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Newfoundland Club of America Draft Equipment Guide - Approved 2001

Equipment Checklist

Check Harness for proper fit. 

Check the front at breastbone, and fit at neck. 
Is it too tight or too loose? 

Bellyband/ Girth Strap 

Strap should be snug. 
It must be underneath the harness straps to avoid chafing and for an unobstructed pull. 
Harness and strap ends should not be dragging on the ground to create a safety hazard. 

Spreader bar 

Not too restrictive, should not interfere with leg extension 
Not too loose, should not hit hocks. 

Check harness for straight-line pull. 

Make sure no straps are causing an interference with the harness. 
The point of attachment of the harness should be in position to allow an efficient point of pull. 
Is this a flat course, suitable for a parade harness? 


Check for the point of the shoulders. Shafts should be approximately even with the front of the dog. 
Brakes should be snugly behind the bellyband loops. There should be no wasted space to cause sloppy or inefficient braking. 
The cart or wagon must stop before it strikes the dog. 
The shafts should be properly placed and adjustments made to ensure that placement. 
Check apparatus for proper balance. 
Weight should be appropriately placed so as to maintain balance. 

Appropriate apparatus 

Travois - open, uneven fields or pastures 
Four-Wheeled Wagons - mostly urban settings 
Carts - most surfaces 
Sleds, Toboggans, Pulks - snowy conditions

Check Collar 

There should be no tags or special collars. 

Handler is prepared 

Handler has the equipment necessary to repair any minor problems. 
Water is available for the dogs. 
Handler has a leash with them. 
Poop Bags 


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