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Health Testing Designation

Drawing by Harrison Weir (1824-1906)  The anecdote I am now about to give is from the pen of the Rev. J.E. Atkinson, a good and scientific naturalist:  "Walking with a favorite Newfoundland dog of great size, one frosty day, I observed the animal's repeated disappointment on putting his head down, with the intention to drink, at sundry ice-covered pools. After one of these disappointments, I broke the ice with my foot, for my thirsty companion's behoof. The next time it seemed good to the dog to try and drink, instead of waiting for me to break the ice as before, he set his own huge paw forcibly on the ice, and, with a little effort, obtained water for himself."  From: Rev. R.O. Morris, B.A. Dogs and Their Doings. N.Y., Harper & Bros, 1872, p. 16f.  (reprinted from NewfTide 1976)

TOD & TODD Newfoundlands

Recognition for Those Who Post Test Results

For many years, the NCA, by policy, has supported the concept of posting health test results—both positive and negative—in an open database. Now the NCA will provide special recognition to those members who do so in the hope that it will inspire and motivate more people to do it.

The designation of TOD (Health Tested Open Database) is for any dog, living or dead, for which the test results for hips, elbows, cystinuria, and heart (evaluated by a board-certified cardiologist) have been posted in an openly accessible database.

An additional designation—TODD—will be awarded to any dog that meets the above criteria AND has submitted its DNA to the AKC DNA Repository.

Please remember that this award is given to dogs for which the tests’ results are posted, not given just to dogs who clear or pass all of these tests.

2012 TOD & TODD Designees

Beach Bears As You Like It,                                  Kim, Jessica and Tiffany Chonko

Beach Bear's Forget Me Not                                 Kim, Jessica and Tiffany Chonko

Beach Bears Moor From Sangar                        Kim & Tiffany Chonko, Sharon &   Gary

Beach Bears Sophi-A Lucky Lad  y                      Kim, Jessica and Tiffany Chonko

Beach Bears Troy-Built                                          Kim, Jessica and Tiffany Chonko

TimberKnoll's Sweet Valentine BN                      Anne and David Nored, Benita Edds,
                                                                                                Patti Sutherland

GCH Dalkens Kelly Kane                                      Joy Werner and Dallas Anderson

CH Dalkens Icing On The Cake                           Joy Werner and Dallas Anderson

CH Dalkens Above All Else                                   Gavin Davis and Dallas Anderson

CH Dalkens Boatswain Nessa                            Dallas Anderson

Ch Dalkens Firestorm                                            Rita Post and Joy Werner

Sobaka Riverhouse Raven, ROM                                    Dallas Anderson and Cathy Sands

GCH Dalkens Witz End Make Me Feel Real Lucy         Racheal Werner and Dallas
CH Dalkens Rio Sarita                                           Gavin Davis and Dallas Anderson

CH Swashbuckles Lady, RN                                Racheal Werner and Dallas Anderson

CH Dalkens Dreama Little Dream                                  Joy Werner and Dallas Anderson


2012 TODD
Dog’s Name                                 Owner(s)

CH Kiredor's Aiming High                                                 Stacy Roderick & Linda Roderick

CH Kiredor's Caution Wet Paint                           Stacy Roderick & Linda Roderick

Kiredor's Trading Paint                                          Stacy Roderick & Linda Roderick

Windhaven's Quiet Storm                                      Allana Kew

Voyagers Regeneration Nordic Wonder, TDD  Amanda Buse

Nordic Wonder Bear w/Me                                     Amanda Buse & Jeanne Buse

Mukota’s A Simple Twist of Fate                          Debra & Robert Ball & Jessica
                                                                                    Hendelman & Debra Harmon & Amy Davis

Beach Bears Hellion Of Troy                                 Kim and Jessica Chonko, Kerrie Kuper,
                                                                                                Russell Fransis

Kloofbear's Most Wanted                                       Kim and Jessica Chonko & Evelyn de Reus

CH Windswept's Beloved of Nani, CD, RN        Greg Szynskie, Johanna Matsuda & Lonnie                                                                                          Specht






NCA Recommends

The Newfoundland Club of America considers the following tests as necessary for all Newfoundlands: Hips
(x-ray), Elbows (x-ray), Cystinuria (DNA or parentage) and Hearts (cardiologist). Please be sure and discuss the status of these tests with your responsible breeder. Additional tests include CERF (eyes) Thyroid (blood tests) and Patellas. DNA Banking is also strongly encouraged





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