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Committee Established: 1985

Committe Type: Open

General Education Committee

Duties and Responsibilities - Updated 5/3/10

The General Education Committee is expected to develop and maintain a variety of educational materials and programs designed to promote, protect, and preserve the Newfoundland breed by supporting the objectives of the American Kennel Club and Newfoundland Club of America. To fulfill this charge, the committee may utilize the NCA’s printed and electronic communication resources as well as enlist the assistance of membership and the regional clubs.

Upon request the General Education Committee will provide Specialty Host Clubs with educational materials and programs for members as well as educational programs for regional clubs to present to the general public.

The General Education Committee will develop educational materials for distribution to prospective regional clubs. This packet will contain general information and educational materials to assist the prospective club in the advancement of the Newfoundland breed

The General Education Committee Chair serves as the AKC Public Education Coordinator for the NCA. Working as a liaison between the NCA and AKC, the General Education Committee Chair is expected to implement AKC education programs at the national and regional level. .

The General Education Committee will also develop, prepare and disseminate packets of materials to any interested party inquiring about Newfoundlands. This packet will include, but is not limited to, the following:

Cover Letter
Breeders List
Breeder Mentor List
The Newfoundland and You booklet
List of Regional Clubs of the Newfoundland Club of America

Upon specific request information on how to apply to the NCA for membership and/or subscribe to Newf Tide will be included.

The General Education Chair will serve as coordinator and place NCA informational advertisements in publications such as the following:

Dog Fancy
Dogs USA
Dog World
AKC Gazette

The General Education Committee is expected to place NCA informational advertisements in the catalog for the AKC Invitational show and also in the catalogs for all AKC benched show catalogs.




History & Board Actions

V15.4            01/10/85 (Mail Meeting)
Education Committee formed.
V18.4            11/07/87
Responsibilities of Standard Committee turned over to Education Committee.
V21.2  02/90 (Mail Meeting)
The Board approved splitting the present Education Committee into two (2) committees to include Judges' Education Committee and General Education Committee.

V22.4            11/09/91
The Chair of this Committee is to acquire and distribute to the Regional Clubs various educational materials to aid the Regional Clubs in promoting the dissemination of educational material, most of which are supplied free of charge by various dog food companies, the AKC and the AVMA.

The Chair will also distribute to existing and prospective Regional Clubs a packet containing one (1) copy of The Newf and You; a copy of the NCA By-Laws along with information on how to apply for NCA membership; a list of NCA committees and services they offer; a list of Regional Clubs; a Newf Novelties catalog; and other Regional Clubs' programs, from which further copies can be distributed to their membership.
V22.4            11/09/91
AKC requested the appointment of a Public Education Coordinator to work as a liaison between the NCA and the AKC “to implement education programs at the Club and community level.” Given the considerable overlap of this position with the General Education Committee Chair, the person holding that position will also be the AKC Public Education Coordinator.
V23.2            05/03/92
Due to the vastly increased number of requests for information on the Newfoundland received to date, $5 will be charged for the General Education Committee packet.
V24.3            05/02/93
General Education Committee to assume ADOA responsibilities.
V25.2            11/07/93
The current General Education pamphlet will not be used any longer due to an advertisement on the inside front cover that was not approved by the Board.  An appropriate version of the pamphlet will be created.
V26.1            11/04/94
A modified General Education Newfoundland brochure was reviewed and accepted.
V25.3            05/22/94
Any future printing of The Newf and You requires prior approval from the Board concerning content and budget.
V26.3            04/25/95
General Education Committee Chairperson to serve as NCA representative to ADOA.
V27.3            04/23/96
Regional Clubs can obtain up to 75 Newf and You (educational) packets annually at no cost provided they sell them for no less than $1.00 per packet.  Additional packets may be purchased by the Regional Club at the NCA’s cost (including postage).  All revenue generated by sales of these packets would be retained by the Regional Club (V28.1  11/01/96).

NCA members (breeders) may purchase educational packets from the NCA at cost (including shipping and handling) for distribution to puppy buyers.

Educational articles published in Newf Tide will include a statement that reprints are available from the General Education Committee for use by NCA members and Regional Clubs and not for commercial purposes.

Consensus of the Board that the NCA would like to participate in the AKC’s program to include breed information with new registrations.
V28.3            03/30/97
Board approved final revisions to Newf and You pamphlet.  Committee to have new supply printed.  (Subsequently further modified and approved at 11/23/97 Board Meeting - V29.1.)
V29.1            11/23/97
Responsibilities of (former) ADOA delegate, presently handled by the General Education Committee, assigned to AKC Legislative Liaison position.
V29.2            01/13/98 (Teleconference)
Board approved text of “Introducing the Newfoundland” brochure (abstracted from the approved text of The Newf Tide and You).
V29.2            03/24/98 (Teleconference)
Board approved revisions in pamphlet “Congratulations on Your New Newfoundland”.
V31.1            10/30/99
GEC budget increased to provide for two-inch (2”) display ads in Dog World and Dog Fancy and expand the ads to include the NCA’s website address.
V31.1            10/31/99
Committee instructed to send each Regional Club a letter (with a single copy of each available GEC pamphlet) and advise them how to acquire them.

Board approves GEC recommendation to approve the text (breed profile) for a book authored by Michele Lowell published by Henry Holt & Co.
V32.1  8/9/00 (Mail Meeting)
Board approves recommendation for MB-F website.
V32.1  9/26/00
Board approves Congratulations on your Newfoundland.
V32.4  5/23/01
Participate in “Meet the Breeds” at AKC/Eukanuba American Dog Show Classic in Orlando, FL.
V33.1  12/1/01
Board approved one page flyer “Looking for a Puppy - Look Past Pretty Picture” and four page brochure “Adorable, Huh?” designed to reach and educate potential Newf owners.  Board approved printing of 2000 of each.  $1170 added to General Education budget.
V33.2   2/7/02
Approve Great Lakes Newfoundland Club use of “cute puppy” ad for Detroit Kennel Club show and financed by GLNC.
V34.1  11/2/01
Internet, General Ed and Rescue Prevention Committee work to develop page for prospective puppy buyers looking for a Newfoundland who enter website from a puppy source link.  Page to contain information to determine reputable breeder, questions to ask breeder, health concerns and what to look for in a puppy.

V35.3  4/19/04

To promote consistency in our educational efforts, all relevant communications to state that it is necessary to test all breeding stock for hips, elbows, heart and cystinuria clearances.  The NCA also strongly recommends testing, where indicated, thyroid, eyes, and patellas.
V35.3  5/27/04
GenEd should confer with the Finance Committee regarding their request for additional funding for Internet advertising.  GenEd should consider developing “friendlier ads” and perhaps removing the logo and the reference to the $5.00 packet of breed information.  The NCA website should be listed on the ads.  GenEd is to confer with Helen Munday, Effective Advertising Committee Chair, and John Rodley, Internet Committee Chair and then come back to the Board with its request by June 15th.

V36.1  10/30/04

The NCA, for educational purposes, take a position that non-refundable deposits for unborn puppies are not considered to be part of a responsible breeder’s program and that this information be forwarded to the General Education Committee for development as part of the educational effort.
V36.1  11/30/04
Website links in ads should point to individual pages on the NCA website so that we can keep track of how much traffic is generated from these ads.
V36.2  1/5/04
Do away with the $1.00 fee for the GEC packets and regional clubs may request copies from the GEC at no charge.
11/4/05: The General Education Committee should prepare three articles dealing with puppy behaviors at two months, three months and four months and to submit these articles to the Board for review for posting on the website and for use by breeders in their puppy packets.
11/4/06: Send the Rescue Prevention Committee’s proposal for an 800-number to the General Education Committee to implement the proposal with help and support from the Rescue Prevention Committee. This proposal reads: The Rescue Prevention Committee proposes to the Board that a small operational committee be appointed for the purpose of implementing and running the 800-number breed information/referral program. The Rescue Prevention Committee will work with that committee in finalizing the details of the program, e.g. preparing scripts, recruiting volunteers, planning for regional club involvement and finalizing the actual phone system to be employed. The actual operation of the program would be the charge of the new committee.
4/30-5/1/07: Place NCA informational advertisements in the catalogs of the major benched shows in the U.S.




Publications of the General Education Committee

The Newfoundland and You pdf

Introducing The Newfoundland pdf

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Newfoundland pdf

Adorable, Huh? Puppy Brochure pdf

Congratulations on your new Newfoundland

Newfoundland Club of America- Who We Are and What We Do pdf

Health Issues Flyer pdf

Current Projects

2010 General Education Committee Annual Report
by Donna Thibault, Interim Chair

The General Education Committee has been making steady progress over the past year. The revised Newf and You publication has been approved by the Board. A series of updated care and grooming articles is in the works, with the first two articles in the series already approved. Work will begin shortly on a guide to assist regional clubs as they host various events for their members and the general public interested in Newfs.
There is regular email correspondence to the General Education address. We continue to have written requests for Newfoundland information that result from the various magazine advertisements placed by the NCA. Committee members have been brainstorming additional projects, topics for articles, and ways we can provide the information Newf owners want and need. I thank all of the committee members for their hard work and renewed enthusiasm as we move into 2011.




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