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Working Newfoundlands

The Newfoundland is a working breed. While they excel at traditional activities such as water rescue and draft and carting, they also have adapted to fill many useful roles in modern society, from therapy dogs, to assistance dogs, to search and rescue. The Newfoundland is a versatile worker with a quick intelligence and strong desire to please.

NCA-Titled Working Activities

  Water Work
  Draft Work
  NCA Working Test Judge's Corner

AKC-Titled Activities

Search and Rescue
Service Dogs  
Therapy Dogs  
Working Achievement Award  
Versatile Newfoundlands VN Candidate Information Form

The NCA no longer requires a fee to apply for to host a water or draft test.

Update April 2011- The WDC has finalized it's new proposal for the WRDX test. The WDC is now taking comments on this proposal- please download a copy and send your comments to Sue Marino.

Update- August 2008 - Requalifications of NCA titles will now be designated by a number following the title. Hopefully this will encourage people to continue entering their dogs in tests and not stop working them just because they have earned their title. This will also help to keep track of requalifications toward the Working Achievement Award. For example, a dog that has earned their DD title and has requalified twice will be designated as DD2.

As a result of the input received from the membership, the requirements for NCA Water and Draft Test judges are changing. These changes reflect majority opinions from all of the comments received. The NCA Board has approved these new requirements for Water and Draft Test judges, as well as for prospective judges, effective November 1, 2007. There are allowances applicable for already approved judging assignments. All judges are grandfathered into their current status that reflect their judging assignments through the end of 2007. This includes those who have already completed an observation assignment or have been approved to observe a Water or Draft Test, depending upon results received after completion of the observation assignment. We welcome updated information from any judges who believe their status would move to a higher judging level by the end of this calendar year so that we may review their individual situations. Please note the new regulations for judges here.

Working Dog Publications

The following publications are available in hard copy from the Working Dog Committee:

  • Draft Equipment Guide $5.00

  • Draft Equipment Guide Kit $10.00

  • Draft Test Rules and Regulations $5.00

  • Specialty Carting Rules and Regulations $1.00

  • Water Test Training Manual $12.00

  • Water Test Rules and Regulations $5.00

  • Taking Your Dog Backpacking $10.00

Send your order, prepaid, with a check made out to NCA, to

Working Dog Publications
c/o Dwight Gorsuch
6282 Burris Road
Rock Hall, MD 21661



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