Newfoundland Club of America Board ofDirectors Meeting

TELECONFERENCE MINUTES, January 9, 2003 (Approved March 4, 2003)

President Tom Broderick called the teleconference meeting to order at 8:35 pm Eastern time on Thursday, January 9, 2003. The following directors were present: Tom Broderick (TB), Mary Lou Cuddy (MLC), Aura Dean (AD), Jack Dean (JD), Clyde Dunphy (CD), Roger Frey (RF), Joan Gunn (JG), Sandee Lovett (SL), Roger Powell (RP), Mary L. Price (MLP), Robin Seaman (RS), Deb Wigal (DW), and  Mary W. Price (MWP), AKC Delegate (ex-officio). Beverly Eichel (BE) (ex-officio)was absent.

Approval of minutes

When the Board had previously approved the September 19, 2002 minutes, one Board member wanted to insert a sentence that was to be later sent to the Recording Secretary. This sentence concerned the purchase of a dog at auction because the dog’s breeder was known to the NCA members in attendance at the auction. The insertion was reviewed and approved.

The Board considered the November 1 – 3, 2002 minutes. There was considerable discussion concerning a statement that had been added to the minutes whether Joan Gunn had stated that items were put in the policy manual that were not board approved. Joan did not think she said that and several other board members thought she had. A compromise was reached that the minutes will reflect that she may have said that. It was also pointed out that the members of the board should take the time to review the minutes before the meeting.

Jack Dean moved and Aura Dean seconded to approve the November 1 – 3, 2002 minutes as amended.

The motion passed unanimously.

There was a discussion over stream-lining the approval process for minutes. After the Recording Secretary writes the minutes, she will send them electronically to Board members who will review them carefully and make any changes deemed necessary. These changes will be mailed electronically to the Recording Secretary who will compile the changes and email the minutes with changes notated to the Board members. If a Board member disagrees with any of the changes, the Board member is to email the entire Board with the concerns and these will be discussed at the next Board meeting along with the approval of the minutes.

Report of the Recording Secretary

Mary Lou Cuddy, Recording Secretary, reported that she had prepared the January 9, 2003 agenda, which included the changes to the November 1 – 3. 2002 minutes. The December 12, 2002 minutes were in the process of being written. She reported that she had corresponded with the challenged applicants as per the policy. A date of February 8, 2003 (snow date of February 9, 2003) has been set to count the Board of Directors election ballots. Any candidate or their representative was invited to attend the counting. Mary Lou Cuddy brought attention to the June 25, 2002 minutes which incorrectly stated the Roger Powell was absent for that meeting. Roger Powell was, in fact, in attendance for the first part of the meeting and then had to leave. A correction will be published in Newf Tide.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary

Robin Seaman, Corresponding Secretary, reported on a letter that was received from Fancy Publishers (Bowtie Press) requesting information on Newfoundlands for a new book tentatively titled “Dog Fancy’s Guide to Dogs”.

Roger Powell moved and Aura Dean seconded to forward this request to the General Education Committee for action.

The motion passed unanimously.

Report of the Treasurer

Mary L. Price, Treasurer, presented the following report.

NCA Operations






     Checking Account



     Savings Account












"Distinguished Member" Restoration


     Money Market Account









Uniform Trophy Fund



     Money Market Account









 Report of the AKC Delegate

 Mary W. Price, AKC Delegate, clarified her report, as presented during the December 12th teleconference, regarding the delegate body’s December 10th vote on the proposed amendments to Chapter 11, Sections 4 and 6, of the Dog Show Rules. “Housekeeping” changes to Section 4, expanding the information that must be included on an entry form, were approved by the delegates. However, voting on amendments to Section 6, dealing with making corrections to entries, was sent back to the Dog Show Rules Committee.

 Mary W. Price reported that the Nominating Committee has proposed the slate of the three incumbents, Dr. Carmen Battaglia, Mr. Robert Kelly, and Mrs. Patti Strand, as candidates for election to the AKC board of directors. Additional candidates have until January 31st to submit credentials for inclusion on the ballot. Voting will take place at the AKC annual meeting in March. She will seek voting recommendations when the entire slate is known.

 Health Class Ad Hoc Committee

 Lori Littleford, Chair of the Health Class Ad Hoc Committee, submitted a report to the Board which will also appear in the 1st Quarter issue of Newf Tide. There was discussion that the report was more focused on the criteria of such a class rather than its feasibility. Some comparisons between starting a Health Class and the start-up of the Working Dog class were mentioned such as the working dog class started out as a very small class. It was asked if this was a preliminary report or a final report. Board members will review this document and also the Health ROM Award Ad Hoc Committee, chaired by Tamzin Rosenwasser, and send any comments to Mary Lou Cuddy, Recording Secretary, for inclusion in the next agenda packet.

 Rescue Prevention Committee

 Roger Frey, Rescue Prevention Committee (RPC) Chair, reported that the RPC held a teleconference on Tuesday, January 7, 2003. The RPC voted unanimously to set up an Internet list for its members only. The RPC could conduct various discussions and polls within the committee and the logistics would be easier than teleconferences. The RPC wanted Board approval to set up such a list. Jack Dean informed the Board that he had already set up the list on Yahoo. Jack Dean said there would be no cost to do this. The Board had no objection to the committee’s use of an email list.

 Roger Frey reported that the RPC discussed at length the monitoring of Newfoundlands at auction. The RPC voted 10 Yes, 2 Absent and 2 Abstentions on the following motion. The RPC moves that this committee take on the task of coordinating the monitoring of auctions to ascertain registration numbers, place of the auction, the dog’s name, age, breeder, seller, buyer, price, pedigree, country of origin and any other pertinent information, as well as the detailed condition of the dog in order to objectively analyze the trends of dogs that show up in auction which will directly influence what is done in rescue and/or rescue prevention.

 There was discussion regarding the logistics and cost of this monitoring. The RPC would like to utilize willing regional clubs or individuals in the area.

 It was agreed that the Board feels that monitoring the auctions is a good thing. Roger Frey is to come back at the next teleconference with the above motion and more details as to the implementation of the motion.

 Aura Dean moved and Roger Frey seconded to approve the concept of monitoring Newfoundlands at auctions. The motion passed unanimously.

 Executive Session

 Clyde Dunphy moved and Robin Seaman seconded to go into executive session at 9:35 pm. The motion passed unanimously.

 Aura Dean moved and Deb Wigal seconded to come out of executive session at 9:58 pm. The motion passed unanimously.

 In executive session, the Board approved the membership applicant lists dated December 28, 2002 and December 30, 2002.

 The Board appointed Roger Frey as the interim chair of the Memorial Trophy Ad Hoc Committee, due to the death of Ron Pemberton.

 The Board appointed Mary L. Price as the interim chair of the “Distinguished Member of the Humane Society” Ad Hoc Committee, due to the death of Ron Pemberton.

 Committee Job Descriptions

 Sandee Lovett reported on the updating of committee job descriptions. She did make contact with some of the committee chairs who had not responded earlier. She stated that she will compile the changes and will forward those to the Board.

 AKC Letter Regarding AKC Drafting Events

 The NCA received a letter from the AKC with the regard to the feasibility of the AKC developing a drafting test. The letter had several specific questions.

 There was discussion on what impact an AKC draft test would have on the NCA. It was stated that due to the many different forms of draft work and the different breeds that do draft work that an AKC test probably would end up being very different from ours. The Board directed Tom Broderick to answer the letter that perhaps the NCA would support an AKC draft program, we do have a draft test in place and we would share information with the AKC. Tom would find out the number of tests we had last year.

 Robert’s Rules of Order

 There was discussion of Robert’s Rules of Order (RRO), the motion passed by the Board at the November 1 – 3, 2002 face-to-face meeting concerning prior notification and two letters received by the Board from Pat Randall stating his concerns over the notice requirements and adopting RRO by the board to govern the annual meeting and wanting to adopt RRO for our society and requiring all motion to be published by the secretary and his legal interpretation of the notice requirement set forth in the statues of Connecticut and statutory authority for the NCA to change the notice requirements. The conflicts between RRO, the NCA Constitution and the State of Connecticut law were discussed.

 The ramifications of rescinding the previous vote of the Board concerning prior notification were discussed. Should the Board or the membership make and pass the actual motion to require prior notification?

 An outside impartial legal opinion might be necessary. Every state bar association and every large city bar association has “sections.” They are groups of lawyers that concentrate their practice in certain areas, i.e., family law, or criminal law. The Board will call the head of the appropriate section for the Connecticut State Bar Association and/or the New Haven, CT or Hartford, CT Bar Associations and ask for three attorneys who have expertise in this area. Then the Board will ask for references, biographies and their hourly rate. The Board will then choose one and ask him for an interpretation. The Board agreed that Jack Dean and Tom Broderick will contact the Connecticut State Bar and/or the New Haven, CT or Hartford, CT Bar Associations.

 Roger Frey moved and Roger Powell seconded to rescind the motion of the Board making Robert’s Rules of Order the standing rule for the Annual Membership Meeting.

 There was more discussion of whether it was better to rescind the motion or to leave it until after the opinion of the Connecticut attorney was known.

 The motion failed 2 Yes (RF – I don’t feel that the Board of Directors has the right to dictate to the general membership how to conduct their annual meeting; RP); 9 No (TB, MLC, AD, CD, JD – I voted no only because I think the motion is premature at this time. But I would gladly reconsider it after we have information from a Connecticut attorney; JG, SL, MLP, DW – ditto JD); 1 Abstention (RS)

 Committee Communications

 A question was brought up about how committees should officially notify members of problems and that the Board concluded that e-mail should not be exclusively used.  Tom Broderick will contact the committee chair.

 Next Teleconference

 The Board set the next teleconference meeting for Tuesday, March 4, 2003 at 8:30 pm Eastern time.

 The Board briefly discussed the schedule for Board meetings at the National Specialty. Some tentative dates beginning on Monday evening were discussed. Board members were to consider this schedule and it will be discussed at the next teleconference.

 Roger Powell moved and Joan Gunn seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:36 pm Eastern time.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Mary Lou Cuddy
Recording Secretary