The following is the Agenda exactly as released by the Secretary





Newfoundland Club of America, Inc.

Board of Directors

Face to Face Meeting

November 21 thru 23, 2003


Times of Meetings

Friday 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Saturday 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday Evening 7:00 p.m. to 

Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.




1)      Final Approval of Minutes
        a)      September 10, 2003

2)      Report of the President, Tom Broderick
        a)      Request that the minutes reflect the start and stop times for various discussions as per email of September 21, 2003  (Attachment, page 1)
            i)        Right now, the membership does not know how much time we spend on matters and that information would be helpful to them.
        b)      Review my earlier suggestions of August 8, 2003 for conducting more NCA Business by email and then provide for a reasonable format to do business in this new medium. (Attachment, page 2
        c)      Letter of September 13, 2003 to NCA Board regarding fall Face-to-Face meeting, comparative costs and matters that need to be discussed.  (Attachment, page 3)

3)      Report of the First Vice President, Aura Dean

4)      Report of the Second Vice President, Sandee Lovett

5)      Report of the Recording Secretary, Jack Dean.

        a)      Approval of Minutes by Email (Attachment, page 5)
            i)        Approving the minutes by email is obviously a more cost efficient and productive way of proceeding.
            ii)       In the past we would spend a half an hour at least while some Board members read over the minutes during the teleconference.
            iii)     When I tired to have email approval of the last few minutes some Board members raised objections that it was not permissible because minutes can be approved only at a teleconference or a face to face meeting.
            iv)     We obviously need to move the Board into an efficient, cost effective method of doing its business.
            v)      The details of the policy are set forth in attachment

    b)      Request for policy to let the minutes identify Board members who do not comply in responding to official emails (Attachment, page 6)

            i)        Doing more things by email will only work if Board members cooperate
            ii)       Some Board members do not respond at all to emails from the secretary and some respond only after considerable prompting.
            iii)     If the membership knows how Board members operate, then I would not be surprised that this simple change will insure greater compliance.

6)      Report of the Corresponding Secretary, Robin Seamen

7)      Report of the Treasurer, Mary L. Price

a)      Status of the Specialty Report from Niagara Frontier NC

8)      Report of the AKC Delegate, Mary W. Price
    a)      Amendment of AKC By laws (Attachment, pages 7 to 7d)

9)      Committee Reports

        a)      Membership Committee Report on new Application and Sponsor form  (No attachment, material mailed directly and not part of this packet)

        b)      Breeder List ad hoc committee member reports (Attachment, page 8 to page 29)
            i)        Draft Report of the Committee, page 8
            ii)       Comments of the Chair, Cathy Sands, page 17
            iii)     Comments of Michael Marcus, page 20
            iv)     Comments of Barbara Finch, page 29

        c)      WDC proposal on new WRDX regulations and judging modifications. (Attachment, pages 30 to 53)
            i)        Letter to the NCA Board, page 30
            ii)       Proposed Regulations, page 31
            iii)     Modifications to judging regulations, page 47
            iv)     Email Comments from Members, page 51

    d)      Ad Hoc Health Committee on Sick Dogs at the National Committee (Attachment, pages 54 to 58)

    e)      Rescue Prevention Committee  (Attachment, pages 59 to 66)
        i)        Breeder Referral / Information Proposal
        ii)       Budget Data

    f)       Health & Longevity Committee  (Attachment, pages 67 to 73)
        i)        Report on the activities of the committee, page 67
        ii)       Request to place a cap on membership in that committee, page 73

    g)      General Education Additional Advertising Request (Attachment, pages 74 to 79)
        i)        Report of the Chair, page 74
        ii)       Communications between the GE Chair and the Internet Chair, page 76

    h)      Finance Committee Report on Budget (Attachment, pages 80 to 85)
        i)         Report of the Finance Committee, page 80
        ii)       Budget Data presented by the Finance Committee
                    (1)   Spreadsheet, page 82a
                    (2)   Print out of comments to Spreadsheet, page 82c
        iii)     Request for Additional Funds from WDC for WRD Rules and Patches, page 83
        iv)     Budget Problem Analysis by Jack Dean, page 84

    i)        Newf Tide Policy Committee  (Attachment, page 89 to 94)

    j)        Health & Longevity Committee Report on Health Clinics at Nationals (Attachment, pages 94a to 94g)

            i)        Majority Report

            ii)       Minority Report

    k)     VN Committee Report on Newf Tide Responses on working Champion Award

10)  Executive Session

    a)      Applicants for Membership
    b)      Appointment of Nominating Committee Members
    c)      Appointment of Ballot Counters
    d)      Appointment of Sunshine Committee Members
    e)      Other Matters

11)  Unfinished Business
(Please note that some minor changes have been made in the items to update them to reflect changes since the time they first appeared). 

    a)      Request of suggested changes in Policy Manual. (Jack Dean)  

            i)        The Policy Manual just prepared is already about a year out of date, has chronological errors regarding the history, and in its current form is expensive to reproduce each year because it contains a large number of sections on committees that have been abolished but are reprinted each year. 
            ii)       When changes are made, the Board has no way of determining what has been changed since the last version because it is buried in the Policy Manual
            iii)     It is requested that the new chair consider preparing and distributing cumulative quarterly updates of the recent modifications only and consider reformatting the document so that it takes up less space and unchanged sections such as abolished committees portions are placed in a separate volume and not reprinted each year. 
            iv)     The cost saving of this minor change might be well over $200.00 per year.

    b)      Motions to have the video currently used by the JEC reviewed and approved by the Board and to make explicit existing policy. (Jacqueline Brellochs) 
            i)        Item 1 A video of an NCA water test and an NCA draft test was shown at the JEC seminar, Thursday, April 24th, 2003 at Ellicottville.  This video has not been viewed and voted upon by the Board.  To rectify this, I make a motion that the Board directs the JEC to provide 2 copies of said video for circulation to Board members by a specific date.  (See Attachment 3 of May 27, 2003 Agenda pages 14 to 15)
            ii)       Item 2 in the Policy Manual, Committee Guidelines and Policies Responsibilities.  9.  ADD in front of last sentence:  All materials used to represent the NCA and/or to educate fanciers and others interested in the breed must receive advance Board approval.  (Though not spelled out here, this has been acted upon by the Board as noted in the NCA Policy Manual, vol. 1, under JEC.)

    c)      Request to create an ad hoc committee to examine effectiveness of advertising and to try to recruit NCA members with experience and skills in advertising as members of the committee. (Jack Dean)     
            i)        The NCA spends significant amounts of money on magazine advertising and is considering funding Regional Club newspaper advertising.  (Perhaps $13,000 a year total.) 
            ii)       Everyone agrees that the goal is laudable, but no one with professional expertise has evaluated whether the money is well spent or if our advertising is cost effective.  No one with expertise has examined what type, size and frequency of advertising gives us the most “bang for the buck.” 
            iii)     The only feedback that I know that we have is that the ads generate some responses, but we do not know if
        (1)   The same response might be generated by a smaller ad, or
        (2)   Would more frequent running of several small ads be better than one large ad, or 
        (3)   Whether local newspaper advertising is more effective than national magazine advertising. 
        (4)   What is the best mix of advertising to be most cost effective?
                iv)     Everyone can offer their guesses as to which type of ad is best, but few have the expertise to authoritatively help answer the question. 
                v)      A committee of advertising professionals might give us better insights on how to effectively spend our money.  They might also have the ability to enlist non NCA members in evaluating our existing and proposed programs.

    d)      Index to Pictures of Newfoundlands in Newf Tide.  (Jacqueline Brellochs)
            i)        This could be a valuable and time-saving tool for the membership.  Carol Cotton did one for 1970-1991 which was given to the NCA Historian and can be obtained upon request (BUT how many people are aware of its existence?)  It would be most helpful for this to be updated and maintained from year to year.

    e)      Selection of Alternative Teleconference Providers. (Jack Dean)
            i)        We are saving a great deal of money (about $4,000 a year) by using one of the alternate teleconference providers.  We have had multiple conferences using both lower cost providers who charge the same rate. A decision should be made as to who to use for the next teleconference. 

    f)       Request to have the Finance Committee Investigate the causes of the $68,000 projected deficit and suggest to the Board recommendations for better fiscal management. (Jack Dean)

i)        We have a projected budget deficit of over $68,000 for the coming year.

ii)       While the budget figures have never been highly accurate, the cash flows for some years were comforting.  For each of the early years ending in June we made strong profits. In 1999: $19,375; in 2000 $19,639 and in 2001  $15,636

iii)     Then in 2002 something drastically changed. We lost in 2002 -$19,523 and in 2003-$36,417 (See attachment C, page 10)

iv)     From the fiscal year ending July, 2001 we went from a $15,636 profit to a loss of $19,523 in the next year.  A total reversal of about  $35,000

v)      After we received the budget in June, the finance committee stated it was going to look into this matter shortly after our September Board teleconference.

vi)     We need an answer back from them as to what happened to cause the $35,000 difference and can expenses be controlled.

vii)   I would like to see the matter referred to the finance committee for a thorough analysis including

(1)    what caused the change between July of 2001 and 2002,

(2)    an evaluation of how accurate our budget process has been in the past

(3)   what can be done to improve our budgeting in the future,

(4)   why we did not see this coming, and

viii)  Finally, their recommendations on how to begin to solve the problem.

g)      Rescind the approval of the 2004 NCA budget presented by the Finance Committee Chairman at the June 25, 2003 NCA Board teleconference meeting.  (Patti McDowell). 

i)        I opposed accepting the budget at that time due to the huge amount of deficit spending allowed for in the budget.  After further opportunity to examine the final reports from Mary L Price on the 2003 fiscal year, I think there are far too many questionable line items and budget allowances, as well as the obvious issue of depleting our reserves for the third consecutive year with no effort by this Board to control spending, increase revenues, and reverse an obvious downward spiral. 

ii)       This is not a small issue - our reserves were at $218,055.81 in 2001.  They are projected to decrease to $88,775.00 in 2004.

h)      Replace the Finance Committee. (Patti McDowell) 

i)        The budget presented to this Board was fiscally irresponsible, as well as unrealistic.  The Finance Committee is the only bulwark between the NCA Board, the membership, and financial ruin. 

ii)       There were no recommendations in the report on what needed to be cut back, how to increase revenue, how to protect our reserves.  I do not know if this was addressed for 2000 (the first year a deficit budget was presented), for 2001, for 2002 (when we actually ran more than an actual $19,523 deficit), or for 2003, but as a Board member who was presented with the 2004 budget, I can say that there was very little if no direction or concern from the Finance Committee regarding the continuation of increased deficit spending coupled with decreased revenues in the Chairman's presentation.

iii)     There were no projections on how long the club could financially survive if the current trend was not addressed successfully (my own rough estimate is that we could bankrupt the club in less than 3 years at the current rate of spending).

i)        Appoint a new Finance Committee at the fall face-to-face meeting comprised of people with experience in budgets and club management. (Patti McDowell)  

i)        There are valuable resources in this club, including people who served on past NCA Finance Committees and helped bring this club back from financial disaster. Their experience could be invaluable in this situation. An analysis needs to be made, particularly a comparison of spending between our last profitable year and our current fiscal year, with items of concern noted for the Board's consideration.

j)        That there be a change be made to NCA Policy directing that at each face-to-face meeting at the National, an NCA Board member be appointed to research the lowest cost location with the shortest traveling distance for the NCA Board for its fall face-to-face meeting. (Patti McDowell) 

i)        That member should have a report ready to present to the full Board by July 1st so that appropriate arrangements can be made for securing the meeting site at the lowest cost to the membership.

k)     That the Treasurer be directed to obtain an account offering free checking and other free services. (Patti McDowell) 

i)        We still have a substantial amount of money in the bank making us a valuable customer.  While convenience is a consideration, when we are experiencing such dramatic deficit spending and a significant depletion of our reserve funds (which results in an even greater loss of income through lower interest income), it is clearly time for everyone to do whatever they can to save money and cut costs. It is absurd that our bank, with many thousands of our dollars in its hands, charges us for deposit slips, yet alone for checking!

l)        To rescind the vote of the Board to obtain a lawyer to evaluate our Constitution at this time. (Patti McDowell) 

i)        I do not feel this is an emergency expenditure; I object to potentially spend $10,000 on this item when we are in deficit spending.

m)    To rescind the vote to begin paying volunteers on the Annual of Titlists and Database. (Patti McDowell) 

i)        There are many valuable volunteers who donate their time to the NCA. In addition to the fact that those volunteers who are not compensated financially for their contributions are genuinely upset that other volunteers will receive compensation, needlessly creating hard feelings among many tireless workers, it is irresponsible for the Board to spend money from the reserve accounts to undertake a policy of payment for volunteers.  This is a time when we should each be seeking ways to save money and increase revenues, not find new ways to spend money regardless of how good the intention is.

n)      To remove all expenses from NCA Rescue and the NCA Health Challenge from the NCA operating budget. (Patti McDowell) 

i)        Both of these operations are financially solvent, clearly able to support their own overhead expenses, and any person donating to any charity understands that there are small expenses that are related to the cost of running such programs.

o)      To institute a policy that the NCA must balance its budget on an annual basis and may not approve any budget that includes deficit spending. (Patti McDowell) 

i)        The purpose of having a reserve account was to insure the club's solvency in case of disaster. It was not built up by past Boards (and members) to provide a blank check to other future NCA Boards. Emergency items need to be addressed as such, from the reserve account with approval of the Board. No increased revenue means no increased spending. Decreased revenue means decreased spending. Not only do we have to rectify the situation we find ourselves in now, we must put safeguards in place to insure this does not happen again and again.

ii)       Using the NCA Comparative Financial Statements 1999-2003 prepared by Mary L Price, it is impossible not to be alarmed about the situation.

(1)   The NCA Bottom Line:(Excess of Receipts over Disbursements)

(a)    actual 1999    $+19,375.49

(b)   actual 2000    $+19,639.17

(c)    actual 2001    $+15,636.52

(d)   actual 2002    -$-19,523.18

(e)    actual 2003    -$-36,417.35

(f)     projected 2004   -$70,350.00

(2)   (Club Balances)

(a)    actual 1999       $182,780.12

(b)   actual 2000       $202,419.29

(c)    actual 2001       $218,055.81

(d)   actual 2002       $198,532.63

(e)    actual 2003       $162,115.28

(f)     projected 2004   $88,775.00

iii)     In looking over the budget line by line by line, I personally feel that the -$70,350.00 might be significantly less; my own rough numbers come up with approximately a -$42,000.00 number. In talking to other Board members I have been left with two noteworthy impressions. One: some Board members do not feel there is any problem because we "have all of that money in the bank". Second, some Board members are under the impression that the reserve moneys are to cover us for "lean years" so this is still not a problem.

iv)     I vehemently disagree.

v)      2000 was a huge "wake-up call" that something needed to be looked at.  2003 was confirmation that we were in financial trouble. We are not having a lean year. We are in a trend of deficit spending with no game plan to address our fiscal crisis. Most measures we take now (if we do take any) will have no serious effect until the 2005 fiscal year.  If we do not act now and take definite steps to control and reverse our deficit spending, the next Board will have to address it with only a potential one year solvency cushion (as any steps they take may not have a full effect until the following fiscal year, 2006)

p)      To examine the budget of Newf Tide/Annual of Titlists. (Patti McDowell)

i)        These expenses are a significant "red flag" financially. The increased expense trend is alarming (this is clearly an understatement).  Advertising revenues are down dramatically, expenses are skyrocketing.

ii)       In speaking to Jan, one important item she mentioned was the increase in pages

iii)     Newf Tide Net Expenses              Number of Pages   

(1)   actual 1999    -$40,340                  328     

(2)   actual 2000    -$42,056                  360     

(3)   actual 2001    -$46,110                   372     

(4)   actual 2002    -$61,803                   408     

(5)   actual 2003    -$57,872                    ?   

(6)   budget 2004    -$62,000                   ?  

iv)     Annual of Titlists Net Revenue

(1)   actual 1999     -$732 

(2)   actual 2000     -$972 

(3)   actual 2001    -$2905 

(4)   actual 2002    -$2223 

(5)   actual 2003    -$3847 

(6)   budget 2004    -$4000 

v)      There are some obvious questions to be addressed. 

(1)   Should we limit the size of the issues?

(2)   Should we eliminate NCA Board business (minutes, regional club news, etc.) from the magazine and send them separate as a blow in of sorts? 

(a)    My personal opinion is this is the only real method we have to reach every member of the club and the magazine is a historical record of the club's business, the pretty pictures are the "fluff"... admittedly I enjoy them myself tremendously but at some point (like now) we may need to charge extra for that luxury..

(b)   This means potentially raising dues... our main source of income to cover the cost of this magazine. 

(c)    Putting the minutes in a separate segment would decrease the likelihood that anyone will actually read them, in my opinion. 

(d)   Since each of the members has the responsibility to vote, and to be informed about the business of the club, I feel every incentive should be given to having them read this material.

q)      Membership Composition Changes. (Patti McDowell)

i)        Mary L mentioned the reduction in full memberships, the increase in seniors and double memberships.  This needs to be analyzed.  Perhaps double memberships should be increased. Perhaps seniors should also be increased slightly (but this would have to be examined in light of the potential increase due to rising Newf Tide costs).

r)       To examine the Membership expense (Patti McDowell)

i)        The membership committee has had a significant increase over a two year period:  $7,261.57 in 2002 (actual) versus $12,314.94 in 2003 (actual), with a projected expense of $12,500.00 for 2004. An increase of over $5000.00 in two years... why?  (This is probably completely necessary or justified, but I would like a breakdown of why).

s)      To examine the expense of the General Education. (Patti McDowell) 

i)        General Education spent approximately $7000.00 on Dog World advertising in the 2003 fiscal year. Their total budget for this year is projected at $5500.00.  Are they planning significantly less advertising, if so why, did they feel it was not cost effective, what was the response to the ads (reflected perhaps in informational requests, etc.).   The RPC has a lot of advertising in their proposal... another issue we will have to address in the near future.

t)       To request the Board direct the Finance Committee to develop a long-term financial plan for NCA, long-term being 10-20 years.  (Roger Powell) 

i)        The plan should be revised on a regular, scheduled basis, perhaps not annually but probably more frequently than every 5 years.  The plan will likely have to have various alternative scenarios for different trends in membership numbers, different trends in the national economy and inflation, and so forth. 

ii)       The Finance Committee should be able, however, to develop reasonable scenarios for the future and to plug NCA's budget into them.  The Finance Committee may need to work with the Steering Committee and other committees to develop reasonable scenarios.

iii)     Rational:  The NCA anticipates that it will remain a viable club into the distant future.  Consequently, it needs to think and plan into the distant future.  As an example of how a long-term plan will be helpful, such a plan should predict roughly when and under what conditions NCA might need to raise its dues or to change its budget reserve.  Although most businesses may consider a 5-year plan to be long-term, I would be considered foolish if I planned for my future on only a 5-year horizon.  I plan to live far longer than 5 years and retirement planning requires long-term horizons (20 years and more).  NCA needs to think beyond 5 years so that it can best be prepared for long-term financial conditions.

u)      To direct the Board to require the Finance Committee to follow the already written policy of making quarterly re-assessments to the budget.  (Jack Dean) 

i)        A budget is not something that you make and then never adjust. 

ii)       The policy manual states “the finance committee shall :assist and advise the Board in the creation of an annual budget and assist the Treasurer quarterly in the creation of revised estimates based on actual experience during the previous quarter.” 

iii)     Right now, all we get from the treasurer is a listing of how much money was spent but never any budget changes.

iv)     If they would follow the policy manual we would have much improved financial information that we can then use to reach reasonable financial decisions.

v)      To permit the NCA webmaster to post on the NCA Website, the financial data which was submitted with the budget.  (Jack Dean)

i)        We have serious financial problems and the membership should have some input on the proposed solutions.

ii)       You cannot cut back on members’ services or increase their dues without membership input and that requires an informed membership.  Not one working on guesses or rumors.

iii)     The financial data was given to the NCA Board in June and then in late September.  It should be shared with the membership.


12)  New Business

a)      Dealing with Board members intentionally not telling the truth (Jack Dean)

i)        The email of Roger Powell on the WDC to the Board was forwarded to someone not on the Board who then posted it on various email lists.

ii)       Roger Powell said he did not do it.

iii)     Jack Dean sent an email to all Board members asking who had released the email to someone outside of the Board.

iv)     All Board members then responded that they did not release the post to anyone else.

v)      The email was posted on the internet, so someone on the Board had to release it.

vi)     Therefore, some Board member was not telling the truth when they stated they did not share the email with non Board members.

vii)   While we may honestly disagree over an interpretation of some fact, there is no room for disagreement that some Board member was not being honest and truthful.

viii)  The primary concern of this Board should be for the truth.  It would be hypocritical for this Board to be concerned with other issues and ignore the fact that a Board member did not intentionally tell the truth.

b)      Confidentiality of Matters Done in Executive Session  (Tom Broderick) (Attachment, pages 95 to 112)

c)      To have all committee appointments decided at a face to face meeting in executive session by secret ballot. (Robin Seaman)

i)        Rationale:  This would give all the Board members a really good chance to discuss openly in executive session all the potentials applicants.  It would also give committees an ample chance to have people volunteer for the vacancy either by the website or Newf Tide.

ii)       By being done in secret ballot it would alleviate hard feelings if Board members were friends with or married to the prospective applicants

d)      The NCA Board will use executive session only when an individual  has expressed in writing that he or she wishes not to have his or her  name, or a statement or other information provided by him or her, made public regarding a topic under consideration by the Board (Roger Powell).

i)        Rationale: The NCA Board needs to make its actions more open to the NCA membership. By present policy, the Board uses executive session when considering committee appointments, membership applications, and some other topics that specify people by name. The Board's use of executive session is inconsistent, however, in that many topics that also consider individual people by name are not handled in executive session. Many important decisions are now made in executive session that do not require secrecy and that should, therefore, be open so that the membership can understand the Board's actions. The NCA Board should base its decisions only on information that it knows to be true. It should not consider hearsay and rumor. If the Board considers information that

ii)       Board members know to be true or information that has been presented to the Board by NCA members who state that it is true, then the Board does not need to act in secret. The Board has no reason to worry about embarrassing someone by discussing public information known to be true.

iii)     The Board can, indeed, hurt people by making decisions on hearsay and rumor, but since it should not be doing that anyway, the Board has no reason to be secretive. Honest, open business is the best policy..

e)      Make NCA copyrighted illustrations (both the NCA logo and images in the Illustrated Guide available on "Newf Novelty" items such as Newf Tide binders, clothing, etc. (Jacqueline Brellochs)

i)        At the face to face November meeting last year (2002), Bob Rogers told the Board he gets  numerous requests for logo items...Board said membership committee not the one to handle this and offered it to the Health Challenge Committee.  But, to date, still nothing is available.  Perhaps Rescue would be interested in getting NCA copyrighted illustrations on salable products for the membership?

f)       Make the paragraphs to be answered by NCA Board candidates permanent policy.  (i.e. "What do you think are the two biggest problems facing the NCA and/or the Newfoundland breed and how would you solve them")  (Jacqueline Brellochs)

g)      May club members entered at a working test host a test judge in their home or is the club to provide a motel room if there is no club member not entered in the test who lives near the test site?  (Jacqueline Brellochs)

h)      Refer a member request to the National Specialty Committee and require a response back from them by January 15th, 2004 (Jack Dean)

i)        At the 2003 Brenda McKeel requested an item be placed on the agenda and it was not discussed.

ii)       The item was “To include a questionnaire in all of the registrants welcome packets at the National.”

iii)     She stated that the questionnaire would be optional to fill out, but to NCA members who wish to provide feedback on what they thought about the National (i.e., hospitality, location, judges, hotel accommodations, etc.) could express their opinion."

iv)     The suggestion obviously has some merit but to be adopted would require a change in the policy manual and communication to the host club for the 2004 National.

v)      It is requested that the National Specialty chair immediately communicate with Brenda, have her suggest the details of the questionnaire, have a meeting of the National Specialty Committee and come back to the Board with a recommendation to either approve the request or deny the request.  A copy of their recommendation should also be forwarded to Brenda McKeel.

i)        Request for the Board to make a decision on the prior recommendation of the Health and Longevity Committee to have a full fledged health clinic at Nationals and then refer it to the National Specialty Committee to insert the appropriate language in the National Specialty Guide. (Jack Dean)  (Attachment is same as committee report pages 94a to 94g)

i)        The health of dogs is important to us and the national is a great way to have various health services performed convenient for the participants and at a reduced cost because of the volume.

ii)       The H & L committee submitted report which was to be reviewed at the October 3, 2003 teleconference.

iii)     The reasons for such a clinic are as valid now as they were then.

iv)     That delay can be harmful to our Newfs

j)        Anti Secrecy Motion to eliminate most things done in executive sessions (Jack Dean)

i)        The By laws contain only three references to secret ballots

(1)   Election to Membership

(2)   Election to the Board of Directors

(3)   Expulsion from the NCA

ii)       There is no other authorization in the By Laws for the NCA to operate in secret proceedings, hidden from the membership  In fact, there are no other references to secrecy in the By Laws

iii)     All other secret items, including votes in executive session, have been created by the NCA Board

iv)     Currently the Board conducts secret Ballots on

(1)   Election of Officers

(2)   Appointment to Committees

(3)   Other matters which never surface to the light of day because they are done entirely in executive session

v)      These actions are not authorized by the NCA By Laws and shield the Board members from letting the membership know how individual Board members act.

vi)     If a Board member is willing to cast a vote, then the Board member should also be willing to let the membership know how they voted.

vii)   Public bodies may provide for executive session for discussion purposes but they do not provide that the votes taken on public matters be secret

viii)  It is not appropriate for a Board member to say I want to vote but I do not want anyone to know how I voted.

ix)     Note this does not apply to discussion, which is another altogether different matter, but applies to the vote.

k)     Require that new member applicants and their sponsors at least be notified of the possible reasons for their turn down and be given an opportunity to respond.  (Jack Dean)

i)        The present procedure of approving new applicants before they are even published in Newf Tide is horribly unfair and undemocratic.

ii)       When the Board initially considers an applicant, any Board member can raise an objection to the applicant saying that person has done horrible things.

iii)     It is all done in the secrecy of executive session

iv)     The applicant NEVER has the opportunity to even respond to the allegation, much less present additional facts.

v)      In fact, the applicant never even knows such allegations have been made

vi)     The applicant gets a form letter saying you have been turned down and you can reapply again in a year.

vii)   Thus, a few Board members can effectively block an applicant

viii)  The Magna Carta ,the great charter of English liberty granted (under considerable duress) by King John at Runnymede on June 15, 1215 stated that “To none will we sell,  To none deny or delay, right or justice”  and that free men shall not be harmed save by lawful justice.

ix)     Our forefathers writing the constitution in the sixth amendment provided that all citizens have the right “to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him;”

x)      The Board should grant the most common level of elemental justice by letting an applicant at least know of the charges and give them an opportunity to respond.

l)        Motion to require that the Board Minutes identify who said what at Board meetings  (Jack Dean)

i)        Right now the minutes read in a schizophrenic manner saying “One Board member said this”  and “another Board member said this”

ii)       Such an approach only hides from the membership what their Board members do and say

iii)     It permits Board members to sit by and say absolutely nothing and few in the membership ever know that is their behavior.

iv)     They cannot tell who makes or does not make a contribution to the meetings.

m)    To require the membership chair to publish the directory updates in a more economical format.  (Jack Dean) Attachment, page 113)

i)        The membership voted at an annual meting to have the directory updated with changes each quarter.

ii)       It appears that the Finance Committee and the Membership Chair now want to eliminate the updates because of their expense.

iii)     The secret of successful budgeting is instituting cost savings measures - NOT eliminating the services to the membership.  The goal is to find more cost effective ways of delivering the same services.

iv)     The current membership updates are published on small paper, arranged in two columns and contain information that has nothing to do with the change.

v)      For example, the current update would list the following six (6) lines for an   email change. 

vi)                     Kim XXXXX

vii)                   21705 xxxxx Road

viii)            xxxxx, CA  xxxxx

ix)                     Tel: xxx/xxx-xxxx

x)                      Email:

xi)                     Email Address Change

xii)   A more efficient use of space would be the following two (2) lines.  You will note that it also eliminates the word Email before every email address.

xiii)            Kim XXXXX


xv)   A better arrangement would be using larger 8 ˝ by 11 inch paper with four columns in a more efficient format.

xvi) I have done a mock up of the proposed format using data from the current directory  It is in the attachment to the agenda packet

xvii)            What took 6 pages in the old style update now fits on one page.

xviii)          The new format would significantly reduce the cost thus enabling us to provide the same service to our members at less cost.

n)      Request for a report of the stewardship of the Treasurer because of her advice during the last three financial crisis (Roger Powell)  Attachment , pages  114 to 115


13)  Choose A Date For The Next Teleconference

14)  Adjournment

15)  FYI Inclusions

a)      Email of Sandee Gabel, Finance Committee member, warning the Board of possible law suits for criticizing the Finance Committee (attachment,  page 116)

b)      Health & Longevity Committee Distribution of partial report from AKC health Conference.  (At back of Executive Session Packet)