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For information regarding judging status, contact Benita Edds.






Working Event Judges- Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions have been submitted with regards to the move from Provisional to Partner to Mentor status.  Please note the Judges’ Qualifications have been re-formatted for easier understanding.  In addition:

New- July 2008-

At the 7/19/08 board teleconference the board voted to allow people applying to become observer judges to have either two WRD titles or one WRD title and one WRDX title as long as the title were put on two different dogs.



To move forward in judging status, each Provisional judge should review their individual stats.  These stats should include:
*WDC Chair notification of the two, highly positive evaluations from two different mentor co-judges, from the test committee and exhibitors in the same judging assignment.  If this is a new judge, evaluations are required until two, highly positive evaluations have been confirmed by the WDC.

*An additional WRD or DD original title

*Evidence of meeting the Provisional exhibition requirement for exhibiting at least once every 3 years.

*A minimum of 3 judging assignments.  At least 2 different judges must be involved.  At least three (3) different locations must be involved. 

To meet these requirements, some judges will have judged more than others, if they have judged primarily with one person, or with only one club location.


To move forward in judging status, each Partner judge should review their individual stats.  These stats should include:

*An additional WRD or DD original title.

*Evidence of having earned a TDD title (if moving to Mentor Draft judge).

*Evidence of having met the Partner exhibition requirement for exhibition at least once every 4 years.

*Evidence of a minimum of 4 more judging assignments after having moved to Partner status.  The make up of those 4 additional assignments must include having judged with at least 3 co-judges with whom the judge has not judged previously.  At least 2 different locations and at least 2 different clubs must be involved from previous judging assignments. 

Some judging assignments may count towards the requirements for different locations or clubs; but not for different judges, etc.  This will result in some judges having more total assignments than others when Mentor status is reached.






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