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Committe Type: Board Appointed

Tested - Open Database Designation (TOD/TODD) Committee

Duties and Responsibilities


History & Board Actions

1/14-24/08: Voted to accept the following recommendations, as revised, of the Health & Longevity Committee:
• To use the acronym letters “TOD” as a designation in the NCA database to mean Health Tested Open Database, requiring the same tests currently required for inclusion in the CHIC database (Hips, Elbows, Cystinuria, Heart cleared by a board certified cardiologist).
• To use the acronym letter “D: to indicate the Newfoundland’s blood has been banked in the OFA DNA Registry, and would be the last designation to the dog’s name as published, either D or TODD.
• To list dogs with TOD, D and TODD designations in Newf Tide, and the Annual of Titlists.
• To distribute a list of those who qualify each year at the Annual Membership Meeting.
1/14-24/08: We will recognize those who have posted the required test results in an open database with a pin (to be mailed) and to be included in the list to be handed out at the
Annual Membership Meeting.
1/14-24/08: Amended the motion regarding the TOD and TODD to allow recognition to be given to all dogs, living and dead, which qualify. The owners must apply to the Awards Committee in order to receive the award.


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Current Activities

You must apply for this award to receive it. If your dogs are eligible, please contact the TOD/TODD Committee with the appropriate information (dog’s name, AKC number, OFA number, dates of health tests). If your cystinuria and cardiology results have not been posted to the OFA database, and you are now submitting them to the NCA database, please provide documentation of those tests/evaluations as well as others, including thyroid, CERF, patellas, and other.

Don’t forget to tell us if your dog has DNA submitted as well so that you can earn the TOD-D!

And even if you don’t have all four of the tests completed and don’t qualify for the TOD, please post the results from the tests you have administered in the NCA database, including any of the tests mentioned above. The more information we have on our dogs, the better. Copies of test results for dogs NOT qualifying for the TOD should be sent to:

Join in helping the breed and in committing to open disclosure of health results.


2011 TOD / TODD Committee Report
Joan Locker-Thuring

The TOD/TODD is to recognize those who have posted their health test results in an open registry. For TOD, one must post results, good or bad, for hips, elbows, heart (by a cardiologist), and Cystinuria. Additional, to be recognized for TODD, the dog must also have a DNA blood sample submitted.  This is an award that must be applied in order to receive the pin and certificate.

For 2010, we awarded 42 pins and certificates. There were 20 TOD and 22 TODD. It looks like we have about the same number for this year. 





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