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Newfoundland Best In Show Winners- Westminster Kennel Club

Ch Seaward's Blackbeard "Adam" - 1984

Mrs. Maynard K. Drury writes about her experiences judging Best In Show at Westminster in 1984

The New York Times, Wednesday, February 15, 1984
Newfoundland Is Best In Show
Top Prize at Westminster


The top-winning Newfoundland in the history of the breed, Ch. Seaward's Blackbeard, was named best in show last night as the 108th Westminster Kennel Club show ended its two-day run at Madison Square Garden. 
Kitty Drury of Saranac Lake, N.Y., chose the big, black dog before an enthusiaitic crowd of 7,500. 

Putting on the Dog at Westminster

What a scene! Presiding over the arena was judge Kitty Drury, a statuesque woman in a flowing gown. Ms. Drury confronted seven dogs ranging In size from a trembling Chihuahua to a big, self-assured Newfoundland. Cheers for favorites frequently broke the tense atmosphere. "Go German Shepherd!" we yelled, rooting for the underdog and venting our chauvinistic impulses. But after a dramatic feint towards the Chihuahua, Ms. Drury stopped. With a grand gesture that opera divas could learn from, she pointed an elegant finger at Ch. Seaward's Blackbeard, the massive Newf.

Top Dog at Garden To Remain Active - Busy Slate For Winner

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Helen Munday shares some remarks from Adam's handler - Gerlinde Hockla

The 155-pounder, who is called Adam because be was the first pup to be whelped in a litter four years ago, was the first dog to gain the final last night when he was named best of the Working Group. 

Owned by Elinor Ayers of Manchester Center, Vt., whose mother established the Seaward kennel in 1932, be entered with impressive credentials that included 29 best-in-show awards and 78 groups. 

Louis Harris, in discussing his choice of Adam as best in group, said: "He's sound, alert and puts out like a great show dog should. Then he's in splendid condition." 

He should be, for his handler, Gerlinde Hockla, walks him three miles a day. "It keeps us both in shape," she said. 




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Drawing by Harrison Weir (1824-1906)  The anecdote I am now about to give is from the pen of the Rev. J.E. Atkinson, a good and scientific naturalist:  "Walking with a favorite Newfoundland dog of great size, one frosty day, I observed the animal's repeated disappointment on putting his head down, with the intention to drink, at sundry ice-covered pools. After one of these disappointments, I broke the ice with my foot, for my thirsty companion's behoof. The next time it seemed good to the dog to try and drink, instead of waiting for me to break the ice as before, he set his own huge paw forcibly on the ice, and, with a little effort, obtained water for himself."  From: Rev. R.O. Morris, B.A. Dogs and Their Doings. N.Y., Harper & Bros, 1872, p. 16f.  (reprinted from NewfTide 1976)





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