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AKC Delegate

Duties and Responsibilities

NCA's AKC Delegate, who is elected for a two-year term, is expected to represent the Newfoundland Club of America at the quarterly meetings of the Delegates of the American Kennel Club. Currently, all of these meetings are held in New York City. The Delegate is charged with the responsibility of advising the NCA Board of Directors of proposed amendments to the Rules Applying to Registration and Dog Shows, of elections and appointments to the AKC Board of Directors, of actions and decisions taken by the AKC Board of Directors, and of other matters pertaining to the world of purebred dogs. When the AKC agenda calls for a delegate vote on policy changes, the Delegate seeks voting instruction from the NCA Board of Directors. The Delegate is expected to report to the NCA Board of Directors after each quarterly meeting of Delegates. In addition, copies of the official minutes of the meetings are forwarded to each NCA Board member.

History & Board Actions

V15.2 05/24/84: Expense money allotted for each delegates' meeting attended.
V15.4 01/10/85 (Mail Meeting): The delegate is to inform the Board of the topics to be discussed prior to AKC meetings and solicit comments from the Board on these topics. The delegate is also to submit a summary of AKC meetings minutes to Board members.
V31.1 10/30/99: Delegate directed to contact the AKC regarding producing a new breed video for the Newfoundland. Existing video produced prior to present standard (approved 1990).
V33.1 11/30/01: Directed AKC delegate to support proposed amendment to move responsibility for determining amount of stipend for AKC Board from the AKC Board to the Delegates.
V35.2 2/19/04: NCA to pay the transportation costs of delegates to the AKC Parent Club Conference.
V35.2 2/19/04: NCA board directed the delegate to vote against passage of the proposed amendment that would permit, under limited conditions, a change in the name of
a registered dog whelped in the United States.
V35.3 4/19/04: AKC delegate instructed to vote in favor of the amendment to Rules Applying to Dog Shows that would, under certain circumstances, permit points to be awarded to Reserve Winners at one National Specialty each year.



Current Activities

2010 AKC Delegate Annual Report by Mary W. Price

During the calendar year 2010, it was my privilege to continue to serve as the Newfoundland Club of America’s Delegate to the American Kennel Club. The Delegates meet quarterly in the months of March, June, September and either December or January. The standing committees of the Delegate body typically meet the day prior to the regular meeting, and I have found the Parent Clubs Committee to be of particular interest with its usual focus on breed-specific issues.
At the March meeting, held in Newark, New Jersey, Charles Garvin, Patricia Scully and William Newman were elected to serve four-year terms on the AKC Board of Directors. Dr. Garvin and Ms. Scully were returning to the Board after the minimum one-year interim required after two terms. Ronald Meneker was chosen by his fellow Board members to continue as Chairman, and Dr. Thomas Davies continues as Vice Chairman. The Board
extended the employment contracts of Dennis Sprung, President and Chief Executive Officer, and others serving in the executive offices.
The June meeting was held in Atlanta, Georgia, with approximately one-third of the Delegates in attendance. This was a very brief meeting, lasting slightly more than an hour with much of the hour spent addressing the pros and cons of the new Grand Championship program, which was begun in May, and the acceptance of mixed-breed canines in some performance events, the latter through the AKC Canine Partners program.
Delegates gathered again in Newark for the September meeting. Attendance was very good—probably due to the expected vote on term limits for directors. The proposal was to eliminate the current bylaw limiting Board members to two successive four-year terms and then requiring a one-year interval before returning to the Board. The proposed amendment was defeated. It is expected that a new proposal will be considered soon, with a suggested four-year interval mandated after two four-year terms. The Breeder of Merit program was announced at this meeting.
The December Delegates’ meeting was held in Long Beach, California, in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship shows. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. I especially regret missing the Forum, where candidates for election to the Board gave brief speeches and addressed questions concerning their credentials and views on specific matters. The nominees for election in March are Robert A. Amen, Port Chester
Obedience Training Club; Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, German
Shepherd Dog Club of America; Karen J. Burgess, Greater
Clark County Kennel Club; Steven D. Gladstone, Reno Kennel Club; Kenneth A. Marden, German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America; John L. Ronald, Samoyed Club of America; and Daniel J. Smyth, Burlington County Kennel Club.
I hope you all are aware of the very special contributions of time and effort made by our NCA members who have created and staffed prize-winning displays at this year’s AKC Meet the Breeds extravaganzas, one a two-day event in New York City in mid-October and the other a two-day event in Long Beach this December. My personal thanks to those who participate, along with their dogs, in these great PR opportunities.
Please know that I consider the appointment as your AKC Delegate to be a special honor, and I am grateful for the chance to represent our outstanding organization. The special gifts and tributes, presented at the last Annual Meeting to acknowledge my 25 year tenure as Delegate, were greatly appreciated and will always be cherished by me.





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