The following is the Agenda exactly as released by the Secretary


Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.

Board of Directors

Face-to-Face Meeting

April 21 - 23, 2003

Holiday Valley Resort

Ellicottville, NY




  1. Reading of the minutes of last meeting

·        Approval of March 4 & 18, 2003 minutes (enclosure # 1)


  1. Recording Secretary’s Report (Mary Lou Cuddy)


  1. Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Robin Seaman)

·        AKC Lifetime Achievement Award submissions (enclosure # 2)

·        Approval of the duplication and distribution of the AKC Parent Club Conference CD for NCA committee chairs and Board members.


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Mary L. Price)


  1. AKC Delegate’s Report (Mary W. Price)

·        Proposed amendment to the AKC Charter and By-Laws regarding the scheduling of the fourth quarter Delegates meeting in December or January (enclosure # 3)


  1. Committee Reports


·        Health and Longevity Committee (Beckie Stanevich) (enclosure under separate cover)

·        Health Challenge Committee (Jan Boggio, Mary Jane Spackman, David Helming)

·        Judges Education Committee (Betty McDonnell)

                                             I.      Recommendations for the Breed Mentor list (enclosure # 4)

·        Just Cause Ad Hoc Committee (Clyde Dunphy)

                                             I.      Recommendations for attendance at Board meetings (enclosure # 5)

·        Membership Committee (Bob Rogers)

                                             I.      Approval of membership application and renewal form changes.   

·        National Specialty Committee

                                             I.      Update on National Specialty Show Guide (Joan Gunn) (under separate cover)

·        Specialty Show Guide should be clarified that a single Regional Specialty may take place two weeks before or after National, but multiple Specialties cannot take place earlier than 30 days prior to or after a National Specialty except in special circumstances such as annual show in conjunction with an all-breed show.  The Chairman, National Specialty Committee recommended this motion to me. (Joan Gunn)

·        NCA Volunteers Ad Hoc Committee (Roger Powell)

                                             I.      Interim report

·        Newf Tide Policy Committee (Aura Dean)

                                             I.      Mailing Service for Newf Tide

·        Policy Committee (Joan Gunn)

                                             I.      Revised policy manual (under separate cover)

·        Regional Club Liaison (Mary Lou Cuddy)

·        Rescue Committee

·        Rescue Prevention Committee  (Roger Frey)

                                             I.      Puppy Buyer Referral (under separate cover)

·        Steering Committee (Roger Powell)

                                             I.      Request for modest change in job description

                                           II.      Request for some modest help

·        Versatile Newfoundland Committee (Jacqueline Brellochs)

                                             I.      Consideration of a VNX (Versatile Newfoundland Excellent) award (enclosure # 6)

·        Working Dog Committee (Cheryl Dondino)

                                             I.      WRDX (Water Rescue Dog Excellent) proposal

                                           II.      Request from the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club to participate in NCA Draft Tests (enclosure # 7)

·        Uniform Trophy Committee (LeeAnn Hughes)

                                             I.      Uniform Trophies

                                           II.      Uniform Trophy pattern

                                          III.      Junior Trophies

                                       IV.      Uniform trophies for placements/winners in non-routine events, e.g. Agility Trial/Rally Obedience, etc.  NCA has gone on record to encourage host clubs to hold additional events, will the NCA support these activity through uniform trophies? (Joan Gunn) 

  1. Applicants for NCA Membership (Executive Session)

·        See enclosure # 8

·        Committee Appointments 2003-2004 

  1. Unfinished Business

·        Pat Randall’s letter concerning Roberts Rules of Order (enclosure # 9)

·        Breeders check list - this is an agenda item from the health proposal presented last fall.  Board also made a commitment to encourage health screening by breeders and to widely disseminate through a Newf Tide article, Gazette article, etc.  I would be willing to write this up. (Joan Gunn) 

  1. New Business

·        Unauthorized release of personal information (Donna Zink) (enclosure # 10)

·        Link request to NCA website (enclosure # 11)

·        MOTION: That the NCA create a Sunshine Committee. (Aura Dean)

RATIONALE: It would seem that in our quest to develop a greater camaraderie among our members that the creation of a “Sunshine Committee” would be a means of helping us to work toward this goal.  The committee’s function would be to send cards or letters of condolences and/or congratulations to NCA members who have suffered a loss through death in their immediate families and to celebrate significant accomplishments, i.e., being elected governor of a state, or being selected for a community honor. These letters would be signed from the Newfoundland Club of America.  This Sunshine Committee could be comprised of a representative from each of our regional clubs and our International Liaison could take on this function for our international members, our Regional Club Liaison could coordinate and communicate directly with the Board. A budget of $100 may be appropriate.

·        AKC/Eukanuba Invitational “Meet the Breeds” (enclosure # 12)

·        NCA Logo copyright - I do not believe the current policy is stated clearly enough regarding the copyrighting of the NCA logo.  I would like to see the policy manual state that when using the logo, clubs or individuals cannot alter in any way the NCA logo for its use as it must be used in its entirety.  To do so would constitute copyright infringement.  Clubs and Committee Chairs who may/ would use the logo, e.g. Education, JEC, National Specialty, etc. should be individually advised of the policy. (Joan Gunn) (under separate cover)

·        Regional Representation on the NCA Board (Newfoundland Club of Southern California) (see enclosure # 13)

·        Schedule next teleconference meeting


  1. Adjournment