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National Specialty Winners 1980

1980 National Specialty Obedience Report

1980 National Specialty Chairman's Report

1980 National Specialty Highlights

1980 Specialty Show and Obedience Trial

Celebrating 50 years of the NCA

Hosted by the Newfoundland Club of Northern California in
Sacramento, California April 3 - 6, 1980

Specialty Report
by Nancy Gracey reprinted from Newf Tide Summer 1980

April 3-6, 1980 provided a golden opportunity for the Newfoundland fancy. How often has there been an opportunity to meet and devote four days to seeing the breed from so many different perspectives all in one place? Countries represented at the show included Canada, Australia, England,
West Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and U.S.A. Television coverage was provided for all three days of breed judging on all three of the area channels, including footage of water work. Radio coverage was also provided on the day of the Water Test.

The extensive pre-publicity brought interested correspondence from all over the U.S. and from some foreign countries, not only from Newf owners but also from people who wanted to know more about the breed. Included were some who are interested in veterinary medicine and other dog related subjects. Response from foreign countries was mainly interest in touching base with the Newf people here in the U.S.

Follow-up stories have been requested by several periodicals. For example, Dog Sport magazine plans to have several pages on the water test.
Thursday's obedience entry was impressive in number and quality, reflecting the ever increasing interest in continuing to see the Newfoundland as a working dog. Mrs. Mildred Rothrock and Mrs. Emily Swanson Judged the regular classes and Graduate Novice. Highest scoring Newfoundland in the regular obedience classes was #62,

Ch. Kilyka's She Shell. CDX, WD, with a score of 192 in Utility (the most advanced and difficult of all the obedience classes}. In accordance with the tradition established within the host club, the Highest Scoring Newfoundland received a trophy equivalent to that of Best of Winners in conformation.

Thursday also provided a chance to see those up-and-coming Newfs, the puppies, in sweepstakes competition. Mr. Adrian van Zijl of the Netherlands judged the puppy dogs and Mrs. Maynard K. Drury Judged the puppy bitches as well as the inter-sex competition. Keep your eyes out for Best In Sweepstakes # 130, Flying Cloud's Fine and Fanci (Vickie E. Nebeker). who was also Best in Junior Division of the Sweepstakes. Best in Senior Division was #45, Kilyka's Colossus (Mrs George McDonnell).

On Friday, Mrs. JoAnn Riley judged the regular conformation dog classes as well as Veteran Dogs. Out of an entry of 69 dogs present. she selected Blackout's Topmast Dickens (Mrs. Margaret Willmott) as Winners Dog
The Junior Showmanship was judged by Mrs. Maynard K. Drury. She awarded Todd Thompson the prizes for Best Junior Handler.
Mr. Theodore Wurmser judged the regular conformation classes as well as Veteran Bitches. Out of an entry of 83 bitches, he selected # 156, Bonnie Bay's Ursa (Karen Flynn) as Winners Bitch.

Saturday brought a special chance to observe the quality of Newfoundland conformation as Mr. Derek Rayne Judged the Best of Breed competition and non-regular classes. From amongst the 40 entries present. he selected as Best Newfoundland in the Show, #285 (Dog), Ch. Pooh Bear's Stormalong (Warren and Kathleen Gamble). Best of Opposite Sex was #269 (Bitch). Ch. Topmast Prairie Queen (Mary W. Price). As Best of Winners was #156 (Bitch). Bonnie Bay's Ursa (Karen Flynn). the daughter of the Best in Show winner, Stormalong, out of 1 975 NCA National Specialty Best of Winner's Bitch, Ch. Shayna's Bonnie Bell. In addition to the above awards, the NCA authorized the judge to name additional meritorious entries as Select dogs and bitches. Select dogs named were (2) #264, Ch. Shadybrook's Try for an Oscar, CD (Richard and Jeri Krokum). (3) #282, Ch. Skipjack's Buddha of Fathom (Susan J. and Ralph A. Gesler, Jr.), (4) #78, Blackout's Topmast Dickens (Mrs. Margaret Willmott) and (5) #250, Ch. Dunning's Barney (Walter Dunning). Select bitches named were (2) #156, Bonnie Bay's Ursa (Karen Flynn). (3) #276, Ch. Topmast's Prairie Lily (Mrs. Margaret Willmott). (4) #291, Ch. Belladonna Took of Brunhaus (Verne and Carol Landt). (5) #287, Ch. Shadybrook's Counting on You (Richard and Jeri Krokum).

The parade of title holders which followed was an impressive list of champions of record, holders of obedience degrees and holders of water dog titles. All entrants received the special 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medallions on royal purple ribbons.

Judi Adler judged the carting exercises. The entry was not large because of the problems with transporting carts to Sacramento.

Sunday gave a chance to observe the Newfoundland at the historic task of water rescue. Junior and Senior division entries worked in the lake right on the Inn's grounds. Congratulations go to Valkaren's Babe, WD (Vivian and Dennis Gilkison) for passing the difficult Senior division on the first attempt.

In addition to the Newfoundland events, the four-day Specialty gathering provided ample time for discussions at ringside, dinners and the wine tasting, the mini-seminars and the NCA meeting. An international panel discussion on Newfs was provided by Mr. Jones (Australia), Mrs. Oriani (England), Ms. Ayers (U.S.). Mrs. Drury (France), Mr. Kretschmer (Germany), Mr. van Zijl (Netherlands) and Mrs. Artsoe (Denmark).

Fiftieth Anniversary medallions and marked catalogs (both $10 each U.S. funds) and other collector's items are available from the 1980 NCA National Specialty. Each dog that went into the ring had about six motion photographs taken and in some cases head shots, too. Prints are available at $1.00 each. Requests for any of the above items should be addressed to: Show Chairman, Betty Nourot. 477 Cottonwood Drive, Fairfield, CA 94533, (209) 422-0625.

The hosts for the 1980 events, the Newfoundland Club of Northern California, wish to again thank the many people far and near who contributed to the show and to those who attended it. Without each of you it would not have been the special event it was. Our goal was to present the many aspects of the Newfoundland fancy at its best in honor of NCA's 50th Anniversary. It was our pleasure to host this special event.

Editors Note:
In keeping with the 50th anniversary celebration, it seems that the trophies are not only valuable because of the entries' qualifications: these trophies themselves were made up of 23 carat gold plate!




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