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Committe Type: Board Appointed

Breeder Referral Committee

Duties and Responsibilities


History & Board Actions

V36.1 10/31/04
Adopt the concept and start implementation of an 800 number and refer it to the AKC Breeder Referral Committee and the Rescue Prevention Committee.
11/3-5/06: The AKC Breeder Referral job description is expanded to include collecting information and monies for the Online Whelping Box and be charged with forwarding
the information to the NCA webmaster. The webmaster may choose to have the Breeder Referral Committee do the posting to the website.
11/3-5/06: The Name of the AKC Breeder Referral Committee is changed to Breeder Referral Committee.



Call For Breeder Referral 1-866-NCA-NEWF

Current Activities

2011 Annual Report

Breeder Referral
Submitted by Naomi Young Meyer, Chair

As your NCA Breeder List Referral contact, I answer all the telephone calls and email messages. It is very important to those who have either “lost their beloved Newfie” or those
”Newbies” to the wonderful world of Newfoundlands to have their calls answered promptly and politely.

Listing both the telephone number, 1-866-NCA-NEWF, and the email address,, enables quick connections. Thank you, Mary Lou Zimmerman!

Inquiries regarding “adopting” Newfoundland puppies/dogs totaled 876 this year. Although the majority of communications was generated by the NCA website, considerable contacts came from folks who relied upon the American Kennel Club as their resource source.

Recently, an owner of a Newfoundland dog was seeking a companion dog for her pet and I was able to connect her with a breeder who wanted to place a young dog. It is most rewarding for me when it worked for all concerned.

Thank you, breeders, for keeping me informed of available litters and adult dogs.

Don’t I just “love” getting happy-ever-after pictures, stories about the beautiful, smart puppies/dogs and proud boasts about their achievements?
One owner wrote me that her granddaughter asked permission to name the new puppy SMOOCH because she constantly was giving kisses.
How great is that?

2010 Breeder Referral Program Annual Report by Naomi Young Meyer, Chair

This was a bonanza year for telephone calls and email messages to 1-866-nca-newf and The total inquiries from December, 2009 through November, 2010 was— 1,018! Which month generated the most inquiries? The answer is at the end of this report.
As the breeder referral contact for the NCA, I enjoy assisting the callers. All calls are not from well and healthy people seeking the addition of a Newfoundland to their household. Many messages represent difficult situations, but the sadness is overweighed by the happiness expressed by Newfoundland owners who send me glowing stories and pictures of their “new,” beautiful Newifes and of the counseling by NCA breeders regardless of their currently having or planning litters. I answer all calls promptly and with great courtesy.
Here are some examples: My beloved Newfoundland died. My home is empty. My children are inconsolable. Is there an adult Newfoundland that needs a home? I am seeking a Newfoundland that can be trained as a service dog for myself or for a challenged child. I have the best Newfoundland in the whole world and want to breed her so that I can have another just like her; please tell me how to get a stud dog. Drool? What’s drool?
Do they shed a lot? What do they eat and how much?
Inexperienced Newfie owners, unfamiliar with heath clearances, medical, financial, and physical demands of breeding are referred to the NCA breeders and appropriate committees so they can be educated firsthand. Especially appreciated by would-be owners are the invitations to visit the breeders’ kennels.
Thank you, Newfoundland breeders, for your patience in assisting me when I contact you for guidance. Please keep me posted as to your available puppies/dogs.
The month with the most inquires was October, 2010, with 104 inquires!




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