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Committee Openings- Updated November 27, 2014


"Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day."--Sally Koch

Appointment to a Committee
• Committee membership is open to all NCA members in good standing.
• Only official NCA publications shall be use to inform the membership of committee vacancies. Included in said notice shall be information on the duties and responsibilities of the committee.
• All vacancy notices shall be published for at least 30 calendar days.
• NCA members interested in serving on a committee should contact either the Committee Liaison or the committee’s chair.
• All volunteer applications received by either the Committee Liaison or the committee’s chair will be presented to the Board in a timely manner.
• The Board will appoint committee members depending on the nature of the committee and the work to be accomplished.
• After initial Board review, but prior to appointment, committees will be asked for their applicant recommendations. • Committees are reminded that their preferred candidate may not be the one appointed by the Board.
• Appointments to committees shall be based upon current and previous committee commitments, experience, background, and specific skills and/or knowledge deemed useful to the committee’s charge.

Approved 2/17/2011

Posted 11/24/14 -

Wanted: persons interested in the role of Newf Tide Editor

Please Email


EPPC (Electronic Publications Policy Committee) Chair -

This committee works on defining policy issues that arise as the NCA adopts more electronic communications and branches out into social media and develops a larger online presence. Some examples include NCA owned email list policies, social media policies, electronic newsletter policies, etc. Having a working knowledge of social media and electronic communications is a must.

Governing Documents Review Committee -

The primary purpose of the NCA Ad Hoc Governing Documents Review Committee is to review bylaws and internal policy documents, alerting the NCA Board of Directors of potential conflicts in them with the Constitution or other bylaws or policies, and make recommendations for resolution. Additional responsibilities are: to note changes in laws affecting the NCA as a non-profit corporation and alert the NCA Board of Directors in instances when legal service is appropriate, and to review NCA affiliated Regional Club bylaw amendments when amendments are submitted to the Regional Club Liaison and to report subsequent recommendations to the Regional Club Liaison.
It would be of value for a candidate to have knowledge in organizational parliamentary procedures, non-profit organization and laws and how US or State law may impact these.

Posted - 2/22/14 -positions filled

Are you a Work-A-Holic? Does the first warm breeze in spring turn your thoughts to water training? Do you have more carts than cars in your garage? The NCA Working Dog Committee is looking for an enthusiastic team player to join us! Our next committee member should have experience in NCA Draft and Water work, and judges level experience is a definite plus! The committee meets during the evening on the 2nd Thursday of every month and is looking for someone willing to make a commitment to listen, share, and provide input at these teleconferences as well as someone able to follow through with the nuts and bolts work of the group. If you are a hard worker who is passionate about working dogs - please send a letter of interest to Lynne Anderson -

Posted 9/10/13 - positions filled

Attention NCA Members - - Summer's over - time to roll up your sleeves

Are you a newly minted MBA just waiting to get some real life experience? Has you work life made you an expert at business justifications, technical analysis and product evaluation? Help the NCA embrace the technology age by joining the Technical Advisory Committee. We are seeking several new committee members to assist in seeking out, researching and recommending technology solutions for the NCA on a long term planning basis. Put your skills to work solving real world problems and helping our organization work more effectively and efficiently to preserve and protect the Newfoundlands we love.

Interested NCA Members should contact Lynne Anderson, Committee Liaison - <> with a letter of interest.







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