The following is the Agenda exactly as released by the Secretary


Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.

Board of Directors

Teleconference Call

September 19, 2002

8pm Eastern Time/ 7pm Central Time




Note: Items from the August 27, 2002 agenda that have not been addressed will be carried to the November meeting.


  1. Reading of the minutes of last meeting

·        June 25, 2002, July 1, 2002 and July 8, 2002 Teleconference Meeting (see enclosure)

·        July 30, 2002 Charitable Trust Meeting (see enclosure)

·        July 30, 2002 Teleconference Meeting (see enclosure)


  1. Recording Secretary’s Report (Mary Lou Cuddy)


  1. Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Robin Seaman)


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Mary L. Price)


  1. AKC Delegate’s Report (Mary W. Price)


  1. Applicants for NCA Membership (Executive Session)

·        See enclosure


  1. Old Business

·        Pro-purchase commentary


  1. New Business

·        New Pen Del letter

·        Moving back the date for the biographies and the answers to the questions (regarding rescue and the two issues facing the NCA) to Nov.15th. (Jack Dean) (Jack will send the rationale under separate cover)

·        Cover Letter (Tom Broderick) Rationale: We need a motion to amend so that I can remove my name from the letter.


  1. Adjournment