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Committee Established: 1983

Committe Type: Open

Juniors Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Chair is responsible for Club record keeping on all junior achievements in junior showmanship (as recorded in the AKC Gazette) and junior achievements, as submitted, for wins in the breed ring and obedience rings.

Prominent announcements of award categories and procedures for applying for awards should be published through the year in the Newf Tide. All NCA junior members should be sent award application forms including the system for determining winners.

The Chair must determine the winners in the three (3) categories and present the medallions at the annual meeting. The Chair should write an article for Newf Tide including the records of the winners and should include photos of the individual and their dogs.

The Junior Liaison is generally a junior member or past junior participant who can give advise to other juniors and their parents. He/she may offer help in a number of ways.
The Junior Liaison can make himself/herself available to demonstrate or offer critiques at specialties or matches. He/she can try to answer all inquires by juniors who want to
participate in the sport. In Newf Tide articles he/she can advise of any rule changes proposed by the AKC and any literature available for junior handlers. He/she can write
articles spotlighting outstanding juniors, such as those who qualify for Westminster competition. He/she can also write or have professional handlers or junior showmanship judges write articles stressing what is expected in junior competition. A report of the year's activities should be submitted to the Second Vice President in January, as well as an estimated annual budget to the Treasurer.


History & Board Actions

Junior awards policy for showmanship, breed and obedience printed in Newf Tide.
V14.3 05/27/83
Purchase a 25 year supply of medallions in three (3) different designs for junior member awards.
V15.2 05/24/84
Use of Club logo with proper wording on Junior medallions approved.
V15.3 08/31/84 (Mail Meeting)
Point scale for Junior Showmanship Awards changed so that Novice and Open are the same.
V16.2 04/25/85
Junior Membership Committee split into two (2) areas of responsibility: Junior Awards and Junior Liaison.
V22.2 03/28/91
Accepted proposal to adopt the Canine Chronicle system of ranking Junior Handlers wherein each Junior is awarded one (1) point for each handler defeated. The Junior selected Best Junior Handler is awarded points equal to the total number of Juniors minus one (1) competing at the show.
V24.3 05/02/93
Junior Awards Chair and Junior Liaison Committee combined to form Junior Committee.
11/4/05: Approve a stipend of $400.00 to any NCA Junior member in good standing that qualifies to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club show in Junior Handling and meets the following criteria: eight of the ten qualifying wins needed to qualify must be with a Newfoundland and the dog shown at Westminster must be a Newfoundland.
3/27-28/06: Include the AKC Eukanuba National Championship Show, in addition to Westminster, for the stipend given to junior handlers that qualify for the Junior Showmanship competition held at these shows. The Junior Handler would need to conform to the NCA requirements to quality for the stipend. This would be retroactive to the November 4-6, 2005 face-to-face meeting.

V16.2 04/25/85
Junior Membership Committee split into two (2) areas of responsibility: Junior Awards and Junior Liaison.
V21.2 04/20/90
Following motions relating to the Junior Program were duly moved and seconded:
• To encourage Regional Clubs to have Junior Liaisons to correspond with the NCA Junior Liaison.
• To give special recognition to a Junior who qualifies for Westminster or for the World Series of Junior Showmanship through publicity in Newf Tide.
• To Form an ad hoc committee to study Junior scholarships.
V24.3 05/02/93
Junior Awards and Junior Liaison Committees combined as a Junior Committee.
V33.1 11/30/01
NCA has not awarded a Junior Scholarship for the last two years. The Juniors Awards process needs to be clarified and documented.
V34.1 11/3/02
Board voted to increase Junior Scholarship awards from $500 to $1000 effective immediately.



Current Activities:

Award Submission Forms updated-

Junior Awards Form

Junior Westminster Form


Award Description: Recipient is one who has been involved in all types of club and community service. Their participation has heightened awareness of the Newfoundland breed, aided in the advancement of the sport all the while exhibiting a positive role model. This Juniors’ volunteerism is done without regards to personal gains or honors.

Criteria: A journal documentation of what type of volunteerism, or level of participation, the date, and a signature of one person
in charge of said event, other than their own parent. This journal documentation/volunteerism must be done between the dates of January 1st through December 31st for each year applied for. This journal documentation follows the same procedure as the other award applications, its deadline is the same January 31st.

Recipient: Is the Junior who has accumulated and documented the most amount of volunteered time following the above mentioned rules. These services must relate to working with the Newfoundland breed.

Email a written statement with documentation to Cissy Sullivan
or hard copy mail to:

Cissy Sullivan
20005 Collins Rd
Marengo, Illinois 60152

2011 Juniors Committee Annual Report

As of June 2011 I was appointed to fill the position of Chairman for the NCA Juniors Committee. Since that time the following goals have been met or are in the process of being completed.

  • Additional committee members requested and approved. Committee is now 13 members in total.

  • Short term goals: Separate fund was requested and approved for during the November Face to Face meeting.  COMPLETED.

  • Activities planned and scheduled for 2012 National Specialty. COMPLETED.

  • Heighten awareness of our Juniors through the use of publications and media. Articles will begin in the 4th Quarter of Newf Tide and continue through out the year, information has been placed on the Juniors page on FB as well as within the E Notes. COMPLETED.

  • New certificates created for awards to be given at the Annual meeting. COMPLETED.


Items to be worked on for the 2012 year:

  • Logo to be designed.

  • One fund raiser to be solidified and announced

  • Design and purchase of new medallions.

Budget: No funds have been used as of yet. Funds will be needed for future items for the Specialty and through out the 2012 year.


Respectfully submitted,

Cissy Sullivan NCA Juniors Chairman

Dog shows become family tradition - BY AMBER WADE
July 19, 2009 | 3:02 p.m. CDT

The Cobban Family, along with their two Newfoundland dogs, Benelli and Bazooka, attended the 4-H/FFA dog show Saturday night and won numerous awards. The family works together to train and show their dogs and think of the dog shows as a way to bond as a family.

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