Newfoundland Club of America Board ofDirectors Meeting


Teleconference Minutes, December 12, 2002 (Approved March 4, 2003)

President Tom Broderick called the teleconference meeting to order at 8:37 pm Eastern time on Thursday, December 12, 2002. The following directors were present: Tom Broderick (TB), Mary Lou Cuddy (MLC), Aura Dean (AD), Jack Dean (JD), Clyde Dunphy (CD), Roger Frey (RF), Joan Gunn (JG), Sandee Lovett (SL), Roger Powell (RP), Mary L. Price (MLP), Robin Seaman (RS), Deb Wigal (DW), Beverly Eichel (BE) (ex-officio)and  Mary W. Price (MWP), AKC Delegate (ex-officio).

Tom Broderick, President, announced that NCA Honorary Member Jim Bellows passed away in September. There was a moment of silence to remember him and other NCA members who had passed away. There was discussion whether a letter of condolence from the Board should be sent to Mrs. Bellows. It was asked if a letter of condolence had been sent to the Dewey family upon Mary Dewey’s death. It was decided that each Board member would write their own.

Approval of Minutes

The Board reviewed the August 27, 2002 – September 9, 2002 minutes. Joan Gunn moved and Aura Dean seconded to approve the August 27, 2002 – September 9, 2002 minutes as amended. The motion passed 11 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD, JD, JG, SL, RP, MLP, RS, DW); 1 No (RF)

The Board reviewed the September 19, 2002 minutes. Roger Powell moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to conditionally approve the September 19, 2002 minutes contingent on Joan Gunn submitting the sentence in question to the Board for their review. The motion passed unanimously.

Beverly Eichel joined the meeting at 9 pm.

The Board decided in order to save time that each Board member would review the November 1-3, 2002 face-to-face minutes after the teleconference and e-mail any changes or corrections to Mary Lou Cuddy, Recording Secretary, by December 29, 2002. The Board scheduled a teleconference for Thursday, January 09, 2003 to approve the minutes.

Report of the Recording Secretary

Mary Lou Cuddy, Recording Secretary, reported that she had prepared the December 12, 2002 teleconference agenda and November 1-3, 2002 minutes. She sent letters to two challenged membership applicants and their sponsors. She oversaw the printing and the mailing of the election ballot packet. She reported that she had just received a report from Lori Littleford concerning the Health Class Ad Hoc Committee and that she would forward that information to the Board.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary

Robin Seaman, Corresponding Secretary, reported that she had received correspondence from the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program. Purina has extended this program and invited NCA members to join the program or to continue as members. Robin Seaman reminded Board members that this program entailed sending weight seals or tags from Purina products to Purina and Purina would then make a donation to the Canine Health Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

Aura Dean moved and Robin Seaman seconded to continue to give NCA members the opportunity to participate in the Purina Parent Club Partnership plan for the next two years.

There was discussion that Purina is using this to sell more dog food and if Purina really cared about canine health, they would just write a check. One board member stated that she had talked to quite a few members in general conversation and their opinion was that they did not feel that Purina was doing this to increase their dog food sales but they were concerned about canine health. There will be a small ad in Newf Tide for this program but it will be made clear to the membership that the NCA is not endorsing Purina products.

The motion passed 11 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD, JD, RF, SL, RP, MLP, RS, DW); 1 No (JG)

Robin Seaman reported that she had written a letter to Rhoda Lerman to inform her that the Board had approved her request to use the NCA membership mailing list for onetime commercial use. In response to Robin’s letter, Rhoda Lerman submitted a check to cover the fee for such use.

Robin Seaman reported that three people contacted her about serving as media contacts. Other Board members reported that other NCA members had contacted them about this matter. The discussion was tabled until executive session.

Robin Seaman reported that John Adams will once again be hosting an ice cream social at the National Specialty on Tuesday, April 22, 2003. He has invited the Board, as in years past, to act as ice cream servers. The Board accepted the invitation.

Report of the Treasurer

Mary L. Price presented the following report:

NCA Operations






     Checking Account



     Savings Account












"Distinguished Member" Restoration


     Money Market Account









Uniform Trophy Fund



     Money Market Account












 It was asked if the decrease in savings was due to fact that printing bills were paid. Mary L. Price stated that was correct. It was then asked if the balances in the accounts are the actual amounts or have they been adjusted for outstanding checks. The figure is the amount actually in the account when the report was given .

 Report of the AKC Delegate

 Mary W. Price, AKC Delegate, reported that she had just arrived home from the AKC Delegates meeting that was held in Orlando, Florida in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba National Invitational Championship show, held on December 11, 2002. She attended the Parent Club committee meeting. She reported on the results of a survey concerning the awarding of three point majors to the reserve winners at National Specialties. Out of the 85 Parent Clubs responding, 70 of those clubs, including the NCA, favored the idea and 15 were opposed. Clubs that have not yet responded will be solicited again for their opinions before the Parent Club Committee will take any further action.

 There were many pats on the back for the recent Parent Club conference held in Cincinnati, OH on October 25-27, 2002. It was such a glorious affair and there are great hopes that a similar conference will be held again in 2004.

 Mary W. Price reported that there was consideration of a proposal to ban the use of bait in the ring. Parent Club Committee members oppose this idea, stating it should be at the discretion of each individual judge and the show superintendent should be encouraged to provide clean mats.

 She stated the report of the High Volume Breeders committee was now posted on the AKC Website. She offered to make copies of the report for any of the NCA Board members who wished a copy. Jack Dean stated that several NCA members had experienced difficulties in downloading the report from the AKC website. He offered to email the copy to all Board members who wished to receive it.  The report was dated November 12, 2002 but the AKC Board has not yet given it any consideration. The fancy will now have time to digest the report and make suggestions.

 The proposed amendment to the dog show rules, which would allow dogs to keep any awards earned that day prior to becoming lame and also would be allowed to compete in another type of competition, i.e. obedience, should the dog become sound, passed. The second proposed amendment to the dog show rules regarding information required on an entry form and determining when changes to that information may be made, i.e. typographical error, etc., created quite a lot of discussion and in the end, no vote was taken. It has gone back to the Dog Show Rules committee for revision.

 Mary W. Price reported on the Invitational show. There were three NCA members, all of whom were delegates, who stewarded for the Newfoundland ring. Ch. Darbydale’s All Rise Pouch Cove, owned by Peggy Helming and Carol Bergmann won the breed and placed second in the Working Group. Peggy and Dave Helming were named Breeder of the Year for the Working Group.

 Newf Tide Policy Committee

 Aura Dean, Newf Tide Policy Committee (NTPC) chair, reported on the prices charged for advertisements in Newf Tide. NTPC would like the prices to remain the same for NCA members at $135 for a full page ad, but the committee feels that a price increase for NCA member-vendor ads (not including litters in the “Whelping Box” or the classified ads) is justified. NCA members who place ads for sales through their businesses would be charged $200 for a full page ad. Non-NCA members who run commercial ads would be charged $400 for a full page. Aura Dean stated that Newf Tide does not receive a lot of non-NCA member commercial ads nor do they accept a lot of them as they are not appropriate for Newf Tide.

 Aura Dean moved and Roger Powell seconded to approve the proposed prices for ads in Newf Tide.

 Mary W. Price stated that at an AKC Delegates’ forum and at the formal delegates’ meeting that Edmund Sledzik, the NCA’s tax advisor and advisor to numerous other clubs, cautioned clubs to be careful about including commercial ads in their publication as it might impact a club’s tax status.Jack Dean stated that we had changed our tax status to take care of this problem for filing our tax returns. Aura Dean stated that she will contact Edmund Sledzik and obtain his advice.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 Aura Dean reported that the NTPC is requesting that the Board approve the addition of the Newf Tide photo contest to the NTPC’s section of the NCA policy manual.

 Aura Dean moved and Roger Powell seconded to add the Newf Tide photo contest to the policy manual.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 There was discussion concerning the changing the average number of Newf Tide pages as stated in the policy manual. The next issue of Newf Tide will have an announcement advertising for opening bids for contracts for both the editor and the printer of Newf Tide. The average number of pages is used to give the person or company submitting a bid an idea of the work involved in putting out Newf Tide. The current policy states that there is an average of 72 pages per issue and that is not accurate any more. There was discussion over the number of pages and how best to determine that number.

 Aura Dean moved and Robin Seaman seconded to change the average number of pages in Newf Tide from 72 to 104.

 Motion passed unanimously.

 Regional Club Liaison

 Mary Lou Cuddy, Regional Club Liaison, reported on the Newfoundland Club of San Diego’s request to change their constitution and by-laws. The major changes concerned changes to their membership application procedure, their requirements for number of meetings held and the procedure for the election of officers.

 Mary Lou Cuddy moved and Deb Wigal seconded to approve the changes to the constitution and by-laws of the Newfoundland Club of San Diego.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 There was a discussion of a new regional club that is starting to form in Ohio. It was stated that all communications and negotiations between the new club and neighboring clubs need to be done in writing so that there are written records of the negotiations and no misunderstandings.

 Rescue Prevention Committee

 Roger Frey, Rescue Prevention Committee (RPC) Chair, wanted to know if the Board was still interested in having the RPC create a survey to address various rescue issues. The idea of a survey was discussed last June/July but then the committee’s attention turned to developing the rescue ballot packet. The RPC does have a survey that goes to all the regional clubs looking at all the reasons dogs are in rescue and there will be a new updated one going out next year. But that survey is different than the one discussed following the annual meeting.

 There was discussion of whether a survey was needed after the results of the “purchase at auction” vote. Some Board members felt that a survey was not needed as the membership voted overwhelmingly against purchase. Other Board members felt that the simple yes/no vote on the ballot did not give the members a chance to comment on options.

 The RPC wants the Board’s direction as they do not want to waste time developing this survey if it is not going to be approved. The RPC has a teleconference scheduled for January 8, 2003.

 There was discussion of having the RPC determine what they think the next step should be. Roger Frey asked what questions does the Board want answered and what information does the Board want to collect. It was stated that there are a lot of issues concerning rescue, not just purchasing at auction.

 After further discussion it was decided that the RPC discuss this matter at their next meeting and decide if they think a survey is a project they would like to address. If the RPC decides to pursue a survey, that survey must come before the Board for approval.

 Roger Frey then brought up the moratorium concerning new members joining the RPC. The RPC is an open committee. The moratorium was placed on the committee in August and would be lifted after the rescue ballot issue was concluded.

 Roger Powell moved and Aura Dean seconded to lift the moratorium on the RPC and to return the committee to open status.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 It was directed that the minutes reflect that Roger Frey will stay on as Rescue Prevention Committee chair until the Annual Meeting.

 Annual Membership Meeting Start Time

 There was discussion of moving the start time of the Annual Membership meeting from 8:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Henry Jurczyk, National Specialty Show Chair, had mentioned in an earlier conversation with Tom Broderick that the Board should consider announcing the awards before the meeting begins. The Board agreed that the awards should be given during the meeting and that the meeting should start at 7:00 pm. Tom Broderick will inform Henry Jurczyk of the Board’s decision.

 Limited Registration Letter

 The Board discussed the “limited registration as the default registration” letter. In the course of the discussion, it was decided to address the letter to Ron Menaker, Chairman of the AKC Board, Al Cheaure, President of the AKC, the members of the AKC Board and James Crowley, Executive Secretary. It was felt that if these individuals were in favor of this proposal, then the expense and labor of sending the letter to all the Parent Clubs could be avoided.

 The discussion then turned to including a copy of the letter in Newf Tide so that the membership would be kept informed.

 Roger Frey moved and Joan Gunn seconded to include the text of the letter in the next issue of Newf Tide.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 The Board commended Tom Broderick on the letter and that it was an improvement over the original letter from the Kennel Club of Buffalo.

 Modification of Rescue Committee Policy

 Robin Seaman moved and Roger Powell seconded to approve the modifications to the Rescue and Referral Committee policy as written by Robin Seaman and to document the NCA membership votes in the NCA Policy Manual.

 Roger Frey moved and Joan Gunn seconded that these modifications as written by Robin Seaman be referred to the Rescue and Referral committee.

 There was discussion that the modifications that Robin Seaman wrote should be referred to the Rescue and Referral committee for their input. The Rescue and Referral committee may have other changes or improvements to the document. It was felt by some Board members that the proposed changes were confusing.

 Roger Powell moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to call the question on Roger Frey’s motion.

 The motion failed 7 Yes (MLC, CD, RF, JG, SL, RP, MLP); 5 No (TB, AD, JD, RS, DW) (two-thirds vote needed to pass)

 Discussion continued. It was stated that this was a ploy to delay re-writing the policy. The NCA membership has spoken concerning the purchase of Newfs at auction. The Board does not always have to send policy back to the committee. It is not typical to have a non-committee member submit changes without committee input. The Rescue and Referral Committee have not yet seen these changes.

 Roger Powell moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to amend Roger Frey’s motion and add that the rescue and referral committee follow the vote of the membership on purchase and February 1, 2003 will be the deadline for the rescue and referral committee to report back to the Board.

 The motion passed 11 Yes (TB, MLC, AD, CD, JD, JG, SL, RP, MLP, RS, DW); 1 No (RF – I don’t believe a February 1st deadline leaves enough time to review and rewrite the rescue policy.)

 The Board then voted on Roger Frey’s motion with the approved amendments.

 The motion passed 9 Yes (MLC, AD – I agree with what Robin has written and I would expect that the rescue and referral committee would more or less adopt that and this is a courtesy to them; CD, RF, JG – It is a courtesy to a committee to let them author changes to their policy; SL – I agree with Debbie; RP – I believe that the NCA works best when committees are allowed to do their jobs; MLP, DW – I agree with Robin’s changes, but feel the committee may have some further input); 2 No (TB, JD – I think that this only another example of how people will try to thwart the will of the membership. There is nothing difficult about understanding the word “no” – unless you don’t want to understand it. And the only change in Robin’s modification is to remove purchase as an option.) 1 Abstention (RS)

 As a result of the previous vote, Robin Seaman’s motion is considered to be referred to the Rescue and Referral Committee.

 There was a discussion regarding donations made to the rescue fund with the donors noting that the funds were to be used to specifically for auction purchases. Should these donations be returned or the donors given an option of taking back the donations? In the interest of time and the fact that this was not an agenda item, the Board tabled the discussion.

 AKC List of Parent Club Webmasters

 Robin Seaman reported that AKC is setting up a list of all parent club webmasters. She informed the AKC that Jack Dean should be listed as NCA’s webmaster.

 Breed Mentor List

 Jack Dean moved and Roger Powell seconded to request the Judges Education Committee for their input in writing, no later than February 1, 2003, the reasons why a person can fulfill all of the requirements of being a breed mentor but not appear on the breed mentor list and their recommendations, if any, for policy changes in this area.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 Monitoring Newfs at Auctions

 Jack Dean moved and Roger Powell seconded to request that the Rescue Prevention Committee and the Rescue and Referral Committee report back by February 1, 2003 on a mechanism to monitor dog auctions when Newfoundlands are consigned.

 In response to a Board member’s concern, the two committees will also address the potential situation of someone monitoring the auction and noticing a dog listed to be sold that was bred by an NCA member. The committees will develop guidelines for such a situation.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 Rescue Prevention Committee’s Telephone List

 The Board directed that the minutes reflect that Rescue Prevention Committee will continue their work on developing a telephone list of NCA members across the country that would be willing to answer questions fromthe general public who are interested in the breed.

 Breeders’ List

 There was discussion regarding the Breeders’ List Ad Hoc Committee and the committee’s development of proposed changes to the Breeders’ List.

 Jack Dean moved and Roger Powell seconded to request the Breeders’ List Ad Hoc Committee to supply to the Board by February 1, 2003, their recommendations for changes to the Breeders’ List qualifications and standards, and other matters previously referred to the committee.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 Robin Seaman left the meeting at 10:10 pm.

 Executive Session

 Clyde Dunphy moved and Aura Dean seconded to go into executive session at 10:13 pm. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RS)

 Mary W. Price left the meeting at 11:40 pm.

 Clyde Dunphy moved and Aura Dean seconded to come out of executive session at 11:52 pm. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RS)

 While in executive session, the Board approved the list of membership applicants dated December 1, 2002.

 The Board directed the Recording Secretary to write a letter to the NCA member whose privileges had been suspended by the AKC as per the NCA By-Laws.

 The Board directed that Mary Lou Roberts, Publicity Committee Chair, and the Publicity Committee coordinate and provide the AKC a list of people that the AKC can contact; including but not limited to the following who have expressed an interest – Neil Cohen, Nancy McKee, Helen Munday and Karen Steinrock.

 The Board appointed Barbara Finch to fill the vacancy on the Breeders’ List Ad Hoc Committee left by the resignation of Peggy Helming.

 Illustrated Guide

 Roger Frey moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to allow the Newfoundland Club of Canada to use parts of the NCA Illustrated Guide in their Illustrated Guide as long as credit is given to the NCA.

 The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RS)

 The Board decided to table until the next meeting the email from Pat Randall that had been added to the agenda at the last minute.

 Beverly Eichel left the meeting at 11:45.

 Roger Powell moved and Clyde Dunphy seconded to adjourn the meeting at 11:56 pm Eastern Time. The motion passed unanimously. (Absent: RS)

 Respectfully submitted,

 Mary Lou Cuddy
Recording Secretary