzanne Jones regarding the concept of identifying on the ballot those candidates chosen by the Nominating Committee. The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to provide the membership with six qualified candidates. Identifying certain candidates would take a change to our Constitution and By-Laws and would imply an “NCA Seal of Approval.” It was stated that non-profit corporations must prepare ballots so as to be equitable for all candidates in that the candidates must be in alphabetical order, incumbents are not to be indicated and candidates chosen by a Nominating Committee are not to be indicated. Failure to abide by the above might put the non-profit status of NCA, Inc. and the NCA Charitable Trust in jeopardy.

The consensus of the Board was that the ballot will remain unchanged. Robin Seaman, Corresponding Secretary, will contact Suzanne Jones to thank her for her suggestion.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary

Robin Seaman, Corresponding Secretary, reported on a letter that she received from the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program. As of 8/31/02, there were 155 NCA members registered for this program. From 4/15/02 through 8/31/02, 66 NCA members have submitted weight circles resulting in earnings of $955. At least 50% of these earnings are allocated to NCA’s Donor Advised Fund and will be matched 100% by the Canine Health Foundation.

The letter from AKC asking for NCA members to act as media consultants was discussed. The letter will be posted on the NCA website and it, along with any responses from NCA members, will be discussed at the next teleconference meeting.

Robin Seaman passed out a communication from AKC explaining their banner program. The communication will be included in the next teleconference agenda as an FYI.

Robin Seaman reported that the Board had received a thank-you letter from Mary Dewey in which she thanked the NCA Board for the NCA Good Sportsmanship Award with which she was honored. Aura reported that the letter will be in the 4th Quarter issue of Newf Tide.

The Board discussed the AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards. There was a brief discussion of the deadlines and solicitation of names for these awards via the Awards Committee. This was tabled until later in the meeting. It was the consensus of the Board to support the nominations of Michelle Billings for conformation and Shirley Jacobsen for obedience.

The letters that were received by the Corresponding Secretary from the Bernese Mountain Dog Club will be sent to the Rescue Prevention Committee.

Report of the AKC Delegate

Mary W. Price reported that multiple copies of the Delegate meeting minutes are no longer being supplied by the AKC. Board members agreed that minutes obtained on the AKC's website and/or as published in the AKC GAZETTE would be sufficient if supplemented with the delegate's written or oral review of actions being considered by the Delegate body.

Mary presented some follow-up information on the polling of parent clubs that might support the awarding of a three-point major to the national specialty show reserve winner. Of the first 40% of clubs responding to the survey, 45 clubs favored the idea; 7 clubs were opposed. She reported on the inauguration of the American Kennel Club's aggressive campaign to produce brand advertising promoting awareness and understanding of the AKC with American pet owners. In addition to ads appearing on television and in print media, public service announcements promoting responsible dog ownership will be seen and heard on TV and radio.

The Board instructed Mary to vote in favor of two proposed Dog Show Rules amendments which will be brought to the floor at the Delegates' December meeting. The first would allow dogs to keep any awards won prior to becoming lame or to compete in another type competition, such as obedience, at the same event should the animal become sound. The second proposal would provide for an entry correction of a dog's name or registration number, but not both; permit transfer from one color division of a class to another; and eliminate the provision of permitting a change in the sex of an entry.

Mary distributed copies of the AKC press release reporting the success of the first Parent Club Conference, which was held the previous weekend in Cincinnati, and attended by Mary L. Price and Roger Frey.

The Board recessed for lunch at 11:40 am and reconvened at 12:30pm.

Report on the Parent Club Conference

Roger Frey and Mary L. Price represented the NCA at the first-ever AKC Parent Club Conference, held in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 25 – 27, 2002. The conference was coordinated by the AKC Parent Club Delegate Committee chaired by Patricia Laurans. They reported that over 300 people attended this conference, which was sponsored by the AKC and the Iams Company. The attendees’ depth of experience was remarkable. There was a great deal of enthusiasm about exchanging ideas at this conference. The conference offered general sessions, panel discussions on three tracks – Rescue, Club Management and the National Specialty and informal sessions for the duties of Treasurers, Presidents, Judges Education, etc. Mary L. Price was a panelist for two of the five rescue segments. Roger Frey attended Club Management and National Specialty sessions. All sessions were recorded by the AKC and will be reproduced onto CDs. These CDs will be sent to each participant and each parent club so that the ideas and information presented can be used by each parent club. They reported that they received many complimentary comments concerning the activities and the commitment of the NCA to our breed. They will write a summary for the next Newf Tide.

Committee Job Descriptions

Sandee Lovett reported that she had contacted all committee chairs asking for any updates or changes in their job description. Most committee chairs responded that their job description was fine. Sandee will talk with the committees that did not respond. She distributed to the Board a document that contained all the job descriptions and any changes that she had received. The Board members are to review this document and suggest to her any changes by the first teleconference after the first of the year.

It was questioned as to how these job description changes will be communicated. It was stated that all policy manual materials should be approved by the Board. Joan Gunn stated that she may have included in the Policy Manual items that had not been board approved, but were the operating procedures of various committees. A separate manual for housekeeping and committee procedures should be considered. The Board directed Joan Gunn, Policy Chair, to review the Policy Manual and bring to the Board all unapproved items that were included in the Policy Manual for the Board’s approval.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Jack Dean seconded that all materials in the policy manual that have not been approved by the Board, be brought to the Board for approval, and all future changes or additions to the policy manual must be Board approved; (For example: job descriptions and policy procedures regarding the operation of a committee.)

These changes must be approved before new procedures can be implemented by a committee. There was further discussion regarding a procedure manual for the committees to include procedural and housekeeping items, etc.

The motion passed unanimously.

Awards Committee

There was a discussion regarding the high cost of subscribing to the AKC Awards for the Awards Committee volunteers who do the counting to determine Top Obedience Dog, Top Show Dog, Top Show Bitch, etc. The AKC Awards is now $69 per year.

Member guests Mary Lou Roberts, Barbara Finch and Helen Munday arrived at the meeting.

Roger Powell moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded that the NCA Awards Committee counters be reimbursed for up to the full amount of a subscription to the AKC Awards for the current year upon request by the committee chair.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Board directed that the minutes reflect the Board’s appreciation for the time and effort these volunteers put forth.

Ingrid Lyden, Awards Chairperson, had sent in some ideas for different or additional trophies for the top-winning dogs. The Board tabled them and directed the Awards Committee consider the proposals and report back to the Board with a specific recommendation and budget.

Upon an inquiry from an NCA member, there was a brief discussion of the procedure of handling ties for the Top Obedience Award. It was decided that in case of a tie that both dogs should be recognized.

Joan Gunn moved and Deb Wigal seconded that ties for Top Obedience Dog be handled in the same way that they are handled in other areas, i.e. Top Show Dog, etc.

The motion passed unanimously.

Finance Committee

Sandee Lovett presented the Finance Committee report for Kevin Gallagher, Finance Committee Chair. The Finance Committee met by teleconference on September 24, 2002. The committee reviewed the CDs currently in place and made several changes to obtain better terms. The committee reviewed the dues structure and recommended that the dues structure not be changed. The committee will continue to review new banks. The Finance Committee stated that they are available to help any NCA committee expand their services.

Ad-Hoc Database Maintenance Committee

Bob Rogers, Ad Hoc Database committee member, reported on the progress of the new database program. Since the 2002 National Specialty face-to-face meeting, the monthly AKC updates that Robin Seaman, Corresponding Secretary, receives and forwards to Bob Rogers can be directly downloaded into the database with no re-typing. The quarterly OFA reports can also be downloaded directly into the database. It was noted that the OFA files do not identify the registry number origin as in AKC, APA, etc. The working dog information from Cindy White and Sue Marino is forwarded to Bob twice a year and entered into the database. Dawn Fretts, Database Committee Chairperson, is recording the foreign titles and receiving the cystinuria information from owners. It was noted that the Annual of Titlists states that the foreign titles are not verified. Dawn is verifying the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) information. It was noted that the CKC information soon may be available electronically.

Bob Rogers is communicating with Dawn Fretts so that the transition to the new database will be smooth. A teleconference with Bob Rogers, Dawn Fretts, Jack Dean, Clyde Dunphy, Aura Dean and Tom Broderickis to be scheduled within the next few weeks.

The Board thanked Bob Rogers and Clyde Dunphy for their hard work in accumulating the data and developing the program.

It was noted that Dawn Fretts has received very few cystinuria submissions.

Internet Committee

Jack Dean, Internet Committee Chair, reported on advertising on the websites that buyers use to find puppies. At the June 6, 2002 Board meeting, Jack Dean was instructed to prepare a list of possible sites on which to advertise and the associated costs. There are numerous free sites and those will be used to the extent possible. Three sites that generate much traffic are Pets4U ($325.00 per year), ($35.00 per year), and DogBiz ($39.00 per year). The cost for advertising on these three sites is $400.00 per year.

People looking for a puppy would click on the NCA link and would go to a special page within the NCA website which will contain information on determining a reputable breeder, specific questions to ask, health concerns and what to look for in a puppy.

Roger Powell moved and Roger Frey seconded that the request to place advertising on various websites for a cost of $400.00 be approved.

The motion passed unanimously.

There was a brief discussion concerning who will construct this new page. It was decided that Jack Dean, the General Education Committee and the Rescue Prevention Committee should work together on developing the page. There will be hit counters on each site so as to determine where the activity is originating.

Membership Committee

Bob Rogers, Membership Chair, presented a request from Bob and Rhoda Lerman to use the membership list to advertise the reprinting of Rhoda Lerman’s book.

Roger Frey moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to approve Bob and Rhoda Lerman’s request for use of the membership mailing list for one year’s use for the appropriate fee of $250.00.

There was discussion concerning whether the mailing labels are to be provided to them and if the fee was for a one time use or for a year as in the case of Ted Peck. The minutes from the 2001 face-to-face meeting do not address the question of the one time use versus a year’s use.

Beverly Eichel arrived at the meeting at 2:20 pm.

Jack Dean moved and Roger Powell seconded to amend the motion to make the use of the list for one year.

The motion passed. 10 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD, JD – Ditto RP; JG, RP – to be consistent with the previous sale of the list, MLP, RS, DW); 2 No (RF – ditto SL, SL – should approve it for what they asked)

The motion passed unanimously.

It was noted that the disclaimer concerning the commercial use of the mailing list will appear in the upcoming membership list.

Bob Rogers was directed to develop a policy concerning the length of use of the membership list and report back to the Board with an appropriate recommendation.

Bob Rogers reported that a large number of membership applications are going out in response from the website. The use of credit cards for renewals and donations is working very well. Approximately 20% of NCA members used a credit card to renew their membership. There was a problem with the credit card company declining all the Italian members’ renewals. That problem will be corrected.

Recognition Committee

Kathy Hamilton, Recognition Chair, requested the Board’s authorization to purchase additional championship medallions as the stock of medallions was becoming depleted. She had received an estimate of 300 - 500 pieces at $3.55 each plus shipping and 500 - 1,000 at $3.15 each plus shipping. She sends approximately 100 medallions each year.

Aura Dean moved and Robin Seaman seconded to approve the request of the chair of the Recognition Committee to purchase 501 additional medallions for $3.15 each plus shipping.

The motion passed unanimously.

Regional Club Liaison

Mary Lou Cuddy, Regional Club Liaison, requested clarification concerning non-recognized regional clubs advertising in the regional club ad section of Regional Specialty catalogs. It was the consensus of the Board that non-recognized regional clubs could not advertise in the regional club ad section of National Specialty catalogs. These clubs would be allowed to place an ad in regional specialty catalogs.

Jack Dean moved and Sandee Lovett seconded to approve the Genesee Region Newfoundland Club’s request to delete the sentence in their constitution concerning term limits.

The motion passed unanimously.

It was directed that the minutes reflect Mary Lou Cuddy’s outstanding effort in getting news to and communicating with the regional clubs.

Regional Specialty Coordinator

Robin Seaman, Regional Specialty Coordinator, reported that a regional club was late in submitting its application to her and the NCA will be fined by the AKC for the late submission of an application. There was discussion about communicating with regional clubs to remind them of deadlines. It was asked who was paying the fines – NCA or the regional club. Robin Seaman reported that the regional clubs have been paying the fines but the NCA is written up in the AKC Gazette.

An application for a regional specialty must be to the Regional Specialty Coordinator no less than two weeks before the AKC deadline which is seven months before the date of the show for an independent specialty and six months before the date of the show for a specialty in conjunction with another show. These deadlines will be communicated again to the regional clubs by both Robin Seaman and Mary Lou Cuddy, Regional Club Liaison.

The fact that one regional specialty attracted an entry of sixteen was brought to the Board’s attention.

Robin Seaman reported on the need for a separate regional specialty guide. Currently, regional specialty guidelines are found in the national specialty guide. After discussion, the Board directed Robin Seaman to develop a separate regional specialty guide and to bring it back to the Board. Sandee Lovett and Joan Gunn will assist.

Steering Committee

Roger Powell, Steering Committee Chair, reported that the Steering Committee has not been as active lately because of his sabbatical. The committee will be considering topics such as education, National Specialties and other ideas. The committee will come back to the Board with more formal ideas.

The Board recessed for a break at 2:51 pm and reconvened at 3:15 pm.

Working Dog Committee

Sandee Lovett, Working Dog Committee (WDC) member, reported that the WDC had reviewed the suggestions by Christopher Plum regarding the notification to entrants that their entry had been received by the test secretary. There was discussion concerning postmarks and the use of Fed Ex and UPS. The WDC recommended that the delivery of entries to the test secretary be limited to the United States Postal System or the Canadian Postal System. Fed Ex, UPS, and others may or may not put a postmark on an item that they deliver. It was pointed out that the USPS may also have illegible or missing postmarks. Certified mail with return receipt requested was discussed, but the fact the test secretary would have to be home to sign the receipt would make the process problematic. Self-addressed postcards provided by the entrant that the test secretary could just drop in the mail was discussed. E-mail was discussed but not every person has access to e-mail. The Board directed that the WDC develop a specific mailing procedure clause to be placed on the entry form.

Executive Session

At 3:30 pm, Aura Dean moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded that the Board go into executive session. The motion carried unanimously.

At 3:55 pm, Roger Frey moved and Joan Gunn seconded that the Board come out of executive session. The motion passed unanimously.

In executive session, the Board approved the NCA new member applicant list dated October 10, 2002. There were two challenged applications from the list of applicants published in the 3rd Quarter Newf Tide. These two challenged applications were tabled until later in the meeting.

Also in executive session, the Board approved the following members to count the ballots for the election of Board members. They are Roy Esiason, Penny de la Rocha and Dan Cohen. Alternates are Louise Esiason, Kathy Cohen and Jim Pospisil.

Nominations for Awards

Aura Dean requested a clarification and a directive from the Board concerning the deadline for nominations for the NCA Good Sportsmanship Award, the Heroic Newfoundland Award and the AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards. It was her understanding that the deadline for nominations was to be in time so that the Board could vote on these awards at the fall face-to-face Board meeting. The notification requesting nominations should have been placed in the 3rd Quarter issue of Newf Tide. This year the notice was placed in the 4th Quarter issue so the Board will have to consider these awards in February or March.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Joan Gunn seconded that the deadline for the NCA Good Sportsmanship Award, the Heroic Newfoundland Award and the AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards nominations will be October 1st and that the Newf Tide Policy Committee will place an ad in the 2nd Quarter Newf Tide.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Board recessed at 4:01 pm.

The Board reconvened on Saturday, November 2, 2002 at 8:10 am. Member guests present were Ron Sell, Bob Rogers, Helen Munday, Barbara Finch, Patti McDowell, Mary Lou Roberts, Stacy Johnson, Mike McKeon, Bill Matlock and Dave Helming.

It was directed that the minutes reflect that after recessing the day before, the Board went to Philadelphia Museum of Art to view the “Distinguished Member of the Humane Society” by Sir Edwin Landseer. The Board agreed that the painting was awe-inspiring. There was a moment of silence for the late Ron Pemberton, who was so instrumental in bringing the painting back to its former glory and bringing it to the United States.

Approval of Minutes

The Board returned to the September 12, 2002 minutes. There was further discussion regarding the use of “excused” and “absent” and the number and reasons for a Board member’s absences.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Robin Seaman seconded to approve the September 12, 2002 minutes as amended.

The motion passed. 11 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD – I believe that Roger Powell gave notice to the Board that he would be on sabbatical during the summer months and he had informed the Board that email would be difficult and the best way to contact him was the USPS due to lack of ease of availability of telephone service in the remote areas of Minnesota; RF, JG, SL, RP, MLP, RS, DW); 1 No (JD – I object to the excuse being made up by the Board as to why Roger Powell did not attend this meeting, particularly when he has not attended eight of the last eleven meetings as of October)

Health and Longevity

Joan Gunn presented a proposal for improving the health and longevity of Newfoundlands. She stated that other breeds have set specified health tests that should be performed. The NCA Board has never gone on the record as saying what tests should be performed by reputable Newfoundland breeders.

The proposal contained the following points:

1.     The Board strongly recommends a set of health clearances for all Newfoundland breeders to perform on breeding Newfoundlands (cardiology clearance, hips, elbows, cystinuria, eyes).

2.     Require these recommended set of clearances be performed by breeders to be on the Breeder’s List.

3.     Develop a star system for breeders. A five-star breeder would have Newf(s) (dogs or bitches) which pass all five recommended health clearances, a four-star breeder would have four health clearances, etc.

4.     Require that the cystinuria clearance for the above be cystinuria free, as the goal is to rid our Newfs of this problem.

5.     Require that puppies be cleared by a cardiologist to be placed on the Breeder’s List.

6.     Breeders who agree to include dogs in an open database will be subsidized, e.g. reimbursed for some tests or no fee for Breeder’s List.

7.     All Newfoundland breeders should be strongly encouraged to perform the five health screening tests on breeding Newfoundlands – information regarding the NCA’s position should be widely disseminated, e.g. AKC Gazette article, contact non-members with entries in AKC stud book, Newf Tide, articles for regional club newsletters.

8.     Encourage screening clinics at National Specialties and Regional Specialties. For example, cardiology clinics, DNA testing clinics, etc.

9.     Develop a “stud book” for dogs and bitches which would include pedigree with clearances, photos, titles, and progeny produced.

10.Develop a “Breeder’s Checklist” – questions which owners should ask of studs and bitches for breeding purposes including history of hearts, cystinuria, elbow anomaly, epilepsy, cancer, bloat, thyroid, hips, elbows, eyes, etc. (in litter, produced, associated with). There are no perfect dogs, however, breeders should be allowed to weigh the risks they are taking with their breeding to a particular dog. Breeders should be encouraged to be honest in the presentation of their information. Breeders who are not forthcoming should be considered not working for the good of the breed.

Several Board members agreed that this is a concept paper with excellent ideas. These ideas need to have the specifics investigated.

Roger Frey moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to adopt items #1, #7 and #8 as a commitment to the health of the Newfoundland. To further that philosophy these items – #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #10 – will be submitted to the appropriate committees for recommendations and actions, A preliminary report is due by April 1, 2003 to the Recording Secretary.

The motion passed unanimously.

There was a general consensus that the following committees be contacted and become involved with these proposals – Breeder’s List, Ad Hoc Breeders Education, Health and Longevity, Health Liaison, Health Challenge, Health ROM and the Research Advisory Committee. Rebecca Stanevich, Health and Longevity Chairperson, will be the lead person. The Board authorized up to two teleconferences for these committees to discuss the proposals.

There was discussion concerning item #9 and which committees should be involved.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Roger Frey seconded to send item #9 to the Breeder’s List Committee, Ad Hoc Breeder’s Education Committee, Ad Hoc Health ROM Committee, Health and Longevity Committee and Newf Tide Policy Committee chairpersons and for these five committee chairpersons to request additional information from the committees and to report back to the Board by April 1, 2002.

There are many possibilities for a book of this nature and all avenues will be explored. Aura Dean, Newf Tide Policy Chairperson, will be the lead person.

The motion passed unanimously.

Grievance Versus Arbitration

There was discussion on making the statements in the Policy Manual more clear to clarify the avenues that are available to NCA members in regard to addressing a dispute. Does one file a grievance or use the arbitration process?

The introductory paragraph in the Policy Manual, Vol. II under Hearing Procedure was changed to read; “The Newfoundland Club of America requires its members to abide by its long established Ethics Guide”. The rest of the introductory paragraph will read; “To clarify current established procedures and to avoid confusion, these following avenues are described below”.

In the third paragraph, the last sentence was struck and the following sentence was added; “Grievances that arise at NCA working events are held in accordance with rules established by the NCA”.

Joan Gunn moved and Aura Dean seconded to approve the document as amended. (See Vol. II of the Policy Manual for the amended statement.)

The motion passed. 11 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD, JD, RF, JG, SL, RP, MLP, DW); 1 Abstention (RS – I am unsure if it complies with the Constitution and By-Laws.)

Challenged Membership Applications Policy

There was discussion of the challenged membership applications policy that was approved at the November 30, 2001 face-to-face meeting. The issue of protecting the confidentiality of the person making the complaint versus the right to face one’s accuser was discussed. If the complainant does not give permission to release the actual letter with the charges, the act of paraphrasing the charges puts a burden on the Recording Secretary.

Roger Frey moved and Deb Wigal seconded to accept the changes made to the challenged applicant policy.

It was decided to add a statement concerning requesting additional information. There was more discussion on the order of notification.

The motion passed unanimously.

The new policy for addressing challenged membership applications will read as follows.

When the Membership Chairperson receives a letter to challenge a new applicant’s membership, the letter will be forwarded to the Recording Secretary who will do the following:

Send a copy of the letter to the Board and send a letter to the applicant and sponsors stating that the application has been challenged and is being held for review.

The Recording Secretary shall also send a letter to the complainant asking for more specific information regarding the complaint and to request permission to send the letter of complaint and supporting documentation to the applicant and the sponsors. If permission is not received then a summary of the complaint should be sent by the Recording Secretary to the applicant, sponsors and to the complainant.

The applicant and complainant will have thirty days to respond to the Recording Secretary who will provide all information received to the Board for its action. The Board has the right to obtain more information before making a decision.

The Membership Chair will be advised of the Board’s decision.

If an applicant has been turned down for membership in the past and reapplies, the board may on its motion, request additional information from both the applicant and the prior complainant (if any) concerning the objections previously made and what steps have been taken to address the prior complaints

The Board directed the Recording Secretary to apply the new policy to the existing challenged applicants.

The Board recessed at 10:20 am and reconvened at 10:45 am.

DNA Program

There was discussion concerning the AKC’s offer of discounted DNA certifications at National Specialties. With this offer, DNA certifications collected at a National Specialty would be available for $30 per dog (a savings of $10).

Aura Dean moved and Roger Frey seconded that a letter be sent to each of the host clubs (Niagara Frontier, North Central, Northern California and Colonial), the National Specialty Committee and the Health and Longevity Committee with the recommendation that they implement the DNA program.

The motion passed unanimously.

Newf Calendars

There was discussion about the Newfoundland calendar proposal that had been received. The Board directed that Robin Seaman, Corresponding Secretary, send the information via e-mail to the National Specialty host clubs for their consideration. It will also be sent to the Health Challenge Committee as an FYI. The clubs must come back to the Board if they decide to participate. There needs to be communication as two or more committees should not be selling this at the same time. If one group is seriously considering selling the calendars then they should contact the other group.

Newf Novelties

It was stated that National Specialty host clubs are able to sell NCA logo items as fundraisers. At the April 2002 face-to-face meeting it was recommended that the Health Challenge Committee be asked if they wanted to sell NCA logo items. Sandee Lovett will contact the committee. If the Health Challenge does not want to carry NCA logo items, consideration should be given to having the Rescue Committee sell them as fund-raisers and if not to seek an alternative means to provide these items to members who may wish to purchase them.

Phone Line Technology

Aura Dean spoke to Viacom (the company through which we conduct our teleconferences) regarding additional phone lines to allow NCA members to attend teleconference meetings. Viacom can accommodate up to 135 lines but cannot guarantee the quality of the lines. Landline phones are the best as opposed to cell phones. An operator can come on to monitor the line quality. Viacom stated that most of the static is from the people calling in, not from Viacom’s end. The cost is 20˘ – 30˘ per minute per line. All rates that are quoted can change at any time and are to be considered ballpark figures.

A facility can be set up for a listen only mode at 30˘ per minute but this rate would be for all of the lines in use, including those normally used by the Board at a lower rate. The listeners would not be able to speak. An operator could moderate a Q&A session for the listen-only mode but that would be expensive.

Recording the teleconference is possible for about $15 on either a CD ROM or a cassette tape. This could be transcribed for $25 and up for every 15 minutes. Reserving additional lines after the initial reservation may be difficult and there may be a charge for unused lines. Executive session would require operator assistance at more cost and callers may be terminated.

It was decided that additional research is necessary before the Board could make a decision.

Tape Recording of Meetings

Jack Dean reported on tape recording and transcribing meetings. A one-hour tape will take 1.5 – 2 hours to transcribe at $10 - $15 per hour. The turnaround time is usually 48 hours. The persons talking would have to identify themselves when speaking.

Streaming audio on the Internet would be difficult. It becomes a quality versus space issue.

Jack Dean moved and Roger Frey seconded to suspend current policy and to tape the next two teleconferences (except for executive session), transcribe it and send it to Board members for their review and then discuss it at the second teleconference as to whether to continue the taping.

There was continued discussion. Some Board members felt that taping meetings for the purpose of recording the minutes is a good idea, but not the transcribing. Minutes need to be condensed for readability. The quality of the sound was questioned. It was stated that there would still be disagreements over what to include in the minutes. It was asked how many pages of transcription there would be for an average meeting. It was asked how other dog clubs or fraternal organizations are using this and what will be done with the tape after the minutes are approved? Parliamentary procedure states that secretaries may use tape recordings to assist in the preparation on minutes. NCA Policy forbids tape recording.

The motion passed. 9 Yes (TB, MLC, AD - I voted yes because in so doing the Board has not locked itself in; perhaps by reading what we said we will realize how important it is to focus and clarify our comments; JD, RF, RP, MLP, RS – ditto AD; DW); 3 No (CD, JG – I would be in favor of taping the meeting to facilitate the minutes but I don’t see the value of transcribing the meeting in its entirety for each Board member; SL – ditto JG)

Genetic Disease Control Ad

Lori Littleford presented a revised version of the Newf Tide ad promoting the use of open registries for health screenings. Since the Genetic Disease Control (GDC) registry has now merged some of its registries with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), the ad needs to be updated. It was requested that the OFA website address be added to the ad. This ad will appear in each issue of Newf Tide.

Roger Frey moved and Aura Dean seconded to approve the ad as amended, including the OFA information.

The motion passed unanimously.

Open Registry Inquiry

Member Rebecca Gertz wrote a letter to the Board asking about the Board’s statement as contained in Newf Tide in the GDC announcement on the open registries given the changes regarding the GDC registry and OFA’s registries. The matter was tabled and her letter will be forwarded to Rebecca Stanevich, Health and Longevity Chair. Information will be collected and the matter re-visited.

Limited Registration

Member Anne Beck wrote a letter to the Board with proposals for changes in the AKC registration policies. Among the ideas presented were having the limited registration option as the default registration and using a code to identify dogs bred by USDA breeders. The Board has already acted to send a letter to AKC and to other parent clubs recommending the limited registration as the default. Steve Gladstone, an AKC Board Member, was asked about identifying USDA breeders and he responded that the AKC does not have a link to the USDA. An NCA Board member stated that AKC could find a link to USDA breeders if it wanted. The identification of USDA breeders may be too unwieldy a process. The Board will respond to Anne Beck to thank her for her ideas.

NCA members David Helming, Bill Matlock and Michael McKeon joined the meeting.

Steve Gladstone

There was discussion as to whether Steve Gladstone would be speaking as an AKC Board Member or as an individual. Jack Dean stated that in his correspondence with Steve Gladstone that they had not really determined as to whose opinion he was representing. There was a brief discussion and explanation of Steve Gladstone’s invitation for the NCA members who were present at the meeting.

The Board recessed at 11:48 am for lunch and Steve Gladstone’s talk.

Steve Gladstone spoke to the Board and approximately 10 NCA members who were attendance. He spoke as an individual, not as a representative of the AKC.

He spoke approximately for an hour.

He outlined the history of the Care and Conditions regulations that the AKC has developed and its effect on puppy mills and commercial breeders. He used these regulations to differentiate between commercial breeders and puppy mills. He discussed the declining revenues and registrations at AKC and some of the plans the AKC has for reversing the situation. He discussed the High Volume Breeders Committee and the research they have been doing. He spoke against purchasing dogs at auction. This was followed by a question and answer session. The session ended at 3:25 pm.

The Board met at 3:45 pm in the lobby for pictures.

The Board reconvened at 4:30 pm.

Rescue Prevention Committee

Roger Frey, Rescue Prevention Committee (RPC) Chairperson, asked about the status of the letter that was to be written to the AKC concerning the limited registration as the default registration. The RPC had recommended it and the Board approved that the letter would be written at the June 6, 2002 teleconference meeting. President Tom Broderick did not receive the proposed letter from Roger Frey. Roger Frey handed Tom Broderick the letter at this meeting. Tom Broderick will write the letter using the original letter from the Kennel Club of Buffalo.

The RPC has not had time to review the correspondence from the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA) that outlined some of the things the BMDCA was attempting to accomplish in regard to solving the puppy mill problem.

It was reported that with two weeks left before the November 15, 2002 deadline that 793 rescue ballot envelopes had been received.

Rescue Mailing

Roger Frey, speaking as the RPC Chairperson, wanted his disappointment over the unauthorized packet officially noted. Many NCA members have questioned him regarding the unauthorized packet and the use of the NCA mailing list. There has been a resignation from the RPC because of the unauthorized mailing.

There are “phantom” members on the membership list and they received the packet so it is known that the membership list was used. It was asked if there was a policy on appropriate versus inappropriate use of the membership list. One Board member stated that the list was there for all members to use as they saw fit and there was absolutely nothing wrong with using the list in that manner. The Board must address the fundamental question: what is an appropriate use of the membership list.

It was asked if an electronic file was used or a hard copy. Guest member Patti McDowell replied that it was not an electronic file.

A Board member stated that the Board should move beyond secrecy and control. A majority of the Board was controlling information and it was undemocratic. It was stated that some people are happy that there is freedom on the Board.

It was asked if the membership list should be used for political purposes. Several board members thought the mailing showed a lack of faith and was unsportsmanlike. Another Board member stated that NCA members complained in great numbers. Some members of the RPC felt betrayed and disappointed. It was reported that two River King Newfoundland Club members are resigning from the NCA because of the mailing.

It was stated the timing of the mailing was a factor in that it arrived in members’ homes before the official packet, which they thought made the situation even worse. Member guest David Helming felt that there was no restriction on the use of the list and that there had been precedent for this in the 1980’s. He stated the timing was unfortunate in that he would have preferred the mailings to arrive together.

A Board member stated that there have been conflicts over other issues in the past and the Board worked together to develop policies and compromises. The Board must figure out a way to get along. It was asked if there will now be opposition mailings on every issue. A Board member asked if it was proper for the minority opinion to do this. He would like direction from the Board.

It was stated that because of the actions of the majority of the board the membership did not have all the information and that they were entitled to it and that is why the information on the latest auction had to be given to the membership in an independent manner.

A Board member stated that the phone rang off the wall and that people were confused by the timing and the source and others were dismayed that this mailing had been done.

Judges Education Committee

It was questioned why the article on grooming had not been published in the AKC Judges’ Newsletter as was directed by the Board at the December 2, 2001 face-to-face meeting. Robin Seaman stated that Betty McDonnell, Judges Education Committee (JEC) Chairperson, sent the article to Beverly Eichel who, in turn, sent it to the AKC Judges’ Newsletter. President Tom Broderick will check with the AKC Judges’ Newsletter.

There was a discussion regarding the appointing of new members to the JEC and if members could be appointed who were not recommended by the JEC. There were eight names submitted in response to the ad in Newf Tide and the NCA’s website. The policy manual states that recommendations can be sought from both the JEC and the Board. The By-Laws state that the Board has authority over all committees.

Roger Powell moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded that the Board consider not just the JEC recommendations for committee membership but any other NCA member who meets the established criteria.

Jack Dean moved and Roger Frey seconded to call the question.

4 Yes (CD, JD, RF, RP); 7 No (TB, AD, JG, SL, MLP, RS, DW); 1 Abstention (MLC)

Discussion continued. This issue was not on the agenda. It was stated the By-Laws are a guide. The Board has a responsibility for the committees and the Board should consider all names that are brought forward. The purpose of adding the new members was to increase diversification on the committee.

There should be a clear policy for all committees. It was asked if the Board was following the current policy. The policy in the manual states that the Board has jurisdiction.

The motion passed. 9 Yes (MLC – ditto CD; AD – I feel the same as Clyde; CD – I don’t think that this was a change in policy but a clarification of policy already addressed under general committee appointments; JD – This is an advance of democratic process that gives all members an equal opportunity for members to be appointed; RF – ditto CD; JG – ditto CD; SL – I agree with CD; RP, MLP); 3 No (TB – I disagree with changing the current policy and I ditto that the chairperson of the committee should have been involved in the decision; RS – I do not disagree that all committees should be in line, but I think that the chairperson should be involved. I do have a problem with this being done to this committee at this meeting; DW – I am not sure if we are changing policy or not, but the committee chairperson should be here)

Standardized Agenda Detail

Jack Dean moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to require that Board agenda items give a brief description of the topic, the rationale for the proposed discussion and, if possible, the motion to be made.

The motion passed unanimously.

Roberts Rules of Order

There was discussion on adopting Roberts Rules of Order (latest edition) as part of the standing rules for the Board and Annual Membership meetings. If Roberts Rules of Order is adopted, then motions must be presented in advance (prior notice) to the membership. The order of authority is the laws of the State of Connecticut, the Articles of Incorporation, Roberts Rules of Order and the NCA Constitution and By-Laws.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Roger Powell seconded that the NCA Board adopt Roberts Rules of Order (latest edition) as part of the standing rules for all NCA Board meetings and the NCA Annual Membership meeting.

Discussion continued. It was suggested the common parliamentary procedure be adopted. The AKC suggests Roberts Rules of Order and that is the only rule of order that it will accept. There are four or five different books on parliamentary procedure. It was asked if the Board has the authority to tell the membership how to run its meeting.

The motion passed. 9 Yes (TB, AD, CD, JD, JG, SL, RP, MLP, DW); 3 Abstentions (MLC – I am not sure that this should be a blanket policy - we may want some flexibility; RF, RS – I do not know enough about the subject)

The State of Connecticut requires that all non-stock corporations have prior written notification of certain motions made at the annual meeting in the Annual meeting unless there is a specific clause that addresses this in the corporation’s articles of incorporation.

Some members stated that a motion can be amended at the annual meeting. Connecticut law states that if the By-Laws are going to be modified then prior notification is necessary. Not every motion has to be given prior notification. Motions made from the floor are a recommendation to the Board. Motions that have prior notice are a directive to the Board. This protects the club, especially the treasury.

The board discussed a timetable for this procedure that would permit the members to be informed prior to the meeting of motions that are directions to the NCA Board. The agenda for the Annual Meeting will have to mailed to the members. Proposed motions would have to be submitted by Feb. 15th at the latest.

It was asked if the membership could suspend the standing rule at the Annual Meeting. It was decided that it would not be possible.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Jack Dean seconded that the NCA Board adopt a special rule of order for the NCA Annual Membership Meeting that would require prior written notification to the NCA membership of motions that were to be considered as directives binding upon the board to be included for discussion by the membership and to be included on the published agenda. Other motions not distributed prior to the meeting will fall under new business at the Annual Membership Meeting will be considered only as recommendations to the Board.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Board recessed at 5:50 pm and reconvened at 8:30 pm.

Breed Mentor List

There was a discussion about the Board’s appointing members to the Breed Mentor list. In the past, the Judges Education Committee (JEC) has done the appointing of new breed mentors. Each person on the Breed Mentor list is sent a letter annually to ascertain if each member is still willing to serve. It was asked why all people who meet the criteria are not invited to join. It was stated that names could be submitted to the JEC. There is no review process for members who are turned down by the JEC.

A report from Betty McDonnell was distributed that contained the JEC’s recommendation of four new members to the JEC.

At 9:00 pm Aura Dean moved and Joan Gunn seconded to go into executive session.

The motion passed unanimously.

At 9:10 pm, Jack Dean moved and Robin Seaman seconded to come out of executive session to discuss the question of whether someone who meets the breed mentor criteria can be appointed to the JEC; such action would be a change of policy.

The motion to come out of executive session passed unanimously.

Roger Frey moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded that the Board change the policy so that the Board may appoint members who meet Breed Mentor criteria but are not on the current list to the JEC.

Discussion followed. This is a gray area if the Board can appoint members to the JEC since a board approved qualification is that any one appointed must be on the breed mentor list. Some Board members feel the Board is changing policy in mid-stream. Some Board members have mixed feelings about this.

The motion failed. 4 Yes (MLC – ditto MLP; RF – I don’t feel people should be excluded from the Breed Mentor list or the JEC based on subjectivity; JG – A number of people who meet the requirements and are willing to serve (myself included) are being overlooked; MLP – The Board should be able to appoint any member to a Board appointed committee); 7 No (TB – We have a policy in place that should not be changed at this point; AD – I agree with Sandee; JD – While I approve of the concept of equal opportunity to be a Breed Mentor, in this instance I think we should adopt a better procedure to handle the problem in the near future rather than right now; SL – While a change in policy may be appropriate in the future, I believe that the appointments should be made using the criteria of the current policy since that is the policy under which the JEC made its recommendations; RP – ditto SL; RS – There is a policy in existence at this time that was originally approved by the Board of Directors; DW – I agree with agree with Sandee); 1 Abstention (CD)

Executive Session

At 9:40 pm, Clyde Dunphy moved and Robin Seaman seconded to go back into executive session.

At 11:35 pm, Robin Seaman moved and Joan Gunn seconded to come out of executive session.

In executive session, the Board appointed the 2003 Nominating Committee. The chairperson is Susan Wagner and committee members are Kathy Paxton, Cindi Goodwin, Johanna Matsuda, Cathy Sands and the alternate is Laura Gallagher. The Board appointed May Bernhard, Jim Bricknell, Kim Griffith and Deb Wigal to the Judges Education Committee. Roger Frey resigned as Rescue Prevention Chair. He agreed to stay on as chairperson until the next teleconference. Sue Jones resigned as chairperson of the Ad Hoc Breeders List/Breeder’s Education. Cathy Sands was appointed chairperson

The Board directed that the record reflect that the Annual Membership meeting should start no later than 7:30 pm. Tom Broderick will contact Henry Jurczyk regarding the Annual Membership meeting start time.

The Board directed that the record reflect that the NCA will pick up the lunch tab since the Board had working lunches over the weekend but mainly because the contract required that all board members eat in the meeting room.  The meeting room rental was advantageous and some Board members shared hotel rooms thus saving the NCA several hundred dollars.).

The Board recessed at 11:35 pm.

The Board reconvened on Sunday, November 3, 2002 at 9:10 am after an NCA Charitable Trust meeting. Member guests present were Ron Sell, Barbara Finch and Helen Munday.

National Specialty Committee

There was discussion regarding the NCA National Specialty Judges’ List. There were 154 NCA members who voted for the judges who will be listed on the 2003 – 2005 list. These judges received 15% or more of the total vote. The list automatically includes NCA breeder/judges. The committee was instructed to be sure that the breeder/judges were included on the list. There was discussion of the low voter turnout, adding additional judges’ names and of the judges’ selection policy.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Roger Powell seconded to approve the judges’ list including all NCA breeder/judges who might not be currently listed.

The motion passed. 11 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD, JD, RF, SL, RP, MLP, RS, DW); 1 No (JG – I think the policy should be changed to 15 % or a minimum of 55 judges to choose from)

The Northern California club is hosting the 2005 National Specialty. The club requested approval to ask a foreign judge, who is not on the judges’ list, to judge bitches. There was discussion on the policy concerning the foreign judges. The policy is that names of foreign judges should be submitted to May Bernhard, International Liaison, and she will forward the names to the National Specialty Committee for inclusion on the judges’ list ballot. The current policy will not allow the approval sought by the Northern California club.

Utilizing a speakerphone, Henry Jurczyk, National Specialty Chairperson, was contacted for the committee’s input. There was more discussion on the policy and the fact that the policy is clear. The name of this foreign judge was not submitted in time to be placed on the ballot.

There was discussion concerning the timing of which judge’s list to use when there is an old judges’ list and when a new list comes out and when a club chooses its judges.

There was discussion about changing the method of choosing the judges’ list. The National Specialty Committee is considering changes to the method of choosing judges.

The Board directed the National Specialty Committee to develop a policy change that deals with foreign breeder/judges. The consensus was a foreign judge should be a member of the NCA.

Roger Powell moved and Jack Dean seconded to approve the request of the Northern California Regional Club to use Sven Lovenjaer as a judge for the 2005 National Specialty even though his name does not appear on the list.

The motion failed. 2 Yes (JG, JD); 8 No (TB, AD, CD, RF, SL, MLP, RS, DW); 2 Abstentions (MLC, RP)

Joan Gunn moved and Aura Dean seconded to approve the request of the National Specialty Committee to appoint Nancy Duggan as Property Chairperson of the National Specialty Committee.

The motion passed unanimously.

The National Specialty Committee presented thirteen items it is considering while the National Specialty Guide is being revised.

1.     Site must have a minimum of 250 rooms or 150 with an additional 100 rooms willing to take dogs within 1.5 miles.

2.     Eliminate the requirement that the site be two-story.

3.     Eliminate the requirement that the show be outside, but provide guidance on inside square footage required for events.

4.     Eliminate the requirement that the show must be held on the same grounds as the hotel, as long as the grounds are within five miles of host hotel, grounds have modern facilities, indoor restaurant for inclement weather, shade, motor home facilities, ample parking, etc.

5.     Eliminate time of year restriction.

6.     Motor home parking at the show site does not need to be overnight if adequate parking is available within 10 miles.

7.     Recommend where weather is unpredictable, clubs use enclosed tenting.

8.     Priority for rooms be given to handicapped, elderly (65+), NCA Board (one room each), and Show Committee.

9.     Room reservations be handled as first postmark date the same way working events are. Clubs should wait 7 working days for mail to arrive with postmark date, should requests exceed rooms a lottery for individual rooms (not groups, nor multiple reservations in one envelope) take place.

10.Clubs be encouraged to host events other than breed and obedience such as carting, draft, water (if appropriate), agility and rally.

11.A welcome party is encouraged.

12.Breed judges selection should be handled by a committee of at least five club members with diverse lines to assure a single line does not control the process. Usually when diverse lines are included in this type of process, negotiations proceed and a panel of judges are selected which represent a cross section of viewpoints.

13.Sweeps judges – should consider respected breeders who no longer breeds or breeds very limitedly; or well established respected breeder of other working breeds.

The committee has developed a form for room reservations for the handicapped. The Board went down the list of revisions and reviewed them.

Item #3 should have an outdoor site as preferred as this is a dog bred to be outside but the club would have the option.

Item #4 had some Board members concerned about the loss of camaraderie with a split site. A split site makes it hard to plan some activities. There should be a statement that everything on one site should be preferred.

Item #5 is in conflict with the Annual meeting, which must be held in March, April or May.

Item #6 should address handicap parking for RV’s. Town ordinances regarding overnight parking should be considered.

Item #7 should suggest a check box or other means to identify an elderly member.

Item #9 led to a discussion of postmarks and the fact that Fed Ex and UPS do not use postmarks. It was also stated that some of multiple reservations come from international members. The Board decided to let this item go back to the committee for further refinement.

Items #10 - #12 are good ideas. Item #12 should mention using the judges’ selection list.

Item #13 raised the question whether the amount of current breeding being done by a prospective sweepstakes judge is a factor. This should be reworked by the committee. Newfoundland people should be encouraged to judge our breed.

The National Specialty Committee hopes to have the revision completed by the April 2003 face-to-face meeting. Board members should send suggestion to Henry Jurczyk or Joan Gunn as soon as possible. There was a discussion of putting the revision on the web and encouraging membership comments.

The Board thanked Henry Jurczyk, Joan Gunn and the National Specialty Committee for their hard work. Henry Jurczyk thanked the Board for appointing Nancy Duggan as Properties Chairperson.

The Board recessed at 10:50 am and reconvened at 11:10 am.

Regional Specialties

Joan Gunn outlined the current policy regarding Regional Specialties being held close to the time of a National Specialty. The policy states that no regional may be held 14 days before or 14 days after a National Specialty, or if a regional is within 200 miles of the National, it may not be held for 28 days before or 28 days after the National. There is a rumor that two to four East Coast regional clubs may try to schedule a cluster of regional specialties within the 14 day window surrounding the 2004 National Specialty. There was a discussion of the policy and its guidelines. It was stated that the effects of a regional(s) so close in proximity to the National Specialty would affect not only the entry at the National, but also the Health Challenge, Uniform Trophies and other committees dependent on the monies that come in during a National Specialty. The Board sent the matter to Robin Seaman, Regional Specialty Coordinator, who will follow up with Joan Gunn.

Roger Powell left the meeting at 11:00 am to catch his flight.

Just Cause

There was discussion of what constitutes “just cause” for a Board member to miss meetings. It was discussed whether this should be referred to the Steering Committee or the Nominating Committee.

Jack Dean moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to request a Board appointed Ad Hoc committee of three Board members to suggest a definition for the term ”just cause” for absence for a Board of Directors meeting and further to suggest a minimum length of time that a member must remain at a meeting for it to be counted as attendance.

There was agreement that criteria is needed.

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent:RP)

Aura Dean moved and Joan Gunn seconded that Clyde Dunphy chair the Ad Hoc Committee to determine ‘just cause” and that Roger Powell and Mary Lou Cuddy serve on this committee. A report is due by the January 2003 teleconference.

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RP)

Newf Tide Policy

There was some discussion regarding the policy governing a letter or article that is deemed critical of a person or policy.

Jack Dean moved and Deb Wigal seconded that the policy concerning letters and articles that are critical should be reviewed by the Newf Tide Policy Committee (NTPC).

The motion failed. 4 Yes (TB, AD – I voted yes because the NTPC would have liked the opportunity to review this suggestion; CD, JD – I think the Board has to move past its old Vietnam mentality approach and recognize that freedom of speech and the freedom of citizens to voice objections are important rights in a democracy. The NCA Board must realize that you do not solve problems by prohibiting information from getting to the members. Control of the press is one of the hallmarks of communist countries. It should not be imitated by the NCA.); 6 No (MLC, RF – I am very familiar with the policy. It was written shortly after a letter I wrote to Newf Tide. I didn’t like it then, but the current policy makes sense to me now; JG – We have a very workable policy and it is a waste of time for the NTPC to review this; SL, MLP, RS); 1 Abstention (DW); (Absent: RP)

There was further discussion concerning the fact the NTPC would like the opportunity to review this suggestion. The position of the NTPC was not made clear prior to the voting on the previous motion. The NTPC feels to be fair to the membership that this needs to be considered.

Robin Seaman moved and Deb Wigal seconded to rescind the previous motion.

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RP)

Jack Dean moved and Deb Wigal seconded that the policy concerning letters and articles that are critical should be reviewed by the Newf Tide Policy Committee (NTPC).

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RP)

Advance Notice

There was discussion of Board members disclosing critical information that has an effect on a decision process as soon as possible. It was stated that the Board has to trust each other that information is made known as soon as possible. It was the consensus of the Board if a Board member has information that they make contact and disperse the information in a timely manner.

Robin Seaman and Deb Wigal left at 12:00 noon to catch their flights.

Limit on Board Appointments

It was stated that approximately 70% of all committee members are current or ex-Board members or spouses and that one person serves on four different board appointed committees. The Board should encourage more members to get involved. A Board member suggested that people with multiple committee assignments choose one committee on which to serve. It was also stated that over 200 people are participating on NCA committees.

Jack Dean moved and Aura Dean seconded that with the goal of obtaining wider membership participation, except for Ad Hoc Committees, beginning with all Board appointments made after March 1, 2003, absent a special request or unusual circumstances involving special skills and expertise, normally a person can serve on only one Board appointed committee.

Discussion continued. It was stated that this would be a logistical nightmare. Valuable people will be lost. It is a very negative motion. It was suggested, that instead of this motion, to solicit names of interested members, publicize this list and encourage these people and the committees to communicate. Keep asking members for new names. It was stated that the purpose of the motion was to free space on the committees for new people.

The motion failed. 1 Yes (JD – The purpose of the motion is to generate a gentle pressure to create openings on committees because no matter how badly a member want to participate there are no open committees for them to participate); 8 No (TB – I agree with Sandee; MLC – I agree with Sandee; AD – It is a positive attempt to get wider membership involvement and I agree with Sandee; CD – I voted no because there are 17 open committees that only the chairman is appointed and the committee membership is unlimited; RF – I think the motion was well-intended but the possible results would have a possible negative effect; JG – I wouldn’t want to do anything to restrict or hamper people who are already on committees. I want them to know they are appreciated; SL – I support the concept of encouraging more participation but feel it should be implemented with future appointments rather than affecting current committee members who are actively serving; MLP – I agree with Sandee); (Absent: RP, RS, DW)

Joan Gunn moved and Mary Lou Cuddy seconded to request the Steering Committee, the Regional Club Liaison and NCA website advertise NCA's desire to enlist members to service to Newfoundlands and their club by volunteering to serve on its committee(s).

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RP, RS, DW)

The Board set the next teleconference meeting for Dec 12, 2002 at 8 pm Eastern time. Mary Lou Cuddy, Recording Secretary, will inform the Board later of the agenda deadline.

Newf Tide Policy Committee

Aura Dean, Newf Tide Policy Committee Chairperson, handed out a job description for the circulation coordinator for Newf Tide. Beth Sell is the current circulation coordinator. The job description is consistent with other volunteer descriptions.

Mary Lou Cuddy moved and Sandee Lovett seconded to approve the job description of the circulation coordinator.

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RP, RS, DW)

Aura Dean reported that contracts for the editor and printer will remain in effect to the end of 2003. The contracts are awarded on a three-year basis. Bids will be solicited for the awarding of contracts in the fall of 2003 to be effective January 2004.

The 1st Quarter issue of Newf Tide will be very large. There may be 30 pages of minutes and all the committee reports. The binding may have to be upgraded to “perfect” binding which is more expensive.

Aura Dean reported that the NTPC would be consolidating policies in the Policy Manual. She will come back to the Board with it when it is completed.

The NTPC continues to serve the NCA. There are many people contributing articles and there will be an attempt made to continue the four to five feature articles in each issue.

A Board member expressed concern over Jan Boggio’s possible election to the Board and her continuing as Newf Tide Editor. Aura stated that it was not a problem at this time.

A Board member asked if there is a policy regarding the National Specialty BOB’s front cover picture. It was asked if the photo used should be the one from the National and not from another show. The current policy permits the winner to select the cover photo. The NTPC was directed to review this.

Tom Broderick thanked the Board for a great weekend. The Board covered every agenda item. The Board thanked Tom for a good job.

There was a brief discussion of posting motions on the website’s bulletin board.

Clyde Dunphy moved and Sandee Lovett seconded to appoint Joan Gunn and Deb Wigal to record bulletin board items during the meetings and those will be reviewed at the end of the meeting before they are posted on the website.

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RP, RS, DW)

Joan Gunn moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to adjourn the meeting at 1:25 pm.

The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RP, RS, DW)


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Lou Cuddy
NCA Recording Secretary