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Breeder Education Program

Lending Library

Have you ever seen a book or DVD on breeding or puppy rearing advertised but you didn't want to purchase it or have the money to purchase it? There is an answer to this conundrum! The Breeder Education Committee (BEC) has assembled a library of books, DVDs, and CDs, all devoted to genetics, breeding, movement, puppy rearing, etc.

These materials are available to NCA Regional Clubs and NCA members in good standing. There is a $10.00 mailing fee for most items shipped within the United States. For your convenience, a self addressed, prepaid return envelope will accompany your order. For destinations outside the United States, please contact us for a shipping fee quote.

Upon receipt of the signed borrower's agreement and shipping fee, in-stock items will usually be mailed within 72 hours. Unless prior arrangements have been made, all items must be returned within 35 days.

Library materials will be mailed on a first come, first serve prepaid basis. The borrower agrees to the terms for use of library materials, whenever a withdrawal is made. The BEC reserves the right to limit withdrawals as circumstances warrant. Due to matters outside our control, reservations cannot be guaranteed. However, every attempt will be made to honor a request.

If you have any materials you would be willing to donate, please contact us. Suitable items are videos of prior Nationals or events; breed related, instructional or educational tapes; books; DVDs; or any other item of interest to the membership. We cannot accept any copies of copyrighted materials, so please only send originals.

The BEC is interested in hearing what you would like to see available in the library. Also, if you know of a book, DVD, etc., you think would be a good addition to the library, please let us know and we will consider purchasing it.


Online Library

All Articles in this library are presented in Adobe PDF format pdf icon unless otherwise noted

Canine Diversity - by Patrick K. Randall - reprinted from NewfTide 2Q 2007 & 3Q 2007

Will you know when its time?
The other side of the coin By Marne Burke

Dr. Robert Van Hutchison

Dog Owners and Breeders Symposium
University of Florida
College of Veterinary Medicine

Canine Reproduction Seminar
Dr. Scarlette Gotwals

Deborah A. Lynch
Executive Vice President
AKC Canine Health Foundation
July 31, 1997

Philip D. Mansfield, D.V.M., Diplomate ABVP

Jacqui Neilson, DVM, DACVB

Gait Analysis and description offsite link

Breeder Education Articles - courtesy of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America offsite link

Canine Hypothyroidism: Fact or Fiction - Thomas K. Graves DVM, PhD., DACVIM

Celebrate Top Producers (page link)

Are We Colorblind? (page link)

What Are Those Genes Anyway? (page link)

Mentoring Matters (page link)

Temperament - 2 part article from Pat Randall (PDF)

Part 1

Part 2



Lending Library Catalog

A Breeder's Guide to Genetics: Relax, It's Not Rocket Science,
Ingrid Wood and Denise Como

Introduces concepts such as dominant and recessive genes, polygenic inheritance, and genomic imprinting. Various breeding programs are explored in great detail. Issues such as breeding fads and common myths are candidly addressed. Also information on DNA testing, hybrid vigor, understanding pedigrees, and sex chromosomes. An entire section features the basic concepts of color inheritance. All scientific concepts and terms are clearly explained, often by using practical examples. Includes a carefully selected reference section, and provides breeders with the tools to make more informed breeding decisions.

Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development
Pat Hastings

Learn about the impact of puppy-rearing practices and socialization on a puppy's ability to develop happily and confidently in the challenging human world. Begins with an overview of developmental stages and moves on to selected articles by respected dog people about the contributions breeders and owners can make to their puppies' health, well-being and sure-footedness. Whether you're a breeder, exhibitor, performance competitor, puppy owner or prospective puppy buyer, what you learn may surprise you and will at least make you better prepared for your next experience with puppies.

Born to Win - Breed to Succeed
Patricia Craige

This is a book about the philosophy and learned experiences of one breeder-exhibitor sharing some practical ideas based on a lifetime in dogs. For the breeder, just breeding a good animal is not enough. The puppy must be nourished properly long before the dam is bred, the litter born into the absolute ultimate environment and the puppies raised, trained and conditioned like Olympic athletes! Then, if all goes well, someday the very special athlete will achieve that longed-for success! Contents: Winning Takes a Plan (genetics, breeding programs, etc.), Winning Means Putting Your Plan into Action (selecting breeding stock, putting together a pedigree), Winning Means Hard Work (kennel facilities, picking and raising puppies, conditioning, time management, record, etc.) Winning Means Having Fun (the dog show, handling, sportsmanship, Westminster KC, etc.) Winning Means Special People (mentors, families), Winning Means Factoring in the Future (changes in the breed, grading, tomorrow's breeders.)

Breeding Better Dogs, DVD
By Dr. Carmen Battaglia

If you are trying to develop a breeding program, here's a technique that works. Includes all the information needed to set up, has a clear, concise approach to the principles of breeding, with a basic color chart pedigree system that's practical. Dr. Battaglia has been active in breeding and canine research for more than 25 years.

Canine Reproduction And Whelping: A Dog Breeder's Guide,
Myra Savant-Harris

The essential breeder's guide to canine reproduction problems, artificial insemination, diet, progesterone levels, C-sections, whelping help, removal of dew claws and much, much more. Whether you're a "first-timer" or an experienced breeder, you'll undoubtedly be able to learn something important from this book! If you've been having problems even getting a litter from that important bitch, you'll find some possible answers here. If you're just thinking about breeding your girl for the very first time, you'll want to read this book before you go any further. Down-to-earth and easy to understand

Canine Cineradiography,
Rachel Page Elliot

Slow motion study of canine bone and joint movement, as seen through moving x-rays, offers a close look at skeletal action inside the dog. Dogs were individually filmed and fluoroscoped while moving on a speed-controlled
treadmill in a laboratory. Different types of dogs were chosen to illustrate different ways of moving, some showing normal structure and gait, others with faulty action due to serious orthopedic problems. The study includes x-ray views from the side as well as views from beneath the moving dog. For better understanding the narration is clarified with plain text captions and graphic effects as a veterinarian explains what the film is revealing, and how variances in structure help or hinder performance. This video supplements Dogsteps video with additional material; it was filmed during the same time period, but has recently been re-mastered.

Control of Canine Genetic Diseases
George A. Padgett

The issue of genetic diseases in dogs is a matter of major concern for every dog breeder, every companion dog owner and every serious dog enthusiast. How to understand the mechanics of inheritance, how to deal with percentages, predictability of outcome and how to breed away from such scourges as canine hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and other debilitating conditions are all covered in this important new book by one of the scientific community's most respected authorities on the subject. The text is augmented with charts, graphs, tables and all the data needed to help the dog breeder take a positive role in enhancing the genetic health of his or her own dogs and the health of entire breed populations. Many practical issues are included such as ethical dealings with buyers of puppies showing late onset conditions, test mating and much more. Destined to become a classic on this vital subject.

Dog Breeding as a Fine Art
Amy Fernandez

Won the Dog Writer's Association of America's Award, Best General Reference Book of 2003! A practical handbook for successful dog breeding. Breeding a great dog involves utilizing a vast amount of technical information in a highly creative manner. Learn how to recognize and avoid common pitfalls; refine the selection process by improving your eye for type; understand how to apply genetic principles to your breeding program; recognize the underlying motives that influence your decisions; and use creative thinking skills to resolve difficult problems. Most breeders are striving to leave a mark on a breed, to create dogs superior to what existed before, in beauty, temperament, structural soundness and fitness for their purpose. This book answers why we strive to do it - and HOW.

The Dog And Its Genome
Ostrander, Geiger, Lindbah-Toh

The book that serious breeders and students of canine genetics have been waiting for! Dogs of different breeds can range remarkably in size, shape, and behavior, and yet they all carry essentially the same genome, making them a particularly fascinating model for genome plasticity. The recent release of the complete sequence of the dog genome provides an exciting new context in which to consider such variation. Twenty-six chapters written by experts in the field include various aspects of morphological and behavioral variation in dogs, their origins and domestication, and their unique value as a model system for many common but complex human diseases such as cancer, blindness, deafness, neurological diseases, and epilepsy.

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
Carlson and Giffin

In this all-new 3rd edition, Drs. Giffin and Carlson have started from scratch, with all new and updated material, including new photos and drawings. This is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, up-to-date dog care book available anywhere. Contains important changes and new information about: flea prevention, vaccine protocols, cancer treatments, genetics and the role it plays in disease, diseases of the pancreas and liver, canine dental care, health problems of older dogs, treatment of arthritis, diagnostic tools and procedures, puppy socialization and training.

Dogsteps: A New Look DVD
Rachel Page Elliot

Continuing research has produced this third edition of a best seller, containing the most up-to-date scientific information. It is especially aimed at the layperson, with clear, simple wording and easy-to-understand drawings. Study of this material will aid in recognizing what is good and what is faulty action and the application of what is learned should produce rewarding results for the conscientious dog breeder.

Emergency First Aid: Dogs DVD
Apogee Entertainment

The decisions you make in the first critical minutes of a medical emergency
can determine whether or not you successfully get your pet to a veterinarian
for proper care. This DVD will provide the knowledge you need to act quickly
and confidently. Includes CPR; how to recognize shock and what to do; what to do in the case of poisoning and much more. You'll learn what items you should have in your pet first aid kit, and be well-prepared. 8 - 9 minutes longer than the video, with "Hot Buttons" and a bonus section.

Fundamentals of Canine Behavior - 4 disc audio CD set
Suzanne Hetts

Learn what ethology has to say about drives, dominance, heritability of
behavior, communication signals, and more. Designed for people who work with dogs! A great way to prepare for APDT certification! Listen to it in the car
or while walking your dog! Comes with 30 pages of notes to open and print. 4 disc set is based on the live telecourse, which is approved by CCPDT and CACVT

Genetics: An Introduction for Dog Breeders,
Jackie Isabell

While many dog breeders admit they rely on intuition to produce an extraordinarily successful litter, the role of genetics in the production of a quality litter cannot be overlooked. Yet wrapping one's brain around genetics is an overwhelming prospect and not one most breeders take to. Yet by not embracing key genetic concepts and principles, some breeders unfortunately continue to pass on common hereditary problems, such as eye and skeletal disorders, from generation to generation. The author hopes to reverse this trend by providing breeders with a comprehensive yet easy to understand guide to the nature of heredity, the application of genetics to specific breeds, how to control genetic disorders, and the art of breed selection. This book is incredibly thorouh, but understandable by the average dog breeder.

The Genetics of the Dog (Cabi Publishing),

Ruvinsky (animal science, U. of New England, Armidale, Australia) and Sampson (Kennel Club, London) remind us that no other species has such a long association with humans and demonstrates such genetic variation as Canis familiaris. These 19 papers, reflecting progress in the last decade in mammalian genetics driven by the genomic and biotechnological revolutions, represent all major directions in dog genetics. Contributions present up-to-date thinking on such topics as the origin of the domestic dog; consequences of domestication; biochemical and molecular genetics; the genetics of canine hip dysplasia, diseases, and behavior; pedigree analysis; the canine model in medical genetics; and dog genetic data as forensic evidence.

Hereditary Bone and Joint Diseases in the Dog: Osteochondroses, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia
Alida Wind

Designed for the veterinarian, but suitable for the knowledgeable breeder/owner. Offers clear, well-illustrated explanations of dysplasias and various forms of osteochondrosis. Stresses the crucial aspects of selection when choosing animals for breeding. Focuses separately on pet, athletic, working or breeding dogs, and explores expectations and costs associated with each category. Describes the disease progression to osteoarthrosis and the lifetime of pain this can mean for an animal as well as the years of treatment expense for its owner. You will find the answers to questions that clients routinely ask, plus the information you need to support your answers. Text also covers the successes and failures of specific techniques

Puppy Intensive Care: A Breeder's Guide to Care of Newborn Puppies,
Myra Savant-Harri

If puppies are on the way, you want those newborns to have the best possible chance of survival and good health. Learn how to adminster simple but effective measures to help puppies in distress if you cannot call upon the services of a vet in a timely manner. Includes how to assess puppies in distress, tube feeding, oxygen delivery and the equipment you need to have on hand - and much more. What you need to know when you most need it delivered in friendly, non-technical terms from a long-time breeder. Comes with a 32 minute DVD to better illustrate the techniques recommended.

Sounds Good CD - Puppy Habituation
Terry Ryan

Puppies are impressionable. As in human child development, early experiences can influence a puppy's current and future outlook on life. Windows of learning opportunities are opening and closing at a rapid rate. Take advantage of these critical periods by providing an enriched but non-frightening learning environment. This CD will help your puppy get used to a variety of everyday sounds. Please take the time to listen to all instructions before you start to work with your puppy.

The Joy of Breeding your Own Showdog
Anne Serranne

The bible of quality dog breeding, this guide is a must-have for novice and veteran breeders alike, covering everything from developing a viable breeding program based on pedigrees and genetics to whelping, raising, and socializing puppies. Now back in print with a new foreword by AKC Breeder of the Year Wendall Sammett, this book has long been the reference of choice for successful dog breeders.

Whelping and Rearing of Puppies
Muriel Lee

Are you expecting a first litter, and you've never even seen a litter whelped before? Don't worry! "Whelping" is almost like having an experienced canine midwife at your side! It will guide you through the whelping process, covering possible problems and how to deal with them. Includes details for tube feeding puppies, early socialization, weaning, and possible problems with older puppies. You'll feel like an "old pro"! Our most popular (and most complete) book on this subject, designed to keep at your side by the whelping box.

Whelping Healthy Puppies DVD
Sylvia Smart

Provides the secrets of professional breeders, which will enable you to produce healthy puppies. Includes prebreeding screening, prenatal and postnatal nutrition, whelping and possible complications, resuscitation, dewclaw removal, tube feeding puppies, and the answers to common questions from beginners

Whelping Puppies and Their First 8 Weeks, DVD
Ed Frawley

Shows how to plan for whelping your bitch: setting up an area and a suitable box, proper feeding and exercise, worming, health care, actual whelping of the puppies, caring for weak, sick puppies, tube feeding, care of the bitch after whelping, raising the puppies for the first several weeks.




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The Breeder Education Committe hosted a panel discussion at the 2010 National Specialty featuring Deb Wigal - Top Shelf, Peggy Helming- Pouch Cove, Denise Castonguay - CastaNewf, Marg Wilmott - Topmast and Ann Parsons - Mastaway. DVD's of the forum are availble to order from the BEC.

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