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Committee Established:

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Recognition Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Recognition Committee Chair writes letters of congratulations from the Newfoundland Club of America to the owners of new champions. The names of the owners of the new champions are taken from the monthly AKC Gazette listings. Unknown addresses (non-members) are obtained from the NCA Historian who receives this information from the AKC.

An additional function is to make NCA medallions available on request from members whose dogs are AKC Champions of record. The name of the dog is to be engraved on the back of the medallion.

Notice should be submitted to Newf Tide periodically announcing the availability of these awards and how to apply. The chair will require proof of title and ownership with either a copy of the championship certificate or reference to the month and page of the AKC Gazette where it is recorded.

The Chair follows the Group placings of Newfoundlands in the AKC Gazette and writes letters to the owners of these dogs. A master list of all Group and Best in Show winning Newfoundlands is maintained and reported annually in Newf Tide.

The Chair will keep complete records of all requests for medallions including date
received and date and to whom medallion was sent. Accurate financial records will be sent quarterly to the NCA Treasurer detailing cost of medallions, engraving costs, if any, and postage.

History & Board Actions

V2.2 Newf Tide Article
Sterling silver teaspoons offered to BOB at any show in country where there is an entry of ten (10) or more.
V6.3 06/27/75
Silver spoons will no longer be given for BOB wins but for completion of a Championship. Awards for Championships will start as of January 1, 1975 and BOB shall be discontinued as of January 1, 1976.
V12.2 02/09/81
Congratulatory notes to be sent to owners of dogs winning BIS and Group 1st and/or earning Championships.
V15.2 05/24/84
Sunshine Committee established to send letters of recognition to owners of new champions, letters of condolence, get well, etc.
V17.3 11/08/86
Championship spoon to be replaced with a 1” medallion.
V18.2 07/87 to 08/87 (Mail Meeting)
Letters to be sent to all group placing Newfoundlands rather than just group winners.
V18.4 11/07/87
Medallions for new champions to be engraved with dog's name. Members who have finished champions should contact Trophy Chair with either a photostatted copy of the AKC Championship Certificate or the AKC Gazette issue in which confirmation appeared.
V19.4 11/12/88
Pending NCA members are entitled to championship medallions if they qualify.
V21.4 11/10/90
Art work and purchase of 100 medallions.
V23.2 05/03/92
Trophy Committee combined with Recognition Committee.
Board approves purchase of additional medallion(s) by co-owners and breeders of new champions.
V30.3 03/23/99
Board approves sending championship medallions automatically without the members having to request them.
Board approves revised letters which will be sent to the owners of Newfoundlands that earn AKC Championships or AKC Obedience titles.
V34.1 11/2/02
Authorize purchase of 501 championship medallions at $3.15 each.


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Current Activities

2011 NCA Recognition Committee Report
Linda Roderick

The NCA Recognition Committee is responsible for sending an engraved bronze medallion along with a letter of congratulations to the NCA member-owner when his/her Newf completes the requirements for an AKC Championship. The necessary form to include the Newf in the Annual of Titlists is also sent to the NCA member-owner. Joe Reinisch engraves each medallion with the name of the Newf. Thank you Joe for this very important job.

Additional medallions for breeders or co-owners can be purchased for $10.00. Send a check payable to the NCA to Linda Roderick. Be sure to include the name of the dog, the date of championship and who is to be the recipient of the medallion.

In addition, the committee keeps a list of all Newfs who win Best In Show, a Group Win or Group placement for the calendar year. A note of congratulations is sent to the NCA member for his/her dog’s wins several times each year. A final compilation is published in NewfTide, usually in the 2nd quarter issue.

2010 Recognition Committee Annual Report by Linda Roderick, chair

The Recognition Committee is charged with sending letters of congratulations and an engraved medallion to the NCA-member- owner of every new AKC champion Newfoundland. The committee also sends out a letter with an invitation to join the NCA for non-members whose Newfs have completed the requirements for AKC championship. A card of congratulations is sent to NCA-member owners for group placements, wins and
Bests in Show. A list compiling the highest win in the Group ring or Best in Show is published in the spring.
This year we have a new manufacturer for the medallions.
Committee co-chair, Joe Reinisch, was not pleased with the quality of the medallions from our supplier and contracted with a new manufacturer with Board approval. The new medallions are of superior quality. A huge thank you to Joe who does all the engraving of the medallions.





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