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Committee Established: 1972

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Newf Tide Policy Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Newf Tide Policy Committee has a minimum of five (5) members including at least one (1), but not more than two (2), from the NCA Board of Directors. The Board has recognized its responsibility to set publication policies for Newf Tide. This committee established since such policies must be expected to change with time and to sometimes be difficult to interpret.

The duties of the Newf Tide Policy Committee are:
• To monitor and modify Newf Tide publication policies and propose changes to the Board
• To assist the Editor(s) of Newf Tide in reaching publication decision when submitted materials of any kind do not clearly fall within publication guidelines
• To review Newf Tide budgetary changes as suggested by the Editor(s) or others, and to propose changes to the Board
• The Chair and committee members should continuously monitor and update the Newf Tide Policies and Guidelines document and advise the Board when the committee feels that additions or changes are in order

History & Board Actions - 1993 to present

V24.2 02/17/93 (Mail Meeting)
Under the OPEN cover selection process, unless otherwise specified in the current Policy, a dog not previously appearing on the front cover of Newf Tide shall have preference for
the front cover over a dog who has previously appeared on the front cover as a result of the Open cover selection policy.
V24.2 02/17/93 (Mail Meeting)
Change of address or late renewals will no longer be published in Newf Tide.
V24.2 02/17/93 (Mail Meeting)
Classified items must be limited to sales of adult Newfoundlands and dog-related items only, no litter announcements or puppy sales.
V25.2 11/07/93
The Newf Tide Policy Committee is to develop an editor's job description.
V25.4 08/94 (Mail Meeting)
The publication date and corresponding submission deadline(s) for Newf Tide will be coordinated with the NCA Board of Directors. The rationale for this motion was to allow
inclusion of mailings to the NCA membership with Newf Tide, e.g., National Specialty packages, notice of dues, Nominating Committee slate, etc.).
V26.1 11/04/94
National Specialty results appearing in Newf Tide must be taken from the official marked catalog showing corrections of the show Superintendent.
V26.1 11/04/94 Newfoundlands featured on the "open" cover(s) of Newf Tide are not required to be owned by an NCA member(s). However, open cover selection preference will be given to NCA member owners/breeders in cases of substantially equal cover candidates.
V26.1 11/04/94
Approved the job descriptions of the Newf Tide Editor (see Editor’s job description), Subscription Volunteer, Photo Contest Volunteer, and Annual Titlist Volunteer.
Subscription Volunteer
1. Receive payment for subscriptions and forward to the treasurer on a bi-weekly basis.
2. Keep record of subscribers and renewal dates.
3. Send mailing labels for subscribers to the printer in sufficient time to support the printer’s schedule. Note subscription expiration date on the label.
4. Notify subscribers of need to renew 90 days prior to expiration date.
Photo Contest Volunteer
1. Place notice in 1Q Newf Tide about upcoming photo contest.
2. Select judge(s) with the approval of the NTPC.
3. Receive photos and submit photos to judge(s).
4. Forward winning photos to Newf Tide Editor.
5. After publication of the winners, send all contest photos to the Show Committee for the following year’s National Specialty Show for possible display. Direct Show Committee to forward photos to the NCA Historian.
Annual Titlist’s Volunteer
1. Receive pedigrees and list of titlists on disk and corresponding photos from the NCA database coordinator.
2. Layout material in appropriate manner.
3. Send material to the printer or other party as directed by the Chairperson of
the Newf Tide Policy Committee.
V26.3 04/25/95
Disclaimer to appear in each issue of Newf Tide:
“Articles reflect the views of the individual author or committees who prepared them and do not necessarily represent the official position of the NCA or the editor. Publication of advertising does not imply endorsement by the NCA or the editor. No material may be reproduced without prior written approval of and proper credit to Newf Tide. Neither the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. nor
its committees, nor the individual authors make any warranties, expressed or implied, nor representations of correctness concerning methods of diagnosis nor recommendations of treatment. The reader must consult a veterinarian for advice.”
Newf Tide will accept ads for titles, championships and group placements from only one U.S. Registry, the AKC. Newf Tide will accept ads for international titles, championships
and group placements. (Modified 11/02/95)
Regional Specialty Coverage revised. Clubs allowed to submit six (6) free pictures. Additional photos can be submitted at $20/photo. Total coverage limited to three (3) pages. (Suggested photos - BOB, BOS, WD, WB, HIT, and Best in Puppy Sweeps - See modification 11/02/95).
Newf Tide Editor allowed to edit (in addition to spelling and grammar) for length and clarity provided authorization has been granted by the author to the Editor.
Revised policy established on “Open Cover” selection (i.e., the first quarter issue of Newf Tide as follows:) The first quarter issues of Newf Tide shall have an open cover. Upon due deliberation, the editor and the NTPC shall have the flexibility to select an
appropriate open category. An open cover shall be selected from the following categories (as quoted in NT pg. 603Q95)
“Multiple Specialty Best of Breed/Best of Opposite Sex winners (any combination of three regional/nationals). The first two dogs who achieved this honor will be placed on the front and back cover respectively. A dog may not appear on a Newf Tide cover more than once in a 24-month period in this category;
Obedience Trial Champions (OTCH). Restricted to dogs that have not previously appeared on an issue cover in this category. Recipient of unique national awards: For example, BIS at Westminster or AKC National Invitational Championship; 200 score at a license AKC Obedience Trial;
Photos of working Newfoundlands (sledding, carting, back-packing, obedience, weight-pulling, agility, tracking, swimming, etc.) wherein the dog is actively engaged in the activity.
Record setting: for example--most BIS, most HIT’s, Top ROM Dogs and Bitches, etc.”

Editor given authorization to reject poor quality photographs for covers. Has the right to request another cover photo (after consultation with the printer).
Approved job description of Newf Tide Advertising Volunteer:
1. Receive copy for all display and classified advertisements. This includes ads from regional clubs.
2. Check ads for content using guidelines as specified in Newf Tide policy and the Ethics Guide. Check ads for punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors.
3. Verify NCA membership of advertiser.
4. Lay out ads, if not camera ready.
5. Keep a record of checks and forward them to the treasurer on a bi-weekly basis. If an incorrect amount is sent or if a necessary payment is received, return the material to the sender. Under no circumstances will advertising be
accepted without correct, advance payment.
6. Maintain a record of free ads allowed to regional clubs.
7. Forward disk and hard copy of ads, including photos and return postage to editor no later than two (2) weeks after the copy close deadline.
V27.1 11/02/95
Effective 01/01/96, international postage (annual charge) be increased to $15 for NCA Members in Canada and Mexico and to $30 for all other countries. (See 11/23/97 modification.)
Newf Tide will accept ads for titles awarded by the NCA; titles, championships and group placements from only one U.S. Registry, the American Kennel Club; and ad for International titles, championships and group placements. Charge for ads with pictures increased by $5. Pictures to be returned second-day priority
Bids for Editor and Printer to be solicited every three (3) years. Bids will go out the end of the second year. The Agreements (within three year period) with the Editor and Printer are for one year fixed and specific terms can be renegotiated every year.
Regional Clubs to be given three (3) free pages for regional specialty coverage to be utilized as the respective club determines. For (any) pages over three (3) page allotment,
the club will be charged at current rate. NTPC directed to investigate and report back on the feasibility of using a newsletter format for committee reports, regional club columns, and Board minutes.
V27.3 04/23/96
Educational articles published in Newf Tide will include a statement that reprints are available from the General Education Committee for use by NCA members and Regional
Clubs and not for commercial purposes.
V28.1 11/01/96
Average allowable number of pages of Newf Tide issue increased from 72 to 84. OFA Registry statistics will be published annually as a separate newsletter. NCA members may request OFA Registry information directly from the Database Chair.
Second Quarter Cover Policy -- if same members own (and request) the Top Sire and Top Brood Bitch, both dogs may both be on front cover. Back cover will be a collage of Top
Show Dog, Top Show Bitch and Top Obedience (Newf).
Reports on Water & Draft tests to be limited to one (1) page with pictures. Additional space may be purchased by Regional Club. Articles to be submitted by next deadline after event.
V29.1 11/23/97
Mission statement to be prepared for Newf Tide describing the purpose of the Annual of Titlists.
International postage (annual charge) increased to $35 for all countries (excluding Canada and Mexico).

Policy adopted regarding the publication in Newf Tide of information about affected and carrier dogs as follows:
Be it resolved that the Newfoundland Club of America urges ALL Newfoundland owners to openly and honestly share and provide any and all health-related information on dogs they breed or own that will assist the current or future health of all
Newfoundlands. Be it resolved that the advice of the Health and Longevity Committee, developed in its ongoing studies to determine the health problems most pressing to the Newfoundland, will be considered a primary reference. New diseases and disorders are constantly being discovered which expand the need for more information, e.g., the encouragement to share information on hip dysplasia is not precluded by the addition of other diseases/disorders as they are determined to be relevant to our breed. (However, inclusion following discovery of problems should not automatically be assumed. This is due to factors regarding testing, validity of testing, etc.)
Be it resolved that the NCA’s Newf Tide Policy has been revised to specifically
state that personal letters, articles, etc. cannot be published either singly or wholly
containing names and/or list of affected (or non-affected) carrier dogs, pedigrees, etc. It is NCA’s intention that this information be shared for a scientific purpose and not merely publicity. (This policy does not affect the policy regarding the publication of OFA lists.)
Be it resolved that the NCA does desire that health information, including
affecteds and carriers of known diseases and disorders be shared, but cannot scientifically or legally be the source or communications media for this information. Based on the information available to the NCA, a more appropriate vehicle for all Newfoundland owners would be the Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals (GDCA): PO Box 222, Davis, CA 95617. Telephone/Fax: 530-756-6773, E-mail
http:\www\ This is an Open Registry, open to any and all Newfoundland owners to share and to obtain information. The more people who make use of it, the wider the base of information that will be available to all. This Open Registry is a major source for researchers seeking information. By participating in this Open Registry, Newfoundland owners can actively participate in research designed to help our breed. The information provided is linked with pedigree relatives, providing a basis for analysis.

The GDCA is a well-respected service of long-standing. By encouraging the use
of only one such databank, a single source of information on the Newfoundland genetic makeup will be provided. There are already existing registries and databases through GDCA which we can benefit and which will benefit the Newfoundland. Be it resolved that the NCA encourages participation in the GDCA by the publication in the First Quarter 1998 issue of Newf Tide of an article entitled “Genetic Disease Control: The Open Registry is Here, The Time is Now” and an ongoing ad similar to that which is used to sell sample contracts via the Breeders List. As an educational ad, this as will be printed in all future issues of Newf Tide at no cost. And, be it further resolved that the Board approves a general statement on testing to appear on the Breeder/Stud Dog List: “The NCA endorses the use of the Open Registry provided by the Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals: PO Box 222, Davis, CA 95617. Telephone/Fax: 916-756-6773, and this Open Registry should be considered as an inquiry information source referenced above.”

Annual Newf Tide photo contest NOT to be open to non-member (NCA) subscribers.
V29.4 06/16/98 (Teleconference)
Board approved Annual of Titlists Disclaimer and Introductory Statement for Newf Tide as follows: (Note: approved policy statement for Annual of Titlists in Annual of Titlist section)
The Annual of Titlists is published by the Newfoundland Club of America to celebrate the accomplishments of the breed. To be eligible for this Annual, a Newfoundland must have earned either an AKC or an NCA title during (year). Earning a Canadian or International title does not constitute eligibility for the Annual, but all such titles declared are included in the dog’s narrative. A photograph and pedigree of any titled Newfoundland will be printed in the Annual if the breeder or owner submits the required fee, photograph and data form. For foreign-born dogs, a three-generation pedigree is also required. No fee is charged for the listing of a dog’s name, owner and title earned, but a data form must be submitted. All the Newfoundlands that earned titles in (year) are not
included in this Annual. Although the Annual is paid advertising, it is a valuable
reference for Newfoundland owners.

Only AKC and NCA titles are confirmed through the NCA database. All information in this publication is presented as recorded in the NCA database. Pedigrees in the database have been constructed from the Titlists’ American Kennel Club Registration Certificates, from the AKC Stud Book Registry, and in the case of foreign dogs, from pedigrees submitted by the owners or breeders. Title data is received by the NCA Database Coordinator directly from the AKC and from the NCA Working Dog Committee.
Neither foreign nor non-regular titles, such as CGC, TDI, and TT are verified. They are included on the data forms by the owners or breeders.
Due to space limitations, not all health clearances are printed. For this reason, the health designations should be considered complete. All prospective buyers and breeders should contact the owner of the dog in question for current, complete information regarding the health clearances of the individual dog.
The NCA recommends specific types of health testing for all Newfoundlands that are breeding prospects and encourages breeders to share the results of their health testing programs.
Additionally, the NCA endorses the use of the Open Registry provided through the
Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals, PO Box 222, Davis, CA 95617 (530- 756-6773).
The following is an explanation of the publication format. The first line is the dog’s
registered name followed by the call name. Line two is the owners as indicated when the data form was submitted. Other owners may have put earlier titles on the same dog.
Line three is the breeder of the dog. Line four is presented as follows: (1) whelping date; (2) sex; (3) color; (4) registration number; (5) OFA hip certification number, if applicable; (6) elbow certification number, if applicable, preceded by EL; and (7) knee certification number, if applicable, preceded by PA.
Within the pedigree, OFA hip numbers are listed in brackets after the dog’s name. The coat color of all dogs is black unless otherwise noted. When listing colors, the following abbreviations are used: Wh-white; Bk-black; Br-brown; and Gr-gray. Colors are listed as they appear in the AKC Stud Book Registry. (Chest is abbreviated “ch” and markings “mk”.) For dogs not in this registry, the coat color was provided by owners or breeders.
Dogs generally regarded as Landseers are designated Wh/Bk.
For the complete policy governing this publication, see 3rd Quarter 1998 Newf Tide.
V30.1 10/30/98
Board approves that all AKC Championships, NCA Working Titles, and AKC Obedience Titles for the current year be published in the Annual of Titlists rather than quarterly in Newf Tide.
Board concurred that current policy applying to advertising also applies to Annual of Titlists (must be NCA member).
V30.1 11/01/98
Board approved increasing the Newf Tide subscription rate to $40 and the foreign subscription rate to $60, both effective 1/1/99 due to increasing publication costs.
V31.1 11/29/99 (Teleconference)
Board approves renewing contracts for existing Editor and Printer.
V32.1 11/3/00
Publish Stud Book analysis.
Publish annually, when permission obtained from AKC, Newfoundland section of the Stud Book.
Regional clubs hosting working events have option of submitting full page article or using new form developed by NTPC.
Articles and letters to the editor- any submission for the publication that is critical of any person or any NCA Board of Committee policy be treated the same as letter to the editor and be treated accordingly.
Board asks to define policy on use of author biographies.
Titles in NCA publications: Effective January 1, 2001, all AKC, CKC and NCA titles, once verified by the NCA Database Committee, will be used within NewfTide and other NCA publications on all references to a specific dog by registered name. (Excluding dogs acknowledged in Honor of and in Memory of). These titles include AKC championships, obedience, tracking and agility titles; CKC championships, obedience, tracking and agility titles plus draft and water titles; and all confirmed NCA titles/designations (WD, WRD, DD, TDD, ROM, VN). This will include specialty wins, working articles and advertisements of less than one half page. To allow for flexibility in the layout of one-half page and larger ads, the use of all titles and health clearances is optional in such ads. All titles/designations other than ROM and VN may be sued once earned. The VN designation and ROM designation may be used as long as it is noted “as pending NCA approval” until verified by the NCA Database Committee or VN Committee Chair.
When referring to a dog by call name, titles DO NOT have to be used. CGC, TT, TDI, and Delta Dog titles may be listed as part of NewfTide articles regarding NCA award winners, ROM listings, in advertisements, or included within the Annual of Titlists, if a copy of the specific certificate is submitted to the NCA Database Committee for permanent record. If such a title requires annual retesting, then annual certificates must be submitted. Space limitations within NewfTide do not allow for any other use of these titles.
Foreign titles may not be used in any NCA publications nor be included in advertising unless thse titles are substantiated by a certificate copy at the time of submission.
Canadian titles must be verified by the database coordinator. This will include such NewfTide articles as national wins or NCA award winner write-ups. The only variance allowed for this policy is for dogs discussed by the NCA International Liaison within that committee’s column.
The use of the term “International Champion” will be limited in NCA publications to those dogs that have earned this title under Federal Canine International rules. In keeping with the AKC policy, the term “Best in Show” may only be used to reference all breed Best in Show wins, BISS designates Best In Specialty Show winner. Reference to any title or win not attained in the United States or Canada must be identified by the country of origin.
Health certifications in NCA publications: NCA encourages health certifications to be listed whenever possible along with other titles when a dog’s registered name is used within any NCA publication.
Health certifications must be verified by the NCA Database Committee via CERF, OFA or other board-approved database listngs. Health clearances may only be listed when certification has been received. The terms “preliminary and/or pending” are not acceptable.
In the case of cystinuria testing only, owners may submit copies of testing results directly to the NCA Database committee to have the correct database (OFA, CERF, etc) CERF listings are for current year only and require retesting.
The only foreign health certification allowed is the OVC listing from Canada. To have this included, a copy of the certificate must be forwarded to the NCA Database Committee, as this is a closed registry.
V32.3 4/5/01
General Membership recommended to the Board of Directors that NewfTide include corrections to the roster in each NewfTide whether errors are typographical or due to change in address, phone or e-mail.
V33.1 11/30/01
Regarding notification of change in roster, no software currently available to economically provide changes in addresses and phone numbers of the membership for printing in NewTide.
V33.1 12/1/01
International postage rates mailing levy not increased, review again in one year.
Investigate feasibility of using re-mailing service.
Author biographies will be used for feature and technical articles, but not for committee reports, regional club working events, regional specialty reports and regional club columns. The purpose of the author biography is to establish the author’s credentials to write on the topic. The write up should be between 50-75 words. Editor may edit for space and relevance.
Versatile Newfoundland coverage: print in 2nd Quarter issue, eliminate three generation pedigree to allow for slightly longer write up and larger photo. All new VN’s identified by registered name, date of birth, sire x dam, owner and breeder.
Register of Merit: continue to publish in 2nd Quarter issue, include three generation pedigrees.
National Specialty coverage: Trophy chair help assure fair and consistent coverage of BOB, BOS and HIT winners. Trophy chair to notify owners of BOB, BOS and HIT to
request pictures for front (BOB) and back (BOS) covers and another informal photo and write up of no more than 275 words for the interior. Mail to NewfTide editor by June 1 of each year.
Annual of Titlists: Maintain three generation pedigree.
.V33.2 2/7/02
Letter written to AKC regarding AKC’s relationship with commercial breeders and dog auctions. Letter sent to all parent clubs and Newf Tide for publication.
V33.2 1/10/02
Approve $1360 for stronger mailing envelopes.
V33.2 3/7/02
Approve $204.90 to purchase external drive for use by advertising volunteer.
V33.3 4/23/02
Cardiology clearance is reported for only clearance by a Board Certified Cardiologist and cystinuria reporting of testing is listed as clear, carrier unaffected or affected.
Approved distribution of change of address information as separate flyer in Newf Tide provided by Membership Chair.
V34.2 12/12/02
Average number of pages increased to 104.
V34.3 5/27/03
For preferred placement ads, payment and copy materials must be received by the deadline.
Annual of Titlists editor to be put out as a separate position in the next bid package.
V.35.2 11/21/03
For remainder of fiscal year 2003/2004 update to the Membership Directory change of address forms to be printed one time in the second quarter issue of Newf Tide. Newf Tide subscriber rate raised from $35.00 to $55.00 effective July 1, 2004 and international subscriptions raised from $60.00 to $70.00. All subscribers receive a copy of the Annual of Titlists.
Charge of a one page advertisement raised from $135.00 to $160.00 effective with the 2d Quarter 2004 issue.
Charge for a half page advertisement raised from $85.00 to $90.00 and quarter page ads from $50.00 to $55.00.
Rates increased for Best in Show/Group Placements to $50.00; New Champions and New Titlists raised to $35.00.
Whelping box advertising discontinued.
Color advertising to be allowed on the inside front and back covers to members at $300.00 and $400.00 for member-vendors.
Regional club columns eliminated; feature articles about special regional club events encouraged.
Articles for water and draft tests to be reduced from one page to one half page.
Committee reports referring to the business of the committee to be run continuously with a 300 word limit. Regional club specialties where the entries are under 30 will have 2 pages in Newf Tide while those with more than 30 entries will have 3 pages for the write-ups.
Judges’ reports from the National Specialty to have a word limit of 500 or less.
Charitable Trust directed to use its interest income to pay for an annual report and move the list of donors out of Newf Tide.
Annual of Titlists, fee for submission raised from $35.00 to $45.00 per dog, to be effective for titles earned after January 1st, 2004.
OFA information to be removed from the Annual of Titlists and placed on the NCA website. Cost of back issue of Newf Tide increased from $12.00 to $15.00 Space for the top-winning Newfoundland write ups in the 2nd Quarter issue reduced from one page to one half page.
V35.3 4/19/04
Write-ups for the top award winners in the 2nd quarter issue of Newf Tide returned to one-page writeups. The increase in the rate for placing ads for new champions, new titlists, and group placements be rescinded and returned to the November 2003 rates. ($30.00 for new titlists and $40 for Best in Show and Group Placements.) The International Liaison, the Education Committee, Companion Dog Committee, and the Historian may submit articles to Newf Tide on a quarterly basis.
V36.1 10/30/04
Produce a high quality Newf Tide subscription form for use a) as an annual supplement to Newf Tide for use in breeders’ puppy buyers packet; b) as a yearly insert in regional clubs’ newsletters; c) as an online form that can be downloaded or forwarded to the subscription coordinator; d) and that an article be submitted to the Breeders’ Forum column in Newf Tide explaining the purpose and use of the subscription form.
V36.2 1/5/05: Accept the recommendations of the Newf Tide Policy Committee to print working dog test stories in a continuous manner. Each regional club will continue to submit an article that covers its test consistent with previous policy in that it can be no longer than one page. The Newf Tide Policy Committee was directed to prepare a letter to regional clubs outlining the submissions and giving specifics about picture requirements. This letter will be forwarded to the Working Dog Committee (WDC) for inclusion in the test- giving materials sent by the WDC to approved regional club test-giving committees.
4/25-26/05: The listing of donations to the NCA Charitable Trust (Health Challenge and Rescue) will be placed back into Newf Tide.
11/4/05: Anyone who in an official NCA capacity who reviews or examines the bid for the position of editor or printer of Newf Tide is precluded from submitting a bid for those positions for the next three years.
11/4/05: The Newf Tide Policy Committee will maintain the statement in Newf Tide Guidelines: “The NCA and the Newf Tide Editor reserve the right to reasonably edit all copy submitted.” The committee will add to the Guidelines that submissions are always to have the author’s fax and phone numbers and email addresses to insure communication.
11/4/05: Up to one page will be devoted to the High in Trial, Best of Breed and Best of Opposite dogs in the National Specialty issue (3rd Quarter) of Newf Tide. The owner of the dog may submit up to a 500 word write-up, an official show photo and three other photos which may be used if space is available. The show photo should be used. (This policy increases the allocation for these dogs by a page)
4/19/06: The Second Quarter Newf Tide will list the top 10 stud dogs and brood bitches and that the Third Quarter Newf Tide list the top 20 obedience and conformation dogs. This would be effective for the 2006 calendar year.
6/21/06: The Newf Tide Policy Committee will, within 45 days of the mailing of each issue, submit a post-publication formal written review of each issue and present it to the Board. This report will list things that went well and things that need to be improved upon and describe how improvements shall be accomplished. Items presented may run the gamut from minor issues such as misspellings or incorrect dates to major errors such as photos printed in black and white rather than color or missing pages. Topics should also include technical concerns and billing issues.
7/20/06: The Board directed the Newf Tide Policy Committee to create an index to Newf Tide articles and photos.
11/3-5/06: Regional Club columns will be reinstated in Newf Tide. The Newf Tide Policy Committee shall define the submission criteria with input from the treasurer and Finance Committee.
12/21/06: The Board directed the Newf Tide Policy Committee to create a separate (from the Policy Manual) document showing all current policies governing the publication of Newf Tide, including and highlighting those “policies” being followed by the committee but which to not appear in the Policy Manual and any other policies they may suggest for the Board to review no later than March 15, 2007.
12/21/06: The Board directed the Newf Tide Policy and the new Newf Tide editor to draft a Style Guide that will govern areas that should be standardized within Newf tide and across all NCA published material including the Website, as appropriate, and submit that draft to the Board for review no later than March 15, 2007.
4/30-5/1/07: Approved the following policies:
In the Group Placement, New Champions and New Titlists sections of the Magazine, the gender of the dog will be added and appropriately placed by the editor.
Format of the cut line is to remain consistent.
The Newf Tide editor should be permitted to invoice regional clubs for additional page(s) used in the presentation of the Regional specialty reports at the page rate in effect at the time. The page rate charge shall be that which is currently in effect; at present (2007) it is $160.00
In Regional Clubs reports of working tests, only Newfoundlands will be listed as qualifiers. Omit the words “paid advertising” in full page ads. All information and photos for ROMs, Top Producing dogs, and Versatile Newfoundlands be submitted directly to the Newf Tide editor. The Newf Tide editor will have the flexibility to request candid photos from regional clubs for use in the layout of regional specialty shows (as space permits and as the editor shall determine).
4/30-5/1/07: The Board agreed that the NTPC should be expanded and that there should be a maximum number of seven members on the committee.
4/30-5/1/07: Remove the index of the Board minutes from Newf Tide.
4/30-5/1/07: The chair of the Newf Tide Policy Committee does not need to be a sitting Board member.
9/20/07: The Board approved the following policy: “NewfTide will publish obituaries of NCA members and members of their immediate families. In addition to the name, information may include hometown, age, date of death, kennel name, regional club affiliation, pertinent NCA contributions, and survivors with names of immediate family only, and suggestions for memorials. All obituaries will be presented in identical format, to be determined by the editor. Obituaries will begin with the 4th Quarter 2007 issue.”
The purpose of this proposal is to add a personal orientation to the publication and to inform members who may want to communicate their condolences.
1/17-24/08: accept the recommendation of the Newf Tide Policy Committee regarding the change in pricing for additional photos in Newf Tide from $20 each to $10 each regardless of the number of photos.
2/21-28/08: NTPC submitted a report of cost comparisons involved in separating the minutes from Newf Tide. After review of the report the Board agreed by consensus to continue to publish the minutes within Newf Tide.
2/21-28/08: NTPC submitted information regarding the cost of mailing back issues of Newf Tide. Subscriber rates for Newf Tide also need to be adjusted in light of the new United States postal structure. The Board agreed to charge $10 per back issue of Newf Tide plus postage.
2/21-28/08: NTPC proposed a three-tier system for assessing a foreign postage levy to be effective with the dues renewal notice for 2008-09. Current rates would be grandfathered in until July 1, 2008. The Board accepted the recommendation of NTPC as follows: 1) no changes in United States addresses; 2) Canada and Mexico - $36; 3) all other countries - $44.




line Newf Tide Policy Manual pdf (revised through 1993)

Current Activities

2010 Newf Tide Policy Committee Annual Report by Aura Ellen Grace Dean, chair

The Newf Tide Policy Committee (NTPC) assists our editor,
Maredith Reggie, in the publication of the magazine. In addition to Maredith as an ex officio committee member, Ken Wildman, Beth Sell, Jeannette Voss, Patti Emmerling, Julie Siefert and I compose this board-appointed committee.
During the course of 2010, we held 12 teleconferences with all members making strong, positive contributions to the on-going work of the committee.
NTPC strives to produce a quality magazine in the most cost effective manner. Our many volunteers help achieve this goal. Beth Sell handles and coordinates the myriad details associated with circulation and our publication permit paperwork with the post office. Sue Mendleson and Todd Bennett’s efficiency and hard work keep our subscriber base organized. (The subscriber base fluctuates from issue to issue and is, at present, approximately 200.) Jeannette Voss was in charge of our 2010 photo contest. Alana Shirley, a well-known California artist, judged the contest. Her selections appeared in the 4th quarter
issue. Rules for the 2011 contest are elsewhere in this issue.

Special thanks to the eagle eyes of our proof readers,
Jeannette Voss, Patti Emmerling, Mary L. Price, Julie Siefert,
Tamzin Rosenwasser, and Beth Sell. Our editor sets the bar for the hours she dedicates to the publication of Newf Tide. Help her continue her outstanding job by reading her column in each issue so you can actively participate in upcoming issues with your ideas, vignettes, and pictures.
Our deadlines are boring! They remain constant: January 2,
April 1, July 1 and October 1. Be consistent: adhere to them
and to established publication policies. Regional clubs holding regional shows, draft and water tests should reread the policies governing those reports and make sure that the designated writer for Newf Tide has all the correct details. Attention to detail and advance organization help the publication process run more smoothly. Please call our editor with any questions well before the deadline.

The four issues of Newf Tide in 2010 contained 404 pages, a decrease from 2009. In 2010 the Membership Directory and the Annual of Titlists were mailed with the magazine. We thank those who worked very hard to prepare and submit these publications and projects print-ready for mailing. We appreciate their hard work for our members. Special thanks to Mary Lou Cuddy and Pam Saunders.
The mailing of Newf Tide is by publication rate postage. You
must contact Mary Lou Cuddy, Membership Chair, with any address changes to ensure receipt of your magazine. Newf Tide will not be forwarded and will not be held by the post office if you go away for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that current policy does require that you must advance the postage expenses if your magazine is returned to our circulation coordinator, Beth Sell. The cost for this service is $10.

The Annual of Titlists is produced under the guidance of the
NTPC and is dependent upon the NCA database for correct
data. Karen Clancy edited the 2009 issue printed in 2010. The publication celebrated the accomplishments of approximately 149 Newfoundlands. Karen’s job is to receive the information, design the layout, and format the data received from the NCA database via the Technical Resources chair. The Annual contains all the titlists for 2009 and is the second extensive publication using the NCA’s database, which is still a work in progress.

If you have any comments or questions about the data in this year’s Annual, please contact Karen, the Technical Resources Committee or the NTPC. Karen will receive submissions for the 2010 Annual, which are due by March 31, 2011. Applications are posted on the NCA website

NTPC will not establish a schedule for the ROM book publication until we are advised that the NCA database is capable of providing the required data. The last ROM book published was in 2002 for the five-year period 1997 through 2001.

Thanks to each of you who took the time to communicate your ideas and suggestions to the committee and to our editor. You are vital to our magazine. Your input makes our coverage more extensive and richer. You and your Newfoundlands are the soul of our magazine. We always look forward to hearing from you.




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