The following is the Agenda exactly as released by the Secretary


Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.

Board of Directors

Teleconference Call

December 12, 2002

8pm Eastern Time/ 7pm Central Time





  1. Reading of the minutes of last meeting

·        August 27, 2002 minutes (see enclosure #1)

·        September 19, 2002 minutes (see enclosure #2)

·        November 1 – 3, 2002 minutes (see enclosure #3)


  1. Recording Secretary’s Report (Mary Lou Cuddy)


  1. Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Robin Seaman)


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Mary L. Price)


  1. AKC Delegate’s Report (Mary W. Price)


  1. Committee Reports


·        Newf Tide Policy Committee

1.      Adjustments to existing policies

- No change in member ads: $135.00 per page (plus $20 for each additional picture)

                                    - For members who are selling items: $200 per page

                                    - For commercial advertisers: $400.00 

2.      Additions to duties of the NTPC

- On page 118 of the current Policy Manual, add the following as the fourth duty:

                                    - To conduct the annual Newf Tide Policy Photo Contest.

3.      Change in the average number of pages

- Since NTPC will be announcing bids for the position of editor and printer in the 1st and 2nd quarter issues of Newf Tide, we’d like to set a more realistic average page count. On page 116 of the current Policy Manual the average is quoted as 72 pages.


We would like to set the average page count at 96


·        Regional Club Liaison (Mary Lou Cuddy)

1.      Newfoundland Club of San Diego – proposed constitution changes (see enclosure #4)


·        Rescue Prevention Committee (Roger Frey)

1.      Does the NCA Board still want the RPC to create a survey regarding various Rescue Issues?  If so, what information do we want? Are there any specific questions that the Board would like to have included in the survey? Is there a specific time line for said survey? Would the Board approve the distribution of said survey via Newf Tide?

2.      Return the RPC to open committee status – The rescue ballot packet has been finished and the committee is moving on to other matters.


  1. Applicants for NCA Membership (Executive Session)


  1. Unfinished Business

·        Annual Meeting Start Time – Tom Broderick has spoken to Henry Jurczyk, National Specialty Committee Chair, and Henry is in favor of the 7 pm start time.  He also suggested starting with the Awards and then starting the meeting.  Tom Broderick feels that the meeting can start at 7 pm, present the officers’ reports and then present the Awards.

·        Media Letter – To determine who will represent the NCA in handling media inquiries to the AKC. (See enclosure #6)

·        Letter to Parent Clubs regarding the limited registration as the default registration. (See enclosure #7)


  1. New Business

·        Setting up a list for all Parent Club Webmasters (see enclosure #8) – The AKC is setting up a list of all Parent Club Webmasters to share information and expertise.

·        To request JEC input and comment on why a person can apparently fulfill all of the requirements of being a breed mentor but not appear on the list so, if necessary, the board can make appropriate changes.  (Jack Dean)

Motion:  To request the JEC for their input in writing, no later than fifteen days before the February Board teleconference, the reasons why a person can fulfill the requirements of being a breed mentor but not appear on the breed mentor list and their recommendations, if any, for policy changes in this area.

Rationale:  The goal of the Board, the JEC and the membership should be a JEC that has the full support of everyone.  The JEC cannot reach that goal if the membership perceives that the JEC does not operate fairly or exerts a bias in its selection of Breed Mentors.  Everyone must understand that the perception of unfairness is just as harmful as the reality of unfairness.

Under the current policy a person can apparently fulfill all of the requirements of being a breed mentor but not appear on the list.  Currently, being appointed a breed mentor is by invitation only.  Members who feel they meet all of the requirements have no procedure to request placement on that list and no right of appeal to the NCA Board if they do not secure a position on that list.

Such a procedure is inherently unfair and creates unnecessary problems.  If either an adequate explanation or procedural changes are not forthcoming, then the membership will require such changes.  It is better for the good of everyone that this problem be resolved by thoughtful discussion.


·        Monitoring of Auction sales of Newfs so the NCA has vital information on what is happening (Jack Dean)

Motion:  To require that the NCA set up a mechanism to insure that we monitor what happens to Newfoundlands at Puppy Auctions

Rationale:  The fall’s auctions do not necessarily start off with sales of Newfs and this was what happened with the first 2 auctions (9/7 & 9/8).  Somewhat unexpectedly on 9/14 there were 13 Newfs offered for sale by Bob Hughes and the NCA did not purchase them.  Hughes noted that the “market was off” Fortunately NCA volunteers were there to monitor the sale.  Then there were 6 auctions (9/20, 9/28, 10/5. 10/12, 10/13 & 10/19) where no Newfs were offered.  On 10/26 2 Newfs were offered for sale by Bob Hughes and the NCA did not purchase.

Unfortunately, no one from rescue alerted us to the auction and we did not send monitors, so we do not know if these Newfs were even offered for sale, if they were the Newfs that were offered earlier, etc.  There were 9 more auctions on 10/26, 11/2, 11/3, 11/9, 11/15, 11/23, 11/30, 12/7 & 12/ 14) where Newfs were not offered for sale.

The mere fact that the NCA withdrew from the auction market may have significantly contributed to the decline of Newfs at auction. After all, you are not going to pay the added expense of shipping and the auctioneer’s charges, if all you get is the normal price.  That said, the need for information on what is happening at auctions still exists.

It would be foolhardy not to know what Bob Hughes, Bub Gage and the rest are doing. Information is always valuable.  Just because the membership said that we will not purchase does not mean that we should not know.


·        To set up a new committee to investigate having a telephone list of people willing to answer questions on Newfs (Jack Dean)

No motion supplied with this item.


Rationale:   I think everyone agrees that the predominate reason that novice puppy buyers give up their Newfs is a lack of knowledge about what the puppy will grow into.  They did not know how big it was going to be, how much hair was going to get all over the house and into the food, how much it drooled, and how much time the Newf wants to spend with his family - not be left alone outdoors. The second reason is that the Newf does not really fit into the owner’s lifestyle including time to be with the Newf.  These Newfs wind up in rescue.

As fine as the NCA website, our ads and brochures may be, they are not half as effective as an actual telephone conversation with a Newf owner.

Right now, the only person that a novice puppy owner can talk to is someone on the breeders list or a regional contact listed on the NCA website.  When you consider that the average call will take at least 20 minutes, these 75 people are overburdened with calls.

We need

1> A national list of about 100 to 150 people geographically spread out

2> who would be willing to have their names and telephone numbers listed on the Internet, AND

3> would be willing to talk to people who are interested in purchasing a Newf puppy.

They would be a tremendous benefit to the novice puppy buyer and    

to the Newfs themselves.  It would directly combat the primary reasons that owners abandon their Newfs.


·        Request for Recommendations on Changes to the Breeders List qualifications and standards (Jack Dean)

Motion:  To request the Breeders List Committee submit recommendations for changes to the list with respect to qualifications and additional information

Rationale:  Request the Breeder’s list committee to examine and report back to the board by February 1st whether it would be better to loosen the standards on the breeders list so more people could be listed, provide more information in the breeders list about each breeder, and indication if they have a puppies available, and to indicate whether the standard contact should be made available on the website.

Obviously the public demand for Newfoundlands is not something the few people on the breeders list can satisfy.  By maintaining the present standards we necessarily reduce the number of people on the list.  If novice puppy buyers cannot get a puppy from those people then they are more willing to buy them from pet stores and Back Yard Breeders.

This is a problem that we need to resolve and it is best to do it at the face to face.  The information must be available by then and by setting deadlines like I suggest, there will be time for membership input on the proposals so the NCA Board can consider the recommendations of both the committee and the members before making a decision.


·        Motion:  Robin Seaman moves to approve the modifications to the Rescue and Referral Committee Policy and to document the NCA Membership votes in the NCA Policy Manual. (See enclosure #9)
Rationale:  Current NCA Rescue Policy must be modified to incorporate the will of the membership as reflected in the November 15, 2002 vote regarding future NCA purchases of Newfoundlands.
     The policy manual should reflect the changes and the actual vote by each category is included in the manual so that future Boards will be aware of the will of the membership.
     Attached is the Rescue Policy with the modifications. The second attachment is the Rescue Policy final Draft.


  1. Adjournment