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Committee Established: 1994

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Nominating Committee Guidelines

Duties and Responsibilities (Modified 11/22/97)

The Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee with Regional distribution in mind, considering people who are active in Regional Clubs or the National Club who will presumably know the candidates.  The Nominating Committee shall, pursuant to the By-Laws, Article IV, Section 4(a), “nominate from among the eligible members of the Club six (6) candidates for the position of Director to replace those six (6) Directors whose terms will expire at the next Annual Meeting and shall procure the acceptance of each such nominee so chosen.”

To increase the time that the Committee has to select a slate of nominees and to conform to restraints written into the NCA By-Laws, the Board has adopted a two stage procedure in appointing a Nominating Committee.  At the Fall meeting of the Board a pro-tem committee is selected.  Usually then, the pro-tem committee is officially appointed as the Nominating Committee at the annual meeting of the Board in the Spring.  As soon as the Board appoints the pro tem committee, the appointed Chair should be given a copy of these Guidelines.  The Chair should make contact with the other committee members and outline the proposed sequence of communications which will lead to the selection of a slate of candidates for the NCA Board of Directors.  This first contact should include a copy of these Guidelines.  The Alternates on the committee will be included in all deliberations with all privileges except voting

The new Chair should immediately send notices to Newf Tide requesting that the names of prospective nominees be submitted to him/her.  Also, the new Chair should immediately write to the secretaries of all of the Regional Clubs soliciting suggested nominees.  All members of the Nominating Committee are encouraged to suggest qualified nominees.  A deadline for acceptance of nominees should be established as approximately thirty (30) days after publication in the Spring issue of Newf Tide and thirty (30) days after the postmark of written requests to Regional Club secretaries.  The following criteria should be stressed:

A. Time and interest to contribute to the orderly progress of the National Club.
B. Wide range of talents, interests
C. Regional distribution

The Chair should contact current Board members whose terms of service are ending and inquire whether they are interested in being considered again for nomination.  Those answering in the affirmative should be considered with all other suggested persons.  The Nominating Committee Chairperson shall contact the Recording Secretary to obtain the attendance record of those Board members who would be prospective nominees for re-election.

A biographical sketch should be requested from all prospective nominees for the perusal of Committee members.  The sketch should be promptly submitted, should be concise and factual and should include the following:

A. Length of time the candidate has been a Newfoundland owner, breeder, and/or exhibitor
B. Contributions to the sport of dogs
C. Contributions to the Newfoundland breed and to Regional and/or National Club
D. Special contributions which could be made to the National Club by virtue of talent, education, training or professional endeavor

Each potential nominee shall given written assurance of his/her willingness to:

A. Run for office
B. Attend meetings, contribute to mail meetings, and serve on committees and be an active and contributing member of the Board, if elected

The Chair shall send a list of all potential nominees to all Committee members with the information outlined in V (above) and solicit comments.  Said list should be posted no more than ten (10) days after the deadline for receipt of nominations.  Comments, if any, should be returned within twenty (20) days of receipt by committee member.  Committee members are encouraged to discuss potential nominees and to share their knowledge of special talents and qualifications, including any knowledge of past performance on NCA committees or Regional Club activities.

Within ten (10) days of receipt by Chair, a report including comments (VII) should be sent to the full committee for a first written ballot.  All voting will be done by secret ballot.  All members, including the Chair, will vote for six (6) candidates.  Ballots should be returned within ten (10) days of postmark.  A tally of the results will be returned to the Committee. Any candidates receiving three (3) votes will be considered nominated.

A second ballot, if necessary, will be sent out approximately seven (7) days of receipt of information in VIII.  If a second ballot is necessary to complete the slate, the ballot will be a weighted ballot.  The candidate of first choice will receive six (6) points, second choice five (5) points, third choice four (4) points, etc.  The candidates receiving the greatest number of points will fill the additional vacancies on the slate.

A report of the tally will be sent to each committee member and the names of the nominees selected will be sent to the Recording Secretary.  In order that the final slate of nominees can be distributed by the NCA Recording Secretary to the membership via Newf Tide by September 15, the Nominating Committee must provide the final slate to the NCA Recording Secretary by August 1.

The selected nominees will be notified by the Nominating Committee Chair who will request that they send a personal profile to the Recording Secretary, including the information requested in V (above), written in the candidate's own words.  The word limit for published candidate biographies will be up to 300 words, strictly enforced.  

All candidates, those nominated by the Committee and those nominated by petition, shall be listed alphabetically on the ballot along with their personal profiles

The Nominating Committee's deliberations and individual voting records will be considered confidential.  After the official election results have been announced, the voting records of the Nominating Committee should be destroyed.

Removal and replacement of non-participating committee members will be addressed in accordance with the NCA Committee Guidelines and Policies.





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