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Committee Established: 1980

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Nominating Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Nominating Committee is charged with the very important task of nominating six (6) people for the Board of Directors' annual election. The NCA Board has spelled out a detailed procedural policy. Essentially it involves putting announcements in Newf Tide and Regional Club bulletins to solicit nominees, writing Board members whose terms are expiring to see if they want to be considered, and proposing other worthy candidates. Through mail meetings the committee weighs the merits of all possible nominees and votes for the six (6) they feel most qualified. The slate is sent to the Recording Secretary.

The Chair continues to function until a new Chair (pro-tem Chair) is appointed in order to make a smooth transition.

History & Board Actions

V11.3 06/17/80
Committee established to establish a nominating committee guide.
V13.3 04/25/82
The Nominating Committee Guidelines were accepted, noting a change only to paragraph III in deleting the words "and approximately thirty (30) days postmark of written requests to Regional Club Secretaries."
V18.2 05/22/87
Ad hoc committee appointed to review nominating process.
V18.4 11/07/87
Nominating Committee Chair to be appointed at Fall Board meeting. Chair responsible for submitting notices to Newf Tide soliciting nominees and for receiving nominations.
V19.4 11/12/88
Board appointed a committee pro-tem to initiate the nominating process. This committee will be prepared to assume the full duties of the Nominating Committee. They will be charged with fulfilling the complete work of the Nominating Committee when officially appointed.
V20.4 11/04/89
Nominating Committee shall review the attendance record of incumbent board members before selecting nominees.
V27.1 11/03/95
Several changes to existing guidelines approved and incorporated.
V28.1 11/23/97
Article X modified to have the final slate of nominees to the Recording Secretary by August 1 in order that slate can be distributed to the membership by September 15 (Constitution and By Laws requirement).
V33.3 4/25/02 (Annual Meeting)
Candidates for election in 2002 in addition to 300 word biographical sketch answer the following questions:
1. What are the two most important issues NCA faces and how would you solve them?
2. What is your position on purchasing dogs at auction.
V34.4 5/27/03
Candidates for election may respond, in 300 words or less, to the following question:
What do you think are the two biggest problems facing the NCA and/or facing the Newfoundland breed and how would you solve them?
11/4/05: require the Nominating Committee Chair, within five days of announcing their selection to the Board, to notify those people they have selected and not selected. If the Chair cannot accomplish this task within the proscribed time period, then the Chair should send a note to all Board members that problems have arisen and give an estimated time frame of when the task will be accomplished. If the Chair cannot perform these tasks he/she will promptly delegate them to a committee member who can.



Nominating Committee Guidelines

Nominating Forms- Petition & Acceptance Letter pdf icon

Current Activities

Joyce Echon-Butler

This year the Nominating Committee consisted of the following members:

Betty McDonnell
Carla Gengler
Stacy Roderick
Mary Lou Roberts
Jo Nussle (alternate)
Sue Marino (alternate)

During the first week of January an email ad was sent to NewfTide to be included in the first quarter 2011 issue notifying the membership of the Nominating Committee's quest for nominees and necessary deadlines. In early February emails were sent to contacts for all the regional clubs soliciting names for the Nominating Committee to consider for the NCA Board. At the end of March, a teleconference was held to discuss potential nominees, this was followed up by numerous email discussions. A final teleconference was held in late June, followed by email discussions and finally, balloting. The top six candidates were then submitted to the Board as our recommended slate of candidates for the 2012 election.

I would like to thank each member and alternate for the time, patience and consideration given to the important task of recommending candidates for Board election.


2010 Annual Report- Cheryl Dondino

The Nominating Committee conducted business via teleconference by unanimous agreement. Following our teleconference discussions, we voted by secret ballot, using double envelopes for privacy in a similar manner to the NCA elections. Completion of the selection of the slate for 2011 is therefore complete.

The following names were ratified :
Matt Cobban, Laura Gallagher, Kathy McIver, Mary L. Price, Pat Randall, and Pam Saunders.

Each of these nominees has been sent a notification, asking them to send a formal biographical sketch to Mary Lou Cuddy, NCA Recording Secretary. Those who were not selected were sent a letter, notifying them that they were not selected and thanking them for their interest. I have included a sample of the notification that was sent to each of the two groups of potential candidates. (Editor’s note: Letters available on request.)
Costs for the Nominating Committee work were limited to the two teleconferences. The postage and stationery costs were donated. Thank you for allowing our committee to be of service to the NCA.
Our committee would like to have a suggestion made by one of our members brought up at the next Board meeting. We are suggesting that candidates submit their bios for the membership to read this September WITH A PHOTO of themselves to aid in recognition of each person. Please schedule this suggestion for the next Board meeting for review and consideration.
Thank you.





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