Annual Meeting Minutes

 Thursday, April 25, 2002

Clarion Hotel, Carlisle, Pennsylvania



At 8:26 p.m. the meeting was called to order: “I am Beverly Eichel, President of the Newfoundland Club of America, and it is my distinct pleasure and personal honor to welcome you to our Annual Membership Meeting. Mr. Secretary, do we have a quorum?


Then, let the record show that, with a quorum having been declared, this is an official meeting of the membership of the Newfoundland Club of America.


Each year as I have attended this gathering, the thought occurs to me, and especially this year, that all of the attendees of this meeting are very special. This is a trying time for our nation. On September 11, our very foundation of freedom sustained a jolt, and since that time, travel throughout the world has been stressful. Thus, all of your efforts to travel to be with us this week is especially appreciated. Now, we all know that the Newfoundland is the greatest dog in the world. Perhaps all of the world governments should take note that the simple common denominator of one breed of dog can bring together so many people from all over the world in peace and love. Our International visitors are guests of our country, but they are not guests at this meeting, as they are members of the Newfoundland Club of America. But, I'm impressed with their special effort to attend this year, and I ask them all to please stand for recognition as I mention your country. We have visitors this week from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom, from England and Wales. I'm always embarrassed to include our neighbors to the North on a list of 'international' or foreign countries, as they are not only our neighbors and friends, but the homeland of our dogs! A special welcome, please, to our Canadian attendees.


As a reminder, the award of Honorary Life membership is presented by your Board of Directors as an award of recognition of long and special service to the NCA. On behalf of the NCA, I thank you all again.

The true guests of honor for this event are not here this evening ---they are our dogs! May I ask for applause to honor our Newfoundlands waiting patiently in their crates for dinner or attention? And to all of the rest of you in this room, lastly, for all the love and devotion you show, I invite you all to a round of applause to yourselves for the effort and energy you have placed in just being here this week and tonight.

I want to introduce your Board and Officers to you. Tonight, two members of the Board retire, myself and Steve McAdams. Steve is unable to be with us, but his efforts have been greatly appreciated.

Would you all please stand as I call your name and remain standing. Your 1st VP is Dr. Clyde Dunphy. Your 2nd VP is Sandee Lovett. Your Treasurer is Mary L. Price. Your Recording Secretary is Tom Broderick. Your Corresponding Secretary is Robin Seaman. Your current Board Members are Roger Frey, Joan Gunn, Aura Dean and Mary Lou Cuddy. Dr. Roger Powell, also a member of our Board, was here earlier in the week, but professional obligations required him to leave. He left a message for you all:


To Members of NCA from Roger Powell 


“I regret that I cannot join you for this Annual Meeting of NCA.   Unfortunately, a pair of seminars at my university, North Carolina State University, for which I have responsibility, were rescheduled for today and tomorrow, April 25 and 26, due to events of September 11, 2001. My special regret is that, as your Board Member, I miss this opportunity to interact directly with other NCA members regarding your important concerns.  Please contact me directly with your ideas, concerns and interests.  I want to know what is important to you.  I look forward to hearing from you.”



Our AKC Delegate is Mary W. Price. Assuming a seat on the Board following this meeting will be Jack Dean and Dr. Debra Wigal.


The NCA Board wants to take a special moment here to recognize the behind the scenes workers - our committee chairs and members who deserve recognition. Please, as I call your name, stand and remain standing so that we can all appreciate the numbers of people who volunteer their time for the NCA.


AKC Breeder Referral                                        National Specialty                                Newf Tide Policy

Johanna Davis, Chair                                                  Henry Jurczyk, Chair            Aura Dean, Chair

                                                                                Jack Witt                                 Glen Malchow

AKC Legislative Liaison                                      Lori Littleford                         Ken Wildman

Gail Wettstein, Chair                                                                Joan Gunn                                                Maredith Reggie

                                                                                Ingrid Lyden                            David VanCouvering

Arbitration                                                            Lee Ann Hughes                       Jan Boggio

Ken Price, Chair                                                      Brenda Matheny                      Beth Sell

Barbara Jenness                                                        Kathy Stavish                          Dawn Fretts

Nancy Aliff                                                              Peggy Helming                         Jack Dean

                                                                                                                                Rebecca Gertz

Finance                                                                 Nominating                           Marie Acosta

Frank Winnert, Chair                                                                Lynda Stierle,Chair                 Rhoda Hartmann

Mark Aliff                                                                               JoAnn Wucherer                      David Hartmann

Ken Price                                                                 Linda Morley-Roser                 Ingrid Lyden

Scott Westphal                                                        Bob Ohle                                  Pamela Newsom

Sandy Gabel                                                              Brenda Santiago                       Bonnie Urban

Helen Mancuso                                                                                                        Pamela van Giessen

Mary L. Price                                                          Steve McAdam, Chair              Jeannette Voss

                                                                                Jean Quandt                             Marylou Zimmerman

Judges’ Education                                                 Dwight Summers                      Susan Mendleson

Betty McDonnell, Chair                                           Susan Wagner                           Todd Bennett

Ingrid Lyden                                                            Tracey Warncke

Fran Dibble                                                              Johanna Davis (alt)                  Working Dog

Kathy Griffin                                                                                                           Cheryl Dondino, Chair

Peggy Helming                                                         Research Advisory                                 Steve Barkas

Carol Winnert                                                          Cherrie Brown, Chair                               Jacqueline Brellochs

Sue Jones                                                                   Rebecca Stanevich                   Gabrielle Cohen

Margaret Willmott                                                   Allan Robins                            Joyce Echon-Butler

Steve McAdams                                                       Tamzin Rosenwasser                                 Jocelyn Hawley

Mary W. Price                                                         Edith Markoff                          Barbara Jenness

Jo-Ann Riley                                                            Sharon Gwaltney-Brandt          Sandee Lovett

Robin Seaman                                                                                                          Sue Marino

                                                                                                                                Dwight Gorsuch

                                                                                                                                Cindy White

                                                                                                                                Carol Winnert



Steering                                                Health & Longevity                                             Rescue Network

Roger Powell, Chair                                                Rebecca Stanevich, Chair                      Mary L. Price, Chair

Clyde Dunphy                                          Shirley Ketchmore                                   Cherilyn Antin

Tom Broderick                                         Joyce Ryan                                             Mary Ann Barnhill

                                                                Barbara Jenness                                    Debbie Berg

Regional Club Liaison                         Mary Lou Roberts                                         Marnie Bingham

Mary Lou Cuddy                                      Patti McDowell                                         Tracy Carton

                                                                Jennifer Zablotny                                    Pat Drew

Reg. Spec. Show Coord.                    Dan Carr                                                  Clyde & Cathy Dunphy

Tom Broderick                                                                                                         Margot Duval

                                                                Historian                                                                Debbie Fitton

Newf. Health Liaison                           Mary Jane Spackman,Chair                      Sandy Gabel

David Helming                                          Sue Miller                                                 John & Teresa Gedritis

Clyde Dunphy                                                                                                          Jackie Goetz

                                                                Juniors                                                  Jean Hain

Awards                                                   Stacy Roderick, Chair                                               Claire Hernandez

Ingrid Lyden, Chair                                  Jean McAdams                                       Dee Holland

Mary Lou Cuddy                                                                                                      Dana Hubacek

Dawn Fretts                                            Membership                                        Sylvia Jones

Mary Galdauskas                                    Bob Rogers, Chair                                   Glen Malchow

Edie Koster                                              Mary W. Price                                          Debbie Manning

Jenni Lott                                                 Mary L. Price                                           Jenny Martens

Helen Mancuso                                                                                                       Nan Martin

Bill Matlock                                               NCA Policy Manual                               Larry Medsker

Pam Mohr                                                Joan Gunn, Chair                                    Sue Miller

Lanelle Warrick                                                                                                       Carole Moores

                                                                Newf. Health Challenge                      Les Morris

Breeders List                                         Jan Boggio, Co-Chair                                               Lisa Noel

Candace McMahon, Chair                       Mary Jane Spackman Co-Chair               Pat Owens

                                                                Consie Powell                                         Chris Pulver

Companion Newf                                                                                                  Bob & Jean Quandt

Barbara Frey, Chair                                                Obedience                                            Kathy Reed

Carolyn T. Kuhn                                      Lanelle Warrick, former Chair                 Lynn Reinhardt

Chris Rakyta                                            Barbara Hearn, new Chair                      Lynne Rutenberg

Walt Kuhn                                                                                                                Kristin Sennhenn

Ivan Rakyta                                             Publicity                                                 Janey Shaddrick

                                                                Mary Lou Cuddy, Chair                           Anne Snowden

Database                                                               Anne Beck                                                               Donna Stahelin

Dawn Fretts, Chair                                  Daniel Beegun                                         Trudy Stroupe

                                                                Joanne Forsythe                                     Bonnie Urban

International Liaison                           Kathy Reed                                              Pat Woodfin

May Bernhard, Chair                               Kymythy Schultz                                     Annamarie Yurvati

                                                                Mary Dewey                                           Sue Zientara

Internet                                                  Peggy Helming                                         Jean & Andy Zinsmeyer

Jack Dean, Chair                                     Claire Carr                                               Donna Zink


General Education                                               Recognition

Ann Marie Thibault, Chair                        Kathy Hamilton, Chair

Mary Lou Cuddy                     

Tracy Warncke                                       Versatile Newfoundland

Jennifer Zablotny                                    Jacqueline Brellochs, Chair

Joanne Peterson

Aura Dean

Sandee Lovett


Rescue Network

Regional Club Chairs                                         Rescue Education /

Kathy Paxton (CNC)                                                Prevention

Karen Kassy (CRNC)                                              Roger Frey, Chair

Patrick Ramirez (CRNC)                                          Patti McDowell

Sue Auger (GRNC)                                                 Ray Donner

Jennifer Zablotny (GLNC)                                       Pat Woodfin

Bobbi Walker (HANC)                                              Ann Marie Thibault

Cathy Sands (HCNC)                                              Pat Randall

Diane Redpath (MNC)                                              Lori Littleford

Lea Johnson (NPDNC)                                            Candace McMahon

Candance McMahon (NCF)                                     Jennifer Zablotny

Ellen Katz (NCNE)                                                    Tracy Warncke

Cathy Derench (NCNE)

Nancy Byrnes (NCNCal)                                         Health Class

Sharon Gilbert (NCSD)                                            Lori Littleford

Karen Turnquist (NCS)

Denise Hatakeyama (NCSC)                                   Health ROM

Lonnie Specht (NFNC)                                            Tamzin Rosenwasser

Mary L. Price (NoCNC)

Jan Rixman (NNC)                                                   AKC Delegate

Nancy Varnum (OWNC)                                          Mary W. Price

Caron Da Silva (PNNC)

Joyce Butler (PONC)

Ray Donner (RKNC)

Jeff Main (SCNC)


Charitable Trust Structure

Clyde Dunphy, Chair

Frank Winnert

Mary L. Price

David Helming


Memorial Trophy

Ron Pemberton, Chair

Roger Frey

Mary Dewey

Diana Sellers

Bob Quandt

Jean Quandt


“Distinguished Member”


Ron Pemberton, Chair

Diana Sellers

Clyde Dunphy


Database Maintenance

Clyde Dunphy, Chair

Dawn Fretts

Bob Rogers




 We will now proceed with the agenda as printed and distributed. If you did not receive a copy, I believe there may be extras up front.

Each year the NCA seeks nominations for the Good Sportsmanship Award. This award reflects members who have made exceptional contributions to the sport of dogs, competes fairly and works for the advancement of the sport and the NCA without regard to personal honors. With just one award available for a club as large as ours, this is indeed a distinguished honor. This year's award was presented to Mary Dewey in honor of her contribution to the NCA and the sport of dogs.



Steve Britton was appointed to serve as the Parliamentarian for the meeting. Candace McMahon moved that we conduct the meeting according to Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Order. The motion was seconded by Jim Manning and passed unanimously.


Darlene Stever made a motion to approve the minutes of last year’s Annual Meeting as published in the 3rd Quarter Issue of Newf Tide, 2001.The motion was seconded byJim Manning and passed unanimously.


President’s Report: (Beverly Eichel)


As President, I will give the first officer's report. At first, I thought I might defer it to the end of the meeting; under the circumstances, however, after thinking about it, I realized that none of you would stay! So, while you are still a captive audience, you will have to listen! First I thought I'd give you the Top 10 reasons why I would rather give my speech to all the dogs instead of you people:


(1) Dogs always seem glad to see you.
(2) There is no pretense about a dog's greeting. They just come right up
to you and make friends! They communicate friendly little noises, but never
give you a long line of guff.
(3) Dogs show the same affectionate attention to everyone. They're
demonstrative without being pushy.
(4) Dogs messages are simple: We like you . We like being here. We'll
help you in any way wecan.
(5) Dogs have no hidden agendas.
(6) Dogs’ body language is telegraphic!
(7) Dogs don't tell bad jokes, they don't monotone endlessly about
themselves, and they're not bad speakers.
(8) Dogs have a great sense of knowing when they're no longer the center
of attention. They just go someplace and lie down.
(9) Dogs know who they are and have endearing personalities.
(10) And last dogs are always good friends. They don't come in, put on
a show and then leave. They'll stay with you as long as you need them.


As President, I am entitled to take credit for all legislation passed while I was in office and I fully intend to exercise that right. I have had a productive tenure.


Since elected as President, the Board of Directors of the NCA has:

Other than routine duties of the Board, which for the uninitiated are, believe me, are very time-consuming, such as maintaining a budget of ¼ million dollars, ensuring funding for Uniform Trophies, approval of every committee's budget, governing of regional clubs, i.e. their constitution & by-laws, contracts for Newf-Tide, etc., my Board has:

(1) Of course continued  the work previously started, such as the Steering Committee  which is the stepping stone for all future decisions of the NCA. Not counting decisions reached and actions taken held over from the previous Board, our new decisions;
(2) Moved into the 21st century by establishing the official use of e-mail for Board communications and instituted monthly teleconferences; and we  

(3) Set a world-record time in approving new general education brochures, flyers and posters;

(4) We removed all fees for draft and water events for Regional Clubs;

(5) We directed a clarification for all AKC judges regarding grooming issues which will appear in the AKC judges newsletter;


(6) Your Board proactively brought up issues to AKC regarding their financial and moral support of large volume kennels. This was done in response to AKC's published position in opposition to purchase of dogs at auction and their reluctance to strengthen current registration policies (as in requiring all signatures of all co-owners on all AKC transactions). As an aside, we have received much support from other Parent Clubs for our brave action. In a recent report, the AKC Chairman invited innovative ideas. We certainly gave them innovation.

(7) We have reinforced the present Rescue Policy and reinforced the importance of proaction to actually prevent Newfoundlands ending up in need of Rescue.

(8) We reinstated the Newfoundland Club of Hawaii;

(9) We put our money where our hearts are regarding encouraging the sharing of health data as public information by funding the registration through OFA of cardiac and cystinuria test results.

(10) We established ad-hoc committees to study the feasibility of a health class at nationals and regionals (like our working dog class for conformation competition); study the feasibility of a Health ROM or Award; and a Breeders Education Committee.
(11) We participated in Meet the Breeds at the inaugural AKC Eukanuba Classic.

(12) And we did formally communicate to the AKC our support which resulted in the Newfoundland being included in a regulation change for Agility Trials targeted at large and giant breeds.

(13) Our Newfoundland Charitable Trust approved funding recommended by the Research Advisory Committee for studies of Diet Related Taurine Deficiency & Associated Cardiac Insufficiency; donated funding for linkage analysis of familial sub-aortic stenosis and a study of heritable & sporadic genetic lesions in canine lymphoma.

(14) Your Board donated $1,000 to the AKC fund established after the September 11 tragedy.

(15) And, we have hopefully placed more emphasis on Versatility Newfs.
During my tenure as an officer of the NCA, I am also proud that we were able to have our governing document, the constitution and by-laws, finally approved by AKC; and I am most proud that we have been able to protect the purebred status of our stud book with the AKC. Our tax status as a non-profit organization has also been confirmed by the IRS.


The last project with which I was personally associated was establishing a Newfoundland Archive w/AKC. We were recently very honored to receive a momentous donation to the N CA archives from Mary Dewey, which received an immediate happy and grateful acknowledgment from the AKC that I have shared with her.


Mary Dewey is responsible for having provided the last light in the tunnel of darkness that has prevailed in my heart since February 2. I received from her a special package of memorabilia from her mother's collection as a donation to the AKC Archives of the NCA. I am unbelievably touched by the trust she exhibited in this donation. And before I continue with my President's Report, I'd like to play a little game. Does anyone here know the birthdate of the Newfoundland Club of America?



Amongst the package of memorabilia Mary Dewey donated, I found the
following momentous facts:

The NCA was founded on February 21, 1930. So write that date down it is our birthday!

The club met for 12 consecutive years and suspended annual meetings for 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945 due to World War II. The annual meetings began again in 1946 and have been held annually ever since.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that means that tonight's meeting is the 68th Annual Meeting of the NCA, and I would recommend that tonight’s minutes record that number for posterity and further recommend that any future minutes of Annual Meetings follow suit by indicating the appropriate consecutive number.

From the records received, the first specialty was held in 1940 and there were also specialties in 1948 and 1950.

The meeting of February 12, 1948 recommended that a committee be appointed to write a standard for the breed. And the Treasurer's Report that night reported the impressive balance of....One Hundred Sixty Five Dollars and 24 cents.

Show records of all Newfoundlands were included for the years 1946 and 1947 and the top dog for both those years was Waseeka's Square Rigger who had 18 best of breeds in 1946 and 15 in 1947, both years with several group placements.

The predecessor to Newf Tide was simply typed sheets labeled "Bulletin".

The following quote is as timely today as when it was originally written by Elizabeth Loring, NCA Secretary,  March 1930. "I wonder why the Landseers are not more popular in this country. In England, they are considered most desirable.’ Can it be that many of the judges are not sufficiently familiar with the type? 72 years and we hear the same comments today, don't we?

Of personal significance to me was a note that the Honorable Harold McPherson judged "the New York Show now known as Westminster" in February, 1930. He had an entry of 18 Newfs! His Honor was my first father in law's next door neighbor and why I am 'into' Newfs today!

Several articles which had been translated from German into English were included and reference was made to the "Top 5" Newfoundlands in the world with the largest being: AMCH Midway Black Ledge Sea Raider. Any mathematicians in the audience may feel free to correct me, but he weighed 71 kg which I believe converts into 156 ½ lbs. He is described further as 74 cm across the withers, which I surely hope was a reference to his height at the withers, which converts into 28.86 inches. A good sized Newfoundland dog!

Lastly, President Beatrice Godsol noted in her President's Letter of April 5, 1951 that she was so proud that NCA had no politics or political factions within the club.

How times have changed! Tonight is my farewell to duty both as President and a member of the Board of Directors. I have served the Board for over 10 years and have really only been a Director for two weeks of that time having been drafted as an officer immediately upon taking my seat. I have been an officer ever since. My career with NCA began as a mere volunteer typing the Breeders List. And, let that be a lesson to you, volunteering to do just a simple job can really get you in deeper than you ever imagined!

On one hand, I am very sad that I was not re-elected to the Board. However, all of us reach the time when retirement is not a bad thing! I do know why I was not re-elected and a recent episode of West Wing would have been most helpful to me had it been broadcast before I decided to dive into an internet list! Hindsight is 20-20, as they say, and knowing then what I know now, I just don't know if anything would have been different. The NCA and one of its long-time and loyal officers was being verbally attacked on the internet and I just couldn't keep my mouth shut! The mothering instinct in me is, I guess, too strong. I tried to defend the NCA as I could not stand by and let an unprovoked and undeserved attack go unanswered. I was misinterpreted, misquoted and very, very misunderstood. Too late now for sure. But, I can promise you, you won't see me on any internet lists again!

All of us should remember that every position of the NCA from committee member to officer are volunteers. There are no thanks, public or private, for what we do. And we do what we do, not because of personal agendas, but for one simple reason --- we love the Newfoundland dog. To serve the Newfoundland, we must be active in its parent club. I have another breed, Australian Shepherds, but I don't even belong to their parent club. My energy has, and always will be, directed for the Newfoundland. It's easy for outsiders to be critical when they haven't walked in our shoes. When you're not working for the club, you have plenty of time to criticize! But, I do know one important fact, and that is, in the battle between lies and truth , truth will always be the winner. To those of you who know me, you know the truth. I caution you all to be sure that you separate personal opinion over the internet or otherwise from the truth. Your official minutes of the Board are published in Newf Tide. Your Board has always had an open door; if you are in doubt, call any one of the Board and ask! I urge all Regional Clubs, for whom I have served as a loyal advocate, to step up to the plate. Nominate candidates for your Board and support them. Support all candidates who have served the NCA.
I have gained much during my association with and for the Newfoundland dog. Through my Regional Club, the Southeastern, and the Newfoundland Club of America, I have gained lifetime friends. For these friendships, I am the most grateful.  This ain't the Oscars, so I'm not going to give a list (I might forget someone!) But, you all know who you are and I love you.

Thus, after over 20 years of service to NCA, I retire into an emeritus status. And as I said earlier tonight, now that I'm not the "center of attention", I do intend to go somewhere,  but I can't promise I'll lie down. To the Board of Directors who sit with me tonight, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the support you have given me  over the years, during my term as President and especially during these last few, stressful and very trying months. To the members of the Newfoundland Club of America, I express my deep gratitude for allowing me to serve you for all these years.
It is, after all, better to have served and lost  than never to have served at all.

Thank you ALL for the memories.



Dr. Dunphy will now give the 1st VP's Report."




1st Vice President Report: (Clyde Dunphy)


The Board has presented plaques to Beverly Eichel and Steve McAdams for their years of service on the NCA Board. The Ad Hoc Database Committee (Dawn Fretts, Bob Rogers and Clyde Dunphy) announced that in the near future, the NCA will have a new database program. This database will have all the information such as pedigrees, health information and ROM information etc. The software will be user friendly.


The Ad Hoc Trust Committee (Dave Helming, Mary L. Price, Clyde Dunphy) was set up to handle the day to day management of the Trust and distribution of funds of the NCA Health Challenge, the NCA Rescue Fund, and the NCA Scholarship Fund. The committee is planning a Newfoundland Trust Advisory Board that will handle the day to day distribution of funds. There will be a report in Newf Tide.


The Steering Committee (Roger Powell, Tom Broderick, Clyde Dunphy) is a committee that will suggest short and long range ideas for Board consideration. The committee always welcomes ideas. We are in excellent shape and we are making positive changes.


2nd Vice President Report: (Sandee Lovett)


Sandee thanked the many volunteers who work on our committees behind the scenes. The Committee Reports are published in Newf Tide, and when reading them, you will be able to appreciate them and the accomplishments over the year.


Corresponding Secretary Report: (Robin Seaman)


Robin thanked the membership of the NCA and the Board for giving her the pleasure of being the Corresponding Secretary. All correspondence, from AKC, to breeder's lists and just basic inquiries has all been answered in a timely manner. Unlike the monumental job of the Recording Secretary, this job is a breeze and a joy to perform.



Recording Secretary Report: (Tom Broderick)


Since the last annual meeting held at the 2001 National Specialty in Michigan, the Board held six teleconferences, one mail meeting, a three-day face to face meeting that was held in early December 2001 and we also met this past Tuesday. Another major task of the Recording Secretary was the election.


Tom thanked the Board for allowing him the opportunity to serve the membership as Recording Secretary this past year. He also expressed a special thank you to Sandee Lovett and Aura Dean for their guidance and support.



Treasurer Report: (Mary L. Price)


Mary Price reported the following cash balances and reminded the members that copies of this report are available at the meeting. 


NCA Operations






     Checking Account



     Savings Account












"Distinguished Member" Restoration


     Money Market Account












Uniform Trophy Fund



     Money Market Account














NCA Charitable Trust


NCA Health Challenge



Checking Account



Money Market Account












NCA Rescue Fund






Checking Account



Savings Account












NCA Scholarship Fund



Money Market Account


























The Treasurer further reported that the financial statements for the fiscal year, which ends on June 30th, will be distributed to the membership in the 3rd Quarter issue of Newf Tide


Mary also stated that NCA’s tax attorney, Edmund Sledzik, guided the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. through the process to change its IRS exemption status from a 501(c)7 not-for-profit organization to a 501(c) (4) not-for-profit organization which further protects interest income from possible taxation.


Rescue Committee Report


As Rescue Chair, Mary L. Price reported information regarding the purchase of six adult Newfoundlands and two litters of newborn puppies at a recent dog auction in Missouri. Mary L. Price described the deplorable conditions of these dogs including one with maggots under its coat. All were filthy and matted to the skin. Several members asked questions regarding this action, and Mary provided additional information in response.


Mary explained the procedures and policies used when Newfoundlands are consigned for sale at dog auctions. The NCA Rescue Committee was within Rescue Policy and received a Board majority to continue with the April 13, 2002 auction. All available information was forwarded to the Board prior to the auction and on April 8, 2002, the NCA Board approved Rescue's actions to attempt to obtain these Newfoundlands. There were actually two sellers of the Newfs - Janet Connor and Theresa Hancock. Both sellers attested to the auctioneer that they were culling all of their Newfoundland breeding stock. Rescue obtained 6 adult Newfoundlands, 5 females and 1 male, and 2 newborn litters of Newfoundland puppies - 1 litter of two and 1 litter of nine -total = $ 26,300.00. When the auctioneer processed this sale that was charged to Mary Price's personal credit cards an unadvertised 5% buyers fee was added by the auctioneer. The total charged was $ 27,615.00.
The purchase price per dog, without the five percent charge, is as follows:

1 black female born 7/17/01 - $ 2,150
1 white and black female born 2/1/01 - $ 3,200
1 black female born 11/14/99, with nine newborn puppies - $ 6,600
1 black female born 11/14/99, with two newborn puppies - $ 4,000
1 black female born 3/29/99 - $ 3,850
1 white and black male born 12/1/99-$6,500



There was discussion from the floor regarding the NCA Rescue Policy. It was stated that the Rescue Policy was not followed. One important issue was that there was no written agreement between the consignor and NCA that the consignor would agree in writing that they would no longer breed or sell Newfoundland dogs. There were major objections from the floor regarding the spending of NCA Rescue funds to buy Newfoundlands at auction and that the existing Rescue Policy must be changed because buying Newfoundlands has created a market. Wild Bill’s Exotic Ranch has been breeding Newfoundlands time and again, and we keep buying the Newfoundlands. NCA paid over their fair or normal selling price. In an AKC letter to the NCA, the AKC recommends that Parent Clubs should not buy dogs at auctions.


The President did brief the membership on the background leading to the AKC letter sent by the Board. The NCA Board, along with several all-breed clubs, had recommended to AKC that signatures be required by all owners/co-owners on all registration documents. In
response to that suggestion, AKC replied they were in the process of reviewing all registration policies. Then, the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America became involved in their very first dog auction. That club, having no idea their breed would ever be sold at an auction, had no specific funds for such an event and ended up depleting their entire club’s treasury. That occurrence prompted Bob Slay, Vice President of the AKC to send a letter to all parent clubs “recommending” that no further purchases take place by any club at such an auction.


 The President continued by describing a company known as The Hunte Corporation who appears to be the largest dog dealer in the USA. They supply the majority of puppies
sold to pet stores, and in fact, are listed as owners of many of the dog farms that supply these puppies. Each year The Hunte Corporation sponsors a big meeting of all their suppliers and retailers. This year, the AKC was advertised as participating. In fact, Bob Slay was
scheduled to speak at their function. However, because such an out-cry occurred, his appearance was cancelled. Many feel that the decision to urge no future purchases
at auction was prompted by The Hunte Corporation’s pressure on the AKC, as, after all, they generate a lot of revenue for registration fees. All of these tied together prompted the NCA Board to write to the AKC. The Board has received communications from several other
parent clubs expressing their support of our ‘brave’ effort.


On the other side, the NCA Rescue Committee was within Rescue Policy and the majority of the Board agreed to continue with the purchase of these Newfoundlands. Steve McAdams and Robin Seaman disagreed with the purchase. Mary stated that she could not reach either Tom Broderick or Aura Dean.


Frank Winnert commented from the floor that the AKC is not interested in the conditions that these unfortunate Newfoundlands live, because if you go to an auction it would make you sick to your stomach to see how those Newfoundlands are being cared for. He personally donated the amount of the deficit to replenish the Rescue Fund.


There was a request from the floor that the microphone be used by whomever was speaking. The Chair, Beverly Eichel, said we had no microphones on the floor as we usually had. Beverly ruled that members would not be allowed to use the podium microphone.During this time, there were statements from the membership asking what good is it to let members speak when the membership cannot hear them? Jack Dean moved to appeal the ruling of the Chair. John Flowers seconded the motion.  The motion carried. The podium was then moved to the center of the room so that others could reach the microphone.


Clyde Dunphy reported that when the Charitable Trust met on Tuesday, April 23rd, it discussed rescue under new business. The Board discussed this issue in 1999 in St Louis. Both sides were discussed whether we should continue with the current rescue policy or change the policy regarding purchasing Newfoundland dogs at auction. At that time, the policy was not changed. At the Board’s face to face meeting on Tuesday April 23, 2002, it was discussed that the Board have a two or three page article written with a pro and con side of this issue.  It will then be sent out to the entire membership. NCA members can say yes or no and write their comments to the Board.


Patti McDowell added that, additionally, we should place a moratorium on the purchase of Newfoundlands in the future until this topic is settled.


Jean McAdams moved and Barbara Thompson seconded to require all dollars in the Rescue Fund be spent solely on rescue activity and no monies shall be spent for the purchase of Newfoundland dogs from auctions, brokers, individuals, retailers or wholesale sellers. Steve Britton (parliamentarian) said that this motion was out of order. This should be brought up under new business. Jack Dean asked if we could suspend the rules and deal with this issue now. John Flowers moved and Russ Paceley seconded to suspend the rules. The motion failed.


There was a question from the floor regarding the rescue fund. Since the fund is about $1,100 in deficit, where will the money come from to take care of the Newfoundlands that were rescued? For example, veterinarian fees, grooming and kennel charges.


There was a question from the floor asking if NCA funds will be lent to the NCA Rescue Fund.  Mary L. Price stated that the auction fees were charged on her personal credit card. When donations replenish the rescue fund, Mary L. Price will be reimbursed.


Another question from the floor was, is it our normal procedure to overdraw the Trust Account? Mary L Price answered that it was never the intention to overdraw the fund, but Southwest Auction added an additional 5% fee to the purchase price. That fee overdrew the fund. 


One Newfoundland was left at the auction because that dog was $2,000 and it was decided not to buy that dog because the fund was overdrawn.


Some felt the Board needs to implement expenditure controls so that this does not happen again.


There were concerns that since the NCA Rescue Fund has been depleted, it may put financial burdens on some regional clubs that require NCA funding for their rescue service.


Mary L. Price reported that there were no unpaid bills.


Todd Bennett moved and Lynn Rutenberg seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report. The motion passed.


AKC Delegate Report: Mary W. Price


 The AKC Board of Directors that were elected for the class of 2006 were incumbents Asa Mays, Ken Marden, and Nina Schaefer who has been serving as Chair of the delegates By-laws Committee. At the Board meeting held immediately following the annual meeting, Ron Meneker was elected chairman and David Merriam was elected Vice Chairman, just reversing the offices held by these two men last year. AKC officers and positions remain the same with the addition of James Stevens as Chief Financial Officer. 


At this same meeting, delegates approved an amendment to the dog show rules, eliminating the option of a breeder/owner’s family member handling an entry in the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class. As of September 18, 2002, the handler in this class must be the actual breeder/ owner. This is a return to the original intent of the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class.


The AKC’s Board of Directors is currently considering some major changes to the registration procedures, which may ultimately require that there be a single signatory for every registered dog.  This will not prohibit having multiple owners of a dog, but it will stipulate that a designated signatory will be responsible for all registration matters relating to an individual dog. This may greatly reduce AKC’s involvement in adjudicating disputes among co-owners. A contract identifying the signatory must be negotiated by the co-owners, and disputes will have to be mediated privately or settled in civil courts.


Agility enthusiasts will want to know about the revised regulations to be effective September 1, 2002, and the opportunity to compete in the newly created preferred classes which will offer lower jump heights and slower qualifying times. These revisions appear in the minutes of the February Board meeting printed in the March Gazette.


The AKC/Eukanuba American Dog Classic will be held in Orlando in early December, 2002. This year the top twenty-five dogs (instead of the top twenty dogs) and any dog that has won a best in show (but may not be in the top twenty five of its breed) will automatically be invited. The breed points earned between January 1st and October 7th will determine the list of invitees. Rumor has it that the 2003 show will be on the west coast.


NEWF TIDE: Aura Dean


Aura Dean, chair of the Newf Tide Policy Committee, said that every NCA member looks forward to receiving Newf Tide, and she wanted to publicly thank everyone for their cooperation in getting articles to our editor, Jan Boggio. But she wanted to extra specially thank 19 NCA members whose thousands of hours of voluntary efforts every quarter help to get the magazine to our members’ mailboxes on a regular basis. Originally, she was going to present Certificates of Appreciation to these volunteers. Because of the length of the meeting, however, she felt it was in the best interests of all not to take the time to present them individually and would send them by mail. She felt it was important to publicly thank these volunteers.



Health and Longevity: Beckie Stanevich


Beckie reported that the committee is continuing to input data from the H&L survey. Approximately 700-725 have been returned. The committee is sending a second mailing for additional information pertaining to the cause of cancer related deaths. They are expecting a 43%response rate of 1716. Cancer is the number one cause of death at 33%,and cardiac disease is second with 23%. The final analysis of the survey will be completed this summer and the results will be published inNewf Tide. There will be an article in Newf Tide regarding the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC). The final chapter in the Health Book will be a chapter on Skin and Allergies.


Newfoundland Health Challenge: Jan Boggio and Mary Jane Spackman


NHC Co-Chair Jan Boggio acknowledged the many volunteers who had helped at this year’s National, as well as the regional clubs and individuals who had made large donations to the Challenge. Consie Powell was thanked for her creative talents, and Jan showed examples of Consie’s newest artwork which was used on softgoods for sale at the National and as signed and numbered prints. The Newfoundland Club of Seattle and New England Newfoundland Club each donated $1,000 for the fifth straight year. NCA member Tracy Carton doubled her donation from the previous year, giving $2,000, all the profits from the creation and sales of her “Newfs in Hats 2002” calendar. Dee Holland and Beverly Cusac, from the Southeastern Newfoundland Club, were thanked for hosting a silent auction for the fourth straight year. This year they hosted one day individually, along with helping out the Southeastern and Heart of America Newfoundland Clubs with the other days of sales. Jan said that the silent auctions the first two days had each raised over $1,000. Jan ended the report by asking NCA member Mike McKeon to draw the winning ticket for the Seaman Bronze –raffle tickets for which had been sold since the New England National in 2000. Aura Dean was the lucky winner.


Awards: Ingrid Lyden


Ingrid Lyden presented the following ROM awards.

Am. & Can. Ch.. Amadeus Adagio Non Troppo, ROM – Owners: Manette & Henry Jurczyk
Ch. Midnight Lady's Especially For You, ROM -- Owners:Peggy Helming, Manlio Massa & Bela Siklosi
Ch. Numa's What Class Southwind, ROM -- Owner: Diane Keyser
Ch. Seabrook's Headmaster Tabu, ROM -- Owners: Kathy Griffin & Massimo Baronti
Ch. Shadrack's Midnite Habit, ROM -- Owners: Steven & Jean McAdams

VN Ch. Blackstone Blessing Of Kilyka, UD, WRD, DD, ROM -- Owner: Betty McDonnell

Ch. Holding Court at Ebonywoods, ROM -- Owners: Craig & Connie A. Hansen
Ch. Kilyka's Eau De Vie, ROM -- Owners: Susan & William Reuter

VN Ch. Kilyka's Mercy Me, UD, WRD, DD, ROM -- Owner: Betty McDonnell

Ch. Pouch Cove's Objection Overruled, ROM -- Owners: Carol Bergmann & Peggy Helming

Ch. Spillways By The Same Token, ROM -- Owners: Phyllis Welch & Henry & Manette Jurczyk

Sun Valley Muddy Creek Brook, ROM -- Owners: Lou Ann Lenner & Brenda Matheny
VN Ch. Top Shelf Baileys Irish Cream, Can.CD, CDX, WRD, TDD, ROM -- Owner: Debra Wigal
Am. & Can. Ch. Top Shelf's Chevas Regal, CD, DD, ROM -- Owner: Debra Wigal


Ingrid also presented the following NCA Awards:

Top Producing Sire: Ch. Midnight Lady’s Especially for You, ROM [HG] (Peggy Helming, Manlio Massa and Bela Skilosi);, Top Producing Dam, Ch. Darbydale’s Shake’m Up [HG/L] (Carol Bergmann); Top Show Dog: Am. & Can. Ch. Council Cup’s Dante’s Alibi [HG/L/HrC/CN] (Mary P. McDowell and Lou Palmisano); Top Show Bitch, Am. & Can. Ch. Pouch Cove’s Heritage, CD, WD, DD (Jan Boggio and Becky Regnnells; Top Obedience Newfoundland, OTCh. Emmabay Gladys Adele, UDX, WRD, TDD [HF/L] (Sid and Maredith Reggie and David and Dawn Parison)

Ingrid also thanked the people on her committee for helping her to tally the scores for the award winners.

The oldest Living Newfoundland was awarded to Crimson’s Camille, born on July 21, 1987 and owned by Beth Underwood.

John Adams, presented the Heroic Newfoundland Award to Juno, a Search and Rescue trained dog owned by Alice Kugleman.





Stacey Roderick, Juniors Chairperson, presented Adrienne Hill the award for the top handler in Conformation and presented Nicholas Weber the Top Junior Showmanship Award. Beverly Eichel presented Adrienne Hill and Nicholas Weber NCA Scholarship Awards of $500 each.


Versatile Newfoundland Awards


Jacqueline Brellochs, Chair of the Versatile Newfoundland Committee, presented Versatile Newfoundland Certificates to:

VN Ch. Cypress Bay’s Cokie Roberts, CD, WRD, TDD, CGC TDI (Mary Lou Roberts and Virginia Kelly)

VN Ch. Holokai’s Catch The Wind, CD, WRD, DD [HF/L] (John and Denita Jackman)

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Jolly Roger’s Luck O’th Draw, CD, WRD, DD. CGC [ HE/L HrC/CN] (Carolyn T. Kuhn and Roger S. Frey)

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Jolly Roger’s Sum Daz’A Diamond, CD, WRD, Can. WRD, DD, TDI, Delta Dog [L/T] (Eileen Bergal and Barbara K.. Frey)

VN Ch. Kilyka’s Countryside Ivy, CD, WRD, DD, CGC, TDI [HG/L/HrC] (Donna Nelson, David Fueling and Betty McDonnell)

VN Ch. Kilyka’s Good Faith, CDX, WRD, DD [HG] (Betty McDonnell)

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Kilyka’s Rolling Stone, CD, WRD, TDD [HF] (Debby Forry)

VN Am. & Can. Ch. Picabo’s Daddy’s Little Angel, CD,WRD, Can. WRD, DD, CGC, TDI [HE/L/HrC] (David and Ellen Lamke)

VN Ch. Pouch Cove’s Spellbound, CD, WRD, DD, CGC [HF/L/HrS] (Linda and Merle Maggy)

VN Ch. Ranchero’s Bonnie Belinda, CD, WRD, DD [HG] (Carol and Frank Winnert)

VN Ch. Tala Bear’s Shadrack Edition, CD, WRD, DD, CGC, [HG/L] (Susan Zientara)

VN Ch. Topmast’s Lysander, CD, WRD, DD (Mark and Brenda McKeel)

VN Ch. Waidin’s La Diva Nuvo, CD, WRD, DD [HG/L/P/HrC/CN] (Susan Wagner)


Isabel Kurth Award


The prestigious Isabel Kurth Award is a special award presented by the NCA Board of Directors to those very deserving individuals who have offered continuous service to the Newfoundland Club of America. This award is given to one who exemplifies the same dedication and continuing service to the club and the breed which Isabel gave so lovingly. This year Ron Pemberton was presented the Isabel Kurth Award.


New Business

Jack Dean commented that the candidates who are on the ballot are required to write a 300 word biography about themselves and their qualifications so the membership can determine what candidate to vote for. Jack explained that the membership cannot tell how the candidates feel about the issues. Jack proposed two questions in addition to their biographical statement.


Jack Dean moved and Darlene Stever seconded to require all Board candidates in the coming election answer the following question in addition to their biographical statement.


What do you think are the two most important issues the NCA faces in the coming year and how would you solve them?


In addition to the first motion, Jack Dean moved and Jenni Lott seconded that if

the membership has not clearly indicated their feelings and the problem has not been resolved, then all board candidates in the coming election should answer the following question in addition to their biographical statement:


What is your position on purchasing Newfoundlands at auction?


The motions carried.


Since Jean McAdams’ motion was deemed out of order when it was brought forth earlier in the meeting, this motion was taken up again under new business.  Jean McAdams moved and Barbara Thompson seconded to require all dollars in the Rescue Fund be spent solely on rescue activity and no monies shall be spent for the purchase of Newfoundland dogs from auctions, brokers, individuals, retailers or wholesale sellers.



Sue Marino questioned the chair as to how to poll the membership regarding the issue of purchasing Newfoundlands at auction.


It was pointed out to the Chair that the quorum was lost. The Chair stated that the meeting would continue, as the Board wanted to hear what the members have to say.  Since there was a quorum at the beginning of the meeting we will continue. 


It was brought up that the Board be directed to determine the feelings of the membership regarding the purchasing of Newfoundlands at auction. There should be a vote of the membership to determine whether the policy should remain in place.


David Hartman moved, and John Flowers seconded, to amend to motion on the floor by adding the following sentence; that no further rescue funds be used to purchase Newfoundlands at auction until such time as the membership at large is polled.



Dave Helming reviewed that the Board had revisited the purchase aspect of the Rescue Policy in 1999 after soliciting input from the Regional Clubs and membership. Pros and cons were submitted and reviewed. No change in policy was made based on this input and the NCA continued to purchase dogs leading to now essentially having no funds available in this important area. Based on this history, and what has been presented tonight indicated the Board had sufficient information to make a decision to return the rescue policy to the way it was in 1994 without polling the membership. He urged the Board to step up and take the necessary actions.


Catherine Dunphy disagrees with this policy of the AKC, and she thinks that every member should have a say that wants to. She was on the farm for the first large purchase and the conditions were unbelievable. Those dogs had shown better temperaments than some of our well-bred Newfoundlands. She is not sure now if it is the right thing to continue to do, purchasing these dogs, but all of the NCA membership should be given all of the facts and then give their vote as to what they feel is the right thing to do. The dogs are of great concern and this is a very emotional issue!


Clyde Dunphy agreed that it is an emotional issue and the membership would need to be questioned. This is not a topic that the Board will take lightly. The Board will take the time to handle this correctly.


Todd Bennett reiterated that there should be a moratorium on the buying Newfoundlands at auctions until this situation is resolved.


Joe Reinish said that the Constitution and By-laws state that the Board is elected by its members to make decisions for the membership. These motions are really just suggestions to the Board because the Board will ultimately make the final decision.


Roger Frey stated he too did not want to see the "Dog Farmers" get any NCA Rescue money. He reminded the membership that the Rescue Funds are donated and separate from the General Fund of the NCA Inc. However, since the NCA nor the AKC haven't done anything pro-actively to prevent the auction situations and that some of the pedigrees of the
dogs that have been purchased at auction contain NCA member's dogs he felt that the NCA has an obligation to rescue these dogs. Many of the rescued dogs are in deplorable condition and that according to NCA Board approved policy, the Rescue Prevention Committee would be derelict in their duties if they did not alleviate the suffering of these
Newfoundlands. He further stated that the Board should poll the membership.

Reegan Keeler mentioned that rescue did leave a Newfoundland behind in deplorable conditions. We should spend our money in education.


Donna Zinc stated that she participated in the last auction. It was difficult to leave that last male Newfoundland behind. She spoke in favor of the current Rescue Policy.


Bill Matlock stated that by the NCA rescue committee buying Newfoundlands at auction, they were creating a market and driving up prices. When the NCA first bought dogs at auction, the costs of the dogs was around 500 to 600 dollars per dog. Now we see prices as high as $6,000. It is obvious to me that this price increase is due to the NCA purchasing dogs. Also, the NCA is rewarding the commercial breeders by paying these outrageous
prices. Instead of discouraging commercial breeders from breeding Newfoundlands, the exact opposite is occurring. More and more puppy mills will start producing Newfoundlands because of the high prices. The NCA is providing profit to the very people we want out of business. As a business man, I don't understand how the NCA intends to meet its objective of having less or no Newfoundlands in the commercial breeding system when we continue to provide revenue and profit to those who produce them. Furthermore, the NCA is in direct opposition to the AKC policies of not buying dogs at auction. The AKC has made a specific request that all its member clubs not buy dogs at auctions. The NCA is in direct opposition with that request with its current policies. We should work with the AKC, understand how they came about making these policies, and if their judgment appears sound, then implement their request.


Cindi Goodwin suggested that there should be a section on the membership renewal notice to donate to rescue where the donated funds will not be used to purchase Newfoundlands at auctions.


Cherrie Brown moved, and Dan Carr seconded, to call the question. The motion carried.


There were other members at the meeting who spoke in favor of the Rescue Policy and others spoke against it.


The motion on the floor was restated as amended: The membership directs the Board to require all dollars in the Rescue Fund be spent solely on rescue activity and no monies shall be spent for the purchase of Newfoundland dogs from auctions, brokers, individuals, retailers or wholesale sellers and that no further rescue funds be used to purchase Newfoundlands at auction until such time as the membership at large is polled. The motion carried.


Henry Jurczyk, National Specialty Chairman, has completed the Judges Ballot, and it will be sent to the membership in 2nd  quarter issue of Newf Tide.


Mike Boyko moved, and Bill Matlock seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 12:10 a.m.


Respectively submitted,


Tom Broderick,

Recording Secretary