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Newfoundlands In The News

Meet Rosie: A dog who has promises to keep

03.2010 USA Today

Rosie's story is a heartwarming tale that makes you realize dogs have interior lives we sometimes know very little about, if anything at all. Her owners sent it to me recently. She knows about showing up when you're needed and helping when others are too weak to help themselves. Her owner Valli writes from Rockland, Maine:

I have a 130 pound Newfoundland named Rosie. When I brought her home as a puppy she became good friends with my next door neighbor, Mary. Mary had grown up in Newfoundland and instantly fell in love with this black fluffy puppy. READ MORE


Grand Island man shares love of Nebraska history

(3/09/2010) By Dennis Kellogg -KHAS-TV

One Grand Island man knows what it is like to walk the Oregon Trail as a pioneer, or cross the country with Lewis & Clark. He has got a story about both and he cannot wait to tell it to you.

Dale Clark lives in the present, but focuses on the past.

"I have just always been interested in history because if we do not know where we came from, we have a tough time knowing where we are going," said Clark. READ MORE & WATCH THE VIDEO


Dog alerts owner to fire at Sweet Fanny Adams

Mike Potter
Staff Writer, The Flume
3/6/2010 10:22:00 AM

Boru, the 4-year-old Newfoundland, is a hero. He alerted his owner, Karen Smart, owner of Sweet Fanny Adams in Bailey, to a fire that could have destroyed the building on Feb. 26 early in the morning. Smart said her husband had just left for work when the dog rushed into her bedroom and jumped up on the bed and barked. She figured he really needed to be let outside, and when she opened the door, he headed for the restaurant and started barking. "I was afraid he would rouse the whole neighborhood," she said. Boru wouldn't come back after Smart called him, so she went out to retrieve him. "When I got out there to get him, I heard the fire alarm," she said. READ MORE


Local couple has personal interest in service dogs

By JOHN LA PORTE, Times News Editor
Posted: 02/22/2010 10:26:27 AM MST

Peter Adams and wife Marcia Patrick Adams both had a personal interest in dogs when they started “Tinker’s Dream,” a service dog referral and training agency.

She has a service dog, Tinker, a Newfoundland for whom the program is named, and uses Tinker to assist her with balance issues.

Tinker provides support for Marcia — literal physical support, bracing her when she gets up or sits down — and alerts her when it appears she is about to lose her balance. READ MORE


Fort Clatsop visitors discover a new found friend

The Daily Astorian

Park sets aside a day for the Lewis and Clark expedition’s dog Seaman

The Newfie owners are on to something.

They have found love, loyalty, intelligence and companionship in a single, living entity. This compassionate, adoring being has even deigned to throw in mountains of fur and slug trails of drool for free. READ MORE



Web-foot canines join Blue Marsh water-safety festival

By Greta Cuyler
Reading Eagle


Kandy Adams was in Blue Marsh Lake on Sunday when she began splashing the water, pretending to drown.

Her actions caught the attention of her dog, a black Newfoundland named Sneakers,

who was standing on the shore. Sneakers swam toward his owner, carrying the end of a long blue rope in his mouth. READ MORE



















Surf Lifeguard Dog gets a biography - now on the shelves!

 bilbo book cover

Get your copy today! The True Story of Bilbo the Surf Lifeguard Dog is an endearing true-life story about a 14 stone chocolate Newfoundland dog Bilbo.

Re-homed because he was lonely,but who's instinct and unique talent led him to be the world's first qualified surf lifeguard dog from Far West Cornwall.

Breaking News- Bilbo fights for his Right to Rescue!

PARLIAMENT is to be petitioned in the battle to get Bilbo the life-saving beach dog reinstated as a working dog.

Earlier this year, the Newfoundland was banned from patrolling the beach where his owner Steve Jamieson is an RNLI lifeguard.

Although the six-year-old is credited with saving at least three lives, Penwith District Council banned the animal from the beach at Sennen Cove, near Land's End, under bylaws over the summer period like any other dog. Read More






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