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Working Achievement Award

The NCA has adopted a Working Achievement Award to honor those Newfoundland/handler teams that excel in dog sports that highlight the intelligence and versatility of our breed, to recognize the unique bond between a handler and their dog, and to promote participation at a high level of excellence in performance events. agility
draft The core requirements for the Working Achievement Award are:
AKC Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)
NCA Draft Dog (DD)
NCA Water Rescue Dog (WRD)

In addition, the Newfoundland must have earned three titles from any of the following categories.*





NCA Water

NCA Draft


any Open level title, standard or preferred









three requalifications in WRD

three requalifications in draft (DD or TDD or any combination)







VER     UTD    
*To qualify, the Newfoundland can earn all three optional titles by excelling in one event beyond the core requirements (e.g., CDX, WRD, DD, UD, UDX, OTCh), or by earning any combination of titles listed among the optional requirements (e.g., CDX, WRD, OAP, WRDX, DD (with three requalifications)).
water The Versatile Newfoundland Committee will be administrating the Working Achievement Award. Any owners of dogs qualifying may submit their application for the award, with all appropriate documentation, to the committee immediately.

Submit Information for a Working Achievement Award

submission should include

  • date/title earned

  • copy of dog's AKC Registration

  • copy of Title Certificates


The NCA Board is grateful to the ad hoc Working Achievement Award Committee, under the direction of Brian Hodges, for the hard work they did in laying the groundwork for the establishment of this award







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