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Newfoundland Club of America, Inc

E Mail meeting of January 26, 2004





Report of the President


Below is a suggested time table for our National Specialty Board Meeting.

    Monday, April 19, 2004 from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

    Tuesday, April 20, 2004 from 8:00 AM to?

        we will break for dinner and the Welcome Reception

   Wednesday, April 21, 2004 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Adjourn

   Thursday, April 22, 2004 Annual Meeting 8:00 PM

    If there is no objection, I will contact Joan with our schedule.


AKC Parent Club Conference

   The AKC is holding a parent Club Conference again and we must send in the names of our two representatives no later than March 8m 2004,  Please send to Jack the names of persons you think should go and we will have a vote on choosing two people.


Report of the Secretary

            Bob Rogers requested a photocopy of all candidates’ petitions and it was mailed to him.

            The face to face minutes are out in draft form and responses are requested,



Report of the AKC Delegate

            See attachment


Items to be voted upon:


Item 1: WRDX Regulations (two separate opposing motions under one item for discussion)


Motion: To approve the WRDX regulations as amended by the Working Dog Committee for a trial period of two years after which time they are to be reevaluated.  Jack Dean


Motion To review and make unincluded Board recommendations part of the final WRDX exercises.  Roger Frey


Attachments: Revised WRDX Regulations, Letter from the WDC, transmittal letters of the Chair



Item 2 Permission for Dr. Wilke to use the NCA Directory for follow up communications


Motion Request permission from the Board for Dr. Vicki Wilke, Iowa State University, to use the NCA Membership Directory to continue pedigree research for her project on a genetic marker for cruciates in Newfoundlands. In many cases, she has no way to follow up on materials given to her at last year's National, or to seek additional information about other dogs in the pedigree.   Jan Boggio



Item 3 Permit Brenda McKeel to have her survey distributed at the national and reported back to National Specialty Committee


Motion:  That Brenda McKeel be authorized to work directly with the show chair concerning distribution of the attached member survey at the national and to receive back the questionnaires and work with the National Specialty Committee and the show committee on a report.  Jack Dean



NCA member Brenda McKeel had placed an item on the agenda at the national face to face which was not reached.  It was again on the agenda for the fall face to face but again was not reached.  She would like a survey distributed to the participants at the national.  Originally, the motion was to have this referred to the National Specialty Committee for further work but because of the shortness of time, I would request that Brenda be authorized to work directly with the show committee on its distribution. 

Attachment copy of survey as a separate document because of formatting problems in including it in the main package.


Item 4 Increase the Members’ Dues


Motion: To increase Dues beginning July 1, 2004 to levels recommended by the Finance Committee in Nov., 2003 - ” We would recommend an increase in dues to $50 – single, $55 – double”  Mary L Price


Discussion points:

·        Dues were increased in 1987 and 1993.

·        By-laws require the Board to act by March 1st. “The amount of the dues of each membership category shall be determined by a majority decision of the full membership of the Board of Directors prior to March 1 of each year in order to take effect the following July 1. In any year when the Board has not acted by March 1st to change the amount, the dues for the current year shall continue in effect for the ensuing year.”  NCA By-laws, Article I, Section 2 b.

·        Current Mail meeting is scheduled to begin Jan. 26th and end Feb. 12th.   (next mail meeting not scheduled yet)

·        Current Dues - $ 45.00, single; $ 50.00, double


Item 5 Require the Finance Committee to follow policy and provide quarterly updated budgets


Motion to have the Finance Committee follow the policy manual and provide us with estimated quarterly budgets.  (Jack Dean)


Rationale:  The Policy Manual requires revised quarterly estimated budgets which means the expected totals for the year.  We do not get them and we should.  When we last had a financial crisis  we had a special finance committee that set up policy to prevent this from happen again. 


The Policy manual is quite clear when it states:


The basic responsibilities of the Committee are as follows:                  

·        To assist and advise the Treasurer on any and all monetary matters including but not limited to:

·        To assist and advise the Board in the creation of an annual budget and assist the Treasurer quarterly in the creation of revised estimates based on actual experience during the previous quarter.


Item 6  To have the Finance Committee state if their dues increase will still result in a deficit and how much.


Motion to have the Finance Committee provide us with information on whether their proposed dues increase will result in a balanced budget.  (Jack Dean)


Comment: We should not raise dues if we can make cuts through cost saving measures, but likewise if we are going to raise dues it should be sufficient to give us a balanced budget.



Item 7  Require a financial report from the Treasurer at each email meeting


Motion:  To require a financial report from the Treasurer for each email meeting )Jack Dean_


Explanatory  Comment:  Jack had written to Mary L. Price about having a report to distribute.  She wrote back that such reports are not part of mail meetings and the board receives financial statements. While true, do we need them as part of an email meeting so the members have information.


Attachments  Letter of Jack requesting such information and email of Mary saying it is not provided



Item 8 Approval of Regional Club constitution change


Approval of changes to the constitution of Northern California  May Lou Cuddy 


Attachments email and pdf file PDF fiel is separate)



Item 9 Change of teleconference providers to provide less expensive service but require individual board members to pay for their own telephone bills.


Change of Teleconference providers to lower costs but which would require each Board member pay their own long distance telephone charges. (Jack Dean)


Discussion:  There is a teleconference Bridge which will provide us with unlimited use of the number of lines that we need for $40.00 per month.  The disadvantage is that the call in number is not toll free which means that each board member would have to pay their own telephone charges.  Since many members have free or reduced long distance charges after nine o’clock, the burden on the individual members may be small.  Other clubs do not reimburse board members for such expenses and it would have the board set an example of being willing to pay their own way and not charge the club.



Item 10 Statement of Candidates


---Make permanent policy, paragraphs "What do you think are the two biggest problems facing the NCA and/or the Newfoundland breed and how would you solve them" asked of candidates for the Board.  Jacqueline Brellochs



Item 11 Room allocation at the national


---Rooms for National Specialties to be allotted on the basis of earliest postmark dates  (as is done for working tests) and the procedure to be stated in the information packet.  This would save the money our members turn over to Fed Ex, UPS and U.S.P.O  Express Mail, money which was a waste in '03 and '04 when earliest postmark dates were used and will be used, unlike some previous years. (Jacquelyn Brellochs)


Item 12  JEC changes to guidelines


---Committee Guidelines + Policies, and addition to

       Vol II, p.14, Responsibilities (9)

            ..."Any policy change proposed by committee must be referred to the Board for

            consideration prior to implementation.  (insert)  All material used to represent the

            NCA and/or to educate fanciers and others interested in the breed must receive

            advanced Board approval.  Proposed changes in content including text, photos/

            illustrations, additions to or deletion from ANY NCA publication must receive

            approval from the NCA Board prior to publication or distribution, whether written,

            video, via internet of other media."

                The proposed inserted sentence would be clear policy for all committees.  It

                would be in accord with policy as stated, for instance, in Vol. I, p.86 which

                reads:  "The Board approved all currently used JEC seminar materials and

                requested that all future materials, revisions, or changes in policy receive

                advanced Board approval."(Jacqueline Brellochs)




Discussion Items


Discussion Item 1 Contribution to Lewis & Clark Statue


Mary Lou Zimmerman’s note on request for $10,000 as a contribution for the Seamen portion of the Lewis and Clark statue



Discussion Item 2  Update on Treasurer’s search for a free checking account


At the Fall face-to-face meeting, there was a question raised about the very high cost of several thousand dollars for maintaining the checking account at M & I bank for the use of NCA and the Charitable Trust.  Patti McDowell showed a bank statement which provided free checking and Mary L. Price was to check into the availability of such accounts at banks other than M & I.  Could be have a report of what she found out?



Discussion Item 3  Date for Accepting the membership applications submitted on the old form


"At the face-to-face meeting the decision was made that the new application would begin to be distributed after the Annual Meeting.  The question I have is how long should the old application be accepted?  Or should I mail the Applicant Profiles and Sponsor Questionnaires to applicants using the old application.  Bob Rogers



Discussion Item 4 Hosting of working test judges


---Hosting working test judges

       May club members entered at a working test host a test judge in their home?

       Or is the club to provide a motel room if no unentered club member offers?

       (concern from the Genesee Region Newfoundland Club)  Jacqueline Brellochs



Discussion Item 5 Update on status of Index of Pictures to Newf Tide


---Index to pictures of Newfoundlands in Newf Tide

     Request update to status -- at ftf, Aura asked me to provide her with names of

     volunteers to work on the project;  in December I sent her the names of three (Jacqueline Brellochs)


Discussion Item 6  Advertising opening on WDC



    Cheryl Dondino has requested that I inform the Board

    that there will be an opening on the Working Dog

    Committee, effective with the National Specialty in

    April.  She would like to know how the Board wishes

    to handle the filling of this vacancy.  Will the opening need

    to be posted on the website again since there is already

    a current list of qualified applicants from which to choose?






Letter from AKC on the 2003 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship event