The following is the Agenda exactly as released by the Secretary




Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.

Board of Directors

Teleconference Call

May 27, 2003

8:00 pm Eastern Time/ 7:00 pm Central Time




1)      Approval of the minutes of prior meetings

    a)      Minutes  of the face-to-face on April 23, 2003

    b)      Minutes of the Annual Meeting

2)      Report of the President, Tom Broderick

3)      Report of the First Vice President, Aura Dean

4)      Report of the Second Vice President, Sandee Lovett

5)      Report of the Recording Secretary, Jack Dean

a)      Tape Recording and transcription of teleconference minutes to provide for more accurate, quickly and easily prepared minutes. (Jack Dean)

        b)      Request for Board Guidance on Reporting the Annual Board Face-to-Face Minutes with the election of officers, etc. (Jack Dean)

        c)      Discussion of request for Board Guidance on Contact Sheet  (Jack Dean)

6)      Report of the Corresponding Secretary, Robin Seaman

7)      Report of the Treasurer, Mary L. Price

8)      Report of the AKC Delegate, Mary W. Price

9)      Committee Reports

10)  Executive Session

    a)      Applicants for Membership

    b)      Other Matters – see attached agenda

11)  Unfinished Business

    a)      Breeders List Modification Proposal  -  Breeders Ad Hoc Committee

i)        Attachment 1, pages 1 to 3

    b)      Telephone Referral Network  -  Rescue Prevention Committee

        i)        Attachment 2, pages 4 to 13

12)  New Business

    a)      Request to have the fall face-to-face meeting held in California.  (Jack Dean) 

        i)        This is basically the same request that I made last year.  The Board has not been to the West since the last national.  The members who live there have little opportunity to meet face to face and talk with Board members. The National Specialty is being held there and we should visit the site

    b)      Request that the NCA Board ask that all candidates for the Board answer the following question: (Jack Dean)

        i)        “What do you think are the two biggest problems facing the NCA and how would you solve them?”  This is the same question candidates were required to answer last year.  It gives the members a chance to evaluate how the candidates view the NCA’s operations and how they would solve existing problems.  It provides a basis for a more rational decision than just the 300 word statement.

    c)      Request that the NCA Board ask that all candidates for the Board answer the following question: (Jack Dean)

        i)        “What do you think of term limits for committees and Board members and, if elected, would you voluntarily agree to a term limit and, if so, what would it be?”  Unlike the previous general question, this is a specific question that may be difficult to answer.  It would show how candidates approach difficult issues and the reasoning they use to resolve them.

    d)      Privacy of matters done in Executive Session (Patti McDowell) 

        i)        Statements made in executive session were known to the members shortly after they were made. There should be an understanding of the privacy of comments made and votes taken in Executive Session. 

    e   )      Discussion of the policies surrounding the sale of the plates at the National Specialty.  (Patti McDowell) 

        i )         If memory serves me correctly, in past years we were able to buy 3 plates per person. This year the limit was 5 per person.  I have been told that all plates sold out in about 30 minutes.  I have had two separate complaints from NCA members about this situation. Complaint #1 was that people preparing for other events like the Top Twenty could not be there to get on line and therefore were not able to purchase the plate.  Perhaps a provision for pre-ordering would help to alleviate this?    

        ii)       Complaint #2 disappointed me greatly. It appears that some enterprising people purchased the maximum allowed (5) and "scalped" the plates to those who were unable to purchase them in the first 30 minutes. One member paid $100 for a plate, another paid $200.  At that profit level, a person could pay for their entire trip reselling plates to the NCA members at the end of the line!

        iii)      I spoke briefly to Henry about this problem and he mentioned that last year they ordered 500 plates and Lee Ann went home with 175 of them. I do not know how many are left now, but it sure seems like we could sell them tomorrow on Ebay for $40 each plus shipping to the hundreds of Newf lovers who are either a) not NCA members or b) did not attend the National.  I do believe there would be a market for them

    f)       Request that the NCA Board ask that 100 additional 2003 National Specialty plates be ordered and made available for sale. (Jan Boggio)  

i)        There were many disappointed people who complained to me about the fact the plates sold out so quickly. In addition, many serious collectors were involved with the Top 20 event Tuesday night and the plates were gone before they were able to purchase one.   

ii)       A form could be put in Newf Tide and on the website and allow members to order them. Limiting the reorder to 100 plates should satisfy the needs of the membership without leaving a large number of left overs.  

g)      Splitting of the Working dog class  (Deb Wigal) 

i)        This matter was suggested by the judge and appears to be a good idea.

h)     Request of suggested changes in Policy Manual (Jack Dean)  

i)        The Policy Manual just prepared is already about 6 months out of date, has chronological errors regarding the history and in its current form is expensive to reproduce each year because it contains a large number of sections on committees that have been abolished but are reprinted each year.  When changes are made, the Board has no way of determining what has been changed since the last version because it is buried in the manual.  It is requested that the new chair consider preparing and distributing cumulative quarterly updates of just the recent modifications and consider reformatting the document so that it takes up less space and unchanged sections such as abolished committees portions are placed in a separate volume and not reprinted each year.  The cost saving of this minor change might be well over $200.00 per year.

i)       Bringing Sick Dogs to the National  (Jacqueline Brellochs) 

i)        There should be some statement made about bringing sick dogs to the National.  We realize that a dog may be asymptomatic upon leaving home, but for so many Newfs to have become sick at this past National! A reminder should be made.

j)       To have a committee formed to investigate the apparent communicable disease outbreak of the sick dogs at the national and make recommendations to minimize the problem in the future. (Jack Dean)    

i)         There was a considerable problem with sick dogs at the recent National.  There were probably over 100 dogs effected, both at that the show and later at home.  There were several trips to the emergency vet office.  From a phone conversation, it is estimated that xx number of dogs were treated on a emergency basis during the show.  The cost of treating 3 dogs alone was about $1,700.  In some instances the disease was carried home to other dogs and one person had a vet bill was $900.   The cost to members for veterinary care arising out  of this incident could easily be well over $15,000

ii)       There had never been a dog show at the host site.  From various reports there is much evidence that people brought dogs to the National knowing that they were ill.  Dr. Steve Van Wie, a veterinarian and NCA member, has done a study on this matter that apparently confirms the infectious nature of the problem.  He is well familiar with epidemiology.  In fact, he went to England as part of a team of American Vets to help contain the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease. 

iii)     I have no idea of what the proper solution is but we cannot ignore the problem.  I realize that we cannot make it go away, but that does not mean that we cannot try to minimize the effects.  I have no idea of what would be the best solution.   It must be a balance between the ease of showing dogs and protecting them. 

iv)     I would suggest we appoint an ad hoc committee of experienced people to come back to the Board with recommendations on preventive measures, suggestions to use existing procedures to minimize the problem and suggestions for changes in the National Specialty Guide to minimize this problem.

k)      Motions to have the video currently used by the JEC reviewed and approved by the Board and to make explicit existing policy (Jacqueline Brellochs) 

i)        Item 1 A video of an NCA water test and an NCA draft test was shown at the JEC seminar, Thursday, April 24th, 2003 at Ellicottville.  This video has not been viewed and voted upon by the Board.  To rectify this, I make a motion that the Board directs the JEC to provide 2 copies of said video for circulation to Board members by July 1st, 2003.  (See Attachment 3 pages 14 to 15

ii)       Item 2 In the Policy Manual, Committee Guidelines and Policies Responsibilities.  9.  ADD in front of last sentence:  All materials used to represent the NCA and/or to educate fanciers and others    interested in the breed must receive advance Board approval.  (Though not spelled out here, this has been acted upon by the Board as noted in the NCA Policy Manual, vol. 1, under JEC  )

l)       Health Links on the NCA Website (Tracy Warncke and Chris LaMuraglia)

i)        Direct the NCA website to link to the health links on the Berner website  (see attachment 4 pages 16 to 52)

m)    Change to Policy to permit a non Board member to hold the position of Regional Club Liaison

n)     Appointment of board members to do the bullet summary for the NCA Website (Tom Broderick)

o)      Change of Rescue Prevention Committee to a Closed Committee (Patti McDowell) 

i)         As I mentioned at the face-to-face, the RPC has experienced a significant turnover in members over the past year.  Pat's count is 7 or 8 members resigning, almost all giving the same reasons for their resignations. I would like to propose having the committee return to a Board appointed committee.  (I feel some of this probably needs to be heard in Executive Session as names might be mentioned in the discussion). I also would recommend that our new RPC Chairman Pat Randall be allowed to phone in for this portion of our meeting.  His thoughts on this are attached to this note for the Board (See attachment number 5 pages 53 to 54).

p)      Recommendations for Direct Appointment by the Board of two people to Breed Mentor Status  (Roger Frey)

i)        Inasmuch as the Board and the JEC came to the consensus that the Board can make appointments to the Breed Mentor list at their discretion and whereas there are NCA members that meet the criteria for inclusion on said list and that would like to serve the breed and club by being on said list I would like to propose two names for inclusion on the Breed Mentor list.

q)      Proposal to Establish a National Specialty Support Committee  (Jan Boggio) 

i)        This committee would be charged with reviewing the current National Specialty Guidelines and Committee structure set-up and developing a plan to addresses the changing dynamics of the National Specialty in regard to the current policy. Among the topics to be discussed are such issues as illness prevention, reservation system oversight, multiple club hosting, permanent or rotating sites, and financing. This committee would include past specialty chairs, as well as grounds, ways and means and hospitality chairs from recent national specialties. Committee members could also offer guidance as needed to future National Specialty Chairs and Committee chairs based on their previous experiences

13)  Fix Date and Time of Next Meeting

14)  Adjournment

15)  FYI Inclusions (starting at page 55 and ending at page 61

    a)      Note from the Health and Longevity Committee Co-Chairs

    b)      Insertion of statement in Newf Tide by the VN Chair

    c)      List of Committee Chairs and Appointments

    d)      Letters sent to Donna Zink, Century 21 and Niagara Frontier Newfoundland Club (to be sent under separate cover)

    e)      Copy of flyer which AKC will be sending out with registrations

    f)       Email from Beckie Stanevich updating everyone on health survey