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Newfoundland Antiques and Collectibles

Paper Ephemera - Paper Dolls


"Paper dolls as we know them today, human figures with changeable costumes, were first manufactured in England in the late 18th century. The earliest paper dolls printed in America were made in the early 19th century. By the 1870s, paper dolls had become quite popular in the United States; production of sets of dolls increased as their popularity grew and as chromolithography made color printing more cost effective. Paper dolls were made and sold by commercial firms both for children to play with and for adults to observe current fashion trends. Women's magazines and newspaper supplements often included cutouts of paper dolls and/or their clothes."
New York Historical Society - Guide to Paper Dolls

Once acquired, paper dolls for collections should be stored according to the latest paper reservation techniques. Some tips from Paper Dolls by Anne Tolstoi Wallach:

Place the paper dolls in a protective covering like a plastic bag or special transparent envelope.
• "Never glue dolls onto paper."
• Don't mend torn paper dolls.
• Do not use transparent tape anywhere near paper dolls.
• Albums help arrange paper doll collections.
• Keep records of your collections.
• Store or display your paper dolls away from strong light.

Some examples of Newfoundland Dogs included in sets of Paper Dolls:




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The Ephemera Society of America





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