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Committee Established: 2006

Committe Type:

Regional Club Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

History & Board Actions

3/27-28/06: The NCA Board appoints a Regional Club Committee (RCC) to consist of an NCA Board member and an invited officer or Board member of each regional club, to further define the responsibilities of the Regional Club Liaison and to explore how the NCA and the regional clubs can assist each other.
• Each regional club will appoint one member of their club who is an NCA member and who should also be a member of the regional club’s Board of Directors to represent and to serve on the proposed Regional Club Committee.
• The committee may make a recommendation for Chair of the committee to the NCA Board for appointment.
• The current Regional Club Liaison will be a member of the committee and serve as a conduit for ideas to and from the NCA.
• The appointee from the regional club shall not be a current NCA officer or Board member.
• The committee, after consensus, shall present ideas and/or motions to the NCA Board through the Regional Club Liaison.


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Current Activities

2010 Annual Report- Steve Britton, chair

Since the beginning of the Newfoundland Club of America’s year, the Regional Club Committee (RCC) has held three meetings and plans to meet twice before the end of the present term.
By committee resolution, the RCC conducts its affairs by teleconference, bi-monthly; or if needed at the call of its chair. The meetings are presently scheduled on the first Monday of even number months (February, April, June,…) Due to the coast-tocoast make-up of this committee, it generally meets at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.
The purpose of the RCC is to provide NCA affiliated regional clubs an opportunity to develop a unified and democratic “bottom- up” approach to NCA business as it directly relates to the general operation of (a) regional club(s).
The RCC is presently organized by committee resolution into six sub-committees. They are: Communication, Education, Governance, Membership, Rescue, and Specialty. The subcommittee chairs are Marylou Zimmerman, John Cornell, Susan Wagner, Vicky Hanson, Charles Carnagy, and Summer Poris, respectively.





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