Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors Meeting

ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES, April 27, 2003 (Approved June 25, 2003)

President Tom Broderick called the annual meeting of the NCA Board of Directors to order at 9:30 p.m.  Eastern time on Thursday, April 27, 2003. The following directors were present: Tom Broderick (TB), Jan S. Boggio (JSB), Jacqueline K. Brellochs (JKB), Aura Dean (AD), Jack Dean (JD), Roger Frey (RF), Sandee Lovett (SL), Roger Powell (RP), Patti McDowell (PM), Mary L. Price (MLP), Robin Seaman (RS), Deb Wigal (DW), and Mary W. Price (MWP), ex officio AKC Delegate. Absent was Beverly Eichel (BE), ex officio.

Upon unanimous motion duly made and seconded the Board went into executive session.

The board came out of executive session and then adjourned. After several Board members had left the room, they were called back and the Board reconvened to make an appointment to a newly created committee that was inadvertently omitted.

The Board came out of executive session and announced that the following officers were elected: Tom Broderick, president, Aura Dean, 1st vice president, Sandee Lovett, 2nd vice president, Jack Dean. recording secretary, Robin Seaman, corresponding secretary and Mary L. Price, treasurer.

Donna Zink’s letter was discussed in executive session and the President was directed to write her a letter thanking her for her input.

The following committee chairs and committee members were appointed during executive session

Board Appointed Committees - where both the chair and all committee members are appointed by the board.

(Committee members are contained in parenthesis after the Chair's name.  If there are no names of Committee members where the Board appoints the members, then the committee is essentially a committee of one person)

AKC Breed Referral - Karen Steinrock

AKC Legislative Liaison -Dick Mittendorf

Arbitration - Ken Price, Chair
          (Barbara Jenness, Nancy Aliff)

Finance - Kevin Gallagher, Chair
            (Mark Aliff, Sandy Gabel, Helen Mancuso, Ken Price, Susan Wagner,
             Andy Zinsmeyer, ex officio, Mary L. Price)

Internet - Jack Dean, Chair
                (Michael Marcus, Todd Bennett, Mary Lou Zimmerman, Barbara Finch)

Judges Education - Betty McDonnell, Chair
              (May Bernhard, Jim Bricknell, Ingrid Lyden, Fran Dibble, Kathy Griffin,
               Kim Griffith, Peggy Helming, Sue Jones,  Steve McAdams, Mary W. Price,
               Jo-Ann Riley, Robin Seaman, Deb Wigal, Margaret Willmott, Carol Winnert)

National Specialty - Henry Jurczyk, Chair
               (Budget & Finance-Jack Witt, Working Dog-Lori Littleford,
                Specialty Show Guide- Cindi Goodwin, Properties- Nancy Duggan,
                Uniform Trophy- Lee Ann Hughes)

Newfoundland Health Liaison - David Helming,

Newf Tide Policy - Aura Dean, Chair
                   (Glen Malchow, Ken Wildman, Maredith Reggie, David Van Couvering,
                    Jan Boggio, editor, ex-officio)

Nominating - Susan Wagner, Chair
                     (Cindi Goodwin, Johanna Matsuda, Kathy Paxton, Cathy Sands,
                     Alternate Laura Gallagher)

Regional Club Liaison - Mary Lou Cuddy

Regional Specialty Show Coordinator - Robin Seaman

Research Advisory - Cherrie Brown, Ph.D., Chair
                      (Rebecca Stanevich, Allan Robins, MD, Tamzin Rosenwasser, MD,
                        Edith Markoff, Ph.D., Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, DVM)

Steering - Roger Powell, Chair
                       (Clyde Dunphy, Lori Littleford, Helen Munday)

Working Dog - Cheryl Dondino, Chair
                   (Steve Barkus, Jacqueline Brellocks, Denise Castonguay, Gabrielle Cohen,
                     Dwight Gorsuch, Jocelyn Hawley, Barbara Jenness, Sandee Lovett,
                     Sue Marino, Cindy White, Carol Winnert)

Open Committees -  Board-appointed chairs although any NCA member who wishes may join

Awards - Ingrid Lynden, Chair

Breeders List - Candace McMahon, Chair

Companion Newf - Barbara Frey, Chair

Database - Dawn Frets, Chair

International Liaison - May Bernhard, Chair

General Education - Ann Marie Thibault, Chair

Health & Longevity - Tracy Warncke & Pam Rubio, Co Chairs

Historian and Archives - Mary Jane Spackman, Chair

Juniors - Stacy Roderick & Robin Seaman, Co Chairs

Membership - Bob Rogers, Chair

NCA Policy Manual - Jacqueline Brellochs, Chair

Newfoundland Health Challenge - Jan Boggio &  Mary Jane Spackman, Co Chairs

Obedience - Barbara Hearn, Chair

Publicity - Marget Johnson, Chair

Recognition - Kathleen Hamilton, Chair

Rescue Network - Mary L. Price, Chair

Rescue Education/Prevention - Pat Randall, Chair

Versatile Newfoundland - Jacqueline Brellochs, Chair

Ad Hoc Committees - where the Board appoints both the chair and the members.  The committee is expected to be of short duration to do a specific task.

Breeders List/Education - Cathy Sands, Chair
                (Barbara Finch, Roger Frey, Sue Jones, Michael Marcus, Candace McMahon)

Charitable Trust Structure - Clyde Dunphy, Chair
                  (Mary L. Price, David Helming)

Database Maintenance Committee - Clyde Dunphy, Chair
                   (Dawn Fretts, Bob Rodgers)

Distinguished Member Restoration - Rita Van Brandeghen, Chair

Health Class - Lori Littleford, Chair

Health ROM Award - Tamzin Rosenwasser, Chair

Document Technical Correction Committee - Jack Dean, Chair
                                (Tom Broderick, David Helming)

Upon unanimous motion the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jack Dean
NCA Recording Secretary