The following is the Agenda exactly as released by the Secretary

Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.

Board of Directors

Teleconference Call

August 27, 2002

8pm Eastern Time/ 7pm Central Time



  1. Reading of the minutes of last meeting

·         June 25, 2002, July 1, 2002, and July 8, 2002 minutes

(see enclosure)

·        July 30, 2002 minutes (see enclosure)

·        July 30, 2002 Charitable Trust minutes (see enclosure)


  1. Recording Secretary’s Report (Mary Lou Cuddy)


  1. Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Robin Seaman)


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Mary L. Price)


  1. AKC Delegate’s Report (Mary W. Price)


  1. Committee Reports


·        Health & Longevity Committee (Beckie Stanevich)

                                                         I.            The President’s Council of the Canine Health Foundation is sponsoring “Genes, Dogs and Cancer – 2nd Annual Canine Cancer Conference, Sept. 18-20 in Aurora, OH. The fee is $100 before Aug 1st and $150 until Aug. 31st. Hotel and food are covered. Beckie is willing to attend unless the Board wants to send someone else. (Note: Tom has authorized Beckie to make the reservation to insure the lower price pending the Board’s approval.)


·        Health ROM Ad Hoc Committee (Sandee Lovett)

                                             I.            Update



·        Internet Committee (Jack Dean)

                                                         I.      NCA Internet Committee Advertising on website that buyers use to find puppies.


A motion was made to have advertising on websites visited by prospective puppy buyers.  The Board directed that a list of possible sites be prepared for the board’s consideration.  The following is a list for trial advertising with an initial expenditure of about $400.00


By far the largest and most popular site for puppy buyers on the Internet is Pets4U.  They say they receive a great number of hits per day and they have one of the largest websites.  The cost for advertising in the breeder section is $325.00 per year.  It is a little bit pricey, but considered the most popular of all the puppy buyer sites it probably a worth while investment. is a very small website with only one kennel advertised.  The price is very cheap at $35.00 per year.  There is a serious question among the Internet Committee if this would be a good idea, but in light of the price, I have included it.


DogBiz is also a very popular website.  It is only $39.00 for 12 months.  At that price it appears to be a good deal.


The total cost sites would be $400.00. There are a number of free” sites.  It would be the intention to advertise on those free sites to the extent possible.


·        Membership Committee (Sandee Lovett)

                                             I.      Update


·        Regional Club Liaison (Mary Lou Cuddy)

                                             I.      Clarification of non-recognized regional clubs advertising in regional club ad section of Regional Specialty catalogs.

                                           II.      Genesee Region Newfoundland Club Constitution change (see enclosure)


·        Rescue Committee


·        Rescue Prevention Committee  (Roger Frey)

                                             I.      Information on the RPC’s ballot, fact sheet, pro and con summaries will be sent under separate cover.


  1. Applicants for NCA Membership (Executive Session)

·        See enclosure


  1. Unfinished Business

·        Grievance/Arbitration (Joan Gunn) (from 4/02 F2F) (see enclosure)

·        Policy on handling challenged membership application (from 4/02 F2F) (see enclosure)

·        AKC Parent Club Conference (Mary L. Price)

                                             I.      Update on the possibility of sending a third representative

·        AKC DNA program – (from 6/6/02 teleconference) (see enclosure)

·        Newf Calendars – (from 6/6/02 teleconference) (see enclosure)


  1. New Business

·        Moratorium on purchasing Newfs at auction

·        New Pen Del Letter regarding the Landseer painting (see enclosure)

·        AKC Delegate Parent Clubs Committee – awarding points for Reserve wins at National Specialties (see enclosure)

·        Revised wording of the Newf Tide GDC ad (see enclosure)

·        Standardized Board Meeting Agenda Detail Information (Jack Dean)


Motion: To require that agenda items give a brief description of the topic, the rationale for the proposed discussion and, if possible, the motion to be made.


Rationale: Board members appeared to have adopted an approach to give details on agenda items, particularly after they were to be posted on the NCA website.  Lately, a few members have just put in the item they want to talk about with no detail.  That makes it impossible for the membership to have any prior input on board actions and makes it difficult for a board member or committee chair to prepare for a meeting without having any idea of what will be discussed.  Putting the motion in the agenda should lessen the time we spend having the motion recited several times.


·        Permit the Tape Recording of Board Meetings  (Jack Dean)


Motion: To change the policy and permit the Board meetings to be tape-recorded.


Rationale: At the national before I was a voting board member, I had raised the point that it would be advisable to tape record the board meetings to eliminate disagreements on who spoke and what they said.  There seemed to be agreement but afterwards it was stated that no formal motion was passed.


Much of the time spent at teleconferences is going over what was said at prior teleconferences. If we have a taped record, the approval of the minutes can go faster, they will be more accurate and we can have better records.


It was mentioned that all statements might not be captured on the tape recorder but having the majority of the statements is superior to having none of them.


·        Setting a deadline for reports from Committee chairs on their job description  (Jack Dean)


Motion: All committee chairs shall submit their updated job description to Sandee by October 1st for consideration and review at the Board’s fall face-to-face meeting.


Rationale: The Board at its last fall face-to-face meeting directed that this be done.  Sandee has been working on this since that meeting.  We need to formally establish some time limit to make sure that we have the material in time for the fall face to face.  Since I have placed all of the Policy Manual on the website, the job should be easier for the committee chairs.  I admit that it going over the description is only worse than beating yourself with whips, but it has to be done and if we do not get at least part of it done, it is going to have to wait until next years national.


·        Setting in advance the parameters to decide what is a definitive answer from the ballots on the auction purchase issue.  (Jack Dean)


Motion:  Either:  a) the Board will be bound by the outcome of the vote if there is only a one vote difference no matter what the number of ballots returned, or b) In order for the NCA Board to consider that there is a definitive answer by which it is bound, there must be at least ____ ballots returned and the difference between the yes and no votes must be at least   ____% or ____ votes, whichever is smaller/larger.


Rationale:  I am not certain if the Board feels it is obligated to follow the results of the ballot and under what circumstances.  I think we have to deal with the problem before the results are in rather than afterwards.  If the board considers it a ballot, then one vote should be sufficient.  If the board considers it a poll, then the board may want to place parameters on it.


It is generally considered better scientific methodology when running a test to define what outcomes will be considered significant BEFORE the test results are in. That eliminates the opportunity for the losing side choosing to ignore the results by saying either not enough people responded or the vote differential was not significant when had they won, then the results would have been acceptable. 


One way to minimize those problems is to define the acceptable levels in advance.


How many ballots have to be received before one considers there has been a sufficient response to make a definitive answer?  100, 500, 1,000, 2,000?  Then the second question is how much spread does there have to be?  1 vote, 1%, 5%, 10% etc.  Reasonable levels have to be set based upon the number of ballots expected to be returned.


By way of background you should know that the vote for board members usually has around a 50% return or about 1,100 to 1,200 ballots. I think, but I have not been able to verify that the survey sent out by the H & L committee has an initial return of about 35 %.  I seem to remember, but I am not certain, that the breed standard ballots only resulted in about a 50% return.


  1. Adjournment