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First Champion of the Americas- 1984

World, Int, Am, Can, Mex CH Britannia's Hurricane Jack "Boomer"

by Ann Whitmore, Richard Whitmore, &
Lyn Martin 
from Newf Tide  Fall 1984

This year international shows were held in Mexico City on May 19,20,26, and 27. These shows included the World Show offered only once a year in a different country each year. For the first time ever the International Club offered the "Championship of the Americas." Judges for these shows came from all over the world-Japan, South America, Austria, Sweden, etc. In order for competing dogs to become International Champions, they must win the breed at four international shows and be judged three out of the four shows by judges from countries different from the dog's origin. 
On the first day of competition in Mexico City Lyn and entourage arrived in their hired truck (a 1952 produce truck!) complete with a Labrador, a Standard Poodle, a Norwich terrier, a Wire Fox terrier, and of course Boomer-with head hanging out the back! Boomer was a hit from the very first day of competition. He took the breed May 19 and a Group IV on May 20 while the spectators cheered him on screaming "terranova! Terranova!" 
By the way, the international system breaks the dogs down into ten groups instead of our seven. The working group includes some breeds we rarely see in this country such as the Spanish and Neopolitan Mastiffs; a native Mexican breed called the Xolo. Also Giant Schnauzers are divided into varieties such as salt and pepper and black. 
With a week interlude for sightseeing and recouping from the high altitude, we looked forward to the next weekend's shows which included the first-ever Championship of the Americas and the World Show (held each year at the host country of the current president of the International Club-this year Mrs. Thelma Von Thaden). On the day of the Championship of the Americas the Newfoundland breed judge was Dr. Antonio F. Barone of Rio De Janiero, Brazil. The working group judge was Mrs. Ulla Magnasen, a noted Dane breeder from Sweden. Boomer won the breed and then was awarded Group I by Mrs. Magnusen. What a thrill to be in the Best In Show line-up in Mexico City with ten group winners vying for the honors! The BlS judge that day was Mr. Toyosaku Kariyabu from Tokyo, Japan and President of the Japanese Kennel Club.



This stately gentleman did all of his judging with the dogs on a flying run and Boomer responded to the cheering crowd by giving 100%. Mr. Kariyabu reduced his selection to Boomer and a Puli. Even with the high altitude of Mexico City, Boomer stayed on the tail of the swift Puli time and time again as they went around the ring. The crowd cheered louder and louder for this black giant who's quest was unrelenting. When it came time for the final pick for BIS, Mr. Kariyabu's choice was this California Newf, Boomer, who then became the very first Champion of the Americas! 
The following day, May 27, was the competition for the World Champion. The breed and group judge was Mr. Toyosaku Kariyabu. Playing to the crowd he eliminated all but six dogs for his final competition, then quickly down to his final four as the crowd cheered hysterically. He placed the Samoyed bitch from South Carolina 4th and gave 3rd to the salt and pepper Standard Schnauzer from Texas. With only the Doberman and Boomer remaining he picked up the blue ribbon and had them go around the ring one more time. With the Newf keeping stride for stride with the Dobie the judge finally stopped them after another two rounds and held out the blue ribbon to the Newf! The cheers from the crowd were deafening! The BIS judge that evening was Mrs. Steffi Kirschbicheer of Austria. She awarded BlS to the beautiful young Borzoi bred by Dr. John Reeve-Newson and Dr. Dick Meene of Canada. 
What an exciting four days of showing for Boomer and his handler Lyn Martin. It was such a thrill to come home with a BIS Group I, and Group IV -winning more than any other American dog entered. We are all exceedingly proud of the accomplishments of Boomer whose name can now be -prefaced: 1984 Dog of the Americas, World Champion, International, American, Canadian, Mexican Champion Britannia's Hurricane Jack. 





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