The following is the Agenda exactly as released by the Secretary


Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.

Board of Directors

Face-to-Face Meeting

November 1-3, 2002

Hilton Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




1.      Reading of the minutes of last meeting

·        April 26, 2002 minutes (see enclosure #1)

·        August 27, 2002, September 3, 2002 minutes (see enclosure #2)

·        September 12, 2002 minutes (see enclosure #3)

·        September 19, 2002 minutes (see enclosure #4)


  1. Report of the Recording Secretary (Mary Lou Cuddy)

·        Ballot Counters


      3.  Report of the Corresponding Secretary (Robin Seaman)

·        Correspondence from the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (see enclosures #5, #6, #7)


      4.  Report of the Treasurer (Mary L. Price)

·        Treasurer’s Report (Report was sent separately)

·        2002 National Specialty Report


      5.  Report of the AKC Delegate (Mary W. Price)


      6.  Report of the Committees

·        Committee Job Descriptions (Sandee Lovett) (will be distributed at the meeting)

·        Awards Committee – (Ingrid Lyden)

                                                   I.      Possible stipend for Award counters (Mary Lou Cuddy)

The yearly subscription rate of the AKC Awards has gone up to $69.00.  Some of the counters’ only reason for subscribing to this is to count for the NCA.  There are usually about 9 volunteers.

                                                 II.      Requests for awards (Mary Lou Cuddy)

Ingrid Lyden has received some requests to consider doing something beyond a certificate.  An example would be a jacket or an engraved picture frame.  There are five awards although there can be ties.

                                                III.      Procedure for dealing with ties for top awards (Mary Lou Cuddy)

A question has been raised concerning the possibility of a tie for Top Obedience Dog.  Should both dogs be recognized or should a procedure be developed to determine the winner?


·        Data Base Maintenance Committee (Bob Rogers, Clyde Dunphy)

                                                   I.      Report on the progress of the computer database program. (Clyde Dunphy)


·        Finance Committee (Kevin Gallagher)

                                                   I.      Finance Committee Report (Sandee Lovett)


·        Health & Longevity Committee (Beckie Stanevich)(see enclosure #8)

                                                   I.      Motion:  The items contained in the proposal be adopted,

relevant committees be assigned tasks and a Newf Tide article be written.  (Joan Gunn)

Rationale: Over the past several years the NCA Board has increased its emphasis on the health of our breed.  We now support numerous heath research projects, some of which are already yielding valuable information such as the DNA test for cystinuria.  We are also developing a data base, i.e., the CHIC data base, which can be used to identify dogs with requisite health clearances.  We are moving toward a health ROM and a health class at the National and Regionals.  It is clear that health is an important priority for this Board and the NCA. 


·        Internet Committee – (Jack Dean)

                                                   I.      NCA Internet Committee Advertising on website that buyers use

to find puppies. (Jack Dean)

A motion was made to have advertising on websites visited by prospective puppy buyers.  The Board directed that a list of possible sites be prepared for the board’s consideration.  The following is a list for trial advertising with an initial expenditure of about $400.00

By far the largest and most popular site for puppy buyers on the Internet is Pets4U.  They say they receive a great number of hits per day and they have one of the largest websites.  The cost for advertising in the breeder section is $325.00 per year.  It is a little bit pricey, but considered the most popular of all the puppy buyer sites it probably a worth while investment. is a very small website with only one kennel advertised.  The price is very cheap at $35.00 per year.  There is a serious question among the Internet Committee if this would be a good idea, but in light of the price, I have included it.

DogBiz is also a very popular website.  It is only $39.00 for 12 months.  At that price it appears to be a good deal.

The total cost sites would be $400.00. There are a number of “free” sites.  It would be the intention to advertise on those free sites to the extent possible.


·        Judges Education Committee – (Betty McDonnell)

                                                   I.      Status of the JEC article for the AKC Judges Newsletter as

directed by the Board. (Roger Frey)

                                                 II.      Appointing new members to JEC  (see executive session)


·        Membership Committee - (Bob Rogers)

                                                   I.      Request from Rhoda Lerman to use the Membership mailing list

for commercial purposes (see enclosure #9)


·        National Specialty Committee – (Henry Jurczyk)

                                                   I.      Specialty Guide Revisions (Joan Gunn) (see enclosure #10)

                                                 II.      Report on the Guide’s progress with updates and has it been

reprinted? (Robin Seaman)

                                                III.      Status of request by Shawn Phillips to revamp the judges’

selection process (Mary Lou Cuddy)


·        Newf Tide Policy Committee – (Aura Dean) (under separate cover)

                                                   I.      Approval of Job Description for Circulation Volunteer

                                                 II.      Newf Tide Policy in the Policy Manual

                                                III.      Adjustments to existing policies

                                             IV.      Additions to duties of the NTPC

                                               V.      Change in average number of pages

                                             VI.      General policy changes

                                            VII.      Renewal of Contracts:


·        Policy Committee – (Joan Gunn)

                                                   I.      Update on Policy Manual


·        Recognition Committee - (Kathy Hamilton) (see enclosure #11)

                                                   I.      Request for budget item – purchase of championship



·        Regional Club Liaison - (Mary Lou Cuddy)

                                                   I.      Clarification of non-recognized regional clubs advertising in regional club ad section of Regional Specialty catalogs.

                                                 II.      Genesee Region’s Constitution change (see enclosure #12)

                                                III.      Report on Regional Clubs and an update on percentage of NCA

members in regional clubs


·        Regional Specialty Coordinator – (Robin Seaman)

                                                   I.      Input needed about the NCA being fined when Regional

specialty applications are received by me late from Regional Clubs.

                                                 II.      Input needed regarding the lack of entries at a Regional

Specialty. There was just a Regional Specialty held where there were only 16 entries.

                                                III.      Regional Specialty Guide--I would like permission to develop

one independent from the National Specialty Guide as many clubs have new people doing them and need more direction.


·        Rescue Prevention Committee  - (Roger Frey)

                                                   I.      Status of letter regarding limited registration as the default

registration (Roger Frey)

                                                 II.      Letter from Bernese Mountain Dog Club regarding clubs joining

together for rescue prevention (see enclosure #13)


·        Steering Committee – (Roger Powell)


·        Working Dog Committee – (Cheryl Dondino) (see enclosure #14)

                                                   I.      Report on the requested changes from Christopher Plum


       7. Applicants for NCA Membership (Executive Session)

·        List of Applicants  (see enclosure #24)

·        Objections to member applications (2) (see enclosures #25, #26)


  8. Executive Session

·        Appointment of new members to JEC (under separate cover from Sandee Lovett)

·        Appointment of additional breed mentors

·        Isabel Kurth Award Nominations

·        Appointment of new Nominating Committee

·        Appointment of the “official counters” for this year’s election


       9. Unfinished Business

·        Grievance/Arbitration (Joan Gunn)(from 4/02 F2F)(see enclosure #15)

·        Policy on handling challenged membership application (from 4/02 F2F) (see enclosure #16)

·        AKC DNA program – (from 6/6/02 teleconference) (see enclosure #17)

·        Newf Calendars – (from 6/6/02 teleconference) (see enclosure #18)

·        Newf Novelties (Aura Dean)
I.      Follow up on discussion at the National face-to-face.


     10. New Business

·        Revised wording of the Newf Tide GDC ad (see enclosure #19)

·        Query regarding Board’s position statement on open registries given the changes in OFA and GDC (Becky Gertz) (see enclosure #20)

·        Request to indicate Nominating Committee candidates on the election ballot (Sue Jones) (see enclosure #21)

·        Proposal for changes in the AKC Registration Scheme (Anne Beck) (see enclosure #22)

·        Dueling packets (Roger Frey)

·        Standardized Board Meeting Agenda Detail Information (Jack Dean)

Motion: To require that agenda items give a brief description of the topic, the rationale for the proposed discussion and, if possible, the motion to be made.

Rationale: Board members appeared to have adopted an approach to give details on agenda items, particularly after they were to be posted on the NCA website.  Lately, a few members have just put in the item they want to talk about with no detail.  That makes it impossible for the membership to have any prior input on board actions and makes it difficult for a board member or committee chair to prepare for a meeting without having any idea of what will be discussed.  Putting the motion in the agenda should lessen the time we spend having the motion recited several times.

·        Permit the Tape Recording of Board Meetings  (Jack Dean)

Motion: To change the policy and permit the Board meetings to be tape-recorded.

Rationale: At the national before I was a voting board member, I had raised the point that it would be advisable to tape record the board meetings to eliminate disagreements on who spoke and what they said.  There seemed to be agreement but afterwards it was stated that no formal motion was passed.

Much of the time spent at teleconferences is going over what was said at prior teleconferences. If we have a taped record, the approval of the minutes can go faster, they will be more accurate and we can have better records.

It was mentioned that all statements might not be captured on the tape recorder but having the majority of the statements is superior to having none of them.

·        Adopting Roberts Rules of Order as part of our standing rules for the Board and Annual meeting and develop rules of procedure for the Annual meeting. (Clyde Dunphy)

            Rational: We want NCA members to be able to bring items up for discussion, but motions for the general membership to consider must be presented in advance of the annual meeting, so as to allow the membership time to be notified as to items and motions that will be brought up for vote at the meeting.

This may be called a special rule of order and we may need help with the exact wording, if we elect this option.

·        Changing the Start Time of the Annual meeting. (Clyde Dunphy)

Rational: I believe an earlier start time would be logical as we may have business to conduct and to allow more members to stay and attend.

·        Tape Recording of NCA Board meetings (Jack Dean) (see enclosure #23)

Motion:  Have all NCA Board face to face meetings and teleconferences tape recorded and then have the tape transcribed, distributed to the board and a copy placed on the website.

Rationale:  We spend significant amounts of time going over the minutes before publication and spend a lot of that time on what was said.   A transcribed tape would be more accurate than conflicting, scribbled notes and save an immense amount of time in putting together the minutes.  If we made a tape recording of the minutes, we could send it to be transcribed by a service or perhaps by an NCA volunteer.  They could get it back within a few days and the formal minutes could then be prepared.

We can probably get someone to transcribe the tape for about $10.00 to $15.00 an hour and distribute the transcript to all board members electronically in a word processing file.  That transcription could be available within 2 days after the meeting. You can roughly figure that the time taken for transcription would be roughly about 1 ½ to 2 times the meeting length.  Thus a three hour meeting would take about 4 1/2 to 6 hours at a low cost of $45.00 and a high cost of $90.00.

Included in the packet is part of a transcript of a preliminary hearing before a magistrate.  The reason I have included it is to let you see one way it could be set up.

Since the transcript would be verbatim, there should be no worries that people would be misquoted in the minutes or when others say what was said at a Board meeting.

·        Anti Censorship Motion:  (Jack Dean)

Motion:  Since under the present procedure it appears that a single board member can block release of data simply by asserting she has conflicting information that she has not previously disclosed. a policy is adopted that if there is a matter on a scheduled meeting about which the board member has information which would effect the outcome of that issue, the board member must disclose it as soon as practicable rather than wait until the meeting.

Rationale:  The Board has to get over its love of censorship and secrecy when it gives individuals the right to block information they do not want disclosed.

At the last teleconference, an auction data sheet was submitted to be included in the official packet.  The data was supplied by 4 NCA members who were physically present at the auction.  Mary Price objected to the data because it did not agree with what a non NCA member who was present at the auction thought happened.  Mary had the information the evening before the teleconference.  She never disclosed it but only brought it up at the teleconference when she either knew, or should have known, that there would be no time to investigate and resolve any discrepancies.

There were two things particularly bad about this. The information on the data sheet regarding birthdays came from information that Mary said she had verified as accurate. Then she said it was not accurate.  Secondly, Gail had a sale price on one Newf of $800.00.  The data sheet said $750.00. What is worse is that Gail was wrong as shown by the accompanying receipt for the purchase of the dog.

There is something wrong when we are going to believe a non NCA member over four NCA members.

The flow of free information is important.  By requiring disclosure prior to the meeting, it will help eliminate some of these problems.

·        Limitation on the number of board appointed committees one person can serve on. (Jack Dean)

Motion:  Beginning with all Board Appointments made after March 1, 2003, absent unusual circumstances involving special skills and expertise, normally a person can serve on only one board appointed committee.

Rationale:  We have over 2,200 members but we keep using the same people over and over again to fill committee appointments.  One person sits on four different committees.  People do double duty on the WDC and Arbitration committee, the JEC and the WDC, etc.  It appears that current board members and their spouses get appointed to many committees.  From looking at the appointments, there is not an equal opportunity for members to be appointed to committees.

This procedure excludes the membership from participating in the NCA because openings on committees are all taken by a few. 

The advantage would be greater membership participation and an influx of new ideas from new people.  The experienced members would still be there to assist, just not on so many committees.

·        Reevaluate the Board imposed Newf Tide Censorship Policy  (Jack Dean)

Motion: The censorship policy of the NCA with regards to anyone being critical of an NCA board member, committee chair or NCA policy is a carryover of the days of secrecy. The matter should be referred to the Newf Tide Policy Committee for review and to come up with a policy that will significantly reduce censorship.

Rationale:  Gen William C. Westmoreland, US Army, once said “Vietnam was the first war ever fought without any censorship. Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind.” 

I think the board has to move past its old Vietnam mentality approach and recognize that freedom of speech and the freedom of citizens to voice objections are important rights in a democracy.  The NCA Board must realize that you do not solve problems by prohibiting information from getting to the members.  Control of the press is one of the hallmarks of communist countries.  It should not be imitated by the NCA.

Timeliness of information in Newf Tide is important.  In the last application of our censorship policy, however, one board member had veto power over whether an article would timely appear in Newf Tide.  Unless changes made that she required, then the article would not appear.

A policy of censorship who purpose is to shield the board should not be permitted to continue.

·        Definition of Just Cause (Jack Dean)

Motion: Request the steering committee to suggest a definition for the term “just cause” for absence from a board of directors meeting and further to suggest a minimum length of time that a member must remain at a meeting for it to be counted as attendance.

Rationale.  The Bylaws state that a board member may be removed for failure to attend two board meetings without just cause.  The term is not defined, nor is any warning given of what that term means.  It would be totally improper for the board to decide retroactively a definition.  That would be passing an ex post facto law which is prohibited.  We should, however, place board members on fair warning about future conduct.

Immediately after the annual meeting, the board had a meeting and Roger Powell was not present but listened in by phone but could not vote.   I don’t know how you count that attendance. 

We then have had 8 different board meetings that took up 11 teleconferences between May and September.  Those meetings lasted a total of approximately 30 hours.  Roger Powell was present at 3 of them for a total time of about 3.25 hours. 

The one meeting that he was at he stayed for an hour of a four hour meeting, the other meeting he stayed for an hour of a 2 1/3 hour meeting and one other meeting he left early

I believe the above statements are accurate but if they are not Roger can correct them at the face to face.  I am also sending Roger an email of this particular matter so if it is not factually correct he can tell us and I will make appropriate modifications to my rationale before the agenda is distributed.


     11. Adjournment