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Health Articles of Interest

This site is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of veterinarians. It is designed to augment and enhance your knowledge and understanding of your pet's health. These articles may be out-of-date or contain inaccuracies. Inclusion in the list is not an endorsement of the source or content by the NCA. Users should regularly consult a veterinarian particularly with respect to specifics for their dog's health and for any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

NewfTide Articles
Cardiac Disorders - SAS/PDA Pam Rubio 2003 H&L REACt
Canine PDA Device Insertion Susan Kerby in collaboration with Dr. Brian Scansen, DVM, MS, Dipl ACVIM (Cardiology) 2010



Cutting Balloon Valvoplasty Susan Kerby 2011 Rescue
An Update on Penny Susan Kerby 2012  
Digestive System Disorders - Bloat Denise Hatakayuma 1998 H&L REACt
Neurological Disorders - Firbocartilagenous Embolism Anna Lorenz 2004


Occular Disorders - Cataracts Cathy Sands 2007 H&L REACt
Skeletal System Disorders - Elbow Anomaly Barbara Jenness 1998 REACt
Skeletal System Disorders - Forelimb Anomaly George A. Padgett, DVM
Ulreh Mostosky, DVM
Barbara Jenness
1999 H&L REACt
Skeletal System Disorders - Osteochondritis Dessican (OCD) Chris La Muraglia
Pat Randall
Tracy Warncke
reviewed by NCA member  Jan Curtis, DVM
2004 H&L REACt
Articles from various sources (outside the NCA)
Genetics - Common Genetic Disorders of Dogs and Cats Jerold S. Bell, DVM 2007 H&L
Genetics - Pedigree Analysis Carmen Battaglia, DVM 2007 H&L
Heat Stroke and The Giant Breed Dog Robin M. Smith, DVM 2008 H&L
Reproduction - Optimal age for gonadectomy (spay/neuter) M. V. Root Ksutritz, DVM 2007 H&L
Seizure Syndromes Dennis O'Brien, DVM 2007 H&L

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