The following is the Agenda exactly as released by the Secretary

Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.

Board of Directors

Teleconference Call

March 4, 2003

8:00 pm Eastern Time/ 7pm Central Time



  1. Reading of the minutes of last meeting

·        December 12, 2002 minutes (enclosure # 1)

·        January 9, 2003 minutes (enclosure # 2)


  1. Recording Secretary’s Report (Mary Lou Cuddy)


  1. Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Robin Seaman)


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Mary L. Price)

·        Update on the 2002 National Specialty host club report


  1. AKC Delegate’s Report (Mary W. Price)

·        Limited Registration Letter to AKC and AKC response (enclosure # 3)

·        AKC Board of Directors candidates (under separate cover)


  1. Committee Reports

·        Breeders List/Breeders Education AdHoc Committee (Cathy Sands)

1.      Recommendations on the Breeders List & Breeders Education (enclosure # 4)

·        Health Class Ad Hoc Committee (see enclosure # 5)

·        Health ROM Ad Hoc Committee (see enclosure # 5)

·        Judges Education Committee (Betty McDonnell)

1.      Recommendations for the Breed Mentor list (enclosure # 6)

·        “Just Cause” Ad Hoc Committee  (Clyde Dunphy)

1.      Recommendations for attendance at Board meetings (enclosure # 7)

·        Research Advisory Committee (Cherrie Brown)

1.      Funding for a new study on Osteosarcoma (enclosure # 8)

·        Rescue Committee (Mary L. Price)

1.      Recommendations for revisions to the NCA Rescue policies.  (under separate cover)

·        Rescue Prevention Committee  (Roger Frey)

1.      Comments on the monitoring auction proposal (see enclosure # 5)


  1.  Executive Session

·        Applicants for NCA Membership (enclosure # 11)

·        AKC Breeder Referral Committee – resignation of Johanna Matsuda (enclosure # 12)

·        Response from a challenged applicant and sponsors (see enclosure # 13)

·        Update on a challenged applicant

·        NCA Good Sportsmanship Award, Isabel Kurth Award & NCA Heroic Newf Award (see enclosure # 14)


  1. Unfinished Business

·        Review the practice of tape recording and transcribing Board meetings

·        Pat Randall’s letter concerning Roberts Rules of Order (enclosure # 9) (carried from 1/9/03 meeting)

·        Information on legal counsel’s interpretation of Connecticut law, Roberts Rules of Order and NCA Constitution and By-Laws (under separate cover)*


  1. New Business

·        Unauthorized Release of Personal Information (Donna Zink) (under separate cover)

·        Hiring a licensed parliamentarian for the Annual Membership meeting (Tom Broderick)

·        Link Request to NCA Website (see enclosure # 10)

·        Mark-up on rooms at Holiday Valley (Roger Frey)


·        MOTION:  To thank the volunteers who went and monitored the latest auction.  (Jack Dean) 

RATIONALE:  Upon less than a week’s notice, Bobbie Walker and Jean Cobban , both members of both the NCA and Heart of America NC, took time out of their busy schedules to attend the latest auction where Newfs were offered for sale.  They then provided a comprehensive report with invaluable information and deserve that the minutes of the NCA board should reflect the appreciation of the Board.


·        MOTION: To request the membership chair develop a meaningful application for new members and submit it to the NCA Board by April 1st for review and approval and then have all application information supplied when new members are preliminarily approved. (Jack Dean)

RATIONALE:  NCA membership is a mark of someone concerned about the welfare of our Newfs and truly interested in the breed.  Puppy millers and Back Yard Breeders know this and there can be a problem if such people try to get into our club.

For example, many members would not want to see a statement on Wild Bills Animal Farm website that he is an NCA member but now many people know Wild Bill’s real name?

Right now, the only information on the application and the only information the board gets about an applicant is their name, address and who are their sponsors.  We get absolutely no more information, but are expected to make an intelligent decision whether such person would be a good member. Sometimes, sponsors do not really know the applicants very well.

I would like to see an application that provides the NCA with meaningful information such as the applicants background in Newfs, the number of Newfs they currently own, the number of breedings they have done, what type of work they do with their Newfs, what are their reasons for joining the NCA and how they would like to help the NCA.

Right now we depend upon a board member knowing something or else a member writing in AFTER the names are published in Newf Tide.  Members have withdrawn objections when they know their identity may be revealed.  We need another first line of defense that is factually grounded.

My proposal is not a perfect solution but it will be a step towards solving a current problem.

The date of April 1st has been chosen as a due date because this is a serious problem that demands prompt attention and receiving the new application form by April 1st will give the Board time to think about it, have member comments, and discuss it at the national.


·        MOTION: To have the Membership Directory updates published as an insert to Newf Tide include all changes.  (Jack Dean)

RATIONALE:  Some time ago the membership at the annual meeting voted to have changes in membership information appear in updates that would accompany Newf Tide.  The changes that we now have are only changes to members whose names already appear in the directory.  If you renew past the deadline, your name does not appear anywhere but in the old directory.  If you are a new member, the only way of finding you is to look in each issue of Newf Tide under applications, but there are no telephone numbers given or email address.

The change I propose has been previously requested, but declined.  I feel the board should require this information.


·        MOTION: That the NCA create a Sunshine Committee. (Aura Dean)

RATIONALE: It would seem that in our quest to develop a greater camaraderie among our members that the creation of a “Sunshine Committee” would be a means of helping us to work toward this goal.  The committee’s function would be to send cards or letters of condolences and/or congratulations to NCA members who have suffered a loss through death in their immediate families and to celebrate significant accomplishments, i.e., being elected governor of a state, or being selected for a community honor. These letters would be signed from the Newfoundland Club of America.  This Sunshine Committee could be comprised of a representative from each of our regional clubs and our International Liaison could take on this function for our international members, our Regional Club Liaison could coordinate and communicate directly with the Board. A budget of $100 may be appropriate.


  1. Adjournment





In addition to the material included here in the agenda packet, the following material was also sent:

NCA Constitution and By-Laws

Minutes from the last Annual Meeting – April 23, 2002