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Rescue Prevention Committee

(formerly the Rescue Education and Awareness Committee)

This committee was formed in 2001 by the Newfoundland Club of America Board to address the growing needs of Newfoundlands for the Rescue lifeline. Its purpose is proactive, to apply the creative resources of its members to "address the issue of rescue proactively by finding ways to educate breeders and the buying public and to develop an arsenal of weapons and strategies to combat the ruthlessness of puppy mills and other forms of indiscriminant breeding."

Newfoundlands enter the Rescue program through different avenues. Dogs may enter this program because their owners cared about their future but were no longer able to provide a home for the dogs. Some of the Newfs who have entered the Rescue program have been found wandering as strays or have been transferred from a shelter. Others who enter the program have been acquired from pet stores when the puppy was unable to be sold or from commercial breeders when the dogs are no longer useful for breeding.

This committee seeks to understand the factors that underlie those situations which lead to a Newfoundland needing the support of Rescue, as part of the effort to proactively support more successful placements between Newfoundlands and their owners. In the event that the outcome is not successful, we hope to have done all that we can to ensure that Rescue is an option for the dog.

It is our goal to work progressively and proactively to assure that ALL Newfoundland dogs have the care and good quality of life that they deserve. An important means of achieving this is by helping new and prospective owners and owner families become better prepared for sourcing, rearing and caring for a Newf. By learning what to expect and what is needed, new owners can avoid self-created pitfalls and unintentional cruelty, making life with their Newfoundland a good experience for both.

Finding the Choice that Best Fits your Lifestyle

Newfoundlands are high-maintenance companions who have a lot to offer in return for the attention and care that you provide.

Rescue Stories

Some of the stories of Newfs entering the Rescue program are heartbreaking. Many are uplifting. Newfoundlands have a powerful influence on the lives they touch, for those who listen.


If you have wondered how to get started, where to go to learn about Newfs first-hand or have an interest in adopting a Newfoundland from Rescue, check these links:

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