Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors Meeting


June 25, 2003 (Approved October 4, 2003


President Tom Broderick called the teleconference to order at 8:04 p.m. on June 25, 2003.  The following directors were present: Tom Broderick (TB), Jan S. Boggio (JSB), Jacqueline K. Brellochs (JKB), Aura Ellen Dean (AD), Jack Dean (JD), Roger Frey (RF), Sandee Lovett (SL), Patti McDowell (PM), Roger Powell (RP), Mary L. Price (MLP), Robin Seaman (RS), Deb Wigal (DW), Beverly Eichel (BE), ex-officio and Mary W. Price (MWP), AKC Delegate, ex-officio.


Because of time problems and committee chairs appearing before the Board to address particular items on the teleconference, the Board decided to depart from the agenda and to take the various items in the most appropriate time frame.


Aura Dean moved and Sandee Lovett seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the Board of Directors Annual Meeting held on April 27, 2003. Motion carried unanimously


Report of the Treasurer, Mary L. Price


NCA Operations                     


     Checking Account                                  726.10     

     Savings Account                                  8,956.92     

     CDs                                                151,965.47     

                                                            161,648.49      161,648.49


"Distinguished Member" Restoration     

     Money Market Account                       1,159.25


Uniform Trophy Fund             

     Money Market Account                       4,773.34




Report of the AKC Delegate, Mary W. Price


At the AKC Delegates meeting, held on June 11, 2003 there was discussion on the motion to make the December delegates meeting date more flexible to coincide with the Invitational because it was a prime time to present it live on TV.  The motion did fail by a delegate vote of 132 to 70, which was only about six votes shy of a 2/3’s majority required for passage. As instructed, the AKC delegate voted against the amendment.


The Parent Club Committee voted to move forward on an amendment to the Dog Show Rules that would award a 3-point major to the Reserve Winners Dog and the Reserve Winners Bitch at one annual National Specialty show. The major would be awarded if the number of dogs and/or bitches in actual competition for their sex totaled at least twice the number required for a 5 point major.


This proposal was circulated to all parent clubs.  133 parent clubs responded to the poll and 81% (108) favored the idea. The proposal was read to the delegate body at the Tuesday meeting.  It will go next to the AKC Board and ultimately come back to the delegate body for a vote.


The September meeting will be in New York City and that will include elections to the delegate standing committee


Unfinished Business


Location of Fall Face-to-Face Meeting


After extensive discussion and comparison of Board members’ availability, travel time, and cost, the Board decided to hold the fall face-to-face meeting the weekend of November 21-23, 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio. There was a straw poll which reflected 5 for Cleveland (JSB, JKB, AD, JD, DW) 3 for Pittsburgh (RF, MLP, SL) 3 for Newark (TB, PM, RS), 1 for Raleigh (RP)


NCA and Dannyquest Partnership


Jan Boggio, Newfoundland Health Challenge co-chair, presented a business plan written by David Helming, NCA Health Liaison, to generate funds for NCA supported research projects through sale of a Dannyquest customized series of Newfoundland pieces.  Jan had previously circulated the plan by email.


Dannyquest would create a series of three to four unique mini-scenes depicting a day in the life of a pair of Newfoundland puppies.  These would be made available to Newf fanciers over a three to four year period with one new piece available each year.  During the third year of the program, a decision would be made by the NCA on offering a fourth piece depending on the success of the program.  Dannyquest and the NCA would jointly promote the program and evenly split the funds generated by the retail sales. ($200 per piece)  The first offering would be available in advance of the 2003 holiday season. The program would be administered by the Newfoundland Health Challenge for the NCA.


Newfoundland Health Challenge responsibilities include:



Dannyquest responsibilities include:



The NCA will provide $2,500 to pay for the artist and the mold.


There followed a discussion and questions about Dannyquest and the statues.


Robin Seaman moved and Patti McDowell seconded to accept the proposal of the Health Challenge Committee to enter into the partnership with Dannyquest as outlined above and recommended that the Charitable Trust approve payment of the start up costs of $2,500.00. The motion passed 11 Yes; 1 Abstain RP (Because I do not have enough information.)


AKC/CHF Conference


The NCA may send two delegates to the biennial AKC/CHF Conference to be held September 19, 20 and 21st in St Louis, Missouri.


Deb Wigal moved and Aura Dean seconded that we send as our representatives Tracy Warncke and Pamela Rubio, Health and Longevity Co-Chairs.  The motion passed unanimously.


Jan S. Boggio moved and Deb Wigal seconded to pay for the travel expenses of our representatives. The motion passed unanimously.


Newf Tide Policy Committee


Aura Dean, Newf Tide Policy Committee Chair, presented a request from the NTPC for approval of the following clarification to existing advertising policy: Payment and copy materials for preferred placement ads must be received by the deadline.


Current policy provides for receipt of money for ads by the stated deadlines. Members are paying for preferred placement thereby reserving the space, but neglecting to submit ad copy in a timely manner thereby creating extra work and expense.


Aura Dean moved and Jan S. Boggio seconded that the payment and copy materials on preferred placement advertisements must be received by the deadline. The motion passed unanimously.


Aura Dean, Newf Tide Policy Committee Chair, then presented a request from the NTPC for approval of making the position of editor of the Annual of Titlists a paid position in the amount of $1,000. 


Prior to 1994 the work of the preparation of the Annual of Titlists was done by the Newf Tide editor. Then a volunteer took over.  It has grown significantly since that time and involves a very large amount of work.


As an example, Jan stated it takes approximately 10 hours just to mail back the photos to the individual advertisers.  One Board member suggested getting an additional volunteer to do this type of work to relieve the burden rather than spend $1000.


A question was raised if the job could be done by any volunteer and Aura answered that it took a great amount of special, technical skill to be able to put the publication together.


Aura Dean moved and Jacqueline K. Brellochs seconded that the position of editor of the Annual of Titlists be a compensated position in the amount of $1,000. 


There was further discussion.  There were questions raised about whether this is a good precedent to set.  There were procedural questions.  Right now, the position of editor is part of the bid package but no one has bid on it in the past.  Those who have expressed an interest in the current bid package can be notified that it is a separate item and in future years it can be separated out.


The motion was withdrawn for the substitution of another motion.


Roger Powell moved and Aura Dean seconded that we approve the request of the NTPC to compensate the current editor of the Annual of Titlists for the production of the 2002 annual in the amount of $1,000.  The motion passed 6 yes, 4 no and 2 abstentions.  Those voting yes were DW (We are going to return this to a paid position and so by compensating the present editor I don’t feel we are setting a precedent.) TB (Agree with Deb), JSB (Agree with Deb), JKB (Agree with Deb), AD (Agree with Deb), JD (I feel the compensation is appropriate in this instance because a large part of the work has already been done and we are going to make this a paid position in the future.)  Voting no were RF (I feel we should not reimburse the editor of the Annual of Titlists unless we reimburse the database chairman, specialty show chairmen etc.), SL (I believe that any position that is to be compensated should be put out for bid first), MLP (I am concerned about the precedent), RP (I agree with Mary Price and Sandee Lovett).  Abstaining were PM and RS (I am unsure about the possibility of setting a precedent with volunteers.)


Aura Dean moved and Jacqueline K Brellochs seconded that the position of editor of the Annual of Titlists be put out as a separate position in the next bid package.  Motion passed unanimously with PM and RF and RS abstaining.


Finance Committee


Kevin Gallagher, Finance Committee Chair, joined the teleconference and went over the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year starting in July 2003


Kevin stated that the budget has a projected deficit.  Our expenses are exceeding our revenues and we have to dip into the cash reserve.  We are not putting any cash reserve away this year and, in fact, we had to remove some.


The question was asked “What are we going to do about the problems so they do not occur again next year?”  Kevin replied that the Board needs to “belt tighten.”


There are a lot of reasons why the expenses have increased.  Postage costs and printing costs have gone up.  One member pointed out that the membership renewal form costs about a $1.00 per form to send out, not including postage. We could obtain the same services with less expense by using another vendor.  Another member commented that she was not ready at this time to go over each committee’s budget.


The total amount received from the membership dues is declining, although the number of members is remaining about the same.  The decline may be caused by the members getting older and taking advantage of the senior discount.


There was a question of reinstituting the fees for working dog events.  Kevin did not know if it would hurt the regional clubs who often do not make money on these events.


Kevin stated the deficit problem was discussed by the Finance Committee and they are going to look into these items because we’re exceeding our budget.  The only other way is to look at dues, which will be the main topic of their September meeting when they discuss their recommendation to the Board.  Their recommendation may be raising or lowering the dues depending on what the Finance Committee decides.


A Board member asked, “What do we have to put in place so that next year we don’t have this same problem?  Somebody has got to do something.”  By simply changing the service providers for the teleconference, we managed to save $4,000 over last year.  That is a real small change, but a real significant savings.  How are this Board and the Finance Committee going to work to solve that problem so it doesn’t reoccur next year?


One Board member said that it really requires an attitude change from the Board straight down to the committees.  A perfect example is where to have the Board meeting.  Unless we are operating in the black, we need to look at each item that comes up.  For example should we travel to California versus should we travel to a nearby city?  As a Board we should appoint someone from the Board to examine what would costs be to meet in California, what would the costs be to meet in Newark and then present a proposal for the location.  We must make more of our decisions using that basis, at least until we are definitely and consistently operating in the black.  It’s a whole mind set of we need to operate as an efficient business in the black and not operate in the red.  That concept would go down to things as simple as does everybody need a separate hotel room at the face-to-face? 


The Board member went on to state that there are lots of ways that, a little at a time, the NCA can reduce our expenses and the NCA can’t ask the committees to do that unless the Board is also willing to do that.   It just requires some basic belt tightening.  She thinks looking at whether the Board should reinstitute charging the regional clubs again for the working dog events is improper when the Board itself isn’t willing to really take a hard look at everything they do and examine things in a cost efficient manner.


Kevin responded that from the regional club members’ viewpoint the Board has a different responsibility as a Board to serve all of the club members. By choosing a location for a face-to-face meeting based solely on cost might not be representing a club in a proper way.  In the current situation, most of the Board members are on the east coast so staying on the east coast is obviously a lot less expensive than traveling any place else.  So, there’s an obvious way to save money, but he did not know that it necessarily would serve the club or the membership properly. 


Kevin then added that he thinks that the Board as a whole needs to make a directive down to all of the committees and say that they need to look at different ways to tighten their belts and find cost saving measures.  If they are successful in finding those cost saving measures, they will pass them on back up to the Board so they can filter it back down to other committees.


President Tom Broderick stated that he thought it was a good idea. He thinks that we should present this to our committees and ask them to come up with some ways to cut the budget and to look into other ways to reduce costs.  He will be sending a letter to all the committee chairs asking them to do that.


The discussion then shifted to the “reserves” lines of the club’s budget.  The club budget shows two figures: a reserve figure and a cash figure.  Because of other expenditures approved at this meeting, there will have to be a change in those figures.


One member asked if we are going deeper into debt as we speak. Kevin stated no because that is why we set the reserves in the budget.


One Board member stated that if you take a longer view, you seem to go in cycles and really our latitude is perhaps narrowing.  We seem to be doing okay, we spend money, suddenly we say we’re in debt, we have to ask for volunteers.  Then we get our reserve up and it starts to fritter away really fast.  It just seems to be cycling.


Another member added that is why we have the reserves.  Things are running in different cycles so when we have our good years we put it away for the years that things may be are down a bit. We have money there.  Isn’t that the whole concept of why it’s put away in the first place?


A Board member asked that wasn’t it the goal of the Finance Committee with regard to the reserve to build it so that what was there would equal at least a year’s expenses? Kevin answered that as the Finance Committee chair he has always understood the reserve as 75% to 100% of the operating cost of the club for a given year.


One Board member asked how accurate were the budget projections?  Kevin stated he thought they were pretty accurate because we have been able to put money away in past years.


Kevin stated that the budget is an educated guess that we are trying to put together here and it’s not the Finance Committee actually putting the budget together; it is all of the committee chairs giving it to the Finance Committee.  The Finance Committee is just trying to determine if the amount is reasonable compared to the year before on what the actual expenses were.


Kevin went on to say that last year there was a great example of a huge blip.  At the annual meeting we had the whole membership vote.  That was a huge expense that nobody had any clue was coming.  The Board needed to approve it.  The Board can deal with it by not adding any more services in the current year, like increasing the scholarship funds and things like that, as well as other people going through and reducing their expenses.  Most of these committees do not have a very large budget.  The NCA is not going to get much money out of them to reduce costs. 


A Board member brought up the idea of the regional club returning part of the profits from the National Specialty back to the NCA.  Kevin stated that he would have no objections to it but each specialty was like a brand new company and there were not always profits.


Roger Frey moved and Sandee Lovett seconded that we approve the budget as amended.  The motion carried 9 yes, 3 no.  Voting yes were TB, JB, JKB, AD, RF (As usual the finance committee along with our treasurer has presented a very complete detailed budget for the fiscal year), SL (Ditto Roger), MLP, RS, DW. Voting no were JD (I cannot approve a budget that shows a deficit of over $67,500 between income and expenses without instituting some strong controls for more accountability on how the money is spent and without trying to introduce cost saving measures), PM (I thank the finance committee for all the work but I don’t think we can move forward with such a dramatic difference between income and expenses without instituting some sort of change.), RP (Ditto Jack)


The Board thanked Kevin and his committee for their hard work.


Newf Tide Policy Committee (continued)


The Newf Tide Policy Committee requests a one time stipend of $1,000 for Dawn Fretts for the large amount of work done in the past five years in producing the pedigrees for the NCA’s Annual of Titlists.


Jan Boggio, as Newf Tide editor, explained that basically, once the NCA’s new database is up and running, hopefully this task will be much less cumbersome to Dawn.  But as it stands now, with the database we are currently using, she has to recreate by hand all the pedigrees for the Annual of Titlists.  It takes a tremendous amount of time, but currently it is the only way we can get the information.  She basically spends a month working on just that.


Aura Dean, as the Newf Tide Policy chair, further explained the process in case someone on the Board was not familiar with the production of this particular publication.  “If I went back to the year that Flip Young did it, I could call up Flip Young and say, Flip, I need these 200 pedigrees and you know what, I need them tomorrow afternoon.”  And Flip could get them to me. Now, they may have to be hand massaged in order to be put in theAnnual of Titlists.


Aura further added that Dawn did not use the NCA database. Some of these problems will be solved when the NCA database comes on line, but right now in a demonstration it crashed when Dawn wanted data out of the database.  If Dawn did not do this job, Aura does not think there is anyone in the NCA at this moment in time who could.


Dawn does all our checking for us. Everything that is printed in Newf Tide, Dawn has read as far as pedigrees, health clearances, OFA, you name it. She reads every single picture caption that has a dog’s name in it


It was stated that we need to explain this to the membership


Aura Dean moved and Jan S. Boggio seconded to follow the request of the Newf Tide Policy Committee to give a one time stipend of $1,000 to the database coordinator for the work involved in the Annual of Titlists.  The motion carried 5 yes, 4 no, 3 abstentions.  Voting yes were TB, JSB, JKB, AD, JD.  Voting no were RF (Ditto Sandee), SL (I am so grateful for all that Dawn has done and feel that her work is worthy of a stipend.  In fairness to all of NCA working volunteers I feel that further study is necessary and a policy should be established before remuneration is given), RP, MLP. Abstaining were PM (My reasons for this are the same as for the editor of the Annual of Titlists). RS (Ditto what Sandee said but I am unsure of the appropriateness of the policy at this time), DW (Ditto Robin).


VN Committee statement to be placed in Newf Tide


Jacqueline Brellochs wanted Board approval to place her statement in the upcoming Newf Tide requesting membership input regarding an advanced working award and volunteers to serve on a committee to recommend criteria.  The consensus of the Board was that it should be placed inNewf Tide.


Plates at the National Specialty


Henry Jurczyk, National Specialty Coordinator, joined the teleconference.


With regard to the question of making approximately another 100 plates, LeeAnn Hughes still has not received all the information back from the supplier so she does not have a final report.  She is waiting to receive some information from the supplier with regards to the cost and time frame of making up the decal which goes on the back.  She should have something by July 30th and can report back to the Board. 


The question came up about what to do with the old trophy plates that were left over from prior Nationals when no one won that plate.


LeeAnn had found a vendor to remove the old decals off of some of the undistributed plate inventory that we had.  By doing that she saved a lot of money for the 2003 National Specialty.  We had a tremendous amount of either salad plates or bread and butter plates and even some dinner plates.  We were able to remove the old decal for $10 and have it re-fired.  Everybody was happy because we didn’t have to buy as much this year.


A Board member asked if LeeAnn could put together a list of what it would cost to do the trophies exactly the way we’ve done them with the dinner plates for select and salad for first and bread and butter for second through fourth; then an alternate list of what she would propose as a change to the current program.


Henry stated that where we would save money quickly is that if we went with a larger item for the best of breed, best of winners, best of opposite sex, the same with obedience trials, where we’re not having to fire 20 pieces or 25 pieces.  If you’re doing four five piece settings, you have to pay for each one of those individual pieces to be fired at a cost of approximately $20 apiece, so you may be adding on $400.  If you do that for the trial also, that’s $800 just in the firings themselves.  Rather than having a large platter or a large tea service or something like that, Henry stated that he will propose something different for the future.  We will follow, however, the procedure that is currently in place for the upcoming National Specialty.


VN Class at the National Specialty


Henry said that he spoke to one person who was involved in the AKC, Dale Newcomb, who stated there was no problem with doing a non-regular class and that LeeAnn could put together a list of plates for the non-regular class. 


Henry stated that the committee was not opposed to having a VN Class.  He did not query all of the members of the committee.  He did speak to LeeAnn Hughes and Cindi Goodwin but did not speak to Nancy Duggan or Lori Littleford.  Henry did talk to some other people and they were not opposed to it.


Henry personally favors that rather than having a Versatile Newfoundland Class, we should split the working dog classes into a draft class, a water class, and an obedience class -- then you are judging a dog specifically in regards to those particular functions that it performed.


One member brought up the point that all dogs must be judged by the same standard regardless of whether it is a regular or non-regular class.


Jack Dean moved and Deb Wigal seconded that we have a VN class at the upcoming 2004 National Specialty. The motion carried unanimously.


AKC Heroic Dog Award


The consensus of the Board is that the NCA submits a nomination for the AKC Heroic Dog Award. The dog would be Zaagi who was honored by our club at the 2003 national.  Zaagi is owned Virginia Powell with her parents Roger and Consie Powell.


Executive Session


Patti McDowell moved Robin Seaman seconded to go into executive session at 11:30 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.


Roger Powell moved and Patti McDowell seconded to come out of executive session out at 11:40 p.m.


During executive session the Board approved the list of applicants.




Robin Seaman moved and Aura Dean seconded that we adjourn.  The motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Jack Dean

NCA Recording Secretary